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Subject: New Adventures with Older Brother part 14 Disclaimer � This story is a work of fiction, and depicts incestual sexual action between teen boys. If you are uncomfortable with that, or live in a community where that material is forbidden, please stop reading. Don’t forget, Nifty is a great resource, so please fty/donate.html This chapter evolved from being 2 seperate stories into 1, so pardon the length. Please send in any critiques or comments to ail . I’m always enjoying the feedback from readers. Chapter 13 � Three Guys, A Girl, and a Party I took a seat between Army and Harry, my mind going a mile a minute, and my heart going even faster. Fuck, this is gonna be awkward. “Took you long enough, everything okay?” Army gave me a look of concern. “Y-yeah, just had to use the bathroom before the movie. Didn’t want to get up in the middle of it, y’know?” I lied. This is just so damn awkward, but I have to wait till I’m alone with Army to explain everything and figure out how to address the hairy Harry situation… Oh look, a shitty pun. I hate myself. Harry thankfully seems to be cool about my lack of response. He offered me some of his Peanut M&M’s (Bless his heart and his great taste in candy) and seemed his usual self. Maybe he was right, he wouldn’t hold it against me. Poor guy, he is really great. Army, blissfully unaware of anything, made small talk while we watched the previews. I took the chance to glance around, but the theater was kind of empty. Few other dorky people in their small cliques… Guess I’m a dork too, but I don’t mind haha. I’ll be the biggest dork with my new buds. Who the fuck am I trying to impress? The movie finally started, and in the darkness of the long intro, Army snaked his arm into mine and put his head on my shoulder. I took a small peek down at him, and he had the biggest smile on his face, his eyes glued to the slowly appearing A L I E N letters. Gawd, I can’t believe I’ve fallen for this guy. Something about seeing him like this, happy and himself, made me feel… perfect. In heaven, even. I’ve never been able to make someone so happy so easily by just being myself. With girls, it’s all a fucking charade, having a nice car, tossing money down to go out to eat or buy dumb shit, watching their awful movies while I just wanted to chill at home and play games. Yet with him… We can do stuff we both love without any issue. Play games? He’s already got a remote in hand. What to eat? He’s happy with whatever or his suggestion speaks directly to my gut. Army either wants to share the time with me, or is happy letting me go to Baseball practice or a concert without an argument, or letting me watch TV while he just reads a book cuddled up next to me. What’s funny is that I used to think he was the most annoying jerk ever. A know-it-all asshole who just wanted to show off and rub it in others faces, cold and hostile all the damn time. Like a moody bitch. but all it took was us actually trying to help each other to break that. Now? Inseparable. I’m glad Ma forced us to do this. Time passed by at a chilling pace. I forgot how fucking creepy the movie gets when they find that other ship. And hell, I flinched bad when the Facehugger attacked that guy. I heard Harry and Army fucking giggle at me under their breath. Fuckers, they are both gonna pay later, haha. They laughed even harder when the Chestburster made its debut at the dinner table. Fuck, I yelped like a little girl. I thought I would remember this all, brace myself for this, but it’s been so long, I forgotten every dumb scare. But Army tightened his arms around mine and gave my arm a little kiss, and I felt a little more comfortable again. Finally, the movie ended. As we walked out, Harry and Army just could not stop talking, mocking my little moments of fear, discussing certain shots or design stuff. It was heartwarming to watch, honestly. I’m really happy Army found a new friend. That was always my biggest worry about him with school. I got my own social life to live without my baby brother attached at my hip. Or dick, depending on the moment, haha. And he’s just not a good… sociable type. More asshole than butterfly. Guess that’s why he has me, to help watch out for him. _ _ _ _ _ Ben gets the truck started, and we hop in. Harry and I just can’t stop talking about the movie. We’ve both seen it a dozen times, and just love the little things. Set design, costuming, lore implications, even poor Ben