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Please Donate Here: fty/donate.html ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *Please note: This story is of a graphic sexual nature and only meant for adults 18 years and older who wish to read such material. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DJ — 19 years old (me) Billy — 20 years old — Soccer Captain — DJ’s older brother Rafael — 20 years old — Soccer Co-Captain and Billy’s friend Jorge — 20 years old — Soccer Co-Captain and Billy’s friend Jake — 20 years old — Cute Muscular tattooed Soccer Teammate — with Skater Vibe Donovan — 20 year old Soccer Teammate – Straight Damien — 21 year old Med Student — Soccer Medical Adviser — Handsome Muscular Italian Richy — 21 year old Soccer Teammate — Straight – Smartass Soccer Practice Makes Perfect: Whispers …. — Chapter 18 “Do you all have everything listed as on your checklist” Billy said as he checked with everyone from the team. “We can’t turnaround if any of you forgot something. The coaches are already on board of the bus, Rafael and Jorge are loading the last of the practice equipment, so let’s start boarding guys.” Billy, Jake and I boarded the bus and took the row in the very back that had 3 seats to the right of the restroom. Billy saved the two seats opposite from us for Jorge and Rafael. “This is going to be a long trip babe, five and � hours on the road” Billy explained.” “It’s cool, I brought my iPod that you gave me for my birthday, plus I am sure that you and Jake will have something to keep me occupied during the trip.” “Oh yes, we sure will bud, isn’t that right Jake?” “Of course,” he said said slyly and with a big grin. “I love you two so much” I said in a whisper so no one else on board could hear me. Jake and Billy both gave me a kiss on the cheek at the same time since I was sitting in the middle of them. Rafael and Jorge were the last ones to board the bus, and then sat in the seats that Billy saved for them. We were now all on the bus and headed for our destination. “We have 3 days of practice scheduled before the actual game,” Billy announced to the team. “3 — 8pm on Thursday, 9 — 12 am on Friday and 9am – 1pm Saturday. The game is on Sunday. Here are the room assignments, they are as follows…..” I knew where Jake and I were assigned already so I didn’t need to pay attention to list Billy was reading off. I sat there lovingly rubbing my hand on Jake’s thigh and eventually landed on his growing bulge in his shorts as he then turned and smiled at me. Jake leaned to my ear and whispered to me as he grabbed my hand that was on his cock. “I love you baby, I hope that you plan on taking care of this later when it gets dark.” “Of course, as long as Billy is okay with it I’ll be on it immediately, plus I am hungry for yours and Billy’s seed,” I said in a whisper so no one could hear me. Jake smiled at me and kissed me on the cheek again. Billy finally sat down on my left and Jake was on my right near the aisle. I was getting sleepy since we were up early and at the college for a few hours in order to get the equipment packed and ready before we boarded the bus. Billy turned his body so his back was against the window and had me sit in between his legs as I leaned back against his muscular chest. “Damn, you feel so good bro” I said. “So do you DJ, I love holding you.” I sat the same way Billy did and had Jake lean back against my chest. I leaned forward and spoke into Jake’s ear. “I love feeling your muscular chest and the heat from your sexy body it feels so good, I love you Jake.” “I love you too, baby,” he replied softly. I wrapped my arms around his muscular body and gave him a tight hug as Billy leaned forward and kissed my neck and then wrapped his arms around me in a similar fashion. “This couldn’t be more perfect,” I said in a low whisper. Jake and Billy both agreed with nods and smiles while the three of us were lovingly stroking each other as we began to fall asleep in each others arms. It was beginning to get dark outside as I woke up and opened my eyes after a sound nap. Jake looked up at me and smiled and squeezed my arm. “Hi baby, did you have a good nap?” “Yes I did, and Billy is still sound asleep.” I scanned the bus and saw that Richy Alvarez was headed down the aisle towards the restroom. He looked over to all three of us wrapped in each others arms and sneered. “Oh, how queer, I mean how cute is this?” Jake popped up and confronted him. “What the fuck is your problem?” “Nothing.” “Yeah that’s right, nothing, mind your own damn business.” “May I use the restroom?” he said cockily as Jake slammed the rest room door closed before he could enter. “You will never disrespect Billy, your team captain again while I am around, right?” “No, I won’t.” “Good, it would be best if you remember that.” Jake let Richy enter the bathroom and sat down again in between my legs and leaned back against my chest while breathing heavily with frustration. I wrapped