Back In Action

Big Tits

I had only been in the village for a short time following the break up of my marriage. I’d moved to a small cottage with Jon my ten year old son. My names Beth and I’m thirty six and I am separated from my husband Barry after I found out about the sexual favours he’d been bestowing on his young secretary.

Jon is a keen footballer and soon became a member of the village team. His team is managed by Kevin assisted by his wife Sue and over a short while we became friends, often meeting up on a Saturday afternoon for a drink at the local pub along with one or two other parents. All the children were able to kick a football about in the pubs large garden and we could supervise them.

Football matches are played on a Sunday and after one game Sue invited me round for a meal. Nights out are often difficult to arrange, due to looking after Jon. However I was able to take up Sue’s offer as Jon was spending Saturday, day and night, with his father.

I arrived at about seven o’clock as requested and soon joined Sue and Kevin in the lounge. We were later joined by Michael, another single parent from the village. We had a really good evening, good food, conversation and I had a couple of glasses of wine. At about nine-thirty, following the meal, Michael apologised but said he had to leave as he had to get home as his baby sitter was going out.

Sue and I went into the lounge whilst Kevin tidied up the kitchen. She offered me a drink but I refused as I was driving.

“You don’t have to go. You could stay the night. We’ve got a spare room and our beds also big enough for sharing,” she said giving out a small laugh and giggle.

“I don’t know,” I said.

“Go on,” she encouraged “It means you can have another drink, at least.”

“All right then,” I replied “Ill have another glass of wine.” Sue poured me my drink and we started talking.

“Did you see Michael’s eyes; he couldn’t keep them off you.”

“Don’t be silly;” I said “Were you trying to match make by any chance?”

“Not at all, but I did catch him trying to look up your dress on a couple of occasions.”

“I can’t believe that.”

“It’s true, and you can’t blame him, you’re a good looking woman. It’s not just me who thinks so, Kevin commented on your attractiveness after the first time he’d seen you at football.” Kevin then joined us and the conversation turned to football and other things and we had a couple more drinks.

“Gosh! Is that the time,” I commented having looked at my watch and noted it was ten minutes to midnight. “I think I should be thinking about bed.”

“I’ll show you up,” Sue said and we made our way to the stairs. As we reached the landing I got a real shock. “Have you decided spare room or sharing?” Sue questioned. I was taken completely by surprise.

“Err…..I….err…” I mumbled.

“You seem a little bemused,” Sue continued “I hope I’ve not upset you. There’s no need to worry. Kev and I have discussed it and we’d both like you to join us for a bit of fun. However we won’t be offended if you decide to sleep alone.”

My mind was in a whirl. Kevin is an attractive, fit guy and I hadn’t had anyone for some time. Thinking of that and with the relaxing effect of the wine I gave Sue my response. “Sharing sounds good.”

“Come on then follow me,” she said, directing me into a bedroom. The room was sizeable with a very large bed as its focal point. Sue could see me looking at the bed “Do you like the size of our ‘playground’.”

“Yes, it’s bigger than the average.”

“It’s not the only thing bigger than average, but you’ll get to find that out when Kev joins us. I don’t think you’re going to be disappointed……..Why don’t we get more comfortable whilst we wait for Kev.” Sue began undressing and I followed suit. “Leave your bra and panties on, Kevin can finish striping us,” Sue suggested “Beth you’ll turn him on as he loves women in hold-ups,” she continued as she took my hand and led me to the bed. We both lay down. I was on my back and Sue was next to me lying on her side propped up on one arm. Her hand started to stroke over my stomach. “Kev will join us soon. I’m looking forward to seeing him with you, it will be fun. Would you mind if I kissed you?”

“Not at all.”

“That’s good,” she said as she lowered her mouth to mine. Our tongues were soon intertwined as we both explored each others oral cavity.

“You’re both not slow in getting acquainted,” came Kev’s voice from the doorway.

“We had to do something whilst we waited for you,” Sue replied, having stopped kissing me and lifting her head. “Beth and I are waiting for you to finish undressing us so that we can play,” she said before returning to snogging me once again.

I felt the mattress move as Kevin joined us on the bed. He positioned himself, kneeling, alongside Sue. I could see his hands behind Sue and soon her bra had been removed revealing her tiny little breasts. Kevin was fondling one. “Sue likes having her boobs played with,” he said whilst doing so. He then moved down and slid Sue’s thong off. “That’s Sue taken care of; now Beth let’s see what goodies you’ve brought to the party.” He shuffled round next to me, eased his hands behind my back, unclipped and removed my bra. “Sue look at Beth’s gorgeous tits. Do you like having your nipples sucked?”