getting a little tense when they went into the Derelict. Ironic, I felt super safe and comfortable resting my head on his arm, while he was getting a twitchy and flinched at all the spooky bits. I hate making fun of him, because the punk knows what I’m scared of (Heights, “Chucky” from Child’s Play, having my finger nails torn off) so I better watch out if he decides to get vengeance. We head back to Harrys place, and I just have had this big smile on my face this whole time. Harry too. He seemed so damn happy to spend the day with us. Ben was frowning, but I’m sure it was just a show for us laughing at him. Sometimes he acts like the biggest baby. “So what did you want to do for our sudden sleep over?” Harry reminded me we had the whole night together. “Not sure. Whatever you want to do, I’m up for anything!” “I got some split screen games, and some movies. Oh, and if you want, I’d like to have someone listen to some songs I finished up recently.” Ben chimed in, “Careful what you ask for, Army. Don’t want to be forced to listen to `Wonderwall’ for an hour, haha.” “How dare you! I can also play the first few chords of `Enter Sandman,’ thank you very much!” Harry laughed sarcastically, punching Ben on the shoulder. “He’s only teasing, I’d love to listen to your stuff, Harry.” Ben parks us in the drive-way, and we all make our way inside. “Hey, Army, mind-” “Oh! Hey Ben!” Riley stormed in from the kitchen, grabbed my brother by the hand, and forced him upstairs. “Can this wai-,” Ben started. “Nope, party starts soon and I have to get ready! I need your help!” I watched as they vanished upstairs. Wonder what Ben wanted… Harry laughed to himself, “Poor guy. You thirsty?” _ _ _ _ _ Ugh, whyyyyyyy. I just wanted a fucking gawd-damn minute alone with my brother, and here comes Riley. No wonder Harry hates her. Like a mosquito that got ahold of a big brown wig. “What do you want?” “I need some clothing advice, stop being a douche and get in here.” She pushes me into her room, and… Wow. Not what I was expecting. Instead of shitty posters of boy bands and out of date princess furniture, the walls had some nice framed charcoal portraits and watercolor landscapes and everything was just kind of sleek and simple. Very different from the “shallow loud-mouth banshee” attitude I got from her. “You drew these?” I pointed around, kind of astounded. “Huh? Duh, yeah, I told you I’m gonna go to school as an art major, right?” Well, if she did, I totally didn’t hear that. Or I tuned her out… Bad habit of mine, haha. I finally took a good look at Riley. She dressed up a lot more than this morning. Oversized flannel button-up, tank top, and the world’s “shortiest” skirt. I didn’t see anything wrong with it. She did have nice legs though… Very nice legs. “What outfit did you want me to look at? Though I don’t think I’m a good judge-” “Oh, yeah, I lied. Listen, is your brother gay?” My body tensed up, and I instinctively started to ball up my fists. I didn’t know how to respond, since back where I’m from, that question usually was asked while a group of guys ganged up on someone, and I wasn’t about to let anyone, even our friends sister, bad mouth my brother for being a cock sucker. Especially one as good as him. “Why?” I said, maybe a bit too defensively. “Oh sorry, I didn’t mean it like that. I just… Harold’s been talking about a guy since school started, non-stop fucking crushing hard on this guy. I guessed it was your brother…” Riley shrugged at me. “And….?” “I don’t know. They could keep each other company while we went and had fun. I was told not to leave him alone this weekend, so…” “So you suggest a sleep over to get them together?” I finished, but I knew the truth… I’m the guy he is non-stop fucking crushing hard on. Poor girl, just slightly off mark. “See? It works out. Plus, if they hit it off, it’s an excuse for us to see each other more.” She smirked at me, eager to try and make this one sided romance work. Ugh, both of them just seem super desperate to hope on the Ben train. Sadly only one passenger is allowed on board. It is a little uncanny how similar that look. That damn elvish smirk, long brunette hair, and super sharp features… like Riley is the Zelda to Harry’s Link. Riley grabs her purse off the dresser, and leads us back downstairs. “Okay, you two losers have fun, we’ll be back around midnight. Harold, call my cell if you need me.” Riley lectured. “Army, be good. Okay?” I lectured as well, half-heartedly. The boy would definitely