him in my arms once again but this time to help calm him down. “You didn’t have to do that Jake.” “Yes I did, that punk needs to learn respect for everyone on this team, and I will not allow him to disrespect Billy or you, EVER. I love you both too much DJ to let anyone do that.” Jake then grabbed my hand, lifted it to his mouth and kissed it. As soon as Richy exited the bathroom and headed back up the aisle to his seat, I started to sensually rub Jake’s muscular tattooed chest. He leaned his head back onto me and left out a quiet moan that luckily could not be heard over the music that was playing on the bus loudspeakers. I began to reach down inside the neck of his t-shirt so I could feel his naked chest and play with his nips. The heat radiating from his chest sent pulses of lust through through my heart and soul. After a few minutes of nip play I pulled my hand out from under his shirt and reached down with both hands to pull his shirt up from the bottom and remove it over his head. Oh, the fucking sight of seeing Jake’s perfect pecs and tattooed arms revealed just for my pleasure almost sent me into a horny frenzy. I rubbed and caressed his chest with my hands and touched every inch of him that I could reach. I lifted my hands to my mouth and spit on my fingertips before I returned them to Jake’s nips and playfully pinched and touched them. Just feeling Jake’s warm body and listening to him breathe heavier and moan slightly while his eyes were closed almost made me cum without touching myself. As I was was tantalizing Jake by nipple play he lifted his ass slightly to lower his shorts down to his mid thigh so that his cock was fully exposed and laying back onto his flat stomach and six pack abs. I reached down with my right hand and grabbed his growing 10 and � in cock while still playing with his nips with my left hand. Jake grabbed my left hand, stuck my fingers into his mouth and sucked on them and then guided them back so I could pinch and play with his nips again. “Ohhhhh, fuck yes DJ, make me cum baby,” he said in a low gritty voice. I leaned my head back onto Billy’s shoulder for a moment to let out a slight moan and heard Billy whispered into my ear. “Make him cum into your hand quietly, taste it and then share some with me babe.” I began to jerk Jake off in slow long strokes and his breathing increased in pace. His mouth was open and he was moaning slightly as I placed my mouth on top of his and tongued the inside of his mouth. He reached up with his hand and pulled me in closer to him so he could put his tongue into my mouth in return. We continued kissing as I increased the speed of my fist on his cock. Jake’s cock was rock hard and leaking tons of precum into my hand. Jake released the kiss and looked down to my hand pumping his manhood. “Taste me baby,” he said as he smeared his precum into my palm. I lifted my hand to my mouth as he watched me use the tip of my tongue to lick up the stream of precum he put into my hand. I left it on my tongue and slid it into his open mouth so we could both share how he tasted. I was jerking his cock at a much faster pace and I could feel that his body was starting to tense up. The heat of his cock was searing my hand with such intense body heat that was radiating from it. I took my other hand and covered his mouth because he is a loud cummer. I sensed he was about to cum as his body was trembling and shaking and his grunting was getting louder. He left out a big guttural moan which luckily I muffled with my palm to prevent anyone in the bus from knowing about the sex that was going on in the back of the bus. MMMMMMMMM, mmmmmmmm he moaned as he creamed my palm with a huge white load of cum that was dripping from my hand onto his flat stomach. After a few moments he pulled my hand off of his cock and licked some of his cum into his mouth and swallowed it as he then lifted it up to me to do the same. I licked a huge amount of his cum off of my hand and savored the taste of his salty cumload as I swallowed it with pleasure. I then lifted my hand as Billy leaned forward and licked my palm and sucked my fingers clean of Jake’s cumload. Billy kept my fingers in his mouth for quite a long time which made me so fucking hard. “Billy, you have to stop or I’m going to explode.” At that very moment, Jake got up and knelt in the aisle, yanked my shorts down to expose my cock. He slammed his open throat down on my cock to the balls as Billy covered my mouth as I grunted and face istanbul travesti fucked my load of cum into Jake’s throat. I kept moaning and grunting as Billy stifled my sounds with his palm wrapped tightly over my mouth. As I came down from that lustful high, my body relaxed and Jake came back into the seat, this time laying on top of me to share my cum in a kiss. Billy then leaned forward and spoke softly. “I love you both so much.” Jake and I eventually released our cum kiss and replied to Billy. “I love you too Billy,” Jake said as he