How Julia came to stay


On Friday nights, since there was no one waiting at home for me, I used to stay late at work, catching up, or even getting ahead with my chores. This Friday night, when I was about to leave, I noticed a light coming from Julia’s office. Julia was a very attractive woman, about my age, who dressed smartly, who always had a smile for me when we crossed in the corridor or came together in a business meeting. I believed her to be happily married, but she had no kids.

I knocked, then opened the door, and poked my head into her office. I was surprised and distressed to find her, with her head in her arms, slumped over her desk, crying her eyes out.

“Julia. What is wrong?”

“Go away! I just want to die!”

I put my hands on her shoulders, wanting to comfort her.

“It can’t be that bad! Would you like to tell me about it? Maybe I can help?”

She gave a big sob, then said, “I’m afraid to go home.”

“OK. So why don’t you let me take you to my favourite restaurant? We can talk about life the universe and everything. Maybe the world will seem less bleak after an excellent meal, a little wine, and some friendly company.”

“Oh! I don’t know. Normally I would love to have dinner with you, but tonight I would be such a wet blanket.”

“Listen, I am not being altruistic. I would really enjoy your company, even if you are not your usual, chirpy, self. Please say yes.”

“Well don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

For most of the meal, which was, as I had promised, excellent, I kept the conversation light. Julia seemed to cheer up, but while we were waiting for our desert, she fell silent.

I reached across the table, took her hand in mine and asked, “A penny for your thoughts?”

“Oh dear! Bill has been going out drinking on Friday nights with some mates from work. For the past few weeks he has not come home until late on Saturday morning. Last Friday night after I was in bed, he brought a young woman, dressed like a slut, home with him. He woke me up, told me to go and sleep on the couch because he needed the double bed for himself and his ‘friend’. I am afraid to go home because I am afraid that he will humiliate me like that again.”

“Well! I can offer you a bed for tonight.”

“You just want to fuck me, don’t you.”

“Yes! I would love to fuck you, but no, I don’t just want to fuck you, and I will not press you to let me. Do you have anywhere else to sleep?”

“OK! I’ll trust you.”

It was only a ten-minute walk from the restaurant to my place. When we were inside Julia had a look around while I poured scotches for us both. She quickly realised that I did not live alone. My daughter’s room, with the king-size bed almost filling it, was pretty untidy. The dildo, packet of condoms, packet of tampons, and tube of KY jelly on Angie’s bedside table, did not escape her notice. My bedroom, with another very large bed, showed evidence of male and female occupation.

“So where am I supposed to sleep? There doesn’t seem to be any spare bed.”

“Well! My wife spends her Friday and Saturday nights at her boyfriend’s place fucking men that she picks up in a pub. So you could share my bed if you change your mind about fucking. Failing that, my daughter is spending the weekend fucking her boyfriend somewhere. She won’t be back till Sunday afternoon. So her bed is vacant too.”

“You don’t seem upset that your wife is out fucking someone else. How can you tell me that so calmly?”

“It has taken us a long time to get to this point. The short answer is that my sex-life is so much more exciting now than it was before she left me for a time, that I am quite happy with the arrangement. When she made tentative moves to return to me, she made it quite clear that she would not be giving up her weekend activities. She also made it quite clear that she was willing … no keen for much more adventurous sex with me than we had ever shared before.”

“So, if she is fucking someone else with your approval, that must leave you free to fuck someone other than her, while she is not here.”

“Not just while she is not here. She is really into group sex, too. So am I since she made it possible for me.”

“I guess that that argument works for me too. If Bill is fucking some slut, then I am free to fuck you, do you agree?”

For an answer I stood up, pulled her to her feet, lifted her in my arms, and topkapı escort carried her to my bedroom.

“Oh, Doug! Put me down. I’m too heavy.”

“You’re just a slip of a girl, not heavy at all. I can’t wait to see that beautiful body of yours without clothes. I can’t wait to feel your magnificent breasts and stroke your perfect skin. I can’t tell you how excited I am now.”

I stood her next to the bed and started tugging at her clothes to get them off.

“Aren’t you going to put the light off?”

“Hell no! I told you that I wanted to see that beautiful body, and I am not going to be cheated.”

“Oh! Bill never says anything like that to me.”

I got her undressed and she helped me to undress too. I stepped back to admire her and gave her a big grin of appreciation, but then I realised that she did not see my grin because her eyes were glued to my cock which had sprung to attention at the sight of her naked body.

“Oh, Phil! It’s so big!”

“All the better to fuck you with, my little joy!”

Then I pushed her backwards onto the bed, with her legs over the edge. I knelt between her knees and started to lick around her outer lips.

“Oh, Phil! What are you doing?”

“Just lie there and enjoy yourself.”

“But that is naughty, isn’t it?”

“Tell me in a few minutes if you care if it is naughty or not.”

