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Subject: My Uncle becomes a Lover (Incest) This is a story of complete fiction, there is no torture, blackmail, humiliation, modification or any BDSM description This is a story of love, that most will understand, if offended or legalities do not read I live in Melbourne, Australia. I am in my 2nd year of high school at a prestigious grammar school, the school year starts at the end of January. Three weeks in to term, the Headmaster Prof Luton, came in and spoke to the teacher, no one could hear what they were saying, Prof Luton left the room. The teacher came up to me and told me that could I make my way to the Head’s office, it’s OK you’re not in trouble. Prof Luton was waiting for me outside the classroom, Hello Jesse, Prof Luton, said and he put his hand on my shoulder. Something is happening, I thought and it’s not a good feeling. I was ushered in to the office, and I saw my Uncle Leigh. He was wearing his grey tailored business suit; without a tie, I had never seen him wearing a suit without a tie. His face was ashen, I immediately felt sick and stumbled. Sit down Jesse, Uncle Leigh said grabbing me, Prof Luton was still there. Uncle Leigh, said Jesse. I am so sorry, your Mum and Dad have been involved in a car accident, I knew what his next words would be. Jesse, he said, a car hit them head on and everyone died, it was instant he said. I was sobbing and crying in my Uncle’s shoulder My Uncle was holding me, doing all he could do to comfort me. I heard a knock on the door and a senior boy was there, with my Blazer and Boater, Prof Luton, took it from him. Jesse, he said, life is very cruel and sometimes we can’t understand. Your Uncle will look after you and you will stay with him. The next few hours were a daze, my eyes red from crying. I had no idea of what time it was, and Uncle Leigh put his hand on my shoulder and said its time for bed. I reached for his hand, undressed me, standing there naked in front of him, my pubescent body, he said the only clothes you have on is what your wearing. My Uncle, said Jesse wear one of my t-shirts tonight. It was so big on me, this big man hugging me and kissing my forehead, he put me to bed, I was still sobbing. My new protector was stroking my forehead and murmuring gentle words Uncle Leigh came to check on me, I was still awake. Sitting on my bed and holding my hand, I don’t think being alone tonight will help you, he gently said. Come to my bed, you will be safe with me. My Uncle’s big hands completely covering mine led me to his room. All night I laid with my back to him and his big arm around me, whispering comforting words to me. Exhausted I fell into a deep sleep, and it was late morning when he came to see me. He was so gentle, wanting to take away the hurt. Jesse, he said, maybe for a little while you can sleep with me, till you feel better. Thanks, Uncle Leigh I said, even though I what has happened you have made me feel safe Jesse, we need to get some clothes for you, he could see I didn’t want to go back to my parents’ home. Leigh said while our world is sad the rest of the world is moving, together we will survive, you need to shower and dress. We need to shop, I put my school uniform on just shirt and pants. Uncle Leigh, took charge and found enough for me including low cut y fronts. Then he asked me about pyjamas, somehow I told him let me find some as he went to pay. I went to the Miss Shoppe area and found a selection of plain nightwear t-shirts, they were just long enough to cover my butt, but short just enough. I should describe, Uncle Leigh and myself. My Uncle is best described like a Beefcake movie idol of the 40’s and 50’s, 6’3″ broad shoulders, short blonde peppered hair, blue eyed and long legged. Unfortunately, Uncle Leigh is 45, middle age spread and long lunches the movie idol is carrying more pounds. Myself still a young teen about 5’4″ brown hair light blue eyes and carrying puppy fat in most parts of my body. Especially my boobs, tummy and butt, I still haven’t grown body hair and my young sex area was hairless. I just gaziantep escort was waiting to grow. Uncle Leigh, like my Parents, had successful business and assets, with my Parent’s estate left to me I was in a comfortable position. The days passed and even though it was a blur. Uncle Leigh whilst caring, still made sure that life was still happening, and each night we got ready for bed. In the big bedroom, one night I was in the shower, and Uncle Leigh could see me in the shower, I wasn’t worried he was there. Drying myself Uncle Leigh dried my back. I walked to the bed and put my pale-yellow nightshirt on, he then asked is that what you are wearing to bed. I made some excuse that I felt secure wearing it. Soon the 2 of us were in bed, and my big strong Uncle holding me. I knew I was safe. This was the same pattern, when we went to bed, I was wearing nightshirts and Uncle Leigh, boxer shorts and t-shirt, I didn’t go back to the other room. I started noticing the bulge in his boxers. The funeral came and the only family were the 2 of us. A strong bond was growing and with the legalities about Leigh being my guardian, life had to include us all. Uncle Leigh could run his affairs from home and he was my full-time Carer I don’t know when I noticed, my Uncle during the night his cock was hard and he was pushed up against me. I started pushing back and would wiggle my butt teasing him, we both knew