looked up to Billy’s face. “I will always love you bro,” I said with love and smile. As Jake put his shirt back on. the three of us returned to holding and cuddling each other for the remainder of our journey. * * * “What a practice that was,” Billy said as we returned to our hotel room. “We should kick ass on Sunday if we keep it up.” “DJ man, you’re a fucking star dude,” Jake yelled as he waved a newspaper around. “What are you talking about?” “You’re on the front page of the local paper, baby!” “Seriously man,” Billy said, “this is awesome publicity for us.” “Holy shit man,” Rafael reacted as he saw the photo of me on the front page. “Good job buddy, I’m so proud of my bottom boy,” he said with a laugh. “Your bottom boy?” Billy said sarcastically as he grabbed my ass. “He’s my lover, but there’s always enough of his ass to go around for me and my friends.” Billy then pulled me onto our bed and started to make out with me. Billy and I started to french kiss in front of everyone. Billy and I never missed an opportunity to get inside each others mouths and tongue wrestle, I just loved the feeling of his tongue invading my mouth. As we were laying on the bed kissing Jake joined us for a three way tongue kiss. Jorge and Rafael were stripping and getting it on over on their bed as Jorge began to suck off Rafael. Billy pulled away from the three way kiss and started to strip Jake and I of our clothes, pulling off our shorts and jockstraps until our bottom halves were naked all except for our socks and cleats. Jake and I then stopped kissing for a brief moment while Billy removed our shirts. I then reached over and took off Billy’s shirt as Jake pried off Billy’s shorts and jockstrap. Finally! All three of us were naked. Billy was laying flat on the bed as I got on all fours and started to take Billy’s 8 inch uncut cock into my throat. Jake then got behind me and started to spread my ass cheeks and began to rim my asshole. “That’s it Jake, Billy said, eat my brother’s sweaty ass, I bet it tastes good, doesn’t it?” “Fuck yeah dude, it is fucking perfect” he said as he lifted his head to speak but quickly returned to tongue fucking my hole. “Oh fuck Billy, I love sucking on your cock,” I said to my brother, “especially after a sweaty soccer practice. Fuck, I love the smell of your sweat on your cock and balls.” “Lick it DJ, lick up my scent, savor it and get high off of it.” Billy moaned loudly and grabbed my head and held me all the way down on his cock. “Stick your tongue out fag, lick my balls while you have my cock buried in your throat.” I moaned as loud as I could with his 8 inches down my throat. I didn’t know if I was moaning more because of his cock in my throat or Jake’s tongue exploring deep in my asshole. I pulled my mouth of his spit covered cock long enough to moan because of the relentless rimjob I was receiving. “Oh fuck, your tongue up my ass makes me go fucking wild Jake, go deeper please get in there all of the way, eat my asshole, fuck!” I pulled Billy’s cock from my throat and sucked on his balls and eventually got both of them into my mouth so I could pleasure him as much as I could. “Oh goddamn babe that is fucking hot, keep them both in your mouth you’re getting me on the edge by doing that babe, holy shit this is amazing.” As I released his balls from my mouth and Jake finished rimming my hole, I grabbed Billy and flipped him over onto his stomach and told him to get onto all fours. I spread his ass cheeks as I started to deep fuck his ass with my tongue to get his hole ready for a deep drilling from my seven inch uncut cock. As my face was buried in my brother’s ass enjoying the manly aroma of his sweat and musk, Jake took his place kneeling in front of my brother and slid his cock into his throat. “Fuck yeah dude,” he said, “suck my cock, come on man deepthroat it, fuuuuuck yeah dude.” I heard Billy making loud sucking and slurping noises while sucking on the huge cock invading his throat and those sounds fucking got me all hot, an boned even harder. I immediately got up and placed my cockhead at his pucker. I grabbed my cock by the base, squeezed it tight and started to slide my cock into my brother’s sweet asshole. “Fuuuuuck Billy, your hole is so tight and warm, take my cock deep in your ass, I love being inside you bro.” Billy pulled his mouth off of Jake’s 10 inch cock and looked back at me with lustful eyes and spoke in his gritty dirty talk voice. “Fuck me deep DJ, fucking slam your cock into my ass good. Deep breed me please I want your seed so bad.” I slid the last of my 7 inches into his hole and I pushed my balls hard up against his hole as I held onto his waist tight trying to get in his ass even further, as I grunted loudly. “I love being inside of your ass all of the way, I fucking love you bro.” “Fuck yes he said, be this deep in me when you cum, please.” “Come on, suck my cock fag, get back on my cock,” Jake demanded. Billy grabbed Jake’s cock and slammed his