Born Beautiful, Rachel’s Story #08

Big Tits

Chapter 8

Son forcing mother to have sex with him and mother enjoying the sexual relationship

With father and son taking turns drinking from the bottle and falling down drunk, Hugo stopped beating his wife to watch his son having sex with her. Touching and feeling her everywhere, Karl pulled her nightgown all the way down and off before untying her wrists. Once she was naked and once she was untied, Olga continued playing her meekly vulnerable, unwilling victim part while her son removed his cock from his trousers.

“No Karl! Stop! You mustn’t!”

Watching the sexual interaction between mother and son with intensity, her husband stroked himself while watching his son pull his mother’s hand to him. When Karl forced his mother to take him in her hand, Hugo stroked himself faster. Karl wrapped Olga’s fingers around his cock and while humping her hand with his hips, he moved her hand with his to stroke him.

Playing along with her son as the unwilling victim, undoubtedly with the incest adding more sexual excitement to their sexual encounter, a mother stroking her son’s cock whether as a willing or unwilling victim was just as sexually arousing as it was incestuously wrong. From chocolate to fattening foods, to drinking and smoking, bittersweet as with everything else in life something that feels as good as having sex with one’s mother shouldn’t be deemed so wrong. Nonetheless, as his pretense to show his father that he was forcing his mother to masturbate him, he slapped her while holding his hand over hers. Back and forth and in and out, he moved her hand with his. He humped her hand with his hips while clenching her fingers tighter around his cock.

“Let go of me. Let go of my hand!”

With one hand positioned over her hand while she stroked his cock, he continued kissing her and feeling her breasts and fingering her nipples with his other hand. With her feigning embarrassment and shame, merely for the benefit of her husband, she recoiled and pulled her hand away again and again. Wrapping her fingers around his cock again and again while holding his hand there, now giving her son a much better hand job, she gave a realistic show of being victimized for the sake of not enraging her husband anymore than he already was.

“Stroke me mother. Stroke my cock.”

Needing more to show her husband that she was more the unwilling victim than the willing participate in their mother and son incestuous lovemaking, even if Hugo didn’t believe her act, obviously it was worth a whipping to her to have sexual relations with her big, strong son. Learning how to treat a woman from his father’s mistakes, Karl was a much better lover than his father. In the way that he enjoyed his mother’s body, he gave her as much pleasure first as she gave him pleasure after.

“Karl, please stop. I beg you. Please don’t.”

Already aroused from his mother’s reluctant hand job, with a heavy hand to her shoulder, showing her husband all the struggling necessary to make him think that her son was forcing her to her knees to pleasure him with her mouth. Feigning her resistance, Karl forced his mother to her knees. A promise is a promise after all and telling him that he could cum in her mouth and that she’d swallow his cum, she promised him she’d pleasure him with her mouth if he not only didn’t touch Rachel but also promised to protect his sister from his father.

“Karl, don’t do this. It’s wrong for a mother to suck her son. It’s wrong for a mother to give her son sexual pleasure. It’s wrong for a son to cum in his mother’s mouth.”

With his big back blocking his father’s view, he took his stiff prick in hand and, as he did with his fingertip, he ran his cock slowly back and forth across her lips. She wrapped her hand around her son’s cock and stroked him faster and harder. The mere fact that Olga was on her knees in front of and looking up at her son, Hugo didn’t need to see to know what his wife was doing to her son and what his son was forcing his mother to do. Teasing her lips with his prick as if teasing her lips with food, Karl seemingly enjoyed the sensual, erotic foreplay of slowly moving his cock across his mother’s mouth while she stroked him.

“Lick my cock mother. Take me in your mouth and suck it.”

Before flicking out her tongue to lick her son’s cock and before voluntarily stroking him with her hand, Olga looked around her son to make sure that her husband wasn’t watching them but he was. She motioned with her head for her son to come closer to block her husband’s view and Karl took a step closer to his mother. He served up his erection to her willing mouth again while further blocking his father from seeing what they were doing. Leaning to the side again to peer around his son, now with Hugo keenly watching his wife with his son, Olga went into her act pretending that she didn’t want to suck her son.