something was happening, but we were both unsure. My puberty was happening. I was constantly having hard-ons any time at school just anywhere, Uncle Leigh must have been frustrated, I hadn’t even considered anything about him, why he was single and never married. As we now shared the same bedroom, we quite often were naked in front of each other. Sometime either one of us would help drying the other one. Uncle Leigh when getting dressed would have his clothes laid out on the bed. I started doing the same. Uncle Leigh, dressed very well, everything was quality and even though he was a very big build, his clothes were immaculate. My life was changing, my parents had different values to Uncle Leigh, soon my wardrobe began filling with designer and labelled clothes and shoes. Uncle Leigh said you are a Grammar Boy and need to be one. Winter was approaching, it was late May, at dinner one night we said at the same time its winter next month It became apparent I was falling in love with him, I knew he was my Uncle. Just his touch, he was always considerate. His huge hugs, I loved it each time. He was very strict that I kept up my schoolwork, I just knew that I had no option but to study hard. Though when it was time for bed, it was our time together. This night we took longer get ready, I stood naked in the bathroom before getting in the shower. Looking at my body in the mirror, Uncle Leigh was naked in front of the twin vanity. Strangely he put a hint of his favourite scent Aramis on, I got in the shower. I knew he was looking from the side of his eye at me. I took time to wash myself and I coughed to get his attention, and I washed my stiffening cock. It was time I called it a cock, I cupped by balls that were getting bigger. We didn’t say a thing, and with my nightshirt. I made sure my Uncle could get a glimpse of my butt. The bulge in his boxers was more noticeable and sitting on his side of the bed he had his legs open, I just looked at him appraising all of him, would it happen for both of us. Surely love can happen, I also felt doubt. This was more dangerous for my Uncle, no one would understand, no matter how much I would have begged that he did nothing wrong. I walked up to my Uncle Leigh and as usual we kissed each other goodnight. We stared more intently and held for a few seconds more. Slowly breaking apart, I walked to my side of the bed. We got into our usual hug, his big arm still well-muscled around my tummy. I held his forearm and began stroking it. His fingers held my side his fingers were going in circles, I wanted nothing more than to be in this moment with him, someone that was more suriyeli escort than my guardian. Jesse, he said, are you happy here living with me. Its makes me so happy just to hold you and protect you. I turned and was on my back staring at him, our eyes locked, I said even though what happened broke my heart and yours. I have never been happier, my school studies have improved, everything has, in how I dress and the social life we have together. Sometimes I think people look at us and think I am your boyfriend, but your friends accept and love me. Leigh said, what do you mean boyfriend? I’m your Uncle, all the while our hands were touching each other. I could be your boyfriend, I said, we almost are, somehow I was taking the lead. This was the step, Uncle leigh needed to make, and then it happened our eyes locked. Both our hearts melted and his face came to mine. Our lips touched, I partly opened my lips and a just a little bit of his tongue was in my mouth. I licked and felt his tongue and my lips and mouth accepted his tongue. We held each other, the kiss was loving and tender, we both had our bodies pushed against each other. We then broke our kiss this was the night of when love starts, all the months of guessing and wondering stopped this was a night, that will only happen a few times in a lifetime. A night of little sleep, if any We explored each other, it was intimate and innocent for us. Kissing, whispering in my ear, and nibbling my neck. I touched his lips and he kissed my fingers. His huge hands enveloping mine. His cock was beautiful and it was proportionate for his build. I held and stroked it, I could feel its warmth and softness, even though it was firm to touch as well. I was so close to his cock, I gazed at it using both hands alternatively, I smelt it kissed it and I sniffed around his balls it was like an aphrodisiac. I felt his balls they were big and firm. I then placed my mouth on its head and pulled back his foreskin. I had my Uncle’s cock in my mouth and swirled my tongue around the head and let the shaft in as well to my hungry mouth. I ran my mouth down each side, and then my mouth was adoring it. Leigh was raising his hips, and moaning in pleasure. I then grabbed his cock and the tip of my tongue flicked at the eye of his cock. Leigh grabbed my arms and he had me on my back, he ran his fingers across my lips and I was trying to grab them with my lips, he just kept teasing me. He leant down to kiss me, playing along I slightly turned my lips away, he again tried I turned the other way. Then my Uncle held me chin, and forced his tongue in my mouth as well as crushing my lips. Grabbing my hands, he had them above my head, holding them together with his huge hand. He then began kissing and sucking my nipple, then lightly biting, I was panting and pushing my breast upwards. He increased, the force of his nibbling and