Subject: Brother and Lover Brother and Lover Nifty is kind of enough to host/publish this and other stories, let’s show your appreciation by donating to help defray costs, they need your donations so they can continue to host other stories for your enjoyment. Go to: http://donate./donate.html. A big thanks to Zach for his help. Note: The story contains unprotected sex, I’m not an advocate for unprotected sex, but excluded from story for your reading enjoyment. Cal was suddenly awoken by his ringing phone, unraveling himself from Rocco’s arms, he leaned over to his nightstand to see who it was and what time. Answering the phone, Bud announced she kicked him out again. Cal said the door will be unlocked. Pulling himself from the warmth of Rocco’s body Cal went to unlock the door, making a pit stop at the bathroom to relieve his bladder before heading back to his bed. Rocco watched as Cal returned, groggily asked `Who was that?’ Cal replied, `Bud,’ Rocco didn’t have to ask any more questions. They would hear in the morning what happened. Rocco’s naked body held onto Cal’s, placing his head on chest and shoulder. Cal wrapped his arm around him, drifting off to sleep. Bud quietly walked in, slowly undressed as he made his way to the bedroom. Quietly opening the door he slips into bed, wrapping his arm around Rocco. His warm body feels good as he falls asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. Rocco stirred slightly feeling the naked body against him. Pushing his ass back to feel the flaccid cock on his ass cheeks – satisfied he falls back to sleep. In the morning Rocco wakes between the two brothers with Bud’s hand securely holding his morning wood. Rocco moves his hand south to feel Cal’s stiff competition, nuzzling his lover’s neck as he pushes his ass back on Bud, feeling his firmness against his ass. Bud slowly works his hand along Rocco’s solid shaft, causing Rocco to rub his ass against Bud’s. Reaching down, Bud repositions his straining member between Rocco’s legs, slowly thrusting as his hand returns to Rocco’s cock to continue the massage. Cal hears Rocco’s soft moans, knowing that Bud is awake and Rocco will be used for Bud’s wifely duties. Rocco enjoyed the slow manipulation, putting him in the mood to submit to a brother’s needs. He always enjoyed when Bud came over after a domestic spat, he was going to feel Bud’s frustrations taken out on him. Rocco smiled as he worked his hand over Cal’s cock, they were just in the warm up phase of an intense morning. Bud rolled Rocco over on his back, climbing onto the top, he placed his cock between Rocco’s legs to brush the shaft up to Rocco’s balls. Bud lowered his lips to his brother-in-law, his body pressing against him. His elbow laid on Rocco’s broad shoulders as his fingers massaged Rocco’s thick hair, tasting his lips as he started making love to his brother’s husband. Cal turned to watch as his brother laid on top of his lover, watching Rocco respond to his brother’s tenderness, Cal reached between his legs, stroking himself. Rocco knew he was there to pleasure both and the two brothers together had always been a bonus. Bud continued probing Rocco’s mouth, as he started to pump between Rocco’s legs. His thoughts on pleasuring himself. It would be his brother’s job to take care of Rocco’s needs. Rocco wrapped his arms around Bud’s back, his legs squeezed together giving Bud enough friction to pump his cock between Rocco’s legs. As Bud got into the mood, he reached for Rocco’s arms, holding them above his head with his one hand. He looked down into Rocco’s eyes flashing him a smile. Tracing Rocco’s lips with his fingertip, Bud kept outlining as he imagined Rocco’s lips pulling out as if sucking on his cock. Knowing Rocco was a cock whore, not being able to get enough of his package. Bud sat up, working his way to Rocco’s chest. Placing his leaking cock against Rocco’s lips, he watched as Rocco opened his mouth, accepting the cockhead. Bud moaned when he felt the warm wet mouth surround his cockhead, holding the back of Rocco’s head so he could take more of Bud in his mouth and down his throat. With help from Bud, Rocco bobbed up and down on his brother-in-law, Bud pumped as he held onto Rocco’s head, making sure he was pleasing him. Bud kept reminding Rocco how well he was doing, as Bud felt his glistening cock sliding down Rocco’s throat, giving him the warm fuzzy feeling. Rocco’s throat juices coated his cock making it easier to slide down. Bud told Rocco, “Keep up the good job! You are making my cock feel awesome.” Rocco eyes fixed on Bud’s body, as he sat on his chest. Cal spat on his hand, stroking himself as he watched Rocco blow his brother. Climbing over top of Rocco, Cal straddle Rocco’s head between his legs as his “tea-bag” rested on Rocco’s forehead, his balls bobbed up and down on Rocco’s forehead as he stroked his cock. Cal faced his brother in his position, his legs resting on top of Bud’s thighs. Being excited watching Rocco izmit rus escort