Turning her face away and moving her head from side to side, she wiggled and squirmed her mouth away from her son’s big prick. A game she needed to play to avoid a beating and a worse whipping, undoubtedly, as it was before and as it will be now, all part of their incestuous game, Ankara bayan escort she knew that both a beating and a whipping were inevitable. Once she was done pleasuring her son, her husband would begin hurting her. At least hoping for some pleasure before suffering her pain, with an orgasm the end result of having sex with her son worth the pain she’d surely suffer at the hands of her husband, the tradeoff was one that Olga was willing to endure.

“No, Karl. You mustn’t do this. Please stop. Don’t. Stop. What you’re doing is wrong. I beg you to stop. Please. I’m your mother and you’re my son. How dare you! Let go of me. Let go of my hand. I refuse to touch you. I refuse to stroke you. No! Don’t! I refuse to suck you,” she said with feigned defiance while raising her voice louder with each protest. “Karl, please stop. Please don’t do this to me. Let me go. No. Hugo, do something. Help me. Hugo, please do something to stop Karl from forcing me to suck him. Help me Hugo. Dear God in Heaven what did I do to deserve this abuse.”

With her acting so believable and her plight so pitiful, if there were Oscars given back then, Olga surely would have won one for the role she played as the sexually abused mother forced to have sex with her son. Even though she obviously wanted to be touched, felt up by him, and stripped naked, she acted as if she didn’t want her son touching and feeling her naked body. Even though she obviously wanted to stroke her son and take her son in her willing mouth, she acted as if she didn’t want to stroke and suck her son. Even though and especially since this was all Hugo’s doing, she made the best of a bad situation to save her daughter and to give herself some sexual pleasure in the process along with the pain.

“Suck my big cock mother. Suck it,” said Karl.

Her obvious way to show her husband that she was being forced to sexually pleasure her son, she played the part of the innocent prey, the abused wife, and the sexually molested mother. So as not to be whipped afterward, she tried to convincingly play her role as the unwilling victim by turning her head, closing her mouth, and moving her mouth away. All to no avail, no matter what she did, as part of his deranged desire to hurt his wife while she pleasured him with the incestuous show of pleasuring her son, Olga was the one who’d pay for this folly.

“Take me in your mouth mother. Suck my cock. Suck it.”

“No Karl. Hugo! Do something.”

On the pretense of screaming her pain, it wasn’t until Karl pulled hard on her long, chestnut brown hair that that she looked up at her son with her big, green adoring eyes and a sexy smile that she willingly opened her mouth to take his cock inside. When his mother opened her mouth, with a thrust and a hump of his hips, he was inside a forbidden warm, wet place where so many sons fantasize being and so few have mothers willing to sexually satisfy them with their mouth. A perfect incestuous relationship, with his mother wanting her son as much as he wanted her, their passion for one another was what she should have had for her husband but what her husband never had for her in the way that her son did.

“That’s right mother. Suck my cock. Suck it. Lick it while taking it deeper.”

Sucking her son while licking him with her swirling tongue, Karl turned his head to watch his father watching them while she continued stroking him and he humping her mouth. No doubt sucking her son in the presence of her husband was her only way to salvage something from this forced incestuous seduction and to gain some modicum of control over her husband for the physical abuse he forced her to suffer. Obviously sucking her son more for the pleasure than for feigned sexual abuse of being forced to suck her son, she controlled her son with her lips tightened around his cock while he controlled his mother with his hand pushing against the back of her head. She continued sucking him and stroking him while he humped her mouth and fucked her face. If a stranger was to unexpectedly enter the barn, in the way she was willingly stroking him and passionately sucking her son and in the way that Karl was excitedly humping his mother’s mouth and fucking her face while feeling her breasts and fingering her nipples, no one would know or even suspect they were mother and son, but lovers, husband and wife.

“Oh yes mother. That’s good. That’s very good. Don’t stop. I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum.”

With a big, heavy hand pushing the back of her head forward, as if he was holding the leg of a horse to shoe it, after sucking him a while and with the sexual tension building, obviously needing a release, he was possessed with incestuous lust for his mother’s mouth. Humping her mouth and fucking her face as if she was a cheap, two bit whore he had picked up in a bar in Munich instead of her being his mother, he continued fondling her bare breasts and fingering, pulling, turning, and twisting her nipples as she sucked him deeper and stroked him faster. As if she was a willing victim and she was, she swirled her tongue around the head of his big prick while stroking him faster and longer.

“Stroke me Escort bayan Ankara mother while sucking me. Yes, that’s it. I’m going to cum. Don’t stop. Stroke me faster. Yes mother. Yes, yes. Oh God! Oh God!”

