Survivor: A Friendly Lesbian Wager (part 2)

Survivor: A Friendly Lesbian Wager (part 2)
Survivor Guatemala had made it down to the final two, and a huge crowd was on hand to see the reading of the votes and who would win the million dollars. Would it be tall, slender Danni, the former beauty queen from Kansas or Jersey girl Stephenie, the gorgeous tanned darling of last season. The whole country was looking forward to seeing which beauty would take home the top prize. Little did they know of the wager the two beautiful women made just before the final vote. The loser would have to submit to being a sex slave to the winner for one night.

It was a week since the jury cast their votes, and the final contestants looked nothing like the skinny, starved girls that we saw competing for 39 days. They looked like supermodels, and were both confident they would come out victorious.

Danni got the first vote, and half the crowd roared with approval as they seemed to be split 50/50 in their support. Steph winced as Danielle received a second vote, knowing the first to receive four votes was the winner. Danni peered over at Steph, smiling at her rival, giving her a silent reminder of their erotic bet. The third vote went to Steph, and the others in the audience cheered for the sassy girl from New Jersey. Steph let out a sigh of relief as she narrowed the gap, sure that things were going to go her way. Danni received another vote, putting her one shy of becoming the Season 11 winner. She held her breath and tensed up as Jeff reached in the basket to pick out and read another vote. He quietly turned it around, revealing Danni’s name making her the winner of Survivor Guatemala.

Danni graciously hugged Stephenie, who was in shock that she came up short. Not only did the arrogant beauty lose out on the cash prize, she also had to bow down to Danielle’s sexual desires as part of their bet. She was so confident that she’d win that she even went out and bought a strapon dildo and a leather whip with the hope of using it on her slinky foe. Now she just had to sit and wait to see what Danni had in store for her.

The show went on as the entire cast shared their thoughts as they relived some of the highlights of the season. Steph was tight-lipped as she sat next to the winner, missing out on the spotlight. When Jeff asked Danni about her rivalry with Steph, she told Jeff and the audience that they even made a little wager on who would win. Steph froze when she mentioned the bet, shocked that Danni would bring it up, but the happy winner just told a little fib, saying the loser would by pizza for the whole cast, an obvious reference to the pizzeria that Steph and her husband own back in Trenton.

The show concluded, but it was just the beginning for the payoff, as Danni whispered in Steph’s ear before they left the stage, that she would be expecting her at her hotel suite in one hour. The gorgeous brunette smirked as she walked away a million dollars richer and in control of her beautiful competitor for one night.

Stephenie kept up her part of the deal and showed up at Danni’s luxurious suite ready for who knows what. She figured Danni might go easy on her, satisfied with her cash prize, but that was hardly the case. Danni invited her in, but didn’t hesitate to let her know who was in charge. Steph wasn’t in the room for two seconds when Danielle told her to strip.

Steph quietly did as she was told, taking off her cute leather vest unveiling her lowcut top and mini skirt. Danni twirled her finger around, telling the reluctant loser to keep going. Steph bent over and shimmied out of her skirt and unbuttoned her light blue satin top, standing there in her white bra and panties for Danni’s inspection and approval. The gloating winner ran her finger over Steph’s hot body, tracing a line from her modest breasts up her neckline over her chin to her trembling lips.

Danni asked if she was ready to get naked for her, and Steph merely nodded that she was. The curly haired babe undid her bra, letting it fall to the floor, showcasing her perfect firm breasts. She slowly peeled off her panties revealing her freshly shaved pussy and neat little landing strip.
”Ooh, isn’t this nice!” Danni teased as she ran her finger over Steph’s puffy labia and little patch of fur. “I’ll bet your hubby would love a slice of this!”

Danni may have been making fun of her rival, but she was actually turned on by Stephenie’s tight body and smooth bronzed skin that didn’t show one bit of a tan line. She asked if she was ready for her to join her in the nude, and again Steph just nervously nodded that she was. Danni went over to the counter and retrieved a buff from the show, telling her it wasn’t going to be that easy.

”I’m kind of shy” she teased, “I don’t want anyone to see me naked” as she used the brightly colored buff to blindfold her new sex slave. Steph let out a nervous giggle, smiling for the first time at the kinky act. She obediently turned around allowing Danni to tie it rather tightly, leaving everything totally dark. Danni led her over to the couch and sat her down telling her not to say a word.

Steph sat there quietly as Danni went over to the bedroom and opened the door, where Cindy, the cute little zookeeper with the magnificent breasts, who didn’t quite make the final four, tip-toed out trying to remain unnoticed. Cindy’s bushy eyebrows were raised in surprise at the sight of Stephenie sitting there naked.

Danni motioned her friend over to the chair across the room, where she quietly took her place getting undressed while Danni continued with Steph. The tall brunette walked up to her submissive sex toy and turned around bending over and sticking her ass into Steph’s face. “Help me out of my pants” she barked, undoing the fly as Steph pulled them off. She grabbed Steph’s hand and helped her to her feet, where she asked the lovely loser to help take off her top.
The blindfolded beauty fumbled a bit before pulling Danni’s tan top over her head. The gorgeous winner took the bra off herself, standing before her foe in just her skimpy black panties. Steph reached out to remove her bra and flinched when she brushed up against her bare breasts.

