Brianna Holdings Ch. 01


I’ve never considered myself a fitness freak but at the end of the working day there’s nothing I enjoy more than going out for a run around our local park and trails, setting myself distance goals and generally convincing myself that getting hot and sweaty in this way is keeping me in shape. There is the other reason that I go and that is I find that concentrating on the target focuses my mind and makes me forget all the other crappy things that’s going on in my life.

My biggest problem is my husband, he’s a businessman but that’s mostly all he does for alongside his dedication to the business he is also a prude, mean with his money and a control-freak. He has some funny ideas about sex and is a firm believer that having sexual intercourse is just about making babies, should only be between a married man and his wife and, this is the hard part for me, should not be done too frequently.

If he knew what I had done, he would have no hesitation in throwing me out and, frankly, I don’t like that idea as I have nowhere to go.

His business is very much a specialist and niche affair making safety equipment for aircraft maintenance workers, mostly made-to-measure harnesses for when engineers have to work high up on the wings, tailplanes and fins of big jets. The product is exclusively defence-related and dependent on government contracts and although my husband isn’t entirely comfortable with the idea, I work on administration and managing the finance side of the business, doing payroll for our employees, that kind of stuff which is kind of funny as he has some very old-fashioned ideas about a woman’s place being in the home. I guess the bottom line is that me working for him means he doesn’t have to employ and pay someone else which is typical of his mind-set. The only thing that he has done that seems to be out of character is that he has registered the company in my honour (he says!) using my name. I suspect that the real reason is to do with some tax loophole but, whatever, ‘Brianna Holdings Inc.’ it is.

Working for the government requires jumping through a load of procedural hoops mainly to do with security (even though our product was hardly hi-tech) and there were very strict conditions imposed if the contract was to be signed and maintained. Some of those conditions related to advertising and product promotion, other rules are to do with propriety and I guess that’s where my problems stemmed from … but I’m getting ahead of myself.

It was a few months ago that hubby went away on a business trip to some Air Force facility. He is forever chasing new contracts and deals and these away trips was something that happened from time-to-time. I was always pleased when it occurred for his absence would give me a bit of relief from his dominating ways for a few days and, as usual, I ‘celebrated’ his departure as I always did by going out for an extended run when I wouldn’t be time-limited and to have to get back home by a certain time and to have him questioning where I had been and who I might have seen.

The evening’s weather was warm enough for me to wear shorts – just the right conditions for running – so I drove to the nearby state national park to take myself on a run through the woodlands. There was only one other vehicle, a van, in the parking lot which suited me fine as it indicated that I would not be bothered by too many other folks as I ran along the trails. It was a new route for me but I have a good sense of direction and had no hesitation in jogging along the unfamiliar paths as I figured out a circling route to take me back to the car park.

The light was fading fast and I was almost at the end of my route when with the car park in sight I came into a picnic area set with tables and benches. Leaning against one of the tables was this big black guy who head bowed down and wearing a sweaty tee-shirt, looked as if he was trying to catch his breath after doing what I was doing, running. I was a little irritated to see someone else when I was out running for it usually meant that acknowledgements had to be exchanged and that for me meant breaking my concentration on reaching my target. However, here I was, getting to the end of my run, I had reached my target and I thought maybe it was a good point to do likewise and to slow down and take a breather. As I approached he lifted his head and I vaguely recognised him to be one of the workers in our industrial unit where we make the harnesses. He didn’t give me any kind of acknowledgement, not even a ‘Hi, how ya doing’ kind of greeting, but I nodded in his direction before going to one of the tables where I began to do my end-of-run stretching, warm-down exercises. I grabbed the edge of the table and began working out and doing my deep-breathing exercises.

I didn’t hear either the door of the van slide open or the approach behind me of the ‘somebodies’ who grabbed me. I did see as I lifted my head the black guy get up from his bench and say, “tie the snotty bitch’s hands and get her back to the van.”