throat back on the monster cock as Jake grabbed Billy’s head and started to face fuck him. “You want to swallow my load fag?” he said to Billy. Ymmm, mmmmm, mmmm is all we could hear as Billy’s throat was full of Jake’s 10 and � cock. I looked over and saw Rafael and Jorge fucking on the other bed and they suddenly stopped and began to come over to our bed. Rafael came up behind me, covered my mouth with his palm and slammed his slick cock deep into my ass as I was fucking my brother. MMMMMM OHHHHHHH I moaned into Rafael’s palm. “You fucking like my cock raping your hole, don’t you fag?” Rafael said as he removed his hand from my mouth. “Fuck yessss, I love your cock deep in my hole. Fuck me,cum inside me, please!” “Fuck yeah man, breed DJ’s hole, I want to see his face when you breed him deep,” Jake said. Jorge was making his way to assault Jake’s ass while he was face fucking Billy. Jorge reached down and spread Jake’s ass cheeks as he slid his big uncut cock into Jake’s waiting hole. “Oh fuck yeah you have a sweet ass man,” Jorge said as he moaned. “Hell yes Jorge, cum in Jake’s hot hole for me, breed him deep for me, please.” I begged What a fucking hot five way orgy. Rafael was deep in my ass as I was deep inside Billy’s hole, and Jake has his cock fully in Billy’s throat as Jorge was buried balls deep in Jake’s asshole. Billy was moaning with such delight as he heard and watched us all fucking around him. “Fucking hell man,” Rafael shouted as he pounded my hole harder with every thrust, “Take my fucking cock deep DJ, take it all fag.” “Fuck yes, breed my cumhole deep Rafael,” I shouted as he wrapped his arms around my chest. “Here it comes motherfucker,” he shouted as he unleashed a huge load deep into my ass. “Oh fuck, take his load DJ, fucking take it all in your hole for me, how does it feel baby?” Jake shouted. “Goddamn it feels amazing, fuck yeah Jake, I got all of his cum in my ass for you, its fucking flooding my hole. Oh fucking hell man, I’m cumming now too.” I moaned as I pounded my cock deep into my brother’s ass so I could fill him with his brother’s seed. Billy let out a muffled moan while he was still sucking on Jake’s cock. Billy grunted with every thrust of my cock as I seeded his hole nice and deep. This was the best fucking feeling ever, filling my very own brother’s ass with my seed, deep inside his ass, where it rightfully belongs. “Oh fucking hell,” Jorge yelled, “here I cum Jake, take my fucking load fag.” “Fuck yeah dude breed me, give me your cum, please!” Jorge grabbed Jake’s waist and slammed his load as deep as he could into Jake. “Holy fucking hell, I’m cummining Billy, swallow it, swallow every fucking drop dude.” Jake grabbed Billy’s head and forced him to take every drop as Jake was still being bred by Jorge’s erupting cock. “Gulp it down man, all of it” he yelled as he held Billy’s head on his cock. Rafael kissed me and told me that he loved me as he slowly pulled his cock from my flooded ass and slapped it as Jorge kissed Jake and said the same as he also removed his cock from Jake’s filled cumhole. I fell on top of my brother with my cock still buried inside of him and kissed him and told him that I loved him. Jake pulled his monster cock out from Billy’s throat and laid on the bed totally exhausted. We all laid there spent and reeling from another amazing cum filled orgy. “I’d really love to fall asleep with you still deep in my ass DJ, but I want to take a shower.” I pulled my spent cock out of Billy’s ass as Jake slid over to me to suck the cum off of my cock. He grabbed my cock at the base and licked all of the cum clean off my cock. Billy got up and headed towards the shower. “Come on guys I think we can all fit in the shower,” Billy stated. We all got up and followed him into the bathroom. Billy, Rafael, Jorge, Jake and I squeezed into the shower and scrubbed, cleaned and kissed each other for quite some time. I stepped out of the shower first and towel dried off and began to get changed into some clean shorts and a t-shirt, Billy followed, then Jorge, then Rafael as Jake stayed behind to enjoy the hot stream of water all to himself. The four of us laid on the bed as Billy and Rafael talked about today’s practice session. “I’m fucking thirsty, anyone else want drinks from the bar downstairs?” I said. “Sure, bring up a bunch of those Smirnoff bottled drinks.” Billy said. “Yeah, that’s a good idea see if you can get a case or two, here, take my credit card,” Jorge said as he and Rafael were continuing to talk with Billy about our team’s strategy kadıköy travesti for Sunday’s game. I headed down to the main floor and walked into lounge and up to the bar. The friendly elderly bartender asked what I was having and I placed my order. As I was standing there watching the TV on the wall, two Marshall players approached me. “Hey man, how did practice go?” one of the guys asked me. “It went really well, thanks for asking.” You’ve been doing quite well for