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Subject: My Best Friend and his Father. Chapter 1 This is a complete work of fiction/fantasy. Please do not read this story if it is illegal in your area. If you would like to contact me please do so. Please remember to donate to. fty/donate.html they’ve kept us all satisfied for years so it’s only fair that we return the favour. Written by Jack Queen. Prologue. (Gay, incest, adult-youth) Two 11yr old young boys learn about the joys of sex with the help from their fathers. My Best Friend and his Father. Chapter 1 I’m Danny Elliot and this is my story. When I was ten and just a few months short of my eleventh birthday, I watched a moving van pull up out the front of the empty house next door to us and two men start carrying furniture and boxes into the empty house. Ten minutes later a white pickup truck pulled up and a man and young boy climbed out of the truck and started carrying boxes into the house. At long last, I was going to have someone my age to play with next door. The next day the man and boy came over and introduced themselves to David, my father and me as Paul Parker and his eleven-year-old son Tommy. Mr Parker said he was divorced and told my father that it was only him and his son going to be living next door to us. My father told Mr Parker that he was also divorced and it was just the two of us living here. When Tommy and I spoke to each other, we discovered that he would be attending the same school as I was. From that day onwards we would walk to school together in the mornings and back home in the afternoon together. Tommy and I became the best of friends and we did everything together. During the week after school as soon as we arrived at Tommy’s house we would go inside and throw our bags in Tommy’s bedroom and go into his father’s bedroom and begin playing computer games on his father’s computer. On the weekends we would ride our bikes around the neighbourhood together and play at the local park. Mr Parker and my father became the best of friends and we often came home on the weekends to find them talking and drinking alcohol. Just after my eleventh birthday, Tommy’s father was asked to be the soccer coach for the under 12 soccer team and he asked me if I wanted to play soccer with Tommy. With my father’s permission, I started training twice a week and playing a match on Sunday morning. On Tuesdays and Thursdays afternoons, after school had finished for the day. Tommy and I would walk straight over to the soccer club change rooms and after changing into our soccer gear. We were always the first players to arrive and we would help his father set up the training cones and the goal nets and fill up the water şişli travesti bottles. Then we would then train with the other players for 45 minutes. After training, by the time we had pack up the training gear most of the other players had already taken a shower and had gone home, Tommy and I were always the last ones to take a shower. Mr Parker would often take a shower with us. After we had all dried and dressed Mr Parker would lock up the soccer club and drive us home. One afternoon after having come home from school. When we were about to play a computer game we discovered that Tommy’s father had left his computer switched on. The monitor showed photos of naked men with young boys with a new photo appearing every thirty seconds. “Do you want to look at photos or play a computer game?” asked Tommy. “Look at photos,” I giggled. “Danny, do you ever masturbate?” asked Tommy. Yeah, I jack off all the time,” I said trying to sound cool. “Do you cum? Tommy asked. “Yes, heaps,” I giggled. “Do you want us to pull down our shorts and jack off together?” giggled Tommy. Without waiting for me to answer, Tommy pulled down his shorts to show me his hard cock. I pulled down my shorts, letting Tommy see my hard cock. We had seen each other’s cocks plenty of times before at soccer and on sleepovers. But never as hard as they were right now. As I watched Tommy stroking his cock, I began to stroke mine. Here we were looking at naked photos of men and boys and looking at each other jacking our cocks My cock exploded and squirted a rope of cum that landed on the computer desk. A few seconds later Tommy’s cock shot out a rope of cum. It was the first time that I had ever seen anyone else cum and had let anyone else see me jacking off. “I’m home, boys,” yelled Mr Parker. I got the fright of my life and quickly pulled up my shorts and rushed out of Mr Parker’s bedroom, grabbing my school bag out of Tommy’s bedroom and rushed past Mr Parker and out of their back door and into my house and straight into my bedroom. After changing out of my cum covered shorts, I went and said hello to my father hoping that he couldn’t tell that I had just jacked off with Tommy. The next morning as we walked to school Tommy said, “Danny, I loved jacking off with you yesterday afternoon.” “Yeah, it was fun, what did your father say about the mess we made?” I replied. “I cleaned it up before he could see it,” replied Tommy. “That’s good, I don’t think I could have faced him tonight at training if he had seen it,” I said. When school had finished for the day, Tommy and I walked over to the soccer club change rooms and after saying hello to beylikdüzü travesti Mr Parker we changed and set out the training cones. After training in