The Accidental Exhibitionist

The Accidental Exhibitionist
I just cannot imagine my life without my wife Sandy. We have been married now for fifteen years and she is my pride and joy as well as my lover, friend and source of sexual excitement.

You see about three years ago it all got started kind of by accident.

Sandy is a five foot ten inch brunette. She has a very nice perky full set of thirty-six C tits that just drive me wild. She has long silky smooth legs that are most generally tanned, and look magnificent. Her ass is round and tight and looks great in a pair of jeans or short shorts.

She now loves to show off her body and I get hard watching her do it.

It all started about three years ago one day when we were out shopping for her some new clothes to wear on our cruise. For some reason women think they need new clothes to go on vacation. All of us guys just through our same old stuff in a suitcase and get going.

Anyway, we were out shopping and she was trying on clothes and then would step out of the dressing room and ask me what I thought of this or that outfit.

She was in the dressing room changing again while I was looking through the racks at her request to see if something caught my eye. I was looking at the clothes when I noticed a guy standing stationary pretending to be looking at the clothes but in actuality, he was looking in the direction of my wife’s dressing room. I walked a little closer to him and behind him to get the same angle that he had.

There was a gap in the curtain and I could see my wife as she was changing clothes. She was at the time changing swimsuits and I could see her naked breasts intermittently as she slipped off one swim top and into another.

I then noticed he was rubbing his cock through his jeans as he looked at my wife. At first, I did not know whether to call security or just kick his ass.

Then strangely enough a bit of pride swelled over me at the fact that he thought my wife was so desirable that he was almost jacking off to her naked breasts.

I also began watching her and began to get a hard on. It was a combination of seeing my wife naked and watching this guy rubbing his cock fantasizing about her.

Sandy stepped out from her dressing room in a bikini and her voyeur watched as she stepped to the mirror. She looked fabulous in the suit. Her full breasts were swelling over the cups and her tight ass stretched the fabric to accentuate every curve.

She turned to look for me. I quickly stepped from behind him so he did not know I was watching him watch my wife.

Sandy motioned for me to come over to her.

I walked her direction.

“What do you think of this one?”

“You look great!”

“I look fat!”

“No, you look fabulous. In fact that suit has given me a hard on.”

“You are so funny.”

“Seriously, look.”

Sandy looked at my crotch and said, “You are such a naughty boy.”

“You also gave the guy over there a hard on too.”

She began to look.

“No don’t look.”

She turned back to me. “You are such a liar.”

“Be non-chalant and look at the rack of clothes over there.” I said slightly nodding in his direction.

She slowly and non-chalantly looked in his direction. When she did, he quickly looked down at the clothes.

“He was rubbing his cock. We could see you changing suits through a gap in the curtain.” I told her.

“You just watched as he looked at your naked wife?”

“Well at first I knew I was supposed to be mad but in a way it kind of turned me on.”

She could not hide the fact that it also turned her on. Her nipples were rock hard poking through the fabric of the bikini she was wearing. She had a shocked look on her face but I knew she was also turned on.

“Here, I found another suit for you to try on.”

She took it from me and looked at it.

“Are you serious?” She asked me with an incredulous look on her face.

I nodded my head in the affirmative.

She turned and headed to the dressing room.

Although I could not get the right angle on the room, I could tell that the curtain still had a gap in it and her voyeur had not moved.

He had one hand fanning through the clothes and the other I could not see. I knew he was rubbing his cock as he tried to casually watch my wife changing again.

Soon the curtain opened again and Sandy walked toward me.

“WOW!” I said.

Her face was red with embarrassment.

“I can’t believe I am wearing this in public.” She said as she stood in front of the mirror.

The top of the suit was just a thin strip of fabric that covered each hard nipple. The bottom was a thong that made her ass look super sexy. The front of the bottoms did very little to hide her pussy.

“That is the one.”

“I can’t take this on a cruise. There will be hundreds of people on the ship.”

“And none of them will we know or will ever see again.” I replied.

“It is soooo naughty.” She said as she looked at herself in the mirror.

“Yep.” I replied with a grin.

“Ok, if that is what you want.”


She turned to go back to the dressing room and again the curtain was agape as she changed.

We walked toward the cashier when she was done and walked right past her voyeur.

As we stepped out into the mall corrider she said, “I think we need to do a little more shopping. The mood of this vacation has kind of changed directions and I don’t think I have the clothes for a naughty vacation.”

Suddenly I was all about shopping.

We walked down the mall hand in hand and suddenly she pulled me into a shop known for its lingerie and outlandish clothes for women.

I had never been in a place with so much pink, red, leather and lace in my life.

She went for the table of panties and began looking through them. She had never really been into tiny g-string and thong panties before saying, “They are uncomfortable.”

She held up a pair of nearly sheer white g-string panties and grinned as she asked, “Do you like these?”

“Yes.” As my dick began to stiffen.

She held onto them. She then held up a pair of panties that were crotch less, “What about these?” She actually blushed.

“Love them!” I replied with my cock now in full swing straining against my jeans.

“Apparently you do.” She grinned nodding at my crotch.

I looked down and my hard cock was visible bulging in my jeans.

“Are you getting hard thinking about me in these or hard thinking about other men seeing my panties under my short skirts?” She whispered in my ear.

“The thought of both were racing through my mind.” I replied.

She kissed me on the cheek and tucked the crotch less panties in her hands.

“I need some party clothes too.” She said as she headed to a rack of clothing.

She was sifting through them as I tried to stand close to the rack so my hard cock was not completely noticeable.

She pulled a little black dress from the rack and held it up, “What about this one?”

It was very short and was only ties at the top. It was open to about the area just above her pussy.

“You would wear it?” I asked.

“If that is what you want. I thought you wanted to make this a naughty vacation since nobody would be around that we knew.”

“I like the dress. You would look fantastic in it. I am still in amazement that you might actually wear it.”

“The idea excites me. Knowing that guy was watching me and saw my naked tits excited me. Knowing it excited you excited me. My pussy is wet from thinking about all of it. So yes I will wear it if that is what you want.”

“Try it on.” I said.

She headed to the back of the store and into the dressing rooms. I patiently waited for her return.

I only had to wait a few minutes and she came back out.

“Fuck.” I mumbled but she heard me.

She grinned and stepped in front of the mirror.

Her full breasts were nearly exposed. The dress actually separated her tits so that her cleavage was spread apart. The material just covered her nipples and as I said, the opening was only ties all the way to just above her pussy. The dress was short to the point if she stooped or bent over at all her ass would be showing.

“Do you like it?” She asked looking at me in the mirror.

“Oh hell yes.”

“I look like a whore.”

“You look fantastic.”

She turned to look at my cock again as it was straining even more now.

I saw her glance over my shoulder. I turned to look and there were two guys in there probably with their wives. They were like the other guy looking but trying not to be too obvious.

“I think you have some more admirers.” I said to her turning back around.

“Isn’t that what you want? Guys to look at me?”

“Oh gawd can I come in the dressing room and fuck you right now?” I begged.


“You will have to save it until later.” She continued.

She then began walking around in the dress and the two guys were now having a hard time hiding their admiration. She walked right over to one and began looking through the rack of clothes where he was standing. He kept diverting his eyes to my wife’s tits and then quickly back to the rack of clothes.

Sandy pulled another couple of items off the rack and headed toward the dressing room.

I stood by anxiously waiting to see what she had on next. I could not believe she was actually doing this. She had always been on the demure and shy side when it came to her body and exposing much of it. She knows she has a great body but her upbringing has kept her from apparently what she has wanted to do. The little push I had given her and the fact we both got excited about the guy seeing her naked breasts, sparked something I hoped would continue. I was hoping it was not just an excitement of the moment and it would pass with a good fucking.

She walked around the corner of the dressing room and my jaw hit the floor.

She was wearing a bright red leather micro-mini dress and the shirt she had on was sheer with the exception of the pockets on it that obscured her nipples and areola. The fullness of her breasts was still evident through the fabric.