I went back to licking, visiting her hole with my tongue, then moving up to her clit which I held with my lips and licked with my tongue. From the moans I heard, I guessed that Julia was no longer concerned about whether or not it was naughty. A few more minutes of work with my tongue and I was rewarded by a gush of cum from her cunt as her orgasm shook her whole body.

“Oh, Doug! No one has ever done that for me before. How can I thank you?”

“Well, how about returning the compliment?”

“You want me to suck you.”

“Is that a problem? My wife and daughter both tell me that giving a blow job is as exciting as having someone eat their pussy.”

I was not yet ready to tell Julia that my daughter really enjoys my eating her pussy, or for that matter that she also loves giving me a blow job. She looked doubtful, but I pulled her head gently towards my cock head. She did not resist, instead taking me into her mouth and sucking hard. I encouraged her by pushing her head back and forth along my cock.

From there we progressed to a series of wild sexual activities, punctuated by sleep, eating, drinking, pissing, kissing. I tried, successfully, to give Julia orgasm after orgasm. I also impressed myself by how many times I was able to cum, mostly in her cunt, but a number of times down her throat, as well.

Late on Sunday morning we were sitting together enjoying a cup of coffee after a late breakfast.

“Thank you Phil. Bill has never ever given me an orgasm. Since Friday night and up to this morning I have had at least 10 orgasms with you. You have rekindled my enthusiasm for sex. Thank you.”

Suddenly Angie came bubbling into our apartment. She was naked by the time she came into the room. From Julia’s body language I knew that she was uncomfortable that someone else should catch us naked. But then she was distracted by the little bells that Angie had attached to her pierced nipples. Angie saw that Julia’s eyes were glued to her tits, so she gave them a little shake, making the bells tinkle. She also had a large piece of coloured glass, cut to look like a precious gem, somehow secured in her navel.

“Angie, this is my friend Julia; Julia, my daughter, Angie. What have you been up to Angie?”

“It was fucking awesome! Harriet was grounded for telling her mother ‘Go fuck yourself.’, so it was just Tom and Dick and me.”

I broke in to explain to Julia, “Officially, for Harriet’s parents that is, Tom is Angie’s boyfriend and Dick is Harriet’s. In reality they are a steady foursome. The four of them often spend the night together in Angie’s bed.”

Angie continued, “We spent the whole time double fucking.”

Julia wanted to know,”What is double fucking?”

“One cock in my cunt, the other in my arsehole. The boys love it because they can feel the other prick through my thin membrane. I love it because it feels so good. I cum before they do every time.”

I looked at Julia to gauge her reaction to Angie’s totally uninhibited etiler escort description. Rather than looking shocked her eyes were bright and there was a small smile on her face. I thought that she looked interested. In any case she had quite forgotten to be embarrassed about being naked.

“So where are Tom and Dick now? I did not expect you home yet.”

“Dick reckons that he can sweet talk Harriet’s mum into letting Harriet out for the rest of today. They dropped me home because Harriet’s mum blames me for leading Harriet astray. I guess that, from her point of view, that is right. We were hoping that you might be up for triple fucks with all of us.”

I was not sure what to answer; I did not want to shock Julia, but as it turned out, I did not need to worry.

“And what is a triple fuck, Angie?” Julia wanted to know.

“It is like a double fuck; the third cock goes in your mouth.”

“Oh my goodness me. To think that I have lived until now without even having heard of double or triple fucks. Obviously I have never experienced either.”

“Would you like to expand your sexual horizons by having your first triple fuck?”

No doubt about Angie, she was not one to beat about the bush!

“Oh dear! It does sound rather exciting, but … I don’t know … I’m a bit scared. I’ve never done anal for one thing.”

“Well, I can recommend a good person to practice anal fucking with. Phil, taught Harriet and me and he can be very gentle.”

“My God!” I thought, “How is Julia going to take that little gem? She now knows that I fuck my own daughter!”

Again, I did not need to worry. Julia just smiled at me and asked, “Would you?”

“I’ll get the lube.” Angie offered.

I pulled Julia toward me, then sat her on my knee facing me. My cock was standing to attention again, thanks to the extraordinary turn of events. The thought that, I was about to fuck Julia in her arse and then, probably, I would soon be part of a team of three fucking Julia in her three holes really excited me.

Angie came back with the lube and rubbed some on my cock for me then put some more on her fingers which she slipped into Julia’s arsehole and moved them about to lubricate it and also stretch it a little. She put more lube on my larger fingers which I then pressed into Julia’s bum hole, which I also stretched gently. All of this, Julia accepted, apparently without discomfort or embarrassment.

It was time to have Julia bend over the table. Angie squatted between Julia’s legs and started licking up and down her slit while I stood behind her and pressed my dick into her bum crack. I was surprised by how easily I was able to push the first inch into her anus. I waited until I felt Julia squirming from Angie’s attention to her pussy and clit, then pressed in another inch, then paused for her to accept the new intrusion. Inch by inch I pressed on until I was all the way inside.