biting, building up the pleasure and pain. I was determined not to give in, the pain was like a flame was held to me, but the sheer joy of giving myself up. My panting, became moans and I knew, I was defeated and in a load moan, signalled I could take no more. Releasing my nipple, the blood rushed back to my abused nipple, another wave came over me. I grabbed, my abusers’ head and bought him to his mouth, and kissed him as to thank him for the pain that gave me pleasure. My kiss was so intense with sounds of my whimpering, with exhaustion I fell back, Leigh had a broad smile on his face while rubbing his chin and the other arm on the bed, that was amazing. If I didn’t know you, I would be sure this is not your first time shaking his head. I said, I don’t know how, all I know is that, you are me to me than my Uncle. I love you with all my heart. Jesse, he said, we are in dangerous waters, you will be taken away from me, and me, you know what can happen to me! You have become part of my life, he finally said. I sat up, we were holding hands. No one need know, I told him, you are my Guardian to everyone. I could see, in his eyes, rus escort the dread in his mind. I said, no one will come to the house except someone we trust, those who work outside stay outside. When together in public, we don’t discuss us! You have a circle of friends we keep them close but, always we must be careful. They are big words Young Man, Leigh said. I got up and knelt next to him, holding him, I whispered sssh, not now. There will be never another night like this, I said. It’s time for you to love me, I said with my head against his shoulder. Leigh pushed me back, and started tickling me. To escape him I rolled on my belly, my shoulders were held down and my legs pushed apart. Releasing my shoulders, I was told to put my hands again above my head, then I felt his tongue run up my spine, kiss my shoulders and his hands reaching under me, I again fell into his spell of his caresses all over me. His efforts were slow and consistent, my breaths were short and I arched my lower body up to him, I felt rewarded by his grunt of approval. I soon realised, that my position laying face down, presented me with the decision of putting all my trust, in a man I was in love with, or put it on hold. The feeling of offering myself, by body was his, then I felt his hand on my butt and he parted my cheeks and he laid against me. I felt his cock on me, the warmth of his body and body hair, raised my level of passion, I wiggled my butt wanting his cock right against me. Somehow in our positions managed to kiss, now I was grunting and slurping at his mouth. He kept pushing his abdomen into me. We both were aware; I was giving consent. My Uncle, my lover reached over and soon I felt a cold liquid at my young hole, Leigh began working on me, I was well lubricated pushing one finger in and then another thick finger, I feared pain but the feeling was wonderful, I wanted more. I turned my head from side to side in pleasure rippling through me. All the while, the man above gave me words of encouragement. Leigh removed his fingers and then I felt him position himself ready to put his prick in me. Breathe slowly he said, don’t tense your body, I felt his entry. I did tense, and he was whispering that everything was going to be all right, then I felt more of him in me, I spread my legs further and then he made it past my first muscle. I gasped in shock and with the sudden push all the way in, we didn’t move. He let me accommodate him, with this the first time, and the trust I felt that he would never hurt me. Just hearing his heavy breathing, it was a comfort and I was the first to move I pushed back slowly and relaxed, I did the same about 3 times. My Uncle, a man on top of a boy, responded, in clear defined movement upon me. It wasn’t rushed, I wished I could see him tell him with my eyes, it was the right thing to do, my arms reached back to touch him, I touched what I could. He withdrew and pushed back in and I felt the slap of him against me and the squelching noise. Grabbing my hips, he pulled me up and was told to be on all fours, his mood had changed, his breathing very heavy. He reached around and grabbed my cock I was hard very hard. In this position, I could respond to his thrusts. Leigh grabbed my hips, he grunted he was going to cum. Grab your cock, son he said, cum, cum with me. I pushed back wanting all of him and he pushed at me and he didn’t move for a few seconds and then he rammed back and forth and I heard a guttural groan, and his fingers dug into my hips. Then I came, all over the sheets, the first time feeling of spurting my semen, my cum. I couldn’t hold his weight and we collapsed on the bed. We fell apart, both of us in our own glory of pleasure, I could feel that I had been fucked. I don’t know who of us spoke first, and we lightly kissed and spoke things of no concern to each other. Who laid on my cum I don’t know, the night soon was becoming day. I soon awoke and was bucking my hips and soon my cock erupted in his mouth, he smiled as he swallowed then Leigh was soon above me, and in no time his cum landed on me. This was the beginning of our life together, we were lovers, totally in love. I kept up my studies, my Uncle always there for me. We began to enjoy travelling the world, and after many years it was obvious to close friends, we were not Uncle and Nephew.

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