behave better than I would. “And no funny business.” şişli travesti Riley finished up, oddly. Maybe she thought telling them “no” would get them to fuck like queer rabbits. The thought kind of felt weird on my chest, and I felt like I had bees in my tummy again. Harry with my brother is something I haven’t seriously considered. Hell, I wasn’t even sure he was gay till the whole kiss thing… I have a really bad “gay-dar,” apparently. Weirder than with me, for sure… maybe because I assumed my brother had 0 game and would never find someone. Especially someone better than me. I mean, who else is there… except this new dorky succubus (incubus? Gaycubus?) Fuck… this was a bad idea. If Harry was so damn eager and ballsy to kiss me with little care, he could probably get Army’s pants off with just a wink. But the idea was pretty fucking hot. 2 hot guys, both hungry for me and each other… worshiping my cock, kissing each other, teasing me, fucking each other. Or even better, putting on a show for me, while I just decided to who would be first to take a ride on S.S. Bens-Cock. Sadly, before Fantasy Me could decide, I was shoved out the door and into my truck. Riley took the passenger seat, and we drove into the oncoming sunset. _ _ _ _ _ _ “No funny business?” I asked, unsure what that meant. “Eh, my sister thinks I’m gonna bone any guy friend I’m close to. Because she probably does it doesn’t mean we are all of loose morals and sexual standards, haha.” “Oh… Wait, she knows?” “Yeah, my whole family knows. Why keep it a secret, I am who I am, right. Does your family?” I took a sip from the can, unsure how to answer. “Well, I mean, it’s only a recent development for me. My mother doesn’t, and Ben…” “Scared he’ll judge you?” Harry suggested, without realizing how wrong he was. “Nah, he’s not the type. He was still cool with me after I told him how I felt and kissed him.” “WHAT!?” Shock took hold, trying to process what Harry said. I didn’t mean to yell, but… Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?!?! My brain raced trying to fill in the blanks, bracing myself for whatever titillating tales of a trashy tryst Harry was about to tell. Oh dear… oh dear oh dear oh dear… “Yeah… I was going to tell you earlier but we hadn’t gotten a moment alone. Right before the movie, when you went to go grab the tickets and stuff. I just… surprised him. Pre-emptive strike, you know? He didn’t kick my ass or react badly, so I’m guessing he liked it, haha.” Harry finished up the drink and started making his way upstairs. “Or, at least, didn’t hate it.” He turned back and winked. The heat that started piling on started to pace itself. Guess Ben didn’t plan on it, if Harry thought he was going get a bad reaction from it. And if he hadn’t had a chance to tell me, Ben for sure hasn’t had a chance. And… I can’t think of a good reason to be mad, without revealing that I’m sort of seeing my brother. Fuck, this is weird. I feel this jealous bile stuck in my mouth, and I can’t do anything about it. I want to just kind of be a basic bitch and cry and call Ben, but that’s just the worst move. What would Ben do? Hmm… Old Ben would lie to everyone, fuck both of us on the side, then move on when the next piece of tail showed up. Not very helpful. But he isn’t like that anymore. New Ben? He would be strong. Talk things out with me later, be mature, crack a few jokes, not get upset and breakdown like a big dumb homo. I can do the same. Just have fun, know that Harry wasn’t being malicious or attacking me or what we had, since he genuinely doesn’t know. Not his fault. I may be my brother’s keeper, but I’m not his jailer or his judge. I can be mature about this… At least, till I can talk to Ben and we can set this whole thing straight. I follow Harry upstairs, and we collapse on his bed. I try and swallow the bitter taste, and I think I got a handle on it now. “So did you wanna play something? If I can find my other controller, we can play Smash Bros.” Harry suggested out loud. “You mean, can I kick your ass at Smash?” “Bitch, please. It’s on now!” Harry jumped back up and started looking through a box in his closet. _ _ _ _ _ “Let me seeeeeee…” Riley impatiently drummed her fingers on the dash, peeking around to find the house this party was at. “You said you knew!” “I forgot which turn, fucker, calm it down! We’re fine!” She leaned out of the window, trying to see through some tree. “YEP! THERE!” She pointed down a dirt road, to what looked like a huge barn. You