yourself this year DJ, even as a freshman,” the 2nd Marshall player said. “How do you know who I am? “Didn’t you see it man, you’re on the front page.” the 1st Marshall player said. “Oh yeah, that, its nothing, just some publicity.” “You’re the captain’s brother aren’t you? he inquired. “Yes, Billy’s my brother, he’s a great captain.” “Yeah, I’m sure he is,” the 2nd Marshall player retorted with a laugh. “Our captain would like to have a word with you outside.” said the 1st Marshall player. “Outside?” “Yeah, he’s out by his truck loading equipment,” said the 2nd Marshall player. “I’m sorry man, maybe another time I have to get back upstairs with our drinks.” “We’re not asking, we’re telling you,” the 1st Marshall player said. They both grabbed me by the arms and pushed me out the back door that was right by the bar. * * * “Hey man, where’s DJ,” Jake asked. “He went down to the bar to get us a couple of cases of drinks,” Rafael said. “Yeah, Billy said, but he should have been back by now, he’s been gone about a half hour now.” “Probably just busy down there, maybe half our team is down there drinking,” Jorge said with a laugh. “I’ll go down and see if he needs help bringing the cases up,” Jake said as he finished getting dressed. Jake entered the bar and scanned the area for me, and so no sign. He went into the bathroom and returned frustrated and concerned and then walked up to the bar and waited for the bartender to finish serving someone. “Excuse me, sir, did you see a young guy, short brown hair, handsome and in a blue soccer jersey come and order a few cases of drinks?” “Yes, his drinks are still here waiting for him, he was taken out the back door by a couple of guys in red soccer jerseys.” “Oh shit!” he said in a panic. The two Marshall players and their team captain had me held behind our team bus that was parked at the back of the parking lot. “Why are you doing this?” I cried out to the two guys holding my arms outstretched while the captain punched me in the face. “We want to make sure you can’t play on Sunday ‘star boy’,”one of the guys said with a laugh. “You’re the MVP of your team so if you can’t play, we win,” said the team captain as he punched me in the face again. “Oh fucking A, let me go.” “We can’t do that, you can still play with a bruised face, so how about this?” the captain said as he punched me in the ribs. I was coughing, choking and crying in pain, “stop, my brother will fucking kill you assholes,” I shouted. “No he won’t, he’ll be too busy crying over your lifeless body,” he said as he punched me again in the ribs. All of a sudden I heard Jake’s voice. “DJ, where are you? DJ?” “Help, over here!” I shouted quickly before the guy holding my right arm covered my mouth. As the captain was about to punch me again, Jake appeared around the corner of the bus, grabbed him and slammed his head into the bus and the captain passed out immediately. Jake lunged at one of the guys holding me as the other ran away. I fell to the ground and crawled to the front end of the bus towards the hotel. I looked back with blurry vision and saw Jake punching the Marshall player repeatedly. “What the fuck are you doing to my friend, why the fuck are you doing this to him, fuck you, fuck you, I fucking hate you!” I felt woozy and felt like I was going to blackout and I collapsed fully to the concrete. Jake ran towards me and knelt next to me, lifted up my torso and cradled me and sobbed. “Oh my fucking god, DJ, can you hear me baby? Please say something.” “Jake?” “Yes baby, it’s me. I’m so sorry this happened to you.” “You saved me, don’t be sorry. Owwwww! fuck, it hurts,” I cried. “Oh my god, we need to get you help, you’ll be fine.” Jake rocked me while thinking of his next move. All of a sudden our teammate Donovan came out of the back exit of the bar to make a call on his cellphone. “Donovan! Donovan, come here quick,” Jake yelled. Donovan ran over to the front of the bus where Jake was holding me and was shocked at what he saw. “What the hell happened Jake?” “DJ was beaten up by three Marshall players,” he said as he tried to stop sobbing. “I want to get DJ inside but through the emergency exit so no one sees us, can you run in and open the emergency exit?” “Yeah sure.” Donovan ran to the hotel immediately. Jake carried me to the emergency exit as Donovan opened it for Jake. “I am going to carry him back up to the 3rd floor so we don’t have to go through the lobby.” Jake carried me up the three flights of stairs as Donovan pushed on his back to prevent us from falling backwards. “Oh god I hurt so much” I said while partly sobbing. “We’re almost there baby,” Jake said, “it’ll be okay.” We reached the 3rd floor and Donovan banged loudly on our room door. Disturbed at the loud banging Rafael answered the door. “Well it’s about time…What the fuck man?” Billy and Jorge looked to see why Rafael reacted like that. “Holy fuck,” Billy said as he immediately cleared all of the shit off the bed onto the