Subject: My Boyfriend and My Two Dads: Chapter 37 Chapter 37: “A Blast From the Past” All my stories + illustrations: ies ERIC: “Good morning,” I whispered through a cracked-open door. “Are you guys awake?” I peeked into my parents’ bedroom. The room reeked of sex; it hit me as soon as I opened the door. The room was still dark with the curtains drawn, but my dad David’s voice came from their bed. “We’re up, sweetie. Come on in.” I closed the door behind me and walked to their bed. “It smells like poppers and sin in here,” I noted out loud. “You got a point. Mind opening the window, please?” my other dad Sven asked me, yawning and stretching in bed. I opened the window, enjoying the fresh morning air. Luckily, even though it was high summer, it was a breezy morning. Next, I jumped in bed in between my two dads. They were both naked, as was I, and we all cuddled up together. “Where’s Will?” David asked, his bicep serving as my pillow. “Still asleep. We were up late last night.” “We know, we heard you!” Sven laughed. “You guys weren’t much better yourselves,” I retorted. Like many other nights, our mutual moans had fueled our sex drive even more as we all had sex on opposite sides of the thin wall. Most kids would be mortified if that sort of thing happened with their parents. Luckily, my dads weren’t “most parents.” We lay in bed together, cuddling and stroking each other’s bare skin. None of us had taken a shower yet, and we could all smell each other. Catching a glimpse of Sven’s cock, I wasn’t sure if he had a semi or he was just as big as always. “What’re you up to today?” David asked. It was Saturday, but with the wedding getting nearer I rarely had any free time anymore. “Some wedding stuff to go over after Will gets up,” I answered. “And I need to shoot a video.” “For your porn profile?” Sven asked me. “Yup. My last one.” “Really? But I thought you were doing so well?!” David sounded surprised. “I thought you’d be thrilled,” I said. “You guys have been asking me to quit for two years.” “Just seems kinda sudden, that’s all,” David added. “How do you know how well I was doing, anyway?” I asked suspiciously. David licked his lips, and pondered for a few seconds before giving me an answer. “I signed up to your page,” he admitted, a shit-eating grin on his face. “You did not! I never noticed your name.” “I’m Horny McDaddy,” David continued to smirk. “You are not!” I sat up, laughing incredulously. I remembered noticing the name months ago; it had made me giggle. The thought of my father watching my X-rated content for months amazed and amused me. My dick started to stir, and maybe that was part of the reason why. istanbul travesti Dad continued to smile, until I jumped on top of him and started tickling him, which turned into a friendly wrestling match in my parents’ large bed. “Okay, okay, calm down before someone gets kicked in the nuts,” Sven reined us in after a couple of minutes. David and I had broken a sweat, and I had a fresh rush of blood run through my cock again. “So what made you quit?” Sven asked as we all settled back into our comfortable cuddle pile. “There’s hundreds of new people joining the game every day. For a lot of them it’s their full-time job. I just can’t keep up, I don’t want to. The demand now is for guys fucking someone new every week, and I don’t wanna do that. It was cute while it lasted, but time to let someone else take over.” “Aw, our boy’s all grown up,” David put his arm around me and gave me a squeeze. Maybe he was half-sarcastic, but he was also being serious. I loved the fact that I could talk to my parents openly about my short-lived amateur porn career, and that I knew that they would never, ever judge me. “Funny thing is,” I said, “if I wanted to perform together with you guys, like we did for that guy a few months ago, we’d be the most popular profile on that site. People love family content! I never knew just how popular it is.” “Hey, you never asked us,” Sven said to me. “Nah. I don’t like sharing you guys with everyone. I like what we have,” I replied, my fingertips stroking his chest absentmindedly. Going in circles, I finally reached one of his nipples and gave it a little pinch. “So, where are you shooting this video of yours?” Sven asked, his cock reacting to his nipple being teased. “Well, Will’s asleep in our bed. Maybe I should do it here?” I smirked. “Need a cameraman?” my father smirked back at me. I was joking, but I should’ve known Sven would always one-up me. “I usually use a tripod, but if you’re volunteering…” I said, and passed him my phone which I’d brought with me to their bedroom. “What?” David seemed confused over what was going on. “C’mon, let the kid have the bed,” Sven instructed. “He’s a film star now.” David, looking baffled, got out of bed and sat at his desk a few feet away. Sven got up as well, and I heard the camera on my phone start recording. “Ready when you are, Pacino,” my father walked around the bed aiming the camera at me. “I guess I’m doing this,” I thought. “Gimme a second to fluff up,” I said, and started stroking my cock in front of my two dads until I was mostly hard. “Hey guys,” I went into video mode, “as you know, this is my last video, and I have a special treat for you today. I’m here in my parents’ kadıköy travesti bed. My fiance’s still asleep so I’m gonna jerk off right here for you guys.” I stroked my dick while talking, and by now it was rock-hard. I looked at my