can take the country out of the city, but you can’t take the Texan out of Texas, I guess. So many neighborhoods and places still love that rustic look, huge land, big barns. Feels a little like home, I guess. Just… weird seeing a big farm house and sky scrapers in the horizon. We pull up, and Riley waves at some girls walking up to the door, and they rush to us, gaggling just like the hens not even 15 feet away from them. I hop out, and try to make my way to the door when Riley stops me. “And this is my `guest,’ tee-hee. Right, Ben?” Did… Did she just say tee-hee? Out loud? “He’s the new guy, remember?” She continued. “He’s here with me!” Riley gave her biggest fakest smile I’ve ever seen. There were Sear’s family portraits with less awkwardness than this. Yet her friends seemed to eat this up, ogling me like the best meat at the butcher. Well, eat it up, ladies, because this meat is already taken. This is gonna be a looooooooooooooooooooong night. _ _ _ _ _ The fight was super close. I had 2 lives left, while Harry only had 1, but he was skilled. I tried to play a more offensive style, get a few hits in before he could retaliate, but he kept peppering me with damage thanks to his better range as Samus. My Marth could fuck his game up if he could get an in. When pushed into a corner, the wild Harry swapped to a more defensive strategy, luring me in. But when you wanna be the king of the animal kingdom, you fight to survive! You have to- Fuck, he got me. Damn it, Armando, tricked you right into a knock out! Pay attention! We are now on even footing, each eager to show the other who runs this game. Dash in, dodge through his missile spam, and bait out a hit to counter, but Harry saw it, and we traded strikes instead. Damage was ramping up, our eyes painfully reading the other’s character, trying to find an edge, a way to trick, sneak an opening, something to win. And like that, it was over, like some Bushido Samurai duel. Harry tried to take a second to charge another shot, but I used my momentum to rush him down. Seeing I was rapidly approaching, Harry pulled up his shield, absorbed my strike, and shot me away as I recovered. I watched as my character flew off stage, filled with a fierce rush and hint of despair. “HA! Holy wow, Army, that was intense. You almost had me there!” Harry threw himself back on the bed, breathing a big sigh of relief. “You’re really great too! Never seen moves like those! My hands were shaking!” “I do that to all the guys, haha.” He gave me a big smirk. “When you got no one to play with, you gotta play with yourself, right?! Be the best you can be!” “You know all about playing with yourself, don’t you?” I snapped back, collapsing on the bed next to Harry, giggling. “Haha, hey, if that’s all it takes to kick your ass, then I’ll do it all day!” We joked for a little bit, going back and forth, filling the empty space with bad insults, dumb puns, and compliments of the others skills. Beautiful, breezy, etc. But the conversation took a sudden turn… “So you said you just came out right? Have you done anything with a guy yet?” Harry asked, out of the blue. Uh-oh… “Umm…” I wasn’t really sure how to answer. Think, Armando, Think! Lying is the simplest solution, right? Or at least, being vague… “Not yet. Just… always knew, you know? Finally decided to be honest with myself.” “Totally get that. That’s always a hard move, especially if you have no one to help you through it. I’m always here if you need someone to talk to, you’re like my best bud now!” Harry shifted himself till he was on his side, looking at me, his emerald eyes shining through all the hair. “Same here. I really appreciate it…” I turned to him, and our eyes met, locked into each other, green piercing into brown.. My mind screamed to stop this obnoxiously clich� soap opera romance scene, but I felt entranced. Slightly smitten by this… Succubus. But he’s a guy, so… Incubus? Does that work for gay people? I would say “Gaycubus,” but that’s stupid. Who says that? Maybe it’s the stupid revelation about him and Ben that has my obnoxious competitive nature kicking in. If Harry likes my brother so much, I got to prove that I am his better. But that’s childish, right? Why toy with my heart, plus Ben and Harry’s because I feel insecure. Plus who the fuck cares, I already got the heart (and all the other parts) of the best guy ever, why risk it all. Yet… I feel weirdly conflicted. Feelings are complicated… Harry is kind beylikdüzü travesti of dreamy… Just