Wanting him to cum to sexually satisfy him and needing him to cum to control him with her mouth for her to keep him as a much needed friend than a foe, she did her best to give her son what he wanted and needed. Not daring to make those cock sucking sounds that her son, no doubt, would love to hear to show that his mother was enjoying sucking his cock as much as he was enjoying having her suck his cock, she quietly sucked and stroked her son harder and faster while Hugo fingered the whip. Karl exploded in his mother’s mouth. After watching his son unload his incestuous lust for his mother in her mouth, after Karl ejaculated in Olga while Hugo watched his wife pleasure his son, immediately, he was angered that his wife and the mother of his children was nothing more than a cheap, German whore.

“How dare she,” he mumbled while tightening the whip in his hand. “No good whore.”

After watching his wife willingly swallow her son’s passion for her without spitting any of it out of her mouth, he was enraged when she swallowed him.

“How dare she pleasure another man with her hand and her mouth,” he mumbled even though that man was his son and even though he was the one who arranged for this incestuous scenario to happen while he watched and masturbated. “How dare he!”

“Oh mother, that was the best blowjob you’ve ever given me,” said Karl stroking her dark hair while kissing her on each cheek.

With her no longer appearing as the unwilling victim, watching his wife gazing up at her son while licking his prick clean and gently cupping his balls, Hugo’s usual routine was to whip his wife for seemingly enjoying sexually pleasuring her son a little too much. A sick, sexual game that this husband played with his wife, the only winner in this amusement was the son being rewarded with a motherly blowjob. A sad sexy, albeit incestuous scenario, whether she resisted her son or relented to the forbidden, sexual advances of him, Olga was the only loser in this match. Either way, she’d receive a whipping. All let to Hugo’s imagination, the only extent in the duration of the whipping was how much she seemingly enjoyed having sex with her son.

“Filthy whore,” said Hugo. “No good whore.”

She was the one who wouldn’t be leaving the barn without a whipping from her husband. She was the one who paid for all the negative effects of the coming of the second Industrial Revolution and for all of her husband’s frustration with the economic, political, and social injustices of the times. Without her receiving the respect from her husband or from her son, indeed, her husband was right. With her being a nothing, a no one, and a lowly woman, she was the one with no right to live her life in the way she wanted to live it.

“How dare she want what a man had,” mumbled Hugo. “How dare she think she’d be treated any better than a common street whore just because she was the loving wife to her husband and the mother to his children! How dare she even think! How dare she suck her son! How dare she!”

Only, this time was different with Karl. Instead of her blowing ending their incestuous affair, this time, while still fondling his mother’s bare breasts and fingering her erect nipples, still sexually aroused and not yet totally sexually sated to allow her to be whipped by his father, Karl wanted more than just a blowjob from his naked mother. Seemingly, by the sheer sized of his engorged erection, even after cumming off in his mother’s mouth, determined to have his wicked way with his mother, he was still sexually excited and aggressively aroused. Obviously, if only by the deranged look on his 20-year-old face, Karl wanted more than just cumming in his mother’s mouth and her swallowing his cum.

“Mother, I want you. I must have you. I need to make love to you,” said Karl kissing and kissing his mother while feeling her breasts and fingering her nipples before stopping to stare at her as if remembering what he must do.

No doubt, by the aggressiveness of his actions, in the way stood while scooping her up in his arms and placed her down on the ground with such determined conviction, obviously, he wanted to take control of his mother. Evidently, he wanted to own her body in the way that his father possessed his wife and controlled him. Like father like son, only a better man than his father, as if showing his mother that he was her lover and showing his father that he was not such a dimwitted man, he needed to make love to his mother before fucking his mother.

“No Karl! What are you doing? I sucked you, I can’t fuck you too! You’re my son. Please don’t. Hugo! Help!”

With her mildly protesting, no doubt, playing her husband’s sick game by resisting her son, she acted as if he overpowered her when she willingly fell back as he pushed her to the dirty ground, spread her legs, and mounted her. Struggling against the sheer size, the heavy weight, and the enormous strength of him, she feebly tried Bayan escort Ankara closing her legs to disallow him forced entry. Yet, forcing her legs open with his hands and wetting her pussy with his tongue before sticking a long, fat finger inside of her, she was already wet enough for him to take control of her. Licking and licking her while fingering her, he gave his mother as much pleasure with his tongue and fingers as she gave him with her mouth.

