Baby and the Game

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On this particular evening we all gathered at Mark’s apartment, bought booze and snacks and set ready to watch the CL quarter-final game. We got together one hour before the kick-off because we needed some time to prepare everything, cool the drinks, and prepare the snacks, so that we can be ready once the game starts. When Baby and I arrived, Andy has already poured himself a drink and Mark was in the kitchen preparing the snacks. I jumped down into the sofa, poured myself and Baby a glass of bear and started commenting on the events from the previous games. Andy and I were crazy about this seasons CL while Baby was not so enthusiastic. I suppose that she was bored, because, even though she loved watching the games, she was surely not all that into all of the detail and analyzes from the past matches. After ten minutes or so, Baby said:

“I’m going to check on Mark and see if he needs a hand.”

“OK,” I said and returned to conversation with Andy.

Being deep into the conversation with Andy I only noticed after half an hour that Baby is still not back. I called her name but I didn’t get a response. I called her one more time and after a few seconds I heard:

“I’m washing the dishes, I’ll be there in a minute.”

I said: „fine,” and continued talking to Andy.

After five minutes Andy said he needed to take a leak and left the room. Soon after that he went to the kitchen, left it in a second, went to Mark’s room and returned to the kitchen carrying something in his hand. I thought that Mark asked for something and didn’t pay much attention to it. I lit a cigarette and watched TV. Several more minutes went on and then I heard some unrecognizable sound coming from the kitchen, something like a yell. I was getting suspicious that Andy is not returning either, so I got up and went to check what was going on.

Mark’s kitchen was connected with another room that had a big sofa in it. When I entered that room I experienced the greatest shock of my life. Baby was sitting on a bed, she still had her shorts on her, and she took off the T-shirt and only had a transparent black bra on her upper part. Her hands were on Mark’s ass cheeks, and Mark held her hair and rammed his monster cock into her mouth. Andy was video recording all this holding the camera in one hand while beating a sizable piece of meat with the other. In that moment, Mark turned towards me with only a grin in his face making a gesture with his shoulders.

Andy commented: “wow, she’s one good cock-sucker,” while Baby didn’t pay any attention to me.

Mark continued to fuck her mouth holding her hair, while she stabbed her fingernails into his ass, gripping him harder and harder. He pulled out his bat, that had to have at least 22-23 centimeters, out of her mouth, and smeared it wet beylikdüzü escort from her spit, across her face. She grabbed his balls with one hand and his shaft with the other and started stroke it while blowing him slowly. She was licking the head of his cock, putting it in her mouth, licked the entire length of his cock from his balls to the tip, stroking it the entire time. It was all wet from her licks, and her spit, mixed with the pre-cum was dripping from her mouth down to her bra and chest. After 3 or 4 minutes he started ramming it down her throat again. Mark nailed her harder and harder literally tearing her throat apart. After a short while, he just yelled, pulled his cock out of her and came all over her mouth, face and hair. It looked like it’s been a good deciliter of sperm there because even what got into her mouth, Baby wasn’t able to swallow it all. Mark leaned his back to the wall while Baby slowly jerked his cock that didn’t seem to go down much.

My throat went dry from the scene, but my dick has never been harder. More as a reflex, I stupidly said:

“What the hell are you doing?”

Baby just said: “sorry honey, I heard rumors and I just had to see for myself!”

“Well I hope you are pleased now,” I said and grabbed her hand when Mark said:

“Hold it buddy, we’re not done yet here! See how horny she is? We shouldn’t leave her like that,” he said. “And besides, Andy would like to get a piece of the action too,” he grinned again.

All this time he was stroking his cock that was wet from Baby’s saliva and his own sperm, and that was now completely brought back to life, after this explosive blow job. Baby didn’t look away for one moment. Her breathing was deep and loud, her tits were moving rhythmically up and down and her look was fuzzy. She licked with her tongue the remains of the sperm from the corners of her lips, and it was more than obvious that she still awaits a real fuck and a good hard cock to rip open her womb.

“Do you want us to fuck you?” Mark asked.

“Yes,” Baby whispered, barely audible.

She was leaned on her elbows, her legs spread and she looked almost like she wants to back down.


“Yes I do!”

“What do you want?”

And Baby snapped and screamed out loud: “I want you to fuck me, you motherfuckers! Fuck me like a slut I am! I can’t take it any more! Fuck me all, please!”

Mark didn’t waste a second. He bent down, grabbed both sides of her shorts and yanked it off. He then put one hand on her shoulder and with the other hand ripped off her panties in one move. He then went down and put his head between her hot legs. She just moaned silently and took his head with her hands.

“Yessss Mark, ooohhhh, don’t stop pleaseee,” she moaned.

In beylikduzu escort the meantime, Andy put the camera down, put off his shorts and shirt and climbed up on the bed next to her.

“Sorry buddy, but you see that she is begging us to fuck her.”