think about baseball and get your mind off it… Tight pants, hard bats, ball jokes… Nope, nevermind. Need to stop thinking with my dick and go back to games and platonic non-sexual fun! “Hey! Why don’t I show you a few songs I’ve been working on?!” Harry jumped up and went to his guitar, breaking the moment. Hopefully it’s just about teen angst, rather than a serenade… I braced my heart and ears… _ _ _ _ _ After what felt like hours, we finally enter the actual gawd damn house. Riley apparently knew every single damn person here. And I couldn’t escape, ensnared in the bear trap she calls her arm. I peeked around, hoping to find some manner of respite from this awkward hell. Riley finally let go of me, forced to hug another friend, which gave me the opening I needed. “Yeah, Riley, I’m gonna…” I desperately look around, eager to find an excuse to flee. Oh, a punch bowl. “Oh thank gawd, punch! I’m gonna get us some punch.” “Wa-” She started, but I thankfully already lost her in the increasing wall of people entering the room. Rushing the table, I grabbed a red plastic cup, and filled it. Hopefully this is spiked, I am not prepared for a whole night of “OHMYGOSH,ILOVEYOURSHOES.” And without Army around, I can’t talk shit without getting blank stares or people thinking I’m some elitist asshole. Greeted with a sharp taste of vodka and the barest hint of Cherry Kool-Aid, I thanked the gods of alcohol and took a big breath of relief. It’s no Jamestown, but it’ll do in a pinch. See, Army would laugh at that, and most of these people would be like “What?” Oh, well, fuck it, time to have fun. Hopefully they put on a stereo soon, I just wanna get wasted and dance. “Yo, Ben!” I felt a big arm grasp me from behind, and pull me into a hug. “Oh, hey guys!” Finally, some people I know. Derrick and Ronnie, from my team. Nice tall guys, but not really much going on under the hood. Less Mustand, more tractor… “Didn’t know you’d be here, dude! Who’d you come with?” “Riley told me to come by and hang out.” “Riley?! Damn, dawg!” They high fived me. “She’s really fucking hot, you are one lucky son of a bitch. She’s ice cold, though! She’s turned me down twice!” “Haha, what can I say, it’s that southern country boy charm.” I winked, playing along. Or the alcohol did. Hard to tell. That punch hits a little hard. “Teach me your secrets, man! Do I need to like… learn to ride a horse or some shit? Be a sexy farmer?” “You have to learn to plant seeds if you wanna `plant your seed,’ if you know what I mean, haha!” Another whirlwind of high fives, followed by being dragged around the house, meeting this guy or that girl. Guess I won’t be the new guy for much longer after this. _ _ _ _ _ Harry played the last few notes of his 2nd song, and finished off with a nice little hum. After bracing the worst, I am left… very pleasantly surprised. Harry has a lot of guitar talent, and while his singing isn’t perfect, it’s not bad. He sounds more at ease singing low-key, a little ethereal and faded, rather than belting notes like Mariah, but he tried his best. “What do you think so far?” Harry asked me as he tuned his guitar. “I’m really impressed. I was expecting… either guttural screaming about demons and Vikings, or observational songs about drinking on your back porch.” “Haha, I’m not a metal singer yet, nor am I a shitty country singer!” “But really though… Your lyrics had a…” I took a second to think. “Like… a poetic melancholy to them, but the beat and rhythm kept it sounding upbeat and hopeful. It was catchy, I really liked it.” “Thank you! I’m glad you picked up on the little disconnect, I enjoy doing stuff like that. Makes it interesting when your ears pick up on that little bit of darkness there, but you’re still dancing along and smiling because the instrumental is up-tempo. I love shit like that.” “It’s very nice. You’re pretty talented.” “I’m happy you enjoyed it. I don’t really have any other finished songs, so did you want to just watch movies and eat popcorn till we pass out?” Harry stood up and walked to his closet. “That sounds fun. What did you want to watch?” “I got a set of movies right under the TV, check `em out. I’m gonna change for bed. Did you want some PJ’s?” I turned to look at him, and was greeted by that nice pale back of his again. The little lines of muscles moving as his arms and shoulders fiddled with his jeans and belt and- Without a sense of hesitation, Harry dropped his jeans and underwear, flashing me a sight of… well, hello there! Those