She saw the look on my face and grinned, “Well?” She asked as she spun around.

She stopped facing me and again glanced at the guys looking at her.

“Damn. You look fine!” I exclaimed. I then added still facing her, “I bet your audience likes it too.”

“I think their eyes came out of their heads when they saw me.”

I did not turn around I just stared at Sandy who looked wonderful and super sexy.

“A keeper?” She asked.

“Without a doubt.”

She then went back into the dressing room. I turned around then and the two guys quickly also turned to look the other direction. A guy does not want another guy know he is drooling over his wife.

One of the guy’s wives came over to him and asked, “You ready?”

“Ya.” And they left.

After seeing his wife, it is no wonder he was drooling over mine.

I heard an “umhuh” from behind me and turned to see Sandy’s next outfit.

This time she had on a pair of shorts that were verrrry short and a top that was unbuttoned and tied around her midriff. Her tits were once again nearly fully exposed and when she turned around the shorts were tightly wedged between her tight little ass and nearly a third of her ass cheeks was visible.

“Like this one?” She asked.

“Very much.”

“Are you just saying you like all of them because you do, or is it your dick talking?”

“My dick is speaking loudly to me but I actually really like all of them also.”

“Ok, I will get this one too.”

She left and headed to the dressing room.

When she returned she had on another outfit and said, “I liked this one so much I just decided to wear it.”

This one was slightly tamer but was very erotic. It was a black mini skirt with laces up each side to reveal her hips. She had on a black and red floral top that was made of silk. She was apparently sans brassiere as her tits were undulating as she walked.

We headed to the cashier and paid for her purchases.

As we walked into the mall again she said, “I am starving and then I need to buy some new shoes.”

“Ok, let’s eat at the restaurant by the entrance and then we will go look for some shoes.” I responded.

The outfit was having the desired affect as we walked down the mall to the restaurant guys were sneaking peeks at her. It is funny to watch guys with their wives trying to look without being caught. I felt like the big man on the block with Sandy on my arm.

We walked into the restaurant that was busy. The hostess took our name and put us on the waiting list. While we were waiting, we decided to hit the bar for a couple of margaritas. We got to the bar and suddenly Sandy realized that to get on the bar stool she was going to have to be very careful or show her ass to the entire building.

It is a good thing she is tall as she just slid onto the stool. I looked at her as her skirt was riding very high on her sexy legs.

“I have never really had to worry about carefully getting on a bar stool before.” She said with a sly grin.

“You did great and I don’t think your ass is showing. Did you see the guys watching you as we came in?”

“There was just one or two.”

“One or two hell. It was every guy in here.” I replied.

The bartender came over, smiled at Sandy, “What are we having today?”

“I think we both want a margarita on the rocks please.” She answered him.

“What kind of shoes are we looking for?” I asked

“I need something sexy to go with my new outfits. Sandals alone will not be enough. I want something with some spiked heels.”

Our drinks came and we downed them quickly.

The bartender asked, “Want another?”

“Yes please.” Sandy replied.

“I am still not used to you wearing such a short skirt and no bra in public.”

“I know me neither. I get a little self conscious with it but it sure is fun watching you squirm with a hard-on in your pants.”

“What panties do you have on?” I asked.

“Why don’t you find out?” She grinned at me as she said it.

I slowly put my hand on her thigh and then inched it up to where my pinky finger was against her crotch.

I let my pinky finger rub against her panties and then over to her pussy.

“Oh fuck.” I whispered softly and looked at her.

She was ginning from ear to ear.

She was wearing the crotch less panties. The silky lace material framing her pussy lips was unmistakable.

“I bet your cock is hard now isn’t it?” she demurely asked.

“It is as hard as your pussy is wet.” I responded.

The hostess walked up behind us and startled us.

“Your table is ready.” She said as she looked down at where my hand was.

“I think we will eat at the bar if that is ok?” I replied.

“No problem.” She responded.

“Why did you decide to eat here?” Sandy asked grinning.

“You know damn good and well why.”

She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “Does my baby have a hard cock wanting to fuck my wet pussy?”

“Stop! You’re making it worse.”

She laughed as the bartender handed us our menus.


We finished eating and Sandy carefully slipped off the stool. We headed back out to the mall under the watchful gaze of the guys in the restaurant.

Once back in the mall corridor we walked toward the shoe store. We walked hand in hand and I kept a watch on the guys looking at Sandy. I now noticed with a couple of margaritas in her she was strutting her stuff. She knew she was hot and she also knew the guys were watching her.

We arrived at the shoe store and she immediately went in the direction of the stiletto heels.

She pulled down a red one and asked, “What do you think of this one?”

Just then, a young man came over and asked, “Can I help you?”

Sandy replied, “I would like to try this one on in a size eight.”

He said, “Have a seat and I will be right back.”

We sat down on the chairs and he quickly came out of the backroom with a box.

He pulled up one of the little stools and said, “Put your foot here and I will put it on for you.”

Sandy looked nervous because she knew there was no way she was going to get her foot on the stool without showing this guy her pussy.

She tried to keep her legs together as she put her foot on the stool. My cock was raging hard as this young man put his hand on her ankle and slipped her other shoe off her foot. He was trying not to be obvious as he peered up at her legs. While holding her ankle he pulled a shoe from the box and slipped it on her foot.

He scooted the stool back and said, “Ok, give that one a try.”

Sandy was never going to get up from the chair without having at least to slightly spread her legs. The young man watched her intently as she began to stand up.

I watched Sandy’s legs and at the same time watched the young salesman. I knew exactly when he could see up her skirt because his eyes widened slightly. Sandy was also watching him.

She stood up and walked around on the one shoe.

“It is hard to tell with only one shoe on.” She stated.

“Come over her and we will put the other one on.” He said.

Sandy hobbled back to the chair and sat down again without success on keeping her legs together. I knew the young salesman was getting an eyeful of my wife’s pussy lips as they protruded from the hole in the crotch of them.

He wrapped his hand around her other ankle and slipped her shoe off. He then slipped the other on and scooted the stool back.

Sandy must have decided at this point that he had already seen what was under her short skirt so she just decided to stand up quicker.

She walked around in the shoes and she looked fabulous. High-heeled shoes just do something for a woman’s legs. It makes them look more muscular, longer, and just flat out sexy. They make a man want to pull the shoe off and begin licking at her toes and lick all the way up her legs until you reach her wet, hot pussy and make her scream with an orgasm.

My cock was ready to explode with these visions running through my mind. I was suddenly snapped out of my trance.

“Well, do you like these?”

“Very much so.”

“Ok, we will take these and I want to look for another pair. Do you also have something similar in black?” She asked.

“Yes I do. Wait here I think I know what your wanting.” He replied.

He stood up and went to the back room. This time he could not hide his hard cock standing at attention in his slacks.

“You are driving that poor k** crazy.”

“What do you mean?” Sandy replied with a sly grin.

“You know exactly what I mean. He is looking right up your skirt.”

She leaned over the chair I was sitting in with her hands on the arms. Her blouse fell open and I looked down her shirt to see her big tits hanging. Her nipples were rock hard.

“Is it turning you on?” She asked.

I looked up into her eyes and she reached to my lap and squeezed my hard cock.

“I guess it is.”

“I think this is the shoe you are wanting.” Our salesman said emerging from the back room.

Sandy stood back up and then sat back down in the chair next to me. She now knew this was terribly exciting to me. Her skirt was now higher than ever on her thighs.

The salesman scooted his stool closer to her and was looking right up her skirt as he did. He grabbed her calf this time lifting her leg to the stool and never took his eyes off her pussy.

He slipped the other shoe off and pulled a shoe from the box.

“Oh wow those are beautiful.”

“I thought you might like them.”

They were black suede with rhinestones on top of the open toed sandal. They had no back or straps and quickly slipped onto her foot. Our salesman then wrapped his hand around her other calf and lifted her leg to the stool again watching up her skirt.

