Subject: What-Who am I Chapter 5 From Chapter Four This is to keep you focused on serving me. Remember complete obedience. If I say jump, you jump. If I say on your knees in the middle of the street, you will drop to your knees. You don’t need to know why, just do it because I say so, understood? Yes Sir, I say. He looks into my eyes and says “good night” as he kisses me again. I just melt in his arms. I start to walk out of his room still naked. He just says, “I think it would be a good idea to get dressed” as he laughs. I close his bedroom door and continue dressing in his backyard. I am almost floating on air as I walk back home. Jonathan wants me for his girlfriend. Please, Please Nifty needs your donations to stay online. Give any amount you can. Any donation. Large or Small. Just like Cocks, Size doesn’t matter. Thanks. What-Who am I Chapter 5 I left Johnathan’s house. I had been there for 5 hours going through my paces and training. My head was spinning. I was in love with Johnathan and he told me he was in love with me. But he had a strange way of showing it. I guess this cock cage shows him my devotion and servitude to him. My lips and mouth were tired after his instruction on how I was to treat him. My tongue was exhausted from exploring every crack and crevice of his body. There wasn’t a place my mouth, lips and tongue hadn’t explored. I know no one else had been given that honor. I felt pride in my skills. I was adapting better than I thought to high school. Everyone knew me. I didn’t know everyone. Well maybe I did in the biblical way. Well maybe I knew their cocks and cum. I had been sucking high school cocks for about a month now. I had lots of new friends. If I knew sooner I would have offered to suck all the guys in school Jim had come home for the weekend but I hadn’t seen him yet. He was in the basement with a few friends playing videos. Later I found out they were watching porn. I wanted him to hear about what I had learned and done this past few weeks. So I was hoping his friends would leave. Even though I was a teenager, I still wanted and needed my big brothers approvals. Joe had come into my room for my weekly accounting. Wow he says. I would never have believed it but you have swallows 600 loads of cum this past month. Well done. You have become an amazing, first class cocksucker, Joe says. “Hang on” he says as he calls Jim upstairs. I proceed to tell them both about the things I had done and learned this past week. I told them I learned how to rim a guy’s butt hole. I was getting horny just telling them how my tongue fucked Johnathan’s hole. I told them to turn around and bend over so I could show them all the techniques I had learned. They dropped their shorts in record time and I grabbed their ass checks and began licking and tonguing their pucker holes. Slow down I hear or we are going to blow our escort izmit loads. Let’s measure your cock and see if it has grown he says. He pulls out the tape measure and I drop my underwear. I hear him say “what the fuck”. I had forgotten that Johnathan had placed the chastity cage around my cock and balls. He said that is fucking hot. Joe grabs my head and shoves his rod down my throat. He just keeps ramming his hard instrument in and out as my lips work the underside of his manhood. I taste the precum dripping out of his piss slit. Joe pulls his dick head out of my mouth and Jim begins fucking my face. They take turns working my throat with the family tools. I am getting so horny and hungry for their loads. I feel my little cocklet straining to get out of its cage. Joe’s cock began to spew its sperm into my mouth. I enjoyed the flavor as I swallowed each sperm tadpole into its final resting place. With my mouth still dripping cum, Jim works his snake down my throat as well. He is so worked up. His cock has a mind of its own and he squirts his DNA into my waiting mouth with very little help from my lips. Even after they both have emptied their balls of their juices, their cocks are still rock hard. Joe pulls out the baton and says let’s see how deep this instrument can go. He just keeps sliding it deeper and deeper. Six, seven, eight inches, the baton disappears into my anal cavity. I feel the knob poking at that spot again. I moan and arch my back, hoping they don’t stop. But just as I began to feel that peeing sensation, they stop. I don’t understand what is happening to me. I hear them talking but, I don’t understand what they are saying. Jim grabs my skinny body and flips me over on my back. Then he lifts my legs unto his shoulders. I feel his mushroom cock head being pushed into my butt hole. Inch by inch his weapon descend into my man pussy. I feel my ass muscles begin to stretch to accommodate his thick pole. It is pain and pleasure at the same time. My whole body is on fire, every nerve is tingling. I began to say. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Joe just shoves his thing into my mouth to shut me up. I grab his ass cheeks and just suck his lollipop. I feel Jim’s dick plunging in and out of my pussy as his pubic hair scratches my butt. I lift my ass to match his strokes as he just keeping fucking my hole. I hear him say, what a fucking pussy you are. My girlfriend can’t even take my meat this deep without bitching. Your pussy is so fucking tight. He just keeps working his dip stick in and out of my cave. Slight short strokes and then his rod plunges deep as he picks up the pace and piston fucks my pussy. You are turning into one hot cum dump, he tells me Fuck did I call my butt hole, a pussy. What am I becoming? I don’t care as long as I feel his pole keeps bring me those feelings. Just as I feel my balls beginning to rise, I feel his dick swell and jerk izmit escort bayan as his snake spits it’s venom into my hole. His entire shaft is shaking and filling my pussy