“I izmit escort love it,” I replied. With that both Sue and Kevin started teasing a nipple each with their tongues and mouth. Sue continued her attentions as Kevin moved down and skilfully removed my panties. He then sat on the edge of the bed and I knew he was removing his briefs, before getting back on the bed.

“I told you he had something bigger than the average for you,” Sue said as I looked at Kevin’s sizeable cock. “What do you think?”

“It looks terrific,” I replied.

“Kevin, get closer so Beth can have a feel.” He moved a little closer and my hand reached out and caught hold of his meat wrapping my fingers round it. It was fairly thick with a reasonable length. My other hand was fondling his sizeable balls. “Do you want to taste him?” Sue enquired.

“Mmm yes please,” I replied. Kevin adjusted his position and I was now able to lick all over his purple head.

“Let’s get more comfortable,” Sue suggested. “I want to taste your pussy whilst you give Kevin head.” Sue directed us and soon I was kneeling with Sue, underneath me, between my legs licking my slit whilst Kevin was on his back with me administering oral attention, from above, to his rapidly growing and hardening cock. This was fantastic and very enjoyable. I love sucking cock and my pussy was being eaten expertly. My breathing was becoming shallower and deeper and I knew I was on the way.

“Sue have you just made Beth cum,” Kevin enquired just after I’d let out a long drawn out moan.

“I certainly have,” came Sue’s muffled reply from beneath me. “She’s soaking wet.”

“That sounds good, how does she taste?”

“Gorgeous!” she exclaimed as I was still sucking and licking Kevin’s cock. “I want to see you fuck her, she’s ready for you…….Beth how do you want to take him?”

“It’s got to be my favourite, doggy,” I replied. Sue was once again in charge and positioned me kneeling on the end of the bed.

“Kevin would prefer to fuck you without a condom is that O.K?”

“Mmm, that’s fine by me,” I responded. Kevin was standing on the floor behind me and I felt him parting my pussy and starting to feed me his cock. This felt so good, being filled with a big cock and he was soon fully inside me.

“Beth, for a MILF, you’ve got a lovely tight little cunt,” Kevin observed.

“I don’t think she’s been getting much action recently,” Sue added.

“I haven’t, your right, but this is making up for it,” I said as Kevin started to shag me properly. Long, slow, deep strokes. He was very good and I was being seen to very well. As he went on he started to slowly up his pace.

“Beth’s really enjoying what you’re doing to her. I love the way you moan and sigh Beth. Is Kev making you feel good?”

“Mmm!…….. Oh yes!……..Very much!” Kevin started to pump me hard.

“Keep going Kev you’re going to make her cum.” Sue was right and I was soon climaxing hard again, all over Kevin’s cock. “That was terrific, did you enjoy it Beth?”

“Very….very…much!” I exclaimed trying to regain my breath and composure. “That’s my first cock in nearly seven months, thanks Kevin.”

“By the look on his face I think Kev should be thanking you.” Kevin slipped his still erect cock out of me. “Beth why don’t you try sitting on Kev?”

“I’d love to,” I replied. We moved around and it wasn’t long before I was lowering myself on to Kevin’s cock in cowgirl.

“That looks good, he’s gone nice and deep,” Sue observed. The whole scenario was more exciting knowing that I was being watched by the wife of the guy who was fucking me.

“It is good, I feel so full up,” I said as I started to rub my pussy lips and clit against him. I then started raising and lowering myself up and down his love pole, going nice and deep on the downward stroke. It was so good and relaxing and I kept my action going for some time.

“Why don’t you try facing the other way Beth? You could try standing on the floor.” I took Sue’s advice and with Kevin sat at the edge of the bed I impaled myself on his cock again, facing away from him. I could now use my legs to raise and lower myself. Sue stood in front of me; she lowered her head and started kissing me. She was also massaging and fondling my boobs at the same time. One hand left my breast and found its way to my pussy and on to my clit. I was pumping up and down quite hard and combined with Sue friging my love button I orgasmed again coating Kevin’s balls in my juice.

As I stood up, letting him slip out of me, Kevin stood and pushed me on to my back on the bed. He spread my legs and entered me in missionary. He started to fuck me hard and had me coming again very quickly………………………

“Beth are you going to take Kevin’s spunk, I think it’s his turn to cum now.”

“I’m more than ready for his sperm,” I said lying on my back and opening my mouth wide. Kevin knelt beside me whilst Sue jacked his cock until he fired several large spurts of warm white juice into my waiting mouth. He tasted good as I swirled the sticky jizz over my tongue before swallowing every drop.