“Oh Karl, you mustn’t lick Mommy. Oh my God! Oh my God!”

Something her husband never did for her, her son was doing for her now. Giving her an orgasm with his mouth and his fingers, Olga stopped playing her foolish game and relented to the pleasure of her son.

“Lick Mommy Karl. Lick me. Rub me. Yes, right there while you lick me. Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! I’m going to cum my sweet boy. Mommy is going to…God!”

Finally, after Olga exploded with an orgasm and while Karl held his mother to tight until she regained her composure, he mounted her. When he moved his cock to her, her hand was already there waiting to position him inside of her. Slowly humping his mother, moving his cock deeper in her wet pussy, he humped her and she returned his humps. Now fucking his mother with all the pent up lust he’s had for her, humping her harder and humping her deeper with all the force of pushing a fat pig in the stall, he pounded his big cock into her, as if he was tossing bales of hay high in the loft.

“Fuck me Karl! Fuck me! Fuck Mommy. Don’t stop. Faster! Harder! Fuck me!”

Lasting so much longer than the two minutes of sweating and grunting his father did when having sex with his wife, he humped his mother with the runaway incestuous lust of a son having consensual sex with his mother. Five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes, and more than twenty minutes later, humping her and fucking her, no longer a victim but a willing incestuous participant, Olga wrapped her long, shapely legs around her son’s strong back and screamed her sexual passion for her son.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! I’m cumming again.”

“I’m cumming too mother. We’re cumming together,” said Karl.

No doubt, it was painfully obvious to Hugo now that Olga was not only enjoying sexually pleasuring and controlling her son as much as Karl was enjoying sexually pleasuring and controlling his mother but also that she wanted her son more than she wanted her husband.

“Oh my God, Karl. Karl! Karl! Oh my God! Karl. No you mustn’t fuck Mommy,” said Olga trying to cover her sexual satisfaction with protest but she was too late and too obvious in her sexual pleasure of her son. As a last resort she tried to change her plea from ecstasy to horror for the benefit of her husband while biting her lip, no doubt, with the dread of the whipping she was about to receive from her insane husband. “Please Karl. Get off Mommy.”

Assuredly knowing she’d be getting a whipping anyway and wanting to take something other than blood, tears, and scars from the physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, Olga returned her son’s humps with as much incestuous passion as he humped her. Humping one another in a sordid rhythm, when he humped her, she humped him. Humping harder and humping faster, back and forth and in and out, Karl humped his mother harder, faster, and deeper and Olga returned his every hump with as much sexual passion.

“Oh God,” screamed Olga.

“Oh God,” screamed Karl.

As if he too was pounding his fist in frustration, instead of pounding his cock in his mother, not blessed with the intelligence enough to understand his father’s dissatisfaction and discontent, Karl fucked his mother with all the misplaced anger of his father. After being so controlled by a socialist, German government, a good economy for the employer but a bad one for the employee, and by an insane King Ludwig II, the only freedom they had was what they did in the barn behind the house and what they did on their land. Albeit still insanely angry, Hugo felt invigorated watching his son pleasure his wife. Even though she’d pay a price for showing her passion in sucking and fucking her son, undoubtedly watching Karl sexually satisfy his mother was his twisted gift to Olga for putting up all of his bazaar antics

“Karl! Karl! Oh my God, Karl. Don’t! Stop! Don’t! Stop! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! I’m cumming. Mommy’s cumming,” she said whispering the last parts of her passion for him and for only him to hear in his ear. “Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m cumming for my son,” she whispered in Karl’s ear.

“Oh mother! This feels so good to be so wrong. I love you Mommy! I love you.”

As soon as his mother screamed her sexual pleasure, Karl released his with a last, fast series of hard humps of his hips and a deep, prolonged thrust of his engorged prick. As if exploding his frustration along with a second load of his cum for being born dimwitted and as if exploding his frustration by being so controlled by his father, he exploded his rage sexual and otherwise from whence he came in the one responsible for his birth. He filled his mother’s pussy not only with his passion but also with his cum. Holding one another while hugging, sweating, and whispering their lustful love for one another, with both of them, no doubt, fearing the inevitable wrath of Hugo, Karl relinquished control of his mother to his father while Hugo stood to unravel the whip.

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