At that point Julia was shaken by yet another orgasm; how many did she say she had had already this weekend? When she came down from her orgasm I started easing out slowly, just a little way, then in again. I continued, slowly increasing the speed and the depth of my thrusts, until my own orgasm erupted inside her gut. When I was finished I pressed my body against her back feeling the warm afterglow. Eventually my shrinking cock slipped out, allowing a dribble of cum mixed with lube to trickle down her bum crack.

“How was that, Julia?” Angie wanted to know.

“Oh, my God! I so want a triple fuck next!”

What excellent timing! Just then the front door bell rang; it was Tom, Dick and Harriet. They came in and immediately stripped naked before realising that a newcomer, Julia, was there.

No one was surprised that Tom and Dick were up for triple fucking Julia, and Angie generously agreed to let Julia go first.

While we were triple fucking Julia, Sarah walked in.

“What a den of iniquity!” was her tongue-in-cheek remark.

Julia was totally unaware of Sarah’s presence, as she was riding a continuing wave of orgasms. I doubted that she would be able to count how many she had had, or even distinguish when one ended and the next began.

“Well, husband, I’m glad to see that you have been enjoying yourself nearly as much as I have. Who is your new friend?”

“This is Julia. We work in adjacent offices. Julia ataköy escort could not go home on Friday because her husband is a shit, so I took her to dinner, one thing lead to another and here we are.”

“OK! I think that you should take us all to the restaurant for dinner. I would like to get to know Julia. She seems like my kind of girl.”

I phoned and managed to get a table for 7 at the restaurant that I had taken Julia to on Friday night. Everyone started to get dressed ready to go. I stopped Julia, pointing out to her that, if she wore her bra and panties, she would be the only woman in the party to do so. She was happy to abandon her bra for now, but complained that, if she did not wear her panties, her pubic hair would get caught in the zip of the jeans that she was wearing.

Sarah suggested, “Maybe you should shave your pubic hair?”

Angie countered, “There isn’t time for that now, why don’t you wear one of my skirts? We’re about the same size.”

But when Julia tried it on, Angie’s skirt was so short that Julia felt that she could not wear it in public.

Then Harriet offered, “My mum made me wear a longer skirt before she would let me out of the house. You wear my skirt and I’ll wear Angie’s.”

Harriet’s ‘longer’ skirt was still pretty short by Julia’s standards, but she put it on gratefully (without panties) and we all set off to walk to the restaurant.

Over dinner I sat between Julia and Sarah, who talked to each other across me as if I was not there. Sarah told Julia about the sex orgy that she had been indulging in since Friday night, probably to make it clear to Julia that she was cool about the way that Julia and I had spent the weekend, although I think that Julia got quite a buzz out of some of the antics that Sarah described.

Then Sarah wanted to know all about Julia and how she came to be triple fucking in our apartment. Julia gave a pretty honest account of our activities from Friday night when I rescued her from spending the night in her office, until this afternoon, when Sarah walked in on Julia with three cocks in her three holes.

When she said that she had never had an orgasm during sex before Friday night, and that she had lost count, after about 15, of the number of orgasms she had had since Friday night Sarah wanted to know, “Why haven’t you left your husband?”

“I really didn’t know how good sex could be. I had never fucked anyone else.”

“So why were you crying in your office late on Friday night?”

After Julia told her about Bill’s recent Friday night activities, Sarah was indignant. “You can’t go back to that bastard!”

“But I have no where else to go.”

“Of course you have. You can stay with us for as long as you like.”


“No ‘but’. You will have to share a bed with Phil and me. If Angie’s fuck friends stay the night they can all sleep together in Angie’s bed.”

“But I don’t want to come between you and Phil.”

“You won’t. You can fuck him tonight, I want a fuck early in the morning.”

As we walked home from the restaurant I had one arm around Julia’s waste and the other around Sarah’s. After we we were out of the shopping centre, I let my hands slip lower and explore their bare bum cheeks. Angie and Tom and Harriet and Dick were walking behind us and I figured they would block the view of anyone coming up behind us.

I could not see anyone ahead of us, so I slipped a finger into each bum hole. This was no surprise to Sarah, but Julia started to freak out, until I turned to her, kissed her and stuck my tongue in her mouth. Poor girl, she had really been riding an emotional roller-coaster all weekend. Still she rose to the occasion and kissed me back. By the time that we got home she was as horny as the horniest that she had been all weekend.

As it turned out, Harriet announced that she had to sleep at home that night, it was a condition of her release from being grounded, so Tom and Dick took her home then went to their own homes. Angie slept with us. Sarah suggested that Angie and Julia get into a 69 with Julia on top. I fucked Julia in the arse again, while Angie ate her pussy, and she ate Angie’s. The three of us all climaxed at almost the same time. Then we all fell asleep, jumbled together in the bed. I had no idea whose skin was pressing against mine, but whoever it was, I liked it.

In the morning I was awakened by Sarah climbing on top of my morning erection and fucking herself with it. Julia and Angie woke up and played with each other’s pussy while they watched us fucking. It was all very civilised, I thought.

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