with the family sperm. At the same time my little stump feels like every nerve is on fire. My cock head begins to tingle as the nerve ending begin to send messages of pleasure from my pussy up into my dick. Just as his cock explodes and begins to unload its cream into my man pussy, my cock unleashes wave after wave of pleasure up and down my shaft. I screamed, Oh fuck. I try to ram my pussy into his fuck pole. I don’t want that feeling to stop. My clit continues jerking inside the cage as the warm cum is oozing out, coating the metal bars. I think I must have blacked out for a second. Oh my God that was amazing. I never have felt that sensation. I can now understand why someone likes to get fucked. I think I was meant to be fucked all the time. I hear my brothers saying, he is a natural submissive bottom. Fuck and we can use him anytime we want. I feel Jim pulling his dick out of my hole and Joe has begun to pick up where Jim left off. At first I didn’t even realize they had changed positions. I was still in an afterglow of my first orgasm. Joe’s cock is longer, but not as thick as Jim’s dick. So Joe rams his manhood even deeper into my pussy hole. He is hitting the bottom and then the sides of my hole. It is making me shutter again and again. I love his long deep strokes of his log in my cunt. I feel the twitches his cock makes. I feel his cock shaft get thicker and thicker as he continues to use my pussy for his pleasure. I look up and I see Jim’s two buddies stroking their cocks. I open my mouth begging them to let me suck their dicks. I don’t have to ask twice as my lips wrap themselves around some meat. Joe’s fuck log continues to assault my pussy. He keeps pounding his tool in and out of my hole. Without warning my tiny dick begins to shutter again as I swallow his friends cock down to the bone. My pussy muscles begin to pulsate around Joe’s cock. I am cumming again. I scream fuck me harder, please don’t stop. I feel his cock harden and it begins to empty its creamy juices into my pussy. His cock continues to jerk for one or two minutes as he breeds my pussy. Each movement of his cock spurs my clit dick to cum for the second time. The chastity cage is covered in my freshly made cum. I tighten my ass lips as I want to prevent him from removing his log from my once virgin hole. I want it to stay in my pussy just a few minutes more. Why have I been denying myself these pleasures? What was I afraid of? Does this make me gay? No, I am just trying to figure out my sexuality, I tell myself Once Joe removes his pleasure rod, my hole is still on fire and feels empty just for a second. Before my human cave opening begins to close up, his friends seven inch stump descends kocaeli anal yapan escort into my abyss. I don’t feel his cock going as deep as I need, so I begin to meet his strokes. I start to hump his stick as I clench my ass muscles. Fuck that’s better. I continue to fuck my pussy on his pole. He is no match and he begins to moan as joy stick unleashes its’ cum into my pussy. I want to cum again, as well. As he is pulling his dick out of my man hole his other friend shoves his rod in my hole as the same time. I feel the two cocks slide in and out as the pass in my hole. This cock is very thick but not as long as everyone else’s. His tool stretches my opening open even wider. Fuck it feels good but also my pussy lips are now beginning to hurt from the use. They continue feeding me their cocks till I feel them both flood my hole with their hot cum. As he pulls out, I feel the soreness. Pleasure, pain, pleasure pain. I feel my little clit straining inside its’ cum slimed metal cage as everyone’s sperm drips out of my once virgin hole. Why didn’t I come again? Is my hole so wide open that no one will fuck me again? I am so confused. The next morning my two brothers come into my room. They set their naked bodies on my bed. Their cocks are always sticking straight up and hard when they see me. It makes me happy to see that. Can I ask you guys some questions? Sure they say. Ask away. Did I have an orgasm? Why did I only cum twice? How come I only came when you both fucked me? Why did it feel so good? Am I gay or straight? Did my pussy make you feel good? I was still insecure so I needed their approval. They said slow down and we will answer every one of your questions. They tell me I was one of the best fucks they have every have. I feel so relieved and proud. You came twice as we were fucking you last night. You won’t always cum being fucked. It takes a real man who knows how to use his equipment to make a girl or guy cum. We did our best as we wanted you to remember your first fuck and when and who took your cherry. You are growing up and finding your way. As to are, you gay or straight, the answer is: did you enjoy it and do you want to do it again and again. We know you enjoy sucking cocks and swallowing cum. You have become a great cocksucker and cum swallower. You need to go out and get fucked a few more times. That will tell you what and who you are. As your older brother we will always be there for you whether you want to talk or whether you need to suck or get fucked. Even though we let you suck our cocks and we do enjoy fucking your hole. We are still straight. We want to get married and have a wife and kids. You have to decide are you in love with a guy like Johnathan. And do you want to give yourself to him or not. If yes, then you are gay, so go for it. It seems Johnathan is the alpha top and you his submissive bottom. Just be careful that Johnathan is not just using you for his own pleasures. It has to be a two way street. Any comments ail Please, Please Nifty needs your donations to stay online. Give any amount you can. Any donation. Large or Small. Just like Cocks, Size doesn’t matter. Thanks.

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