damn loose jeans of his hid such a nice, pale ass. Like if Casper had some extra junk in the trunk. It’s so cute. Not as big as Ben’s, but he wasn’t lacking in “assets,” for sure. A few moles dotted the cute buns, but otherwise it was smooth and distracting… Tt was like a I felt my face getting red, and turned away, before I was caught staring. “Umm… If…If you got… s-some gym s-shorts… or whatever… or something, I’m happy with whatever.” Fuck, I can’t control my voice. I barely got used to being around Ben, I can’t do this with a friend. But hey, he’s the one who stuck that nice ass out for the world to see. Harry stepped up to me, thankfully clad in his own pair of green gym shorts. A little snug fitting on him, I tried my absolute best to not look down… Don’t wanna add on to that awkward moment earlier with him catching me staring at his… bulge. Resist temptation, Armando, RESIST! “Here you go, hope you don’t mind the Canucks!” He handed me a pair of gray gym shorts with the emblem of… no idea, honestly. “Ca… nucks?” I asked, undoing my jeans. “Yeah, we got a family of ‘Canucknuckleheads,’ Haha. Do you not watch Hockey?” “Umm… its Texas…” Harry busted out laughing at me, mocking my confusion. “Sorry, you southern hillbillies aren’t blessed with the best sport ever.” “Aren’t you a ‘Southern Hillbilly?'” “Nope! Canadian and proud! We’re all from Vancouver, just moved down here because my dad got a really nice job.” “Really?! Wow, I couldn’t tell, you haven’t busted out an ‘Eh?’ this whole time.” “Haha, is that your best shot? Try harder if you wanna troll my nationality!” Harry smirked at me, pushing me away lightly. I pushed my jeans down, and… Oops… Umm… “Nice briefs! Haha, *whistle* The Vogue photoshoot is that way, sir!” Harry laughed at me, cat-calling me. Shit, I forgot I put on Ben’s underwear this morning… I’ve been wearing his underwear a lot more recently, since… I feel sexy and happy in them. Like having him hugging my dick at all times! Didn’t even think about it… “Shhh! Don’t be jealous your dumb boxers are shapeless and boring.” I snapped back, putting on the weird Hockey-adorned gym shorts. “I bet I could pull those underwear off better than you!” Do I say “I’d love to see you try?” Or is that super mis-leading/me being super thirsty? Ugh, I hate my life. _ _ _ _ _ After way too many greetings and a few extra cups of that punch, the moon came out to say hi. At this point, I’m just kind of buzzed, feeling warm and a little boppy. Poppy? Sloppy, haha. It’s nice meeting a ton of people, got called cute/sexy/hot a lot too, so many damn thirsty girls here. One of them grabbed my ass, but I was like “That belongs to Army… Uhhh… I mean, the Army.” I’m such a fucking idiot, almost let the truth slip, but now everyone just thinks I’m a patriotic country boy. I miss my little buddy though. Something about being drunk just makes me wanna cuddle and kiss. I feel all warm and snuggly, like a giant dumb bear. Ben the Bear! Get one today before he sells out! Army the Cub sold separately… Awwwwww… I made myself sad. “PIZZAS HERE!” Someone yelled into the house. Oh thank gawd, I’m starving… and the greasy grease should soak up all this shitty Kool-Aid shit. I grab a few slices. Tastes like salted paper with a tomato on it, but fuck it, free food. Definitely not as good as that shit Harry got us today, because that was to die for. Best pizza ever. 5 Stars, 2 Thumbs Up, 1 Erect Dick. Haha, just imagine that on the side of the building as a review. “Pizza so good, it’ll make your dick hard.” Viagra Pizza? What the fuck am I thinking about? Take a seat, Ben, and chow down, before your drunk brain thinks of more dumb shit. “There you are!” Ughhhhhh…. I know that voice. Riley took a seat beside me, her cheeks a little flush, red cup in her hand too. Guess she might be a little tipsy too… Uh-ohhhhhh, Spaghetti-Os. “Get over here, I need a partner for… umm… Fuck, what did Alison say? Spin the bottle I think? Whatever. Some stupid excuse to make out, c’mon!” And for the second time that night, I was stuck in Riley’s vice grip. This girl could make a fortune selling hand jobs behind the gas station, I’ll tell you that much. Going through the dining room, the living room, the kitchen, the billiard room, the library, the conservatory… No, wait, istanbul travesti that’s Clue, haha. Army would laugh at that. Wonder if Riley would… Nah, she’ll call me lame and try to put her tongue down my throat. Up the stairs, we finally reach whatever