We said very little as we all lay together, me snuggling into Kevin’s chest with Sue spooning me from behind. We soon drifted off to sleep………………………..

In izmit escort bayan the morning I was woken by Sue’s hand stroking up and down my body. “Wake up sleepy head,” she whispered in my ear.

“Ugh… what time is it,” I asked sleepily, rubbing my eyes.

“It’s quarter past nine,” Sue replied.

“Gosh I’ve slept so well.”

“That’s not surprising given the fucking you had last night,” Sue remarked.

“Mmmm….it was nice, Kevin fucked me well…..Where is he by the way?”

“He’s gone out for his Sunday morning run.”

“He’s certainly got more stamina than me, after last night.”

“Yes you certainly expended plenty of pent up energy. Kevin really enjoyed having you and watching was good fun too.”

“Do you and Kevin do this kind of thing often?”

“As a couple not as often as we’d like, but individually we do get to have other partners fairly regularly when circumstances allow.”

“You obviously don’t mind each other doing or being done by others.”

“No. We have an open relationship and trust each other and always say when we’ve fucked with someone else.”

“That’s terrific you must have a really strong bond.”

“Yes we do. We love each other; the rest is just lust and sex.”

“I don’t suppose I’m the only ‘friend’ you have in the village.”

“Not quite, although we do have to be careful. Now you’re back in the saddle, so to speak, there are a couple of nice cocks in the village that might interest you.”

“Who are they? Do I know them?”

“I think you probably do. Do you know Malik, one of the brothers who run the post office stores?”

“I know them to talk to but which one’s Malik?”

“He’s the younger one.”

“I can place him now, so you’ve had him have you?”

“A good few times. If you thought Kevin has stamina then Malik’s a marathon man. He hasn’t got a big cock but the first time I had him he fucked me, making me cum twice before unloading himself in my mouth. He then gave me oral to completion by which time his cock was primed and ready to go again. He did me again in a variety of positions before delivering another load for me to swallow. When we’d finished I realised he’d been doing me for over two hours. He’s always the same.”

“Wow! He sounds insatiable.”

“He is, he’s never off the boil. The other guy you might be interested in is Tony, you know spiky haired Stevie who plays in your Jon’s team, it’s his dad.”

“Oh yes.”

“Yes. Well he does have a large a cock, not long but very much fatter than Kevin’s. I can’t wrap my hand round it, even at semi-hard and his cock head is sizeable. You certainly know when you’ve had him inside you.”

“It certainly sounds like it. Does Kevin have any ladies in the village?”

“Apart from you? You mean. I assume you’re going to want to be one of his ladies and have some more of him?”

“I’d love to.”

“That’s good. Now in answer to your question he has two that he’s bedding at the moment. Do you know Jean Auld, who lives in Station Road, I’m sure you do, she drives the pink Mini Cooper.”

“Oh yes I know, I was talking to her last week at the village fete. Gosh she doesn’t seem the type, very prim and proper.”

“Not when she’s in the bedroom or other places that she’s had Kev. She’s quite a randy and dirty little slut.”

“I can’t believe that.”

“It’s true. The first time they were together she quite happily masturbated and dildo’d herself in front of him and on their second meeting she had him pee on her and she drank it.”

“Ooh! She is dirty, but each to their own.”

“I agree. His second plaything is Miss Sinclair, the young teacher from the village school.”

“How did he meet her?”

“You know he runs football coaching at the school.”


“Well the head asked if he would go on the school journey to Stratford, for two days, as an additional male support. Dianne was one of the teachers on the trip. Kev flirted with her whilst away, and they spent one evening at the pub together having a break. On their return he completed the seduction by fucking her during the half term holiday. He only gets to have her at holiday time because she’s working during the day and her partner / boyfriend is around at night and at week-ends.”

“I’ll certainly look at her differently now when I visit the school,” I said giving a little giggle. “You and Kev certainly seem to enjoy yourselves.”

“We do and it certainly helps that we are both available during the day when it’s easier to arrange liaisons, especially with those that are married or in relationships. I suppose you don’t want to hear about that given your situation with your husband.”

“No not at all. I’ve come to terms with it now and I think our relationship had run its course. My finding out about his infidelity just accelerated the inevitable. I can’t complain I’ve done very well. I’ve got a fantastic son and Barry finances us in a way that gives us a very comfortable lifestyle. He doesn’t want a divorce, for family reasons, but I already have a legal agreement that would maintain our lifestyle if ever divorce came along.”

“Do you fancy coffee?”

“Sounds good.”

