Swathi salva with old man—2

Swathi salva with old man—2

The entire evening I was dreaming about the events that happened. My pussy became wet thinking about my sexventures. I wanted more from him. I took bath again and slipped myself into a nice saree. It was around 6.30 evening. I heard someone to my door, it was none other than ramu.

He came in to the house. Saw me playing with my son and watching tv. He asked if I can get him coffee since he was tired of the work he had done today noon.

I laughed at him and said you got tired for this itself. I moved to the kitchen.

He then followed me to the kitchen. I said to him that I thought you came here to see me since you wanted more. He laughed at me saying I am tired but I dint say I am not hard. Saying so he took my hand and placed it over his cock hidden within lungi. I felt his cock growing hard with my touch. Slowly he lifted my saree and petticoat up and lightly made a pat over my ass. All this was happening in the kitchen.

He started to massage my pussy lips with his fingers from behind. Slowly he inserted his finger into my pussy. He then turned me towards him and kneeled in front of me. Lifted my left leg and put it over his right shoulder and started to kiss my pussy. I was enjoying the way he was eating my pussy and giving me pleasure. I have never been done so before. Even my hubby has not done something like that to me. I felt I wanted more of it. I slipped away from him and bent to his ears and whispered him to move to the bed room. He smiled at me and silently slipped into the bedroom.

I then moved to the hall where my son was playing with his toys and watching cartoon. I too then went into the bedroom and shut the door. I gave him a wicked smile. Ramu was laughing at me and saying my dear wife dont make this old man more tired. I got hold of his semi hard dick and said I dont think so, it seems ur cock has more energy to play, but reserve that energy for later. Now I want the energy of your tongue.

When I said this he let his tongue and moved it up and down. I pushed him on the bed. He was lying on the bed and watching me as I slowly undressed myself. I stripped my saree and was slowly making some mild dance steps as I was undressing. I knew the old man was enjoying what I was doing.

Then I unhooked the hooks of my blouse and threw it over him. I turned back and walked towards him he unhooked my bra and pulled the string of my petticoat with his mouth. I was full nude in front of this old man. He was eyeing me as if to eat me. I crawled in the bed to him and asked him lick my pussy.

He was ready to do it and imediately he put his head in between my legs. He was licking my pussy from top till the tip. He slightly bit my pussy lips and I let out a moan of pleasure. I caught his head and pressed it to my pussy. He was licking me vigorously. I made him lie down and I sat over his chest with him licking my pussy. I moved my hip up and down. He was sticking his tongue into my pussy.

He opened his mouth wide open so that he can take my entire pussy within his mouth. I was enjoying his way of biting licking kissing and eating my pussy. He was doing wonders to me.

After 5 mins again I lied down and he was on top of me licking my pussy. I held his face burried in my pussy. I was feeling a shiver in my body. The shiver was getting intense and I was letting continuous moans.

After few mins I felt my entire body shiver and I squirted over all in his mouth. He was licking my entire juice and tasting it. Then we got up and he went back to his room and I put my dress again.

My husband came by 9.00 pm. I made dinner for both my husbands. It was around 10.00 pm, I first served dinner for my first husband, then took dinner for my second husband ramu. As I entered the room he hugg me from behind.

He directly put his hands over my pussy on top of the saree and started to massage it. I asked him to take his hands since by husband is there, but he said even a husband is here and was massaging my pussy and with other hand he was f

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