From that point on it all became a bit of a blur. My arms were roughly Ankara escort pulled behind my back and I felt cord or rope or something strapping my wrists together. I went to cry out but before I could even open my mouth to speak a bag like a pillowcase was put over my head and I was effectively gagged and could see nothing. I guess I must have then been dragged along the short track to the car park for the next thing I knew was hearing the sliding door of the van being opened and my captors roughly shoving me inside. The van started up and began to move and with me blindly struggling to sit up I became aware that I was sandwiched on the back seat between two persons. I did the only thing possible, I screamed!

My cries didn’t have the hoped-for effect of being released, the only reaction was to hear the laughter of my captors who I realised must have numbered four or more. One of them said, “Shut the fuck up, t’ain’t gonna do ya no good yellin'”

That bought on another round of laughter followed by the comment from one of them of, “Lemme see what we’ve got here …” as I felt a hand grab and pull it up my crop-top vest. The bag that was still tightly pulled around my head didn’t prevent me from knowing that my tits were now fully exposed.

Another voice from the front of the van , “Wow, nice .. can’t wait to get my mouth ’round them ..” caused more laughter and another voice to make a similar crude remark as fingers touched me and stroked over my tit, “Heh heh, they feel nice too ..” and, damn it, I knew that my nipples must have stiffened as they always did when anyone did that.

The rest of the ride was a blur and my heart was racing as fast as the van that took us back, I guessed, toward the city. Blinded by the bag, with my hands still tied and squashed between two bodies, I was completely confused as to my surroundings and helpless to do anything about it. All the while hands were gently caressing my exposed tits and pinching my nipples and voices continually telling me to calm down saying things like, “.. ain’t nuttin’ gonna harm you and ain’t nuttin’ you can do about it … save your breath ..”

Attempts were made to push a hand down between my legs but we were squished so close together that that didn’t go far but, despite it all, as I calmed down then I cursed myself for the pleasurable feelings I was getting from the anonymous comforting hands on my breasts. Nevertheless, I feared for the worse.

I settled back and tried to blank out what was happening to me but from my interpretation of the movement of the van, the sound of the gear changes, the ticking of the turn-indicators I convinced myself that I was being taken to some other remote location where my ordeal would escalate. It was therefore a bit of a shock that when we did come to halt and I was pulled out of the van and the bag was pulled off my head to find that we had come to a place that was far from remote, it was a unit on the industrial estate where we manufactured the safety harnesses. The van had pulled into the loading bay at the side of the building and although it was not a place that I would ordinarily visit the logos on boxes and the signage on the walls gave no doubts where we were. I hardly had time to figure that out before I was pushed through the door into the workshop and led to a storeroom at the back of the unit. That’s when my ‘ordeal’ really began.

At last I was able to see the men who had captured me. The only one I vaguely recognised was the guy from the park, the one who had been sitting on the bench. I didn’t know his name but, as I suspected, he was one of my husband’s employees and clearly he was the leader. The other three guys I didn’t know but they all had something in common, they were all black and they were all leering at me and all of them began pulling at their sweat pants, there was no doubt where this was all headed.

I should have been scared but for whatever reason knowing that there was nothing I could do to prevent the inevitable I caught my breath and decided that it might be more sensible to just go along with this ‘unexpected turn of events’. I was more convinced this might be the right path to take when ‘the leader’ stepped out of his pants, turned and I saw his cock. My god, it was magnificent … but I didn’t tell him that!

He looked at me standing there with my hands still tied and my crop-vest pulled up exposing my tits and said, “Get over here, bitch … get on your knees …” I felt someone behind me untie my hands and then there was a push on my back to encourage me to do just that. I half stumbled and fell to my knees so that I ended up with that cock bobbing in front of my face.

“Suck it ..!”

I turned my head and tried to look around and get my bearings and all I really saw were the other guys looking at me, all of them loosening their pants. I felt a slap against my cheek which bought my attention back and realised my tormentor had just smacked my face with the erect cock he was grasping.

“Bitch, I said Suck it! Don’t you be worrying about them, you’ll get your chance to Ankara escort bayan be looking soon enough …!”

I resigned myself to