sucked his brother’s cock, Cal pulled Bud toward him, holding the back of his head as he parted his lips for a kiss. Bud reciprocating as his brother’s lips approached his, held on to the back of Cal’s head as they passionately kiss deeply. As Cal’s lover nestled between their legs sucking on Bud’s cock. Moaning as they embraced, their tongues entwined as the probed each other’s mouth with hot desire. Hearing some gagging between their legs, they broke for their passionate kissed, they both looked down between their spread legs watching Rocco trying to accommodate Bud’s schlong that was jammed down his throat. Looking down Rocco continued with his service, Cal commenting on how hot it looked. Cal ran his hands down Bud’s naked body, feeling his hairy pecs, as he listened to Bud moan. With his cock jutting out toward his brother, he stared intensely into his eyes, holding each other’s stare. Placing his fingers over Bud’s nipples, Cal lightly squeezed, causing him to moan, his cock stiffening between Rocco’s lips. Rocco lay there with his lover’s balls resting on his head; enjoying the offering of the brother-in-law’s perfect cock. The nice size mushroom head felt great in his mouth, running his tongue around the edge of the crown needing to feel the soft spongy head as he applied suction. The natural taste he savored from Bud’s cock caused his own cock to rise as Bud sat on his chest. His arms trapped under Bud’s legs making him feel a bit frustrated as he laid there with Bud’s cock fucking his mouth. Looking up he saw the two almost identical bodies. Cal leaned down to taste the erect nipple on his brother’s chest, flicking his tongue over the nub, Bud wrapped his hand around the back of Cal’s head, holding his lips against his nipple. Cal nursed on his bro’s nips occasionally nibbling the eraser size tip. He could feel Bud jerk from the light pain, moaning as he forced his cock deeper into Rocco’s mouth. Pulling Cal’s face forward Bud kissed his brother, allowing his tongue to probe deeply the mouth of his brother to bellow the embers as he held Cal’s face to his. Cal pulled Bud’s cock from Rocco’s mouth to allow bro to climb from his position in order to reposition himself sitting on the bed against the headboard. With cock pointing to the ceiling, he gestured Rocco to get between his legs and continue the job. Imploring with his glassy eye’s Bud caught the smile on Cal’s face. Stepping in front of Bud, Cal offered the means for Bud to express his gratitude by inserting his rapier into Bud’s opened mouth. Bud tonging the tip of Cal’s head as his need sucked more of the length into to steaming cavern. Cal supported himself against the wall for balance as his brother wrapped his hand around Cal’s base and balls: licking up-and-down on the shaft to drive the embers into a flame. Not getting a chance to suck cock often, he’s mood triggered the spark that was going make it difficult for him to fight his ever-building desire. While taking the cock head into his mouth Bud grabbed Cal’s ass cheeks to pull him closer sliding Cal’s shaft further into his mouth. Bud looks up into his brother’s eyes, those eyes lock as a smile shines across Cal’s face. Cal starts to pump into Bud’s mouth: his balls banging on Bud’s chin; his cock shimmers with Bud’s saliva – coating his cock; making it feel awesome as his cock slides to the back of Bud’s throat. Bud holds the back of Rocco’s head, encouraging Rocco in his bobs up-and-down on his cock generating an impressive suction. Bud splays his fingers, from one hand, across the back of Rocco’s head; while reaching up with his other hand to wrap fingers around Cal’s balls- milking his cock with his mouth as he tugs lightly on Cal’s producers. Bud’s need is taken over as Cal’s cock drops from his mouth so he can instruct Rocco to tug on his balls while he returns to suck his bro’s cock. Rocco wanting to please his brother-in-law, works his hand around Bud’s hefty balls, tugging lightly feeling the cock leak copious amounts of pre-cum into his mouth. Rocco sucks earnestly as he tastes the ball juices on his tongue, inhaling Bud’s scent while working his cock, wanting to taste more. Rocco wondering, “Can anybody understand the burning need in me to taste, feel, smell all a man or for that matter, all the men have to offer!” Bud gestures for his brother to sit next to him on the bed as Cal pulls his cock from Bud’s mouth with a disappointing frown to sit next to his brother. Bud pulled the hair on the back of Rocco’s head so that they were staring into each other’s eyes telling Rocco, “Suck my brother’s cock.” Rocco switched to position himself between his lover’s legs to suck on a familiar cock – deep-throating that rampant rapier, as Bud leans toward Cal generating a passionate kiss neither would soon forget, much less understand where it came from. Turning his head, Bud watches his izmit escort brother-in-law work his brother’s cock, “What a beautiful sight.” Bud reached down to push Rocco’s head further