”Suck them!” Danni demanded, feeding Steph her pear shaped breasts with the long pointy nipples. The slave did as she was told, licking and sucking on Danni’s luscious tits with surprising enthusiasm. She slid her hand up to fondle the boobs before Danni slapped her hands, telling her just to use her mouth. Steph leaned ahead devouring both breasts much to the victor’s delight. The tall brunette lifted Steph’s chin with her finger telling her to help get her out of her panties. Stephenie reached out to Danni’s waist where once again she was slapped and told not to use her hands.

Danni turned around to Cindy, who was sitting naked in the chair stroking her hairy pussy while enjoying the show. She was far from the innocent girl she appeared to be on the show, as she flashed a mischievous smile back at her dominating friend. She watched in amazement as Stephenie tugged at Danni’s panties with her teeth, gently pulling them off before Danni helped her out by sliding them down to her ankles before kicking them off to the side.

She told Steph to get on her knees and lick her pussy. The blindfolded babe leaned in tongue first, awkwardly trying to perform some oral sex. Danni allowed her to use her hands and Steph felt her way up Danni’s long lean legs before making her way to her cleanly shaved pussy. The winner was already wet with excitement as Steph did her best to lap up her juices. Danni spun around and said she wanted her ass licked, bending over and sticking her bare ass in Steph’s face.

Cindy sat up not wanting to miss this perverted act as Steph cringed before taking a gulp and doing as she was told. She leaned in and began to tongue Danni’s tight pink asshole, causing her to let out a breathy sigh of delight. Cindy let out a little moan too, turned on by the sex act, causing Steph to pop her head up, “Who there? Is someone else here?” Danni just told her to never mind, but Steph couldn’t let it go. “Is that you Jeff?” she asked, thinking it was the host who flirted with nonstop for over two seasons.

Danni tried to change the subject and wheeled her around while taking a seat on the couch. “I want you to rub some oil on me” she hinted, as she held her hand out to Cindy who handed her a bottle of body oil on cue, as if it was planned. Danni took off the cap and handed it to Steph who carefully poured it over Danni’s slender body. The wavy haired beauty really got into the oil massage, delicately running her hands over her Danni’s naked body. The sassy brunette may have lost the game and the bet but she was enjoying her role giving the full body massage. Danni was enjoying it to as she was lying back in ecstasy as Steph worked her magic with her fingers.

Danni told Steph what a great job she was doing and got up to trade places, asking if she wanted a massage too. Steph gave an enthusiastic yes for answer and laid back on the couch waiting to be pleasured. She sensed some compassion from Danni and asked if she could take off the blindfold while reaching up for her buff. Danni grabbed her hand, “Not yet!” she told her, believe me you’ll enjoy it more.

Cindy could barely hold back from giggling and giving away her presence as she made her way over to the couch to get in on the fun. “Are you ready for you oil massage?” Danni asked, as she motioned for Cindy to join them. Steph licked her lips in anticipation and said she couldn’t wait.

Danni and Cindy could barely contain themselves as Cindy scooted up onto the couch straddling Steph, where she squatted over her and began peeing on Steph’s breasts and stomach, with some of the warm fluid splattering onto her face. The stream was never ending as Cindy gave her the golden shower.
”Oh my, that’s so warm!” Steph gushed as she rubbed it into her breasts. “That feels so good!” Again the other two could barely keep from laughing at their dumbfounded friend.

Cindy finished doing her thing and inched her way up Steph’s body until her hairy wet pussy was dripping as she hovered over Steph’s face. She lowered herself onto her mouth trying her best to spread her lips and let Steph lick her clean. Steph stuck her tongue out, welcoming the oral duties, licking Cindy’s salty vagina.

Danni ran her hands over the pool of pee that settled near Steph’s navel, spreading it over and around her flat stomach down to her tight pink pussy. She inserted her wet fingers while rubbing her huge clit with her thumb, causing Steph to let out a somewhat muffled moan. Danni began to finger fuck the tanned beauty more vigorously, pinching her clitoris periodically.

Cindy began to wiggle her cute round butt on Steph’s face when the sassy brunette realized it was more than just Danni playing with her. She propped herself up on her elbows, as Cindy slid down onto her chest. She yanked off her blindfold to find Cindy’s dangling boobs hanging inches from her face.

She started to protest, but was speechless as she was still enjoying Danni fingering her pussy. Steph managed to catch her breath and seemed to go along with their kinky charade as she reached out and grabbed one of Cindy’s gorgeous globes. She gave the sandy blonde zookeeper a more serious look, asking as she took a sniff of her surroundings, “Did you just pee on me?”

Cindy giggled again at her kinky role, nodding that she had. Danni interrupted, “You loved it!” as she removed her fingers and switched places with Cindy, crawling up Steph’s stationery body. It was Danni’s turn and the dominating brunette squatted over her face to unleash another golden shower. She pissed a steady stream onto Steph’s face as the runner up just sat there with her eyes closed, enjoying another drenching. The kinky babe licked her lips and gave Danni a surprising smile as she seemed to like watersports.

The girls didn’t have to hold back their laughter anymore as they all chuckled at their kinky game and headed to the shower for a little fun cleaning up.

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