party room Riley was looking for. Looks like a bedroom with some mood lighting and a dozen people circled around, talking and laughing and more drinking. “Found him! So who’s ready to play?” Riley cheered on to the group of strangers. Maybe it was the dim lights and everyone being semi-obscured, but I felt like I was about to join some kind of sex cult rather than just play some dumb game… I’m not prepared to fuck all these people! Nor do I really want to. Maybe Riley, on a bad day, in a dark room… “C’mere, Ben! Sit next to us!” Motioned some shadowy figure, and Riley plopped us down next to them. “We’re playing 7 Minutes in Heaven. You game?” “Sure, but I guess in your case, it’ll be 7 Seconds in Heaven.” I’ll be happy for one thing, Army has kept my tongue sharp in more ways than one. Everyone laughed as they are reshuffled themselves around the big empty part of the room. In the center of the group was an empty glass Coke bottle and everyone moved themselves into a circle around it. Ugh, what is this, Jr. High? I wonder how I can escape this stupid shit without making someone mad. Maybe I’ll get lucky and get Riley, and then just escape via a window. Some Mission:Impossible shit. “Nanana, Nanana, Dana” … I think I sang that right. Or maybe that was Batman… A few people go first, and you can tell by the sighs of disappointment that they didn’t get who they wanted. I narrowly dodged one spin from some thirsty blonde, you could practically see the hunger in her eyes for me, which was then replaced by pure anger on getting the guy next to me. Shit man, too many people are just jonesing for me. I can’t manage this, I’m just a man. My turn popped up, I spun it with some half-hearted vigor. Ugh, please just break and no one wins… You know, a few months ago, I would have had a ton of fun doing this shit. I used to love all the attention from everyone… I was a fucking notorious bastard. Make out with one girl, go to my next class, have my hand up a different girls skirt, get slapped when the 3rd girl in my rotation found out. The girls wanting me, the guys wanting to be me, the bisexuals wanting to watch. I mean, yeah, I’m still a dumb horn dog, wanting to stick my dick into anything that moves, but there is now some stupid cute dark haired angel on my shoulder telling me to stay true to the one guy in my life. Am I pussy whipped? Or I guess Ass-Whipped? Dick-Whipped? Haha, I’ll have to ask Army, but I’m sure he’ll say “Army whipped.” The bottle finally showed signs of stopping, and like horny version of Wheel of Fortune, you could hear the players tense up as it passed them. Guys pretended to be grossed out (fuckers, don’t lie, you want a piece of this too, haha), girls let out a small breathy sigh. And… JACKPOT, I got Riley. My escape plan is still on! “OH Thank fuck.” Riley grabbed my hand and pulled me into the adjoining bathroom. It was tiny, and decorated with… pink seashells. Ugh, I hate this house. But look, a window! Freedom! Just gotta figure out how to open this… But before I could even rush to it, Riley pulled me in, wrapping herself around me, like some kind of bitchy python. I could smell the vodka on her, her eyes a little glazed. She leaned in close, and her lips met mine, soft and a hint of cherry chapstick. Ugh, not again! First Harry, then her… What the fuck is with this family! Ask a guy to dinner first! I did my best to “politely” pull away, my lips refused to join hers in anything other than stiff rejection. “Ben! Fuck, kissssss me back, fucker! I won you!” She slurred at me, a mix of anger and horniness. This is bad… “I can’t. Well, I mean… Umm… I can, I just… don’t want… to?” I stuttered awkwardly, a little worried, fuck why can’t I say anything right. Hell, what the fuck do I even say? “You’ve been teasing me all damn night, and now you play this… This shit?!” “Actually, you’ve-,” I tried, lord knows I tried… “No! What is it! You h-hate me! Or I b-bet it’s fucking Regina, she got into your head, tell… tell…” Her voiced quivered, tears sliding down her face. “Telling you I’m the nastiest s-skank bitch you’ll ever meet! That I’m some… some fugly slut! Well you know what, fuck her and fuck you!” I grabbed her and hugged her, trying to calm her down. Ugh, I am not good at this. People angry and crying? I can’t handle this. But I needed to man up and be honest before she storms out and then I have to explain this shit. “No, it’s not. Just… calm down, and I’ll tell you, okay?” I swallowed what was the last little