floor so Jake could carry me in and lay me down. “Babe, what happened?” Billy asked as I just mumbled and he then looked to Jake for an answer. “He was attacked by three Marshall players, they took him into the parking lot and beat him behind our bus,” he said in tears. “Fucking hell, I’ll kill those motherfuckers for beating my brother.” “I told them that I said with slurred speech. Owwwww! My ribs hurt so bad.” “Okay babe, just relax, don’t move too much. Rafael, Jorge, go down to the bus and get our first aid kit.” “Thank you for saving me, I love you Jake.” “I love you too.” Jake held my face and kissed me on the lips without realizing that Donovan was still standing behind him. Billy reacted quickly and grabbed Donovan by the arm and escorted him out into the hallway.” Thank you for getting DJ.” Billy said to Donovan trying to change the subject of what Donovan just saw. “Jake is the one who saved him, I didn’t really do much.” “Well thank you for what you did.” “Are Jake and DJ gay? Are they a couple?” Billy couldn’t think of a quick excuse because he was too bothered by the whole incident that occurred, so replied with the truth. “Yes, please don’t tell anyone Donovan, okay?” “It’s cool man, I have no problem with it,” he said as he started to cry. “I am so sorry about DJ’s condition I wish I could help more.” “DJ will be ok, he’s very strong and will bounce back quickly,” he said as he held Donovan in a tight hug. “Please tell DJ and Jake that I love them both like brothers, I always will.” he said, as he walked to his room down the hall. “I will Donovan, I promise.” Billy was entering the room again as Rafael and Jorge arrived with the first aid kit. As they reached the bed they searched the kit for anything he could use on my wounds and bruises. “Let’s get your shirt off,” Billy said. Billy and Jake lifted my torso as Rafael and Jorge pulled my soccer jersey off and laid me back down. “Holy fuck, oh baby, I’m so sorry” Jake said as he saw the bruises on my ribs and started to sob again. Billy pulled out some first aid wipes to use as Jorge and Rafael went to get some ice. “Oh Fuck that stings,” I shouted as Billy used the medical wipes on my bruised ribs. “Sorry babe, I have to clean any open wounds and scratches.” Jake held my hand as I squeezed it every time I felt the sharp sting of the cleaning wipes. Billy finished as I laid there in a daze as Rafael and Jorge returned with a bucket of ice. “Jake, will you stay with DJ and put ice on his ribs and face while the three of us go talk to the coaches? They need to be informed and we’re going to have to take DJ to the hospital to get checked out to see how bad this is.” “Of course, I’m not leaving DJ’s side,” he said as he stroked my hair and face before he began to get the ice prepared in towels. * * * We all arrived back into the hotel room around 1am after spending countless hours at the local hospital. Jake and Billy laid me down on the bed and I was drifting in an out due to the pain meds the hospital gave to me. Jake laid with me on the bed as Billy, Rafael and Jorge were sitting and talking on the opposite bed. “Jake, hold me please I need you,” I whispered. “Oh baby, I need to be careful I don’t want to hurt you.” “You’ll never hurt me, I know that.” Jake pulled me close to him and kissed me softly and gently. Jake’s curiosity got the best of him and he lifted my shirt to look at the bruises again. Jake slowly moved his face closer to my bruises and gave them a few perfectly soft feather-like kisses. “I wish my kisses had healing power.” “They do, I feel a little better already,” I said with a giggle and then a grunt for the pain that the laugh caused. “Fucking A’, even in pain those two are so fucking cute together,” Billy said with a smile. Turning back to Rafael and Jorge, Billy spoke, “we need to start thinking about a replacement from the 2nd string for DJ’s position in Sunday’s game.” “No!” I mumbled loudly.” Billy turned towards me and then knelt by the side of my bed. “Babe, we need to, you may not be able to play on Sunday.” “I want to play, that is why they did this to me.” “What are you talking about? Billy asked. “They said to me, that they wanted to make sure I wasn’t able to play against them.” “Fuck those assholes!” Billy shouted in anger. “Please let me play bro, please?” “Ok babe, here’s what we’ll do. You sit out and recover tomorrow during our practice, and on Saturday, we’ll pad you up as much as we’re allowed to so you can practice with the team. If you perform well enough, I will plead with the coaches to make sure you’re in the bakırköy travesti game, deal?” “Ok, thank you bro. I love you so much Billy.” Of course babe, I will do anything for you, you know that.” * * * It was the middle of the night and I woke up in a sweat and was disoriented and talking in my sleep. “Stop, stop hitting me.” Jake shook me and tried to wake me. “Baby, you’re having a nightmare, shhhhhh, I’m here.” Jake hugged me and whispered