“Just slip a robe on, that’s all I’m doing. You’ll find one in izmit sınırsız escort the bathroom.” I went to the bathroom and found a white fluffy robe before going down stairs. Sue was in the kitchen when I joined her. She made coffee and we took it into the lounge. We had just sat down when Kevin returned from his run.

“Good morning ladies and how are we this morning?” Kevin enquired. “And what have you been up to whilst I’ve been out.”

“Not a lot. Beth was a little bit sleepy after her exertions last night,” Sue replied.

“Yes we’ve just been talking. Sue’s been filling me in about you with Jean and Dianne and her with Malik and Tony.”

“Has she now. Has she offered to get you acquainted with the boys?

“Not exactly.”

“But you’d be interested?”

“Mmm, I think so.”

“Sue you could arrange it couldn’t you?”

“I’m sure both fellas’ would be delighted,” Sue answered.

“There we are then. That should help you Beth as I think it’s been some time since you’ve indulged sexually, well according to what you said last night,”

“Yes my husband Barry was my last, before you, and that was nearly seven months ago. Far too long a time and what I might have missed out on doesn’t bare thinking about. Kevin I take it you have other ladies outside of the village.”

“No one regular but both Sue and I frequently spend short periods of time, one or two days, away from home with work and we do try to enjoy ourselves.”

“Kev and I are rarely away together but being in hotels you can usually find businessmen or women looking to indulge in a little fun. It’s easier for me as male or female doesn’t matter. We do have a couple of rules though. No doing anyone ugly and making sure we tell each other all the details on our return. If possible we’ll let each other know just before we have someone. The mobile phone is so useful”

“You certainly have your sex life sorted I must admit,” I commented before we had another coffee and talked generally about this and that. Kevin was saying that he was flying to Edinburgh that evening and that he would begin trying to find a lady for fun starting with the flight. Eventually I decided it was time for me to leave. “I think I should be making a move,” I suggested.

“Beth would you like to take a shower before you go?”

“I’d love to.”

“Kev you need one as well, you’re all sweaty from your run. Why don’t you show Beth where the towels are?” Kevin and I made our way upstairs and he gave me a fluffy white bath towel before showing me into the bathroom. Once inside I closed the door and I slipped off my robe, and stepped into the shower. There was a knock on the door.

“Do you need someone to scrub your back?” I heard Kevin shout from the other side of the door.

“If you’re up for it.” I shouted back light heartedly before turning on the shower. I was busy soaping myself when I felt someone standing behind me. It was Kevin, who had removed his clothes and joined me and now had his hands in front of me squeezing my breasts.

“I didn’t get a chance to massage these properly last night,” he said. “They’re lovely and firm and your nipples are already hard.”

I reached behind me. “That feels as good as last night,” I said squeezing Kevin’s flaccid cock which was resting between my buttocks.

“As you know it can get much bigger in the right hands and mouth,” he whispered in my ear. I instinctively turned round and dropped to my knees and I now had a close up view of the cock I’d just been squeezing. It was as big as I remembered from last night, a good length and fat, even in its sleeping state. I was determined to wake it up. I fastened my hand around the shaft, stuck out my tongue and licked all over the head. My other hand was gently caressing and weighing two big heavy balls. I opened my mouth and allowed his head in. His cock was slowly responding to my attentions and was growing. I took more of his meat into my mouth and his increasing girth started to fill me up. I was jacking my hand up and down his length, and I was controlling how much of him I was allowing in my mouth. My mouth has to feel comfortable when I give head. He was allowing me to take as much as I wanted. Kevin was enjoying it by the sounds of satisfaction coming from him and soon my work bore fruit as I squeezed some pre-cum out of his now erect cock. He tasted so good. I continued to suck and taste him before he eventually removed his cock from my mouth, stood me up, then knelt in front of me. He eased my legs apart, lifted my right leg up, on to a small ledge before starting to give my pussy an incredible licking. He has an experienced mouth with a fantastic technique. He pulled me open with his hands and used his tongue, mouth and lips to explore and probe my slit and love hole whilst also giving my clit plenty of attention. After a while he sucked my clit into is mouth and flicked his tongue all over it until he had my legs shaking as I climaxed. “Turn round and lean forwards,” he instructed. I complied, leaning forward with my arms out supporting myself on the wall. “Spread your legs,” he continued. I parted my legs and felt his hands parting my bum cheeks and then his tongue licking and probing at my bum hole. He then licked lower to my love hole. “Beth you’re good and ready to be fucked,” he said as he stood up behind me. He held my pussy lips open with one hand and directed his hard fat cock towards my love hole. Wow! What a feeling as he entered me, sliding himself up into my cunt. “Ooooh! Beth you have got one gorgeous tight little hole baby.”

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