Blackmail Ch. 03


That evening when Carol came to bed I was so turned on by Tina’s antics from earlier that I tried my luck. Knowing Carol was tired after a long shift I felt a little guilty as I cuddled into her in the way that made it obvious of what I was after. There was no response. She was already asleep and hadn’t even noticed my advances.

Although I was frustrated I couldn’t really blame her. She was working long hours, probably too many. Our love life was suffering I guess but it hadn’t really bothered me before, it was all to do with my new found interest in sex which of course was all down to Tina.

I left Carol to sleep. As I laid there trying to sleep my thoughts soon drifted back to the events earlier. The picture of Tina with Adam invaded my mind. Try as I might I couldn’t think of anything else…

The next day I busied myself in the garden. Carol was at work and Tina was out somewhere. It was early afternoon as I was mowing the lawn that I was suddenly aware that Tina was home, “I’M HOME,” she shouted to be heard over the noise of the lawn mower.

Turning the mower off Tina sidled up to me, “You need to watch your laptop again. It’s all set up on your bed,” she said in almost a whisper.

I was instantly excited as I watched Tina walk back in to the house. She was wearing a short black skirt which showed off her shapely legs, a white top that in the bright light of the day was nearly see-through and nothing on her perfect little feet.

Wondering what she had in store for me today I was soon in my bedroom. Closing the door I felt my excitement grow as as I sat down on my bed and pulled the laptop onto my lap. I wasn’t at all surprised to see Adam standing in front of Tina who sat on her bed. What I hadn’t expected was another boy standing next to him.

This new boy was shorter than Adam and was a heavier build. They both stood quietly in front of Tina awaiting her instruction, “Take all of your clothes off,” she barked out her order.

The boys both stripped off and I could see they were both a little embarrassed to be naked in front of one another. Adam’s penis was already getting hard but the other lad was still soft and shrivelled.

“Oh dear, that’s no good to me is it,” said Tina taunting the boy, “lets see if this helps.”

Tina pulled her top off and released her breasts from her bra, “If you can’t get hard then you may as well go home, no use to me like that,” she said.

Turning escort izmit her attention to Adam Tina leaned back. Lifting her legs the toes of her left foot gently cradled his balls while her right foot pressed his shaft against his body. While her toes kneaded his huge purple knob she stroked herself through her white cotton panties.

“That’s better Jake, keep wanking,” she said seeing the other boys cock growing.

Now knowing the boys name I watched as his cock grow fully erect with the help of Tina’s praise. It was a bit shorter than Adam’s but much thicker although the knob couldn’t compete with Adam’s oversized specimen.

Tina slipped her knickers off giving the boys a perfect view of her pussy as she resumed position leaning back and raising her feet, but this time placing them on Jake’s cock and balls. The lad was so excited that it only took a few strokes from Tina’s feet and toes before he shot his load.

“Oh Jake you bad boy. I didn’t tell you you could come yet,” Tina scorned but still rubbed her toes up and down his shaft and knob covering them in his spunk.

“Now you’re going to have to clean that mess up,” Tina said, “kneel down and lick my feet clean.”

Doing as he was told Jake kneeled down and began licking up his own spunk from Tina’s feet to her obvious enjoyment as she played with her pussy with one hand while rubbing her tits a nipples with the other.

“Make sure you lick between my toes,” she said.

Adam looked on gently wanking his rock hard erection. His huge swollen purple knob glistened with the pre cum as it oozed out.

“You’d better get that hard again for me,” Tina said to Jake as she withdrew her feet and sat up on the side of the bed.

Pulling Adam towards her she began slapping his cock from side to side as she’d done before. He flinched with each slap, his cock wobbled around as did Tina’s tits from the movement. Letting his cock settle she changed to a more gentle approach and kissed up and down his shaft while cupping his balls in her left hand. Her other hand between her own legs.

“Mmmm all this lovely pre cum,” she said licking the juice from his knob.

Adam’s cock twitched with every contact of Tina’s tongue as she gently licked all around and over his big wet knob. Jake was again erect as he wanked himself.

“Now that’s better,” Tina said when she noticed, “come closer.”

Tina gave Jake the same treatment as izmit escort she had with Adam, “Mmmm lovely, more pre cum,” she said as she lapped away at his knob.