the shower, I kept looking at Mr Parker’s flaccid cock. When I started getting an erection, he just smiled at me and said nothing. The next morning Tommy asked, “Danny, did you like my dad seeing your hard cock?” “Yeah it made me harder,” I giggled. “Dad said that you had a nice cock,” said Tommy. “He really said that, I didn’t think he noticed,” I said. After school as we were walking home Tommy asked, “Do you want to look at photos or play computer games this afternoon?” “Look at the photos, but your dad might not have left the computer on again,” I said. Tommy giggled, “I have his password and the address of the site.” We started to run home to Tommy’s house and as soon as we went inside and dropped our bags in Tommy’s bedroom we went into his father’s bedroom and switched on the computer. After typing in the address and password to the site and the photos started to appear, we undressed and were soon naked and jacking off. After a few minutes Tommy asked, “Do you want to jack each other off? It feels a lot better when someone else does it to you.” Before I had time to think how Tommy would know that, he had his hand around my cock and was stroking my cock. In return, I reached over and began to stroke Tommy’s cock. It did feel a lot better with someone else doing it to you. It didn’t take long before we were both shooting cum. Today there would be no mess. A towel had been placed next to the computer for us to cum into. I had just cum for the second time when I heard Mr Parker say, “Having fun boys.” When I quickly turned around, Mr Parker was standing in the doorway with a large grin on his face. He had been watching us jacking off. My face turned bright red with embarrassment and I began to hurriedly get dressed. Tommy just sat there smiling at his father not saying anything. As soon as I had finished getting dressed, I said, “Hello Mr Parker, Goodbye, Tommy,”and rushed out of their house and over to mine. “Dad, I’m home,” I yelled. “I’m in the bedroom, I’ll be there in a minute” replied my Dad. After throwing my school bag in my bedroom, I went to say hello to my father. When I opened his bedroom door, he was standing in the bedroom naked with a hard cock, drying himself after having just taken a shower. “I’m sorry Dad, I should have knocked on your door,” I said. “There is no need son, we’re both men, I’m sure that you have seen everything before,” said my father pulling on his pants. After dinner, I went to bed and couldn’t get to istanbul travesti sleep. I kept thinking about jacking off with Tommy and how Mr Parker had watched me jacking off. The best part was seeing my father with a hard cock, I had seen his cock plenty of times before but never as hard and as thick as I had seen earlier and I wondered what it would feel like to touch. The next morning, I was woken by my father standing over my naked body shaking me yelling, “Wake up sleepy head, it’s time to go to school.” I had kicked off my bed sheets during the night. My morning erection was in full view for my father to see. After climbing out of my bed, I took a shower and got dressed for school. Eating some breakfast as I walked out the door over to Tommy’s house. On the walk to school, I told Tommy about seeing my father’s hard cock and he chuckled, “Have you ever seen him jacking off?” “No never, this was the first time I’ve ever seen his cock hard,” I replied. “Danny, can you keep a secret?” Tommy asked. “Yes, you know I can,” I replied. “I’ve stroked off with my Dad and we’ve stroked each other’s cocks,” giggled Tommy. “Fuck, I wish my Dad was that cool,” I said. That afternoon after soccer training while we were taking a shower, I couldn’t stop staring at Mr Parker’s cock. When he caught me staring at him he waved his soft cock at me and asked, “Do you like what you see, Danny?” “Mr Parker, why does your cock look different to mine?” I asked. Mr Parker pulled back the skin covering his large purple knob and said, “My cock is uncircumcised, Some boy’s cocks, like yours and Tommy’s have had the skin cut off when they were a baby.” As I kept stared at his cock he gave his cock a few strokes making his cock grow even bigger. It was the first time I had ever seen a man masturbate and when I looked at Tommy, I saw that he too was stroking his cock and had a smile on his face. Not wanting to be left out, I started slowly stroking my cock. A few seconds later Tommy’s cock squirted a rope of cum all over the shower wall. “Cum for me Danny, let me see you cum,” chuckled Mr Parker. I began to stroke my cock faster and a few seconds later my cock erupted and squirted out a large rope of cum over the shower wall. A few minutes later, Tommy and I watched as his father squirted several ropes of cum over the shower wall. After we had finished washing our bodies and had washed the cum of the shower wall. We got dressed and locked up the soccer club rooms. On the drive home, Mr Parker said, “Danny, you can’t say anything to anyone about what we just did. Not even your father or I would get in serious trouble.” When we arrived home, Mr Parker once again pleaded, “Danny, please don’t tell your father what happened.” The next morning as we walked to school, Tommy asked, “Danny, did you enjoy jacking off in the showers with my father yesterday afternoon?” “Yes it was a lot of fun,” I replied.

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