that he loved me into my ear. “Where’s Billy?” I asked in a panic. “He’s sleeping in Jorge and Rafael’s bed to give you more room.” “No, please, I need him next to me.” I said all of this mumbling as I was still groggy and disoriented from the meds. Jake walked over to Billy and woke him up quietly. “What’s wrong Jake?” “DJ wants you in the bed next to him, he’s calling for you.” Billy got up and moved into our bed and cuddled with me under the covers. “I’m here DJ, I didn’t go anywhere, I would never leave your side.” “You mean so much to me Billy, I need you and Jake both to stay with me.” Jake and Billy both cuddled with me until I dozed off again as the painkillers pulled me into a deep sleep again. “Are you okay Jake?” Billy asked as he heard him crying softly. “No.” “Same here man, I’m a mess over all of this shit that happened to DJ,” he said as he also began to cry softly. * * * The next morning Billy and the guys were getting ready to leave for practice. “Can everyone give me a minute alone with DJ please?” Rafael and Jorge left to go down stairs to the bus and Jake and Billy approached the bed. Jake sat on the bed, grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes. “I love you so much babe, relax and get better we need you out there and its not going to be the same at practice without you.” “Jake, give DJ a deep tongue kiss I want to watch you two make out.” Jake put his lips onto mine as we both pushed our tongues into each others mouths as he grabbed the back of my head and became so passionate with me. Billy got in really close to watch as our tongues entered and and re-entered each others mouths. “Make it sloppy guys, please for me.” Jake and I got really sloppy and the swapped spit was all dripping over my face. We finally broke off the kiss and Billy leaned down and started to lick all of the spit that was dripping on my face. “Thank you for doing that, you two are always hot to watch and get me fucking horny with such little effort.” “Fucking hot, I loved watching you lick our spit off of DJ, ” Jake moaned, “I’ll leave you two alone for a minute and meet you outside.” “Ok, bud I need to go in a second, Damien will be here soon to sit with you.” Billy quickly grabbed my boxers and pulled the waistband down and sucked on my cock quickly. “I can’t finish you off right now, but this is a teaser for tonight,” he said as he slid my full 7 inches down his throat. “Oh fuck, I love you Billy,” I moaned. “I know you can’t do a whole lot right now, but you have my permission to fool around with Damien while I’m not here.” Billy whispered into my ear. “Really?” “Yes, consider it a get well gift from me, but you need to tell me all of the details when I get back” he said with that wicked grin on his face. * * * I was starting to drift off again and I heard a knock on the door. “Come in.” Damien, the very sexy Italian med student for our team entered the room. I immediately flashed back to when he fucked and bred me in front of Billy in the college locker room med office during my medical exam. I was beginning to get hard again just at the very thought. “How are you doing handsome?” “Okay I guess, a bit depressed because I am missing practice though.” “Well I read your medical report and it seems that your injuries look a lot worse than they really are. No broken ribs, but they are surely causing you a lot of pain. No internal damage to your organs or lungs. No damage to your facial structure due to the blows to your face.” “Do you think I might be able to play on Sunday?” “Well, if you get the coach’s approval, you really need to protect those ribs from any further damage. We can pad you up good, but that will only go so far. The toughest part will be running around with sore ribs buddy.” “Can you give me pain meds for that? Please Damien.” “I’m not really supposed to do that, and you can’t have too many or it will hurt your game more than help it.” “Please, I really need to play on Sunday, the team needs me.” “Okay, I will try to get you something, but this is only between you and I, okay.” “Yes, I promise.” “Would you please hand me the remote, I can’t get up.” “Of course, here you go.” I flipped through almost all of the channels and suddenly landed on the gay adult porn station on the hotel’s channel lineup. I left it there to see if Damien would react. Damien just kept watching the TV as I pulled my cock out of my boxers and started to jerk off. He eventually looked at me and started to yank his own shorts down and then pulled them off completely over his socks and sneakers. “Please, take your shirt off too, I love your hairy muscular chest.” He lifted off his shirt which revealed a very muscular chest with trimmed chest hairs. “You have a beautiful body Damien.” “So do you DJ, and what a hot cock too.” “Would you jerk off for me Damien, please?” “Of course,” he said as he grabbed his huge Italian cock and started to stroke it with long slow strokes. He stood up next to the