parents, and I was amused to see their cocks were getting harder as well. It helped turn me on more, which was great for on camera. “I wanted to thank you all,” I continued talking into the camera while jerking off, as Sven focused on me, “for all your support all this time. As you may know, I’m getting married in a couple of weeks, and it feels like it’s time to move on. Here’s one last load to remember me by.” I lay back in bed, poking my dick up in the air. Sven took a few steps closer, zooming in on me like the ultimate stage parent. I rubbed the head of my rigid cock. I was dripping precum and I licked some of it off my fingers, before using the rest as lube. I worked the shaft of my cock, going up and down as my other hand tugged on my balls and fingered my hole. Sven acted like a professional cameraman all throughout, zooming in on the action before zooming out to record my whole body. The only “unprofessional” part was the raging boner he had, bobbing up and down every time he moved. As I continued to jerk off, slightly exaggerating my moans of pleasure for the video, my father stepped back to make sure he was getting all of me. With his other hand, he quietly got David’s attention and pointed on the floor in front of himself, as if telling a dog “come here!” “Fuck yeah,” I moaned loudly, as I watched my other father kneel in front of Sven and take his dick in his mouth. I jerked off in their bed, still feeling the smell of the sex they had last night. Sven remained incredibly composed, and managed to hold the phone without trembling while getting a blowjob. David did a good job of sucking his cock without slurping or making any noise that would be caught on video. “Fuck yeah, that’s so hot,” I continued, my naked body sticking to the dirty sheets. In my head, I could hear the sounds of my two dads fucking last night, the same sounds I could hear all my life growing up with them. “I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum for you guys,” I said. My audience might think I was talking to them, but I was making eye contact with Sven. I was really talking to my parents. Just then, the tiniest smirk appeared on Sven’s face. “You fucker,” my dad seemed to say to me, without saying a word out loud. “Fuck yeah!” I started to shoot my load. I tried to make my cum land on my body, but most of it landed on my parents’ sheets, making them even stickier and smellier. The movement of David’s head on Sven’s cock sped up. “Mmm, that feels so good,” I continued bakırköy travesti speaking into the camera. “Thank you. I love you guys.” Again, this was more aimed at my fathers than the people watching. With a final beep, Sven stopped recording and put my phone down. “FUCK YEAH!” he roared like a beast that’s finally been uncaged. He had been holding back his cum, but he finally got to shoot. We continued to make eye contact as he did so, and I could tell it was a huge load even though I couldn’t see it. My dad David was doing an excellent job at swallowing every last drop. Sven put his large hands on the back of David’s head and face-fucked him for a few more seconds, unloading in his eager throat. I watched them from their bed, still calming down from the effects of my own orgasm. A minute or two later, we were finally done, and catching our breath. “Phew,” Sven said. “That was fun. Now how about we go out for some breakfast?” // All my stories + illustrations: ies WILL: “Morning, honey. We went out for some breakfast. You seemed sound asleep so I didn’t wanna wake you. Text me when you see this if you wanna join us, otherwise I’ll see you at home round noon.” I woke up to a text from Eric, and walked around the empty apartment as I read it. Since it was almost noon, I figured I’d just wait for them to come back. I brushed my teeth, got dressed, and enjoyed a rare moment of solitude. With the four of us round here, plus Brady, plus Nathan, there was hardly ever a quiet moment. I’d been an introvert my whole life, and even after all this time with Eric’s family it was hard for me to get used to it all sometimes. “Eric’s family,” I thought, as I looked at a photo of him and his two dads in the living room. A flashback of Boston Pride flew through my mind: David fucking Eric in front of me. The next day, Eric had told me something similar had happened between him and Sven as well. It had all the making of a “crazy family.” Things shouldn’t have worked, but somehow… they did. They weren’t dysfunctional, or crazy, or abnormal. They were kind, and loving, and openminded. The only family members that would attend our wedding were all on Eric’s side. I walked to the large windows and looked out at the Common. Boston was one of those places that was never particularly on my map until I moved here, and now it’d become my home. I felt disconnected from my past, but happy to work on my future. Still, it felt like the old Will was dead and gone, and that came with a pang of pain when I thought about it. Just as those thoughts whirled through my head, a person from my past stood on the other side of the front door. Someone I least expected to see, someone that might change everything. Knock knock, I heard a rap on the door. I went to answer it, only to lose my breath and gasp when I saw who was standing there. “Jordan?!” to be continued… All my stories + illustrations: ies Don’t forget to support Nifty: fty/donate.html

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