forcing his brother’s cock down Rocco’s throat. Bud lets up on the pressure when he hears Rocco gag, “I’m gagging the fag.” He turns toward his brother for another kiss as his finger reaches for Cal’s right nipple – feeling the nub between his thumb and forefinger; generating pressure to cause Cal’s cock to swell inside Rocco’s mouth. Bud removes Rocco’s mouth from his brother’s cock, he straddled Cal his cock facing him, as he reaches for Cal’s slick cock, placing it to his hole, slowly lowering himself on it. Bud’s eyes roll up in his head, as he feels the pressure as Cal’s cock slides slowly into his hole. Bud feels his ass being stretched as Cal slowly fills his tunnel with his thick cock. Once Bud hits bottom he tilts his head back as a moan escapes from his throat. Holding on to the headboard, Bud uses his thighs pull his ass off the invading cock, feeling just the cock head inside of his hole. He slowly lowers himself, feeling the return of the invading cock deep hitting his sweet spot. Bud shakes his head from side-to-side enjoying the full feeling. He works a little faster causing his cock to increase its leakage as he rides. Rocco gets between Cal’s legs attempting to lick Cal’s balls as his brother rides his lover’s cock. The tip of Bud’s cock glistened with pre-cum, forming a bead as he starts to fall from the tip of his cock slowly onto Cal’s pubes, the thread breaks as Bud bounces up and down on Cal’s thick shaft. Not being able to take much, after five minutes of riding his brother, he pulls off his brother’s cock, looking at Rocco as he pushes his head back onto his lover’s cock. Rocco buried the cock down his throat, slicking his brother’s cock up with his thick throat juices. Bud straddles Rocco and Cal, his cock facing Cal’s face. Leaning forward, Bud wipes his slimy cock against Cal’s lips. Cal opens his mouth, taking his brother’s cock down to the base. Bud holds on the headboard with one hand as he pushes the back of Cal’s head onto his cock, burying the cock head down Cal’s throat, gagging his brother. Bud watched his cock as he fucked his brother’s throat, the throat phlegm clinging to his shaft, as it shimmered in the light, lubing it for Rocco’s ass. Bud was satisfied, pulling his slick cock from Cal’s mouth, stepping aside only to get behind Rocco, who was between his brother’s legs servicing his cock. Bud slapped his ass, Rocco, lifted it the air – offering his ass now to be stuffed by Bud’s cock. Bud pressed the slimy head against the dry, tight hole. Feeling the ass give as he pressed in, the ass lips stretched to wrap around the bulbous cockhead, slowly swallowing it. Bud worked a little at a time, spit on his shaft as he worked more in to Rocco’s ass. Bud held Rocco’s head down onto his brother’s cock, as he slipped his cock in his tight ass. Rocco tried to slow down the entry, when Bud slapped his ass hard, leaving a red hand print as he told Rocco to keep still. Bud spat again, as he pushed the remaining shaft in Rocco’s chute. Ggrabbing Rocco’s hips Bud jabbed in his cock head hitting Rocco’s prostate. Bud pushed further, but Rocco’s ass was already full, pushing Rocco into Cal. Cal held onto Rocco’s head, pushing his face further down onto his cock. Rocco sighed when he felt Bud pulled his cock out of his ass, but grimaced when he felt the drying shaft enter him again. Bud felt the tightness. He spat on his shaft again trying to work his cock into Rocco’s ass. Bud pulled back, spat, pushed in, suddenly Rocco’s ass started lubing his penetrating cock making it easier to fuck Rocco up the ass. Burying his cock in deep, Rocco’s tight ass felt awesome hugging and griping his cock. Bud slowly plugged away at the warm, silky hole, his cock being massaged by the tightness, sending pleasure through Bud’s body. Bud moaned as he looked at Cal, “Your partner’s ass makes my cock feel good.” Holding Cal’s stare, “Cal you’re one lucky man to get to tap this ass every night.” Cal sneered as he heard his envious brother, who claims with his wife it’s always doggy style. Bud was more interested in getting his rocks off, forgetting about his wife, Rocco’s ass was doing just fine. Bud slowly increased the pace as he was fucking Rocco’s upturned ass, he couldn’t believe how hungry this cock whore was. Bud could use his brother-in-law’s ass and there was no hard feelings afterwards. That’s the way it should be, Rocco never withheld sex for revenge. He always took Bud’s cock like a trooper, Bud shook his head in disbelief how lucky his brother was. He sure had one fine piece of ass to fuck. This guy knew how to take a nutting and still want more. To Bud, Rocco was just a guy he fucked, he knew how to get him off, without the emotional baggage, but he could see Cal had an emotional attachment to his husband. kocaeli escort He didn’t understand the concept, only that sex with guys can be mind-blowing. To Bud it was just getting off. Cal leaned forward to kiss Bud, as Bud fucked Rocco’s ass faster, he was amazed at