bit of drunken pride I had left, and just decided to be straight with Riley. Ironic, given what I was about to say. “Listen, it’s just weird because… your brother… kissed me earlier…” I winced saying it out loud… It was kind of hard to say. I could tell my brother the truth because I trusted him, about who I am and how I felt, but Riley, a girl not related to me, a stranger? It’s like playing with fire with how bad this could go… Riley looked up, and her eyes widened. “WAIT, WHAT?!” “Shhhh, stop it, don’t get upset or mad or start crying again…” I grabbed her shoulders and kept my eyes focused on her, studying them for any sudden movement. “You’re…” Her face contorted as she thought through everything. Reprocessing everything she knew. “Wait! You’re the one he was crushing on, not your brother! Holy fuck, it was you…And he kissed you!? EARLIER?! KISSED?!?!?!” She rushed to the sink next to us and grabbed the mouth wash, and took a swig. I guess trying to wash out the phantom incestuous kiss. Haha, if only she knew… After spitting out and rinsing again, she finally looked at me again. “So fucking gross. Bleeeeeeeeeeeh. Why, Harold, why?!? Fuck! Fucking shit!” Riley finished her cursing with a few more shots of spit into the sink. Finally, she turned to me. “Ugh, just my luck… So does this mean you’re gay? ” “Huh? No, I’m not…” I took a deep breath, trying to phrase myself right. “I’m… bi, I guess. Sorry, I haven’t told anyone, so I’m not really… used to talking about it, y’know?” The words sounded weird again, coming out of my mouth. “And you feel weird kissing me because of Harold. Ugh, I hate that fucking little brat. Talks shit, and then tries to steal the guy I was into first! Ha, I have the worst luck…” She was smiling again, enjoying herself now… Maybe I fixed it? “I’m sorry… You’re pretty hot, just…” I said, suddenly feeling sheepish. Fucks wrong with me… “Its fine, I totally get it, it’s weird and stupid drama. So are you seeing that little twerp?” She cocked her head at me, like a dog questioning me. “N-no. I’m trying to figure out a good way to turn him down without hurting him or our friendship.” “Eh, just be upfront. If I know my brother, he’ll get over it in a second. He’s not the type to linger on petty stuff. Don’t be surprised if he writes a song about you though. Can’t wait to hear that all night, ugh.” She rolled her eyes, smirking at me. “Hey, a song about me is bound to be good.” I giggled, enjoying the light air. “Haha, don’t hold your breath. Anyway, I’m done with this party. Whoever made that nasty punch is a dumbass. Wanna ditch and head home?” “Fuck yes!” We left the bathroom, and told everyone we were gonna head home, which everyone took as a sign I was gonna get laid. The girls shot daggers at Riley, but all the guys whistled and cheered. Good for my popularity at least, haha. I rushed us to my truck, and we peeled out, heading back home. My mind was just racing, the whole day has been one long mess, but maybe it’ll all work out. “So were you serious about being bi?” Riley glanced at me, smiling. “Yeah, why…” “So damn defensive, its fine! I don’t judge and won’t tell. Doubt anyone would care, maybe some guys on your baseball team will ask if they can try out your bat…” She giggled to herself. “Ha, maybe.” “Never met a guy who was honest about himself like that before. It’s kind of cool, y’know? Or is this one of those `I’ll fuck anything that moves.'” “Nah, maybe at one point it was, but now I’m just…” I sighed, unsure of my words. I hate talking so much. “I met a person who changed my whole idea of what I was and what others meant to me.” “Oh, were you just a manslut at your old school?” She rolled her eyes, smirking. “Very much so, haha.” “So who’s the special someone? Some lucky cowboy or cowgirl from your old life?” “Eh, you could say that.” “They are pretty lucky then to tame this wild steed. They better watch out, if I ever meet that person, I’ll fight them!” She pretended to punch the air, laughing to herself. “With your grip, you’d choke them out easily…” Well, thankfully one situation was defused, but while stuck at red lights or behind slow cars, my anxiety built up… How do I tell Army? What do I tell him? Should I? I was woefully unprepared for this, like bringing a spoon to a gun fight. Army trusts me though… I hope he doesn’t get mad at me. And then there’s Harry. Tomorrow is gonna be a tough day… End of Chapter 14 Thanks for reading!

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