As he said that, he knelt down, grabbed her hair and rammed his cock into her mouth. She took his loins with her right hand and rammed her mouth on his cock that was sliding smoothly into her throat. At the same time she guided with her left hand Mark’s head to her horny pussy.

I watched all this in amazement. I couldn’t believe that right here in front of my eyes, two of my best friends are working on my girlfriend, obviously preparing to fuck her in all possible ways, and that I’m just standing there and watching it all unfold. Slowly, mechanically, like a robot, I took the camera and zoomed Andy’s pole penetrating my baby’s throat in forceful swings. With my other hand I took off my pants and started stroking my painfully erect cock.

Andy looked at me at said with approval: “that’s right mate, we’re gonna rip her apart tonight!”

Baby replied to this statement: “Are you just gonna talk, or someone’s gonna fuck me properly?”

Mark then grabbed her hips, and turned her around. She put herself on the bed in a doggy style position, prepared to receive Mark’s bolt into her well lubricated pussy. Andy stepped aside slowly jerking his dick, prepared to watch the spectacle, while I recorded every single detail. Mark slowly put his cock to the Baby’s pussy entrance and rubbed it up and down a little.

Baby shouted: “Stop teasing me and put it inside already!”

Mark grabbed her hips and pushed it all the way in with all his strength yelling:

“Here it comes, slut!”

“Aaaahhhhh!!!” she shouted out loud and tears went into her eyes.

He pulled it out and then rammed it again all the way, even stronger than the first time:

“Do you want me to fuck you like this, you little whore?” he said.

Baby shouted again: “YESSSSSSS!!!” and collapsed to the bed.

Her hands were shaking from excitement. He repeated this a few more times, like stabbing her with a spear and she screamed every time. His stabs became more frequent and each time you could see his entire dick pulling out and with all strength going back home. Sweat mixed with tears was pouring down Baby’s face. She was moaning constantly now and screaming repeatedly from the ecstasy. Andy and I were watching this in amazement. I couldn’t believe that she is being fucked with such a big cock and still that she absolutely enjoy it. After some ten minutes Mark has already been fucking her full speed. He started to moan out loud too and Baby said:

“Come in me, please!”

He made a few more long escort beylikdüzü strokes and filled her entire pussy with his sperm. He stayed inside her a few more seconds and then pulled his monster out of her pussy and fell on the bed exhausted. Baby laid, her belly on the bed, while Mark’s sperm was leaking out of her cunt to the covers.

“Mmmm, that was gooood,” she said.

Andy then approached from behind and said: “My turn!”

He grabbed her legs, moved her closer and then holding her hips put her up a little. She was now on her knees but her face, chest and hands were still on the bed. He started groping and licking her cheeks.

“Mmmm I like thisss,” she said.

“And do you like having it up your ass?”

“No, please don’t, I’ve never been f…” but she moaned the same second because he started to suck and lick her asshole.

“Uuuhhhh…soooo gooooood. Aaaahhhhh please d-donnn’t stttooooopp, mmmmmm!”

After a couple of minutes of sucking, licking, slurping and moaning, Andy pushed two, and then three fingers in her ass, and said:

“Now you are ready.”

You could see the fear in Baby’s eyes but also the tremendous excitement.

“Don’t worry, you’re gonna enjoy this,” Andy said and slowly put his cock to the entrance of the Baby’s asshole.

Little by little he tried to put the head in and soon he succeeded. Baby screamed. Then he pushed centimeter by centimeter the shaft of his cock in and slowly out gaining each time new depths. Baby bit her lower lip, the sweat pouring down her face, and she gripped the bed covers with her hands. The scene was phenomenal. Her butt high in the air, and in it Andy’s spear pushed half way in. After a while he managed to push it all the way in and with slow rhythmic movements he started fucking her in the ass. With each push Baby would scream, until she went into the state of permanent screaming and moaning.

„Aaaaaaaahhhh, mmmmm, aaaahhhhh, yessss, fuck my ass, it’s sooo goood…” she screamed.

Andy was fucking her now like a man possessed. I came forward and pushed my hard dick into her mouth. I handed the camera over to Mark, grabbed both sides of her head and fucked her throat. I heard Andy yelling and burying himself deep into her ass, coming. I couldn’t hold it any more so I came too, directly in her throat, and then to her face. I smeared some of it on her face, and then I cleaned my cock with her hair, stood up and got dressed. I went to Mark and I took the camera.

“I think I’m gonna hold this for a while,” I said.

He pulled his head down and stood silently.

“I’m gonna watch the second half. When you are done with the bitch bring the cold beer from the fridge,” I said and left the room.

Baby stayed there, all wet, covered with sperm, with her pussy and ass soar from fucking. For the several hours I heard screams, moans and creaks. It was 3 am when I took a peak into the room and saw them sleeping together, Baby in the middle, while the room was filled with the smell of semen and sweat.

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