When he was done, he scooted the stool back but continually watched Sandy’s crotch as she again stood up.

She was beginning to have fun now and knew that she was turning on both the salesman and me. She did not even attempt to keep her legs together this time and the wide-eyed young salesman’s eyes nearly bugged out as he caught the full view of my wife’s pussy in her crotchless panties.

Once she was up, she walked to the mirror as both of us watched her ass undulate with each step.

“Wow! I really like these. Honey what do you think?”

I swallowed hard and replied, “They make your legs look even more fantastic than they already do.”

“I’ll take these also. Is it alright if I wear them?” She asked the salesman.

“No problem.” He took her old shoes and put them in the box.

“Would you like to try on some other shoes?” He asked.

“I think this will be enough.”

The salesman stood up and his cock was still hard pressing against his slacks. I could not say anything because when I stood up so was mine.

Sandy turned and smiled, “From the looks of you two it had better be enough. I don’t think either of you can stand anymore shoe shopping.”

Our salesman turned beet red.

He took refuge behind the counter where he could hide his hard cock.

He rang up Sandy’s shoes and said, “I knocked fifteen percent off for you.”

Sandy replied, “Thank-you.”

He then added, “If there is ever anything I can do for you two please call me.”

He handed Sandy his card.

We left the store and I said, “I don’t think he meant shoes.”

Sandy was just smiling.

She then leaned into me and kissed me, “Let’s go home. I need to fuck you. I am so fucking horny!”

“Where is the door?” I replied.

When we got to the car, I opened the door for Sandy and when she got in, she did not attempt to keep her legs together. She flashed her pussy at me. I could see her puffy lips protruding through the hole in her panties.

I walked around and got in the car. Sandy already had her hand under her short skirt and was fingering her pussy.

“I just love these panties.” She said grinning at me.

I started the car and headed home.


I was driving as fast as I could to get home. Sandy was now dipping her fingers into her pussy moaning. The interior of the car smelled with the essence of her sex juices.

“OHHHHH FUCK I’m cummmmming!” She moaned as she writhed on the seat next to me.

My cock was ready to explode and she had not touched me.

“OHHHH fuck pull over I have to have your cock now.”

I immediately began looking for a spot to pull over. Sandy although always highly sexed, had never been like this and never wanted to fuck outside our home.

I then saw the sign, “Rest Area One Mile.”

I sped up the car and arrived at the exit ramp. Sandy was taking her short skirt off as I found an out of the way place to park.

I threw the car in park and Sandy crawled across the console.

“I have got to try out these new panties.”

I pulled the lever to lay the seat back as she got in position above me. I unfastened my pants and pulled my hard cock out. I grabbed the base of my cock and guided it to her pussy as she lowered herself onto my lap.

She sat fully onto my cock as I easily slid inside her wet pussy.

“OHHHH FUCK!” I groaned as she pulled back up and then slammed back down onto my cock.

She pulled her blouse open and moaned, “Suck on my nipples.”

I gladly buried my face in her tits as she sat and rotated her hips on my aching cock. The feeling of my cock buried deep in her wet, velvety pussy would make this session end far too quickly.

“OHHHHH FUCK” she groaned.

A car drove by slowly and I watched out of the corner of my eye. There was one guy in the car. He backed up slightly, I am sure not believing what he was seeing. Sandy’s tits were in full view and undulating to the massage her pussy was giving my cock.

“I think we have company.” I said.

“OHHHHHH MY GAWD I’m CUMMMMMMING!” She nearly screamed.

I felt the warm release of her juices as they flowed over my cock. At this point I did not care who was watching as my cum was racing up the shaft of my cock and exploded into my wife’s pussy with a violent force that had me seeing stars.

Load after load shot from my cock as Sandy’s pussy milked every drop from deep in my balls.

After I had come down from my orgasm, Sandy and I stayed connected catching our breath. I turned to see if our voyeur was still watching, and he was.

Sandy then pulled her blouse open further, faced toward the man, and shook her big tits at him.


“What? He has been taking pictures with his cell phone I just thought he should get one really good one.” She said with an evil grin.

He pulled away after getting his final shot. Sandy then began untangling herself from my lap. When she did, she left a trail of cum across my lap and the console of the car.

“I guess these panties are great for easy access but not much good as cum catchers.” She laughed.

I laughed as I zipped up my pants and started the car.

As we were driving home Sandy asked, “Did it bother you that guy was watching us?”

“No. I think it was exciting.” What about you?”

She replied looking straight at me, “I don’t think I have ever had such an intense orgasm in my life. As soon as I realized he was stopping and watching I exploded.”

“What has gotten into us?” She asked.

“I don’t know but I think it might be the start of something really fun.”

“Wow. I am getting horny again just thinking about it. Hurry and get home.”

I sped up the car!

It was morning and the sun was shining bright. I rolled over and Sandy was not in bed.

She walked through the door about then and said, “You better get up and hurry or we will miss our plane.”

Today was the start of our vacation and we had to catch a flight to get to Tampa to catch our cruise. We were both looking forward to a week in the Caribbean with the sun and the sand.

Sandy was naked.

“How about coming back to bed for a quickie?”

“There will be plenty of time for that this week and with the clothes I have packed you better take some baggy shorts and pants because I think you are going to be hard most of the vacation. Now get up and get ready!”

I crawled out of bed as Sandy disappeared back down the hall. I went to the bathroom and turned on the shower.

As I was showering, I saw Sandy step into the bathroom and stand in front of the mirror.

“How early did you get up?” I asked.

“I was up about six.”

“Why so early? The plane does not leave until eleven thirty.”

“I had to get ready and pack. You know it takes us girls a little longer to pack and get ready than you guys take.”

She then slid open the shower door and I turned to look at her.

“I had to shave so I could be nice and smooth for you and for anybody who might be looking.”

“WOW! I like it! I can’t believe I missed that when you were in the doorway.”

Sandy had always kept herself trimmed and at times had just a little strip of pubic hair but now she was as clean as a newborn baby.

“Why don’t you come in here and let me get close and personal with your smooth little pussy?”

She closed the door and said, “Get ready! The plane leaves in three hours. We need to leave in about one hour.”

I finished showering, dried off and stepped into our bedroom. Sandy was putting the final additions to her hair and make-up. I stepped into my closet and put together the clothes I needed for our vacation and put them in a bag.

I stepped out and found Sandy in her closet. She was sliding a yellow sundress over her head. She was not wearing a bra or panties at this time. As it slid down her body and fell into place, she looked over at me and smiled. She then slipped on a pair of sandals and said, “Well, are you ready to go?”

“I am are you?”

“All I need is for you to carry my bag to the car.” She said with a puppy dog look on her beautiful face.

“No underwear?” I asked.

“Nope, and there is not a stitch of underwear in my bag with the exception of the ones we bought. I had to bring your favorite pair.” Grinning as she said it.

I knew exactly which pair she was talking about too.

“Quit standing there grinning like a Cheshire Cat and let’s go or we will miss our plane.”

I grabbed our bags, headed to the garage, and put the bags into the car.

Sandy pulled the door shut and I opened the car door for her. She sat down on the seat as her short sundress slipped up her smooth, sexy legs and then I saw her pussy peeking from between her legs.

I guess I was grinning when she said, “You’re doing it again! Get in the car.”

I closed the door and went around to drive us to the airport.

We were standing in line at the airport terminal to check our baggage and the discreet glances from the other men in the line had already begun.

Sandy leaned back against me as we stood in line and my cock jumped and began to get hard just knowing that naked ass was just beneath her silky dress.

We went through the security station and I knew Sandy would not have a problem getting through with nothing on but her dress.

We then boarded our flight and we had decided to splurge on first class seats.

The flight attendant walked by and Sandy asked, “Can we get a couple of blankets?”

“I’m not cold. Are you?” I asked her.

“No.” She replied.

I did not ask why the blankets. The attendant brought the blankets and Sandy tucked them between us.