what his guy could take. Rocco lifted his ass higher, wanting it harder as he deep throated Cal, working his cock like there was no tomorrow, and he was a bitch in heat. Rocco was kneeling in front of his partner, working his wonderful cock with his mouth, he wanted to feel the nut blast down his gullet as his extended ass was feeling Bud’s cock slide in-and-out of his ass. Nothing was better than having both holes filled by brothers being men as they used him. Rocco’s cock dripped – threads of pre-cum oozed from his cock head to the bed sheets below staining the sheets. Cal reached for Bud’s nipples tweaking them as Bud held onto Rocco’s hips pounding this ass harder. Bud stared into Cal’s eyes, he felt his full balls rising toward the base of his cock. His cock was swelling as he felt the familiar tingle exploding, the pleasure spreading through his body causing him to shudder, as his face contorted. The sweat dripped off his body onto Rocco below. His breathed loudly through his nose, snorting as he felt the feeling welling up inside of him. Tilting his head back Bud wailed as jammed his cock up Rocco’s ass; convulsing as he felt the load course through the center of his body; his load swelling his urethra as he shot out of his cock; deep inside of Rocco. The second wave coursed through his body, Bud jammed his cock back into Rocco, blasting his guts with his seed as he screamed out `Fuck’. Soon another blast coursed through his body, adding to the first two loads. Bud’s head came forward, his eyes were still closed when he bucked forward, depositing another shot into Rocco, not as strong, but still felt as good. Grunting as he bucked the last of the loads Bud pumped in with the other. Bud held onto Rocco’s hips as he knelt behind the sport, his cock still buried up Rocco’s hole which enjoyed the feeling of the warm tightness. Bud was trying to catch his breath, his head was still in another realm, he sweaty body cooling as his breathing returned to normal. Something snapped inside bringing him to the realization of the incredible fuck he had just experienced. With his cock still lodged up Rocco’s ass, Bud pulled his cock out of Rocco – just realizing he got off; falling onto the bed to lay on his back; placing his hand to his face so his eyes were shielded as he inhaled several times, trying to gather his wits. Turning his head, he saw Rocco’s mouth on his brother’s cock. Cal pushed Rocco off his cock, only to get behind his lover, using his brother’s load as lube, Cal pushed his cock in Rocco’s freshly seeded ass, sliding in, wrapping his arms around his partner. Cal fucked his lover, as Bud laid there exhausted. Cal’s hips slapped against Rocco’s ass, his body was clammy as he worked up a sweat. Bud watched his brother, as he used Rocco’s ass. Bud reached up to touch Cal’s balls from behind, causing a chain reaction. Feeling the fingers massage his balls caused them to pull up as Cal continued to slam his cock into Rocco. Cal felt his balls tingle, his sweat dropped down onto Rocco, his breathing was heavy as his body convulsed. Cal felt his knees grow weak; the tingling grew into an intense ball of pleasure that dispersed down his legs; and through his stomach. Cal threw his head back, just like his bro’ did, cursing involuntarily as he felt pleasure build: quickly releasing out his cock which expanded deep inside Rocco’s ass: shoving his cock in deep causing Cal to cry out as he seeded Rocco’s upturned ass. Cal’s body still convulsed as the next stream expelled from his swollen cock seeding Rocco’s ass with more thick warm seed. Gulping, Cal continued to shudder, feeling his cock explode deep inside Rocco. Bucking a few more times, Cal drained his cock into Rocco’s well seeded hole, collapsing onto Rocco as his chest heaved feeling completely exhausted. Pulling out of Rocco’s ass, Cal laid next to him. Rocco quickly laid on his back, with the brother’s on each side. Rocco reached for his cock, jerking it furiously. Bud reached down to touch the taint as Rocco flogged away on his cock. Cal reached for Rocco’s nipple, circling his fingertip around the areola. Cal turned to his side pinching Rocco’s nipple as he kissed him. Rocco kept working on his cock, his back arching in the air as he lifted his ass off the bed. Rocco huffed through his mouth, trying to catch his breath as his body shook. With his ass still in the air, Rocco cried out- his eyes closed as the ropes of cum were ejected from his cock flying high in the air and landing all around him. He lifted his ass even further when the second volley shot into the air, the warm thick load, landed on his forearm. Feeling the gooey warm glob against his skin his cock continued to spurt, causing Rocco to moan with each blast. Leaving a trail of his baby batter all over his chest and bed. Rocco collapsed to the bed to fall asleep between the two brothers. Some other Recent fty//gay/incest/fireworks-display-by-the-pool

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