bed and jerked off right by my face. “Here let me help you out of your boxers,” he said as he removed them from my legs which allowed me to spread them as wide as I could. He jerked his cock with one hand while sliding a finger into my ass. “Ohhhh fuck Damien, that feels so good. Do you remember breeding my ass?” “Of course I remember, I will never forget how good it felt shooting my load deep inside of you. “I wish you could fuck me again, I’d really love your load inside me now.” “I can’t buddy, I’d probably hurt your ribs,” he said as he continued to finger fuck my asshole. “Fuck I need it so bad, please I really want your cum up my ass.” “I’ll make you a deal. If I move your ass to the edge of the bed, I will jerk off until I get close. As soon as I am ready to bust my nut, I’ll slide my cock balls deep into your ass and unload inside hole.” “Fuck yes, please, that is perfect.” Damien moved me to the edge of the bed and placed my legs on his shoulders as he jerked off right near my pucker as I talked dirty to him. “Oh fuck Damien, I remember feeling your huge cock stretching my tight hole to the max. I felt you plunging that huge Italian cock deep into me with no mercy. I wanted it deeper and I wanted you to drill it into me and you gave it to me exactly how I wanted it.” “Fuck yes, I remember. I also remember you begging for my load, pleading me to seed your ass while Billy was watching. I loved how it felt to share my cum with you, to fill your ass with it. You want my load again, you want it deep inside you again?” “Fucking hell yes, please, breed my hole again, but deeper this time.” “Did you like it when your brother made you swallow his load?” “Hell yes, I love swallowing Billy’s cum.” “Has Billy ever breed you?” “Oh fuck Damien, Billy breeds me all of the time. I love it when he shoots his cum up my ass, I live to be his cumdump.” “Oh fucking hell DJ that sent me over the edge, here I cum.” Damien grabbed his cock and buried it balls deep into my hole as he was ready to fill my tight hole with his seed. “Deeper Damien, please much deeper,” I moaned as he pushed his cock into me as far as he could. “Fuck, take my load here it cums, take it deep for me DJ, Fuuuuuuuuck.” “Oh god yes, fucking fill me with your cum, oh fucking hell it feels so good deep inside of me.” Damien stood there with his huge cock still buried deep in my ass savoring the feeling of my tight hole filled with his seed surrounding his hard cock. He then pulled out of me, knelt down and started to rim my hole. He spread my ass cheeks just like Jake and Billy do, but he seemed to get his tongue much farther inside my ass. “Fucking A Damien your tongue is so far in my hole, I love it. Eat your seed out of me and feed it to me, please.” Damien licked his load out of my cumfilled hole and brought his mouth up to mine and spit it into my open waiting throat. “Fucking swallow it DJ, you begged for it so swallow it all, fuck that is so hot. I am still rock hard,” he said as he waived his cock in front of me. “Let me suck another load out of your cock Damien, I want a lot more I love how your cum tastes.” He did not hesitate and slid his monster cock deep into my throat. I was moaning and grunting as I tried to take the whole thing. I started to choke on his cock and he pulled out. “No man, don’t pull out, I like choking on big dicks.” “Fuck yeah swallow it all then bitch,” he said as he pummeled my throat while he grabbed the back of my head. “Here it comes again, fucking swallow me, eat all of my load for me buddy, please.” He came so much that I choked on it and it dripped out onto my cheeks and chin. He pulled out from my throat leaned down and licked his cum that leaked onto my face and swallowed it. “I really needed to eat some too.” “Well, if you want more, I’m about to shoot. Oh fuuuuck.” He quickly took my cock into his throat and swallowed my load as I shot 5 or 6 streams of cum into the back of his throat while holding his mouth down balls deep on me “Fuck yes,” I yelled as he gulped my load down. “So hot watching a handsome guy like you eat my load. Fucking hot!” “Shit man, your load tastes so good, I could go for that on a regular basis.” “That is something you’ll need to discuss with Billy, he decides what I do, when I do it and with whom.” “I’ll remember to ask him,” Damien said as he got dressed and helped me get dressed. Damien and I kissed, talked and laughed about numerous things for about a hour or two until Billy entered the room after returning from Practice. “How are you babe?” “Doing great Bro and feeling much better.” “Great to hear that. Did you have anything to eat babe?” “He had lots of protein Billy, about three servings,” Damien said with a smile as he patted Billy on the back and left our room. Billy then kissed me with some deep tongue and probed my mouth for any leftovers. “Fuck yes, that’s the best kind of protein,” he said with a smile.

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