We finally got off the ground and headed to Tampa. Once we leveled off Sandy took one of the blankets and covered herself with it.

“Are you cold?” I asked again.

“A little chilly. You know I don’t have much on.”

She grabbed my hand and pulled it under the blanket holding it. I began watching the in flight movie.

I guess I did not get the hint with my hand being under the blanket as she moved my hand between her legs.

As my fingers touched her naked, smooth pussy, my cock jumped and again began to stiffen.

Sandy noticed my predicament and leaned toward me, “Now you know why I asked for the blankets.” As she glanced at the growing bulge in my pants.

She reached for the other blanket and covered my lap with it.

I let my finger trace along the lips of her pussy and could already feel the moisture seeping from her. I let my finger dip inside her to wet it and then ran it up to her hard clit and traced slow, easy circles around it.

She closed her eyes and laid her head back against the seat. She had her hand down on my arm so it appeared we were simply holding hands as I slowly massaged her clit.

The attendant came by and asked me if we would like anything to drink. I ordered a beer and Sandy opened her eyes and asked for a vodka tonic. The attendant went to the seats next to us and Sandy again leaned back and closed her eyes.

Her pussy was now not just wet but juicy. My fingers were now covered with her juices as she adjusted her position in her seat. She scooted down a little further and slightly spread her legs further apart.

My fingers were swirling in her juices and now an audible slurping sound could be heard. I was beginning to worry about someone knowing what we were doing.

Sandy’s body stiffened and she bit her lower lip. I knew she was experiencing an orgasm and was struggling to mute her moans.

She reached under my blanket that was hiding my hard-on and I felt her hand as it lay against my hard cock. She opened her eyes to look around. The attendant was not around and the couple in the seats next to us was both asleep. Her hand found my zipper. She slowly pulled it down and then reached inside my pants.

She leaned to me, “It seems I’m not the only one who decided to leave the underwear at home.”

I was glad I had decided to wear slacks instead of jeans. Her hand slipped inside my pants and found my hard cock.

She was not going to be able to stroke it so she wrapped her hand around the head of my cock and massaged it. Her thumb was leisurely massaging the tender underside of my cock.

The attendant brought our drinks and did a double take at her hand under my blanket and my hand under hers.

“Are you two enjoying your flight?” She asked with a grin.

“Yes, very much so.” Sandy replied.

Sandy resumed massaging the head of my cock while I kept two fingers buried inside her sopping wet pussy.

“Do you think she knew what was going on?” I asked Sandy.

“I’m sure she had a pretty good idea from the grin on her face.”

“You know if you keep that up there will soon be a mess we won’t be able to hide when we land.” I whispered to Sandy.

“I’m not stopping.”

She then pulled her hand out of my pants, grabbed her cloth napkin, and slid it under the blanket. She worked it inside my pants and wrapped my cock in it. She left enough opening that her fingers could continue to rub the underside of my hard cock.

It was like sweet torture. My orgasm was building but very slowly. Not like the stroking and the quick release method.

My cock was so engorged with blood that I thought it might explode and was almost painful.

I then felt the cum slowly rising up the shaft of my cock.

I leaned to Sandy, “My gawd I’m going to cum.”

She wrapped my cock in the napkin and then began a soft stroking motion.

Just as the first load shot into the napkin, the attendant stopped again.

I was pushing hard against the seat and biting my lower lip now.

“Is there anything you guys need?” The attendant asked.

“Yes, can we get another drink?” Sandy replied while stroking my cock.

The attendant looked at me and asked, “Are you ok sir?”

“Yep.” I quickly responded as I continued to shoot my cum into the napkin.

She turned to leave and I looked at Sandy who was now almost ready to explode with laughter.

I finished shooting my load and Sandy slowly wiped my cock and pulled the napkin out of my pants.

She wadded it up and stuffed it deep into the seat back pocket in front of her.

“That will be a little surprise for whoever finds it,” She said grinning.

I pulled my fingers from her pussy as the attendant returned with our drinks.

The attendant grinned at us again. I was not sure if she knew what was going on or just got the distinctive scent of sex.

Sandy raised her glass and said, “Here is to a fantastic vacation.”

Our glasses clinked together and I replied, “If it continues on the path it has started on then it is going to be one hell of a wonderful vacation.”

“It has only just begun.” Sandy replied with a devilish grin.

We finally arrived at the ship and got to our room. We had again splurged and upgraded to a stateroom. This cruise was an adult’s only trip. We did not want to have k**s running all over the place disrupting our vacation.

Sandy was ready to begin exploring the ship and see what it had to offer.

She kept her little sundress on as we went topside to watch the departure from port. We stepped out onto the deck and the wind was blowing. Sandy was in front of me and the wind caught her short dress and immediately whipped it up. Her ass was easily visible to me and to anyone else who happened to be looking. Anyone in front of her would have had a clear view of her pussy.

What surprised me is she did not even attempt to pull it down. I watched as she stood at the rail and looked over the side. The wind was playing peek-a- boo with her ass. I walked up beside her with my cock hard as a rock.

I glanced around and the fact that her skirt was flying in the breeze and she had no underwear on had not escaped the attention of at least to guys who were standing somewhat behind us and to the side.

One of them saw me looking around and quickly diverted his gaze from Sandy’s ass. Little did he know that him watching her, just made my cock strain harder.

I glanced over at Sandy as she was smiling and noticed that the wind was also flirting with the top of her low cut dress. The wind was causing her top to flap in the wind completely revealing to me her entire breast.

“The wind blowing against my nearly naked body is so erotic.” She calmly said still looking over the edge.

“It is equally erotic for me to watch. As it is for the two guys behind us watching.” I replied.

She grinned, “That is what you want isn’t it?”

She now knew how much it turned me on and was enjoying watching me walk around with a hard on all the time.

As I watched the ship gliding away from the pier, I reflected on how things had changed in just the last few days. Just a week ago, Sandy never showed her body in public. The thought of it had always turned me on but I was always too afraid to say anything. I was afraid that she would think I was some kind of a pervert or something. I was also wondering if this about face on her part was not always something she had always fantasized about and maybe the “accidental exhibitionism” in the mall dressing room might not have been so accidental.

Either way it had changed our lives probably forever and definitely for the best. Our sex life had not been this good since we first met. The fire in our relationship was back and I was not going to question how or why.

I glanced around again to see if our voyeurs were still there. Not only were they there but two more had taken notice and was behind us. When they saw me look around, they all diverted their stares and the grins on their faces disappeared. I assume they thought I might be mad if they were watching my wife’s ass.

“Let’s go look around the rest of the ship,” Sandy said.

When she turned around, she dropped her sunglasses. She was facing her voyeurs now as she bent over to pick them up. I knew from the looks on their faces that they were looking at her full breasts hanging inside her dress.

She stood back up and nonchalantly said, “Ok, now we can go.”

As we walked away I asked, “Dropping the sunglasses was not an accident was it?”


She was smiling as we walked along the deck and guys turned to see her coming. I did not turn around but knew they were also watching us walk away. The wind was still blowing and I knew her little dress was still playing peek-a-boo with her ass and pussy.

We walked up a deck and found the swimming pool. Next to the swimming pool was a flight of stairs that had a sign at the bottom of them.

“Clothing Optional Sun Deck”

Sandy headed for the stairs and I was right behind her. As she walked up the stairs, the breeze continued to lift her dress. I watched her sweet ass as she took each step. There were also glimpses of her pussy as she ascended the stairs. My cock was hard!

When we got to the top of the stairs and onto the deck, we stopped to look around. There soaking up the rays already were nearly a dozen people. There were eight women and four men. All of them were completely naked relaxing on loungers.

“Don’t let your eyeballs pop out of your head.” Sandy said.

“I don’t know what you are talking about. After all there are a couple of guys up here too.”

“I think I need some sun.” She said as she grabbed a towel.

She headed for an empty lounger. When she got to the lounger, she reached for the hem of her dress and pulled it in one smooth motion over her head.