“I want to taste your spunk now,” she said tipping her head back, “shoot your cum over my face.”

Both boys wanked away positioning themselves either side of Tina’s waiting face. Although her pussy was hidden under her skirt it was obvious her fingers were busy between her legs.

Adam was the first to come shooting his hot spunk over Tina’s face and into her open mouth. Before the last drops had finished dripping from his engorged purple knob Jake began shooting his load making Tina’s face look like a mask of spunk.

“Oh Yes lovely hot tasty spunk, ” she said licking around her lips.

Tina licked both boys cocks clean before dismissing them, “OK thank you, you may go now. I will let you know when I need you next,” she said laying back on her bed.

Licking the mess from her face with her fingers and feeding it to her mouth the boys quickly dressed. When Tina was sure they had left the house she summoned me to her room.

“Your turn Daddy,” she said looking straight at the webcam and gesturing with a movement of her finger.

I was in her room in a flash and greeted by her bare arse and pussy as she crouched on all fours on her bed.

“Lick my pussy Daddy,” she said.

I knelt on the floor and Tina shuffled back to allow my face between her legs. Stroking my hands up her smooth thighs my eyes focused on her dripping slit. Pressing my face into her I smelt the sexy odour of her excited cunt before tasting her inviting cunt.

“Oh yes Daddy, lick my dirty cunt,” she teased.

I licked up to her arsehole and then back down between the soft wet lips of her cunt and further round to her stiff little clit. Repeating the same movement over and over, faster and faster Tina was soon moaning with delight.

“Ooooh Daddy, make me come,” she said.

Rubbing her clit with a finger I continued licking her hole and arse building her climax. I was soon rewarded with the taste of her gushing juices on my probing tongue.

“OOOOOH YEEEES, ” she cried as her body went rigid as she orgasmed…

She rolled over on to her back, her body now limp. To my great surprise and frustration I was dismissed.

“You may go now,” she said and looked up at me. Seeing the expression of disappointment on my face izmit kendi evi olan escort she added, “don’t worry, you’ll be needed again soon.”

I walked back to my room with the smell of her still fresh in my nostrils and an erection that desperately needed attention. Thinking of what she had said I refrained from relieving myself, hoping it wouldn’t be long before I was summoned again.

As I sat back on my bed trying to take my mind away from my excited state I made the mistake of glancing at my laptop. Tina hadn’t moved and still laid naked on her bed. Unable to resist I pulled the laptop closer and watched as she tasted her own pussy juices from her fingers.

It took a huge effort to close the laptop but I knew if I kept watching I would have to relieve my throbbing erection. Picking the book up I had started reading the night before from the bedside table I managed to lose myself in the story…

It was about an hour later when I was summoned by Tina, “Daddy, I need you,” she called.

I was in her room in no time and found her sitting on the edge of her bed still totally naked, “Take your clothes off Daddy and lay on the bed, I’m going to sit on your face,” she commanded.

Quickly stripping I did as she said and laid down on the bed. Straddling my head she positioned herself so we were in a sixty nine. The sight of her pussy approaching my mouth soon had my cock responding and with the touch of her hand and then her soft lips it was soon as hard as rock.

“Mmmm Daddy’s cock tastes good,” Tina said and took the knob between her lips.

My tongue explored her pussy. The aroma of her stale juices from earlier was soon mixed with fresh juices as I licked deeper. As her head lifted and dropped on my cock I could feel her stiff nipples poke my skin. I was soon thrusting my hips up and down fucking her mouth and knew I wouldn’t last long. Now licking her clit she moaned as she too approached orgasm. Pulling firmly down with her hand at the base of my shaft she sucked hard on my throbbing knob

Feeling the cum rise I groaned out loud and began shooting my spunk into her mouth. I heard Tina gag a couple of times as it hit her throat but she kept her lips firmly around my knob. When I was able I began sucking hard on her clit. My nose pressed between her lips was wet with her juices. I felt my spunk poor over my cock as she lifted her mouth.

“OH FUCK YES,” she cried as she reached her climax, her cum flooding over my face…

When she had regained enough strength Tina climbed off, “Thank you Daddy, you may go,” she said…

I was now totally hooked. The girl could do what she wanted with me, knowing I would obey…

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