She spread the towel out on the lounger and then sat down on it and then laid back and closed her eyes.

I just stood there looking at my naked wife. I had never seen her naked in such a public place. I looked down her body from her heavy breasts laying out to her sides and her smooth flat stomach. Her smooth pussy was gleaming in the sunlight.

“Aren’t you going to get some sun too?” She squinted her eyes at me and asked.

“Ya, sure.” I replied as I reached for the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head.

I laid down on a lounger next to her.

“Just your shirt? Loosen up. We are on vacation.”

“I don’t think I should take my pants off right now.”

“Honey, look at that guy over there.” She motioned toward a guy stretched out on a lounger. His cock was hard.

“Ya but,”

“Ya but nothing. Take your pants off. If you do I promise a very special reward when we get to the room.”

“Very special?” I asked.

“Verrrrry special.”

I could not pass that up. I stood up and unfastened my belt and my pants. I quickly pulled them down as my hard cock bounced into the sunlight and salt air. I quickly laid down on the lounger. Face down.

“Chicken.” Sandy chided at me.

“I’ll roll over in a little bit.”

A little bit was a little longer than I had expected, as my hard on would not subside.

We laid there for about ten minutes and my cock finally deflated to the point I thought I could roll over.

I slowly rolled over onto my back. I glanced over at Sandy who was watching me. She grinned and closed her eyes again.

I began to look around at the people on the deck. One of the women there should not have been there. She was a large woman. I then looked at a blonde that was there. Holy cow! My mind rambled. She was absolutely gorgeous with large firm tits and also had a shaven pussy. There was a guy next to her who had a large cock. It was soft and must have been seven inches long as it lay against his thigh. I was sure this had not escaped the very perceptive eye of my Sandy.

Sandy began to move and was turning over. She rolled over and her towel was bunched up under her so she got on all fours and began spreading the towel out under her. I realized that she was pointing her pussy and ass right at the guy with the big cock. I looked across the deck at him and he was watching her.

“Sandy, what are you doing?”

“Straightening out my towel.”

“You are very exposed right now.”

“I thought that is what you wanted?” She looked over at me, still on all fours with her large tits hanging temptingly beneath her.

She then laid flat down on her stomach.

I looked back across at the guy and his cock had chubbed up a bit and was now lying against his stomach.

I then noticed my cock had also inflated and was now hard lying against my stomach.

Sandy looked over at me and said, “You have got to decide if you want me to do this or not. I thought this is what you wanted.”

She then glanced at my hard cock, “I will take it from the state of your cock that you want me to continue.”

“You are such a little cock tease.” I replied.

She grinned and rolled her face the other direction.

The guy across from us said something to the blonde with him. She then began to roll over. She pulled the same towel-straightening stunt that Sandy had just done. Her smooth pussy and tight little puckered ass was pointing at me. Her pussy lips were tight and looked like a peach. Her tight puckered anus was a pretty pink. She then laid down on her stomach.

I looked at the guy and he was grinning at me. His cock was rock hard and enormous. My cock was also now rock hard and the head was lying against my belly button.

I guess he thought it was tit for tat. He saw Sandy’s goods so he had his girl show hers to me.

We laid there for about thirty more minutes when Sandy rolled over and sat on the edge of her lounger. I looked at her as she sat there with her legs spread open and her pussy pointed in my direction.

“I think I’m ready to go to the room.” She said.

“OK.” I replied anxious to get to the room to see what special reward she had in mind.

Sandy stood up and reached for her dress.

I reached for my pants and stood up with my cock sticking straight out.

Sandy pulled her dress over her head and I watched as her luscious body disappeared behind the clothing.

I pulled my pants up and tucked my cock into them.

Sandy grabbed my hand and we headed for the stairs.

The wind was still blowing her skirt around and she did nothing to cover up what was being exposed. As we walked down the stairs guys around the pool were trying to sneak peeks at Sandy and not let their wives know they were looking. A few of them got caught and got the dirtiest looks from their wives.

We turned the corner at the bottom of the stairs and went inside the ship. Just inside the door was an elevator we took down to our floor. While we were riding down Sandy pulled the top of her dress open to expose her tits. I leaned over and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth. It was salty tasting due to the dried sweat on it from lying in the sun. Her nipple immediately hardened in my mouth. I sucked hard on it causing her to flinch.

The elevator slowed and the chime rang. Sandy pulled my head off her tit and immediately covered her tits. Two guys got on the elevator and both of them were admiring Sandy. I looked over at her and knew why. Her nipples were rock hard and clearly visible pushing against the thin fabric of her dress.

The elevator arrived at out floor and we got off. Just as the doors shut, we heard through them, “Damn did you see those nips?”

I looked at Sandy and she began laughing.

I opened the door to our room and we went in. Sandy immediately pulled her dress off her body and said, “I’m taking a shower. You want to join me?”

“No need to ask twice.”

Sandy had always wanted to shower alone. We had showered together a few times when we were first together but not for years.

I stripped off my clothes and joined her in the shower. She was standing under the running water and I watched as the water ran across her naked body.

She stepped from the water and opened her eyes grinning at me.

She handed me the soap, “Do you mind helping a girl out?”

“Oh hell no!” I replied as I stepped to her, soap in hand.

I soaped her with a rich lather and ran my hands all over her superlative body.

I got to her pussy and let my fingers slid along her pussy when she turned to me and asked, “Ready for your reward?”


“My pussy needs a little touchup. Would you mind taking care of that for me?” She asked with a razor in her hand.

I just kissed her.

She sat down on the bench and spread her legs. Sandy has tight little pussy lips and it is merely a slit. That is until she spreads her legs and then her soft pink lips open up and her little clit pops out for easy manipulation.

I just stood there with my hard cock looking at her sexy wet body. I then sat on the shower floor between her legs. Before soaping her up again, I leaned forward, sucked her hard little clit into my mouth, and let my tongue flick across it a few times.

She moaned as I pulled away and applied soap to her vulva.

I held the razor steady as I began to shave away the small stubble that had appeared since she had done this herself earlier the same day.

I had to place my hands on her pussy to stretch it taut so that I did not cut any precious parts. My cock was straining and nearly in pain from the pressure.

When I had finished I rinsed her pussy off and admired my handiwork. I then leaned forward again and let my tongue give it the final test by licking all around her pussy. I sucked her lips into my mouth, tasting her sweet juices.

She then grabbed my head and pulled me away.

“Stand up.”

I stood up and where she was seated was perfect. My hard throbbing cock was pointing directly at her mouth. She leaned forward as I watched her lips part and the head of my cock disappear into her mouth.

I watched as her lips stretched around the shaft of my cock and her cheeks hollowed as she sucked on my cock. I could feel her tongue swirling against the head of my cock. I admired how sexy and beautiful she was while she sucked me.

She had one hand wrapped around the shaft of my cock while her other hand was cradling my balls.

The hand on my balls moved between my legs. Her finger was massaging my anus. She then let her finger find that spot between my ass and my balls. She applied pressure and began massaging.

My cock jumped at the sensation of the massage.

“OH Fuck I’m cummmming!” I moaned.

I always let Sandy know when I was ready to explode because she always pulled off and stroked me through my orgasm.

“I’m Cummmming!” I moaned louder.

My mind raced, “fuck she is not pulling off.”

“OHHHH FUCK!” I nearly screamed as the first shot of my cum exploded in her mouth.

She backed off a bit as the second and third shots splashed inside her mouth. She was swallowing my cum as fast as I was shooting it into her mouth.

When I had finished she pulled my cock out of her mouth and looked at me.

“How was that for a reward?” She asked grinning.

I leaned over and kissed her.

We rinsed off and got out of the shower.

I went into our cabin and got out the clothes I was going to wear tonight to dinner.

I got dressed and went back into the bathroom where Sandy was naked at the vanity, freshening her makeup and fixing her hair. I kissed her on the neck.

I then went to the balcony of our stateroom and sat to watch the sea as Sandy finished getting ready. About thirty minutes passed when she walked through the door to the balcony.

I turned to look at her.

“WOW! You look fantastic!”

She did a pirouette and asked, “Do you really like it?”

“Like it? I love it and I’m sure the guys at dinner tonight will also love it.”

She was wearing an outfit I had not seen. It was very tight fitting black tube dress. It clung to the top of her tits and hugged every curve of her body. It clung to her hips and was verrrry short. Her long tanned legs extended below the dress to a pair of sexy strapless stiletto heels that did nothing more than to make her legs look even sexier!

I stood up, grabbed the top of her dress, and pulled it down until her tits popped into view. I then leaned down and sucked each nipple into my mouth until they were rock hard.

I then pulled it back over her tits and stood back.

As I looked at her hard nipples protruding from the fabric I said, “There, now the outfit is complete.”

Sandy grinned, “You are so ornery!”

“Let’s go eat. I’m starved and can’t wait to show you off on my arm!”

We headed to the door and as we walked down the hall, I did not have to wait long before we met two guys walking down the hall and both of them did the look but not look glance at Sandy.

We arrived at the restaurant and were immediately seated.

I watched as guys all over the room were sneaking glances at Sandy. They were all sneaking them as they had their plain wives or girlfriends with them and I knew they were jealous of me. I loved it!

We just had our drinks when the maitre d’ asked if it was ok if the couple at the door could join us.

We both looked over at the door and it was the couple from the nude sundeck earlier in the day.

Sandy looked at me and shrugged and I told the maitre d’ “Sure that is fine.”

He returned with the couple and I stood up to meet them.

He held out his hand and I took it as he said, “Hello, I’m Rob and this is my wife Carol.”

“I’m Stan and this is my wife Sandy.” I replied.

He then shook Sandy’s hand while I shook Carol’s hand.

Carol was dressed nearly as sexy as Sandy was. She was wearing a blouse that was so sheer that it was possible to make out her areola. It was unbuttoned past her tits and her full round breasts were swelling out of the opening and showed a large amount of cleavage.

Rob then said, “I hope you do not mind if we sit here. We came in the door and saw you two and recognized you from earlier today on the sundeck. We thought we might actually have something in common with you guys.”

“No problem at all. We like meeting new and interesting people.” Sandy replied.

Rob and Carol ordered their drinks and we discussed where we were from and what we did for a living. Rob was a CEO of a company in New York and it was apparent that Carol was the trophy wife of a wealthy and powerful man.

When the waiter came with their drinks, he took our orders and we continued discussing our lives.

We carried on casual dinner conversation and continued to drink during and after dinner.

The girls were beginning to get giddy and I knew at least that Sandy was becoming inebriated. Her dress had slid slightly down her tits until it just did cover her areola and her nipples were hard.

Carol was laughing and leaning forward when she did. As she leaned, her blouse would fall open and I could fully see her tits.

It apparently had not escaped Sandy’s attention either as suddenly I felt her hand on my crotch. My cock was rock hard. She squeezed it and pulled her hand away.

I had been caught with a hard on while looking at the tits of another woman.

Sandy did not hesitate as she then turned her chair toward Rob. She kept crossing and uncrossing her legs and each time I could see Rob intently watching her as she did. I forgot to check whether Sandy had put on sexy crotch less panties or if she was sans panties. She only brought the one pair so I knew either way Rob was getting a show of my wife’s pussy.

The conversation as usual when drinks are involved turned sexy. The sundeck came up and compliments went around the table on the women.

Rob then got a serious look on his face, “Stan and Sandy, I do not want to ruin a good thing here but I think I can ask this now. If it offends you or I am wrong in my assumption then just say so and we will forget it. Carol and I are not swingers or like swapping partners. However, we do like watching and being watched. The vibe I am getting from you two is that you like the same. Carol and I like having sex in the same room with another attractive couple where we can watch them and they can watch us. We never swap just have sexy fun with our own partners. We were wondering if you would be interested in coming to our room and having some fun?”

I sat there stunned just looking at him with a did I hear what I just heard look on my face. I then turned to look at Sandy and she was looking at him with the same look.

She then turned to look at me and we looked at each other for a moment as if we did not know what to say. There was an awkward silence as Rob and Carol looked at us waiting for a response.

Sandy then turned to Rob, “There is no swapping?”

“None.” He replied.

She then turned to me and kind of tilted her head in what I had learned was a whatever you want to do shrug.

I looked at Rob and Carol, “We have never done anything like that. We have really just got into this new lifestyle of letting Sandy dress sexily and having fun with people looking at her. We have found it to be very exciting.”

Carol then replied, “If you like that then you really need to try what we like to do. It is such a turn on.”

Sandy then looked at me again then back to them and said, “Ok, it sounds like it might be fun and I am just drunk enough to try anything once.”

We all laughed. Sandy and I more nervously than Rob and Carol.

Rob said, “I’ll get the tip and we will go.”

He laid a twenty on the table and stood up. Carol stood up and Sandy and I followed suit.

Sandy and I followed them to the door of the restaurant.

Sandy was squeezing my hand and I was shaking slightly at the thought of what we were doing.

We got on the elevator without a word being spoke and headed to their room.

Sandy and I followed Rob and Carol down the hallway to their room still hand in hand. I am not sure if I was squeezing her hand or vice versa but my hand was getting sweaty form holding onto her so tightly.

Rob stopped at their door and opened it. He held the door open as Carol, Sandy and I walked in.

Their room was beautiful. It was a large suite with a very comfortable sitting area with an LCD TV and a large balcony with chaise loungers on it.

“Very nice room” Sandy commented.

“We always splurge on a room because we only get one vacation a year so we take advantage of it and indulge ourselves.” Carol responded.

Through an open door was the bedroom and there were two queen sized beds.

Rob saw me looking in the direction of the bedroom and said, “We also always get double beds just in case we are fortunate enough to find a couple like you two who have interests similar to ours.”

“What would you guys like to drink?” Rob asked.

“I would like a vodka tonic” Sandy quickly replied.

“I’ll take a bourbon and coke please.” I answered.

Rob got the drinks and we all sat down in the sitting area. Rob and Carol sat on the couch and Sandy and I sat on the loveseat.

There was a moment of silence and Carol broke it, “Guys don’t be nervous. Rob and I know this is your first time for something like this. If when things get started and it is just something you do not want to do then leave. There will be no hard feelings at all.”

“That’s right. We understand it is not for everyone, but please rest assured that there will not all of a sudden be a strange cock or breast in your face. Carol and I just do not do that. We love each other and do not want to share.”

“How did you guys get into this?” Sandy asked.

Carol answered, “Rob and I always like watching porn movies. We would really get off watching them on the screen having sex. One night we were out partying with a couple who we have known for years and we all went to their house after clubbing. We had a few more drinks and the conversation as usual turned to sex. Before we knew it they were making out on the couch.”

Rob had now moved his hand inside Carol’s blouse rubbing her nipple as she told the story.

Carol continued, “They started out kissing and I guess the alcohol took over and soon he was pulling open her blouse and was kissing and sucking on her nipples.

Rob switched nipples and left Carol’s blouse open revealing her tit. Her nipple was rock hard. Carol also now had her hand in Rob’s crotch rubbing his cock through his slacks.

“Rob and I just sat and watched as she suddenly turned, got on her knees between his legs and pulled his cock out and began sucking his cock. Rob and I were shocked. I mean we had known them for years and never had anything like this happened before.”

Rob’s cock was now rock hard as Carol unfastened his slacks, unzipped his fly and pulled his big cock out to stroke it.

She did not miss a word as she did this, “I will admit that although being shocked I was immediately turned on watching her suck his cock. They were so involved with each other that I reached for Rob’s cock and could feel he was hard. I then knew it excited him as much as it did me.”

Rob pulled his hand off her tits and slid off the couch. He crawled between Carol’s legs and spread them. He leaned in and began sucking and licking her pussy.

Carol looked down at Rob, “As you can see he gets excited as I do each time we tell the story. Anyway, she sucked on his cock for a minute or two and then stood up. She hiked her skirt up and pulled her panties off. She turned to face us and backed up to her husband. She reached for his cock and guided it to her pussy. She sat fully,….”mmmmmmmm,” she moaned as Rob licked her pussy…. “On his cock and we watched it disappear inside her. It was like watching a real life porn movie.”

Sandy’s hand suddenly was on my cock stroking it through my slacks. I was rock hard before she touched me listening to this story and watching Rob pleasure Carol. I reached over to fondle Sandy’s tits, not a surprise her nipples were hard, and her areola was puckered from excitement.

Carol continued, “She was fucking him right in front of us and she was watching us as she did so. She leaned back against him and he grabbed her tits and was pinching and squeezing her nipples. Well by this time my nipples were aching to be sucked and pinched.”

Carol grabbed the back of Rob’s head and said, “Mmmmmm baby that is good.”

I sat there rubbing Sandy’s hard nipples and then reached inside her blouse to massage her tits. When I did this Sandy deftly unfastened my pants and pulled my cock out to stroke it.

Sandy looked back up at us and grinned, “Sorry I got distracted. So, I continued to rub Rob’s cock, he in turn put his hand on my panties, and they were soaked. We sat there watching our friends fuck while we rubbed each other through our clothes. Well, she then stood up off his cock and pulled her skirt off. She moved to the couch and got on all fours while he got behind her and started to fuck her from behind.

“OOOOOH FUCK YESSSSSSSSS!” Carol suddenly moaned as her body convulsed with an orgasm.

Carol came back to us and Rob stayed between her legs, “Well at that point it was over. I was so fucking horny I had to have Rob. I pulled his cock out and he slid his finger inside my pussy as we watched them fuck. Rob and I sat there….

“OHHHH FUCK!” she moaned…..

“Masturbating each other and then he pulled out of her and shot his cum all over her ass.

“OOOOHHH GAWD” Carol again moaned with another orgasm.

She regained her composure and continued, “As soon as I saw him cum on her I stood up and pulled my panties off and straddled Rob’s cock and fucked him like she did. I watched them as they watched us fucking. I had never been so turned on in my life.

Rob got off the floor and pulled his pants down and off. He took his socks off and then his shirt. He sat on the couch as Carol peeled her skirt off and turned to sit on his cock. Sandy and I both watched as Rob’s big cock slipped between Carol’s pussy lips and slid deep inside her. The look of complete desire on her face was nearly enough to make me cum especially the way Sandy was now stroking my cock.

I glanced over at Sandy. She had one hand stroking my cock and her other hand was fingering her pussy. I put my hand on hers and she took hers away as I let my fingers slip inside her wet pussy. It appeared that our story was unraveling much like Carol and Rob’s did.

Carol pulled off Rob’s cock and turned to take his hand. She turned to look at us and said, “Why don’t we take this to the bedroom where we can all be more comfortable.”

We got up and followed them to the bedroom. Carol pushed Rob onto the bed on his back. He scooted to the middle of it as Carol climbed on and straddled him. She again let his cock slid fully into her pussy.

I reached for the straps on Sandy’s dress and pulled them off her shoulders. I then pulled her dress off her body and let it pool on the floor at her feet. I was standing behind her and looked over her to Rob who was lying on the bed watching. He was eying my wife’s naked body as my hard cock still poking through my open slacks was poking Sandy in the small of her back. I looked at Carol as her big tits were undulating up and down with each stroke on Rob’s cock.

Sandy turned to me and began to unbutton my shirt. She pulled it off my shoulders and then pulled my pants down. I kicked off my shoes and stepped from my pants. I removed my socks and Sandy turned me slightly so she could still see Rob and Carol. She then dropped to her knees and sucked my cock into her mouth.

I looked over and now Rob and Carol, still fucking were both watching Sandy suck my dick. I could tell it was turning them on as they watched. Carol was riding up and down harder and faster on Rob’s cock as she pinched her own hard nipples. Watching them fuck was truly a turn-on and the fact that Sandy was sucking my aching cock was like being in heaven.

Rob moaned and grabbed Carol by the hips. Sandy stopped sucking my cock so she could watch the orgasms. Rob arched his back and pushed deep into Carol as he held her firmly on his spewing cock. Carol was fingering her own clit and she too had her head thrown back and was cumming on Rob’s cock.

Sandy on her knees with my hard cock in her hand was watching as our new friends came down from their orgasms.

It was now our turn to put on a show. I grabbed Sandy, stood her up, and then laid her on the bed. She scooted to the middle of the bed as I straddled her body. I put my head at her pussy and my cock at her mouth. I knew Rob and Carol would really enjoy some old-fashioned sixty-nine action.

I dove into Sandy’s smooth freshly shaven pussy and immediately sucked her already hard clit between my lips and let my tongue flick across it. Sandy moaned before taking my cock into her mouth. Neither Sandy nor I could tell in this position but we both knew Rob and Carol were on the bed adjacent to us watching us pleasure one another.

Sandy’s pussy was literally gushing with her juices and I rubbed them all over my face. I wanted her essence to be on my face and my tongue. I had never wanted to so completely engulf myself in her pussy. Watching Rob and Carol had made me so fucking horny my cock ached for release. I also wanted to make sure they got as good a show as we had.

Sandy was sucking for all she was worth and I knew we had to change positions or I was going to shoot my load before actually getting to fuck my beautiful wife. I wanted Rob and Carol to have the benefit of seeing my cock split open and fuck Sandy’s pussy.

I crawled off my wife and looked at Rob and Carol. They were lying on the bed spooning with Carol in front of Rob. Rob had his hand on Carol’s pussy fingering her and Carol had a hand behind her no doubt stroking Rob’s cock.

I knew what a great show it would be to have Sandy’s big tits hanging beneath her swaying back and forth with each of my thrusts so I pulled her up and grabbed her hips to turn her. She knew where I wanted her to go and she got on all fours as I positioned myself behind her. Rob and Carol were not missing a moment as the watched us get into position.

I grabbed the base of my cock and guided to my wife’s wet and ready pussy. I felt my cock head touch her and a shock wave pulsed through my body. It was as if I was getting ready to fuck her for the first time.

I leaned forward and felt my cock enveloped with the moist, silky warmth of her pussy. Her pussy in turn tightened around my shaft. I sank fully into her and we both moaned in unison as my groin touched her soft, round ass.

I withdrew slowly so that our audience could see my cock covered in Sandy’s juices. I then plunged fully into her again. I knew when I plunged in, her big swinging tits were giving the desired show.

I then grabbed Sandy’s voluptuous ass cheeks and began stroking in and out of her. Sandy laid her head down on the pillow and pointed her ass even further in the air. I could feel my cock head as it slid along the walls inside her vagina.

Carol moaned which drew my attention to them. She was still on her side and Rob had brought her to another orgasm with his fingers. The sight of her writhing on the other bed made my balls tighten and I knew I was going to cum any moment. It apparently had the same affect on Sandy as I felt her pussy tighten and she grabbed at the sheet grunting like a wild a****l forcing herself back onto my cock.

I felt the cum racing from my balls up my cock and explode with a force that literally had me seeing stars as I came in my wife.

When my cock had finished erupting, I pulled out of Sandy and rolled onto the bed next to her trying to catch my breath. Sandy turned and lay on her back next to me also breathing heavily.

“My gawd that was beautiful.” Carol said.

“You two are the sexiest couple we have ever had the pleasure to share with.” Rob added.

Sandy then spoke up, “I will have to admit that I was very nervous and apprehensive about this when you mentioned it and almost turned around twice on the way to the room. However, this has been the most exhilarating sex I have ever had in my life. How about you Hon?”

“Without a doubt I cannot remember a time that I have had an orgasm like that one. It has been awhile.” I replied.

“How about a drink?” Rob asked.

“Sounds great!” Carol said as they both got out of bed and headed into the living area naked.

Sandy and I got out of bed. I almost felt like I should put some clothes on but Sandy just strolled into the living area behind Rob and Carol as if she was fully clothed. Then I thought “What the hell, they have already seen me naked” so I followed suit and went into the room naked.

Carol asked Sandy, “I need to freshen up. How about you?”

“That would be great.”

They both headed to the bathroom.

When they returned Rob poured us all a drink and then raised his glass, “Here is to new friends and new adventures!”

We all clicked our glasses and took a drink.

We all downed those rather quickly and Rob poured some more.

The conversation turned to the excitement of what we had all just experienced. My cock was beginning to revive and get hard thinking about it. I walked up behind Sandy who was leaning against the bar. My hard cock lay between her beautiful ass cheeks.

She reached behind her and wrapped her hand around my cock.

“I think all this talk has got someone excited again.” She said.

Carol laughed and said, “And apparently he is not the only one.” As she looked down at Rob’s apparently hard cock hidden behind the bar.

I pulled my cock from Sandy’s hand and grabbed the base of it, as she knew what I had in mind she bent further over the bar and spread her legs apart.

Her ripe juicy pussy was spread open and awaiting my hard cock to split her lips. I slid my cock into her pussy as she grabbed the rail on the bar and moaned. I easily sunk into her still cum soaked pussy and did not stop until my crotch met her sweet cheeks.

Rob and Carol were coming out form behind the bar so they could get as better angle on the action. Carol was right Rob’s cock was hard and they both grabbed a barstool and sat to watch me fuck my wife.

I rocked in and out of her, as I knew her big tits were again hanging beneath her chest rocking back and forth with each of my strokes. I reached around her to cup one of her tits and to pinch her nipple.

“OHHHH FUCK YESSSSSS!” She moaned as I rolled her hard nipple between my fingers.

Carol was now stroking Rob’s big cock as they watched.

I would never have dreamed in a million years that Sandy and I would be here doing this with a couple we just met watching us. I would also have never dreamed that it would be such an erotic high being watched and watching.

Sandy reached between her legs and cupped my balls in her hand massaging them as I sunk deeply into her.

I looked over as Carol stroked Rob’s cock with one hand her other hand was massaging her own clit.

Carol was a strikingly beautiful woman, and with her legs spread apart and her hand on her pussy, she was even more beautiful. Her big full tits were undulating back and forth with the double-fisted action she was partaking of.

Rob slid off his stool, got between his wife’s knees, and buried his face in her wet pussy. Carol threw her legs over his shoulders as she grabbed the back of his head and held him against her pussy.

“OOOHHHH FUCK!” I blurted out feeling the cum rolling up my shaft. Sandy pulled off my cock and quickly spun around. I was not sure what she was doing until she grabbed my cock. She got on her knees and stroked it.

My mind raced, “oh fuck she is either going to swallow my load or let me cum on her” either way this had never happened before.

The cum exploded from the end of my cock as she pointed it toward her tits. My cum splashed against her big tits and rolled between them down her cleavage. The second shot hit on her neck and rolled onto her tits. I watched her as the third shot landed on her right nipple and dripped from her hard little nub.

“My gawd that was hot!” Carol said.

I looked over at them and Rob had stopped sucking her pussy and had turned to watch the action.

Carol pulled her legs off Rob’s shoulders and lay on the floor.

“Rob fuck me and then cum on my tits.” She said.

Rob got on the floor between his wife’s legs and plunged into her in one fluid motion.

“OHHHHHH GAWD YESSSSSS!” Carol moaned as Rob’s groin smacked against hers.

Carol wrapped her long tanned legs around her husband and used her heels as if she was spurring him on. Rob was fucking her hard and fast. The slapping sound of their groins meeting was filling the room.

I looked back at Sandy who was still on her knees with my cock in her hand and my cum running down her tits. She was watching Carol being fucked hard and fast.

She started to get up and I helped her. She grabbed a towel from the bar and wiped off her tits as she continued to watch the action not more than five feet in front of us.

“OHHHHH GAWD!” Rob groaned.

Carol unwrapped her legs and said, “Come on me.”

Rob crawled from between her legs to straddle her stomach stroking his cock.

No sooner than he was settled, his first shot exploded from his cock hitting Carol on the chin. The second shot hit her cleavage. The next one landed directly on her right nipple and she immediately began rubbing the cum into her nipple. She then used both hands and spread Rob’s jism all over her tits.

Rob’s cock went soft and was lying against Carol’s abdomen as we all watched her massage the cum into her skin.

Rob then crawled off Carol and helped her up.

Her tits were still shiny from Rob’s juices as she smiled and said, “Wow that was fun.”

We all grabbed our drinks and finished them.

“We had better be going. It is late.” I said.

“NO! Please stay here tonight.” Carol pleaded.

“Yes please do.” Rob then added.

I looked at Sandy and her at me.

“Sure, why not.” Sandy said.

“Great, let’s go back to the bedroom.” Rob said.

We all walked into the bedroom and this time actually turned down the beds to get in them.

It was like a night at camp. We all talked, laughed, and told stories. Again, as usual, the topic turned to sex and this got everyone excited again.

Carol and Rob started this session as Sandy and I watched them. This time it was slower and more romantic. I truly felt like a voyeur watching them make love to one another. There was kissing and tenderness.

Carol finished Rob off by stroking his cock. She let him cum on her tits again.

By this time, Sandy was ready and it was our turn to make soft, slow love. No sooner than Rob had finished unloading on Carol’s tits than Sandy was going down on my cock. She had climbed on the other side of me so that Rob and Carol could watch her suck me. I laid back and also watched her. She looked so damn sexy with her red lips tightly wrapped around my cock. Her cheeks would hollow in when she sucked me into her mouth. She had one hand on my balls massaging them as she sucked.

Rob and Carol laid there side by side with Carol in front of Rob. She still had not wiped his cum off her tits and it was slowly dripping off her tits onto the bed.

I looked back at my wife and still was in shock that we were in a room with people we had just met and letting them watch us have sex.

Sandy was doing such a masterful job on my cock that I had to get her to stop or it would soon be over. I rose up, put my hand on her shoulder, and rolled her back onto the bed. I bent over her, kissed her nipples, and then kissed down her gorgeous body until I got to her pussy. I then maneuvered between her legs and looked straight into her wet pussy. Her hard clit was waiting in anticipation for my mouth.

I let my tongue make first contact and flick her clit.


I then let my tongue run along her wet lips and breathed in the sexy essence of her and my juices. My cock was throbbing beneath me against the bed. I looked over her vulva and saw that she was pinching and rolling her nipples between her fingers.

I planted my mouth on her clit and sucked as my tongue danced against her clit.

“OOOOOHHHHHHHH MY GAWWWWWWWD!” She moaned as her body jerked beneath my face.

She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me even deeper into her pussy. I continued to suck and lick her clit as she screamed. I could taste our combined juices. Sucking her pussy after I had cum in it was something I had never done and I think this turned her on even more.


I tasted her juices as they rolled from her pussy. Her thighs locked around my head as she had an intense orgasm.

“GAWD BABY FUCK ME PLEASE!” She nearly screamed.

I climbed her body and my hard cock quickly and easily slipped into her pussy. She wrapped her legs around my waist and she pulled me deep into her.

I plunged in and out of her but far too quickly I felt my cum ready to explode from my cock.

“OOOOOOHHHHH GAWD!” I groaned as my cock erupted deep inside my wife.

As my orgasm subsided, I suddenly remembered that we had an audience. I rolled off Sandy to her side and looked over at our voyeurs.

“Very nice.” Rob said.

Sandy grinned and laughed, “I had forgotten you guys were even there.”

Sandy then got out of bed and said, “I’ll be right back.”

She went to the bathroom.

While she was gone, Carol and Rob dozed off holding each other.

When she came back she crawled into bed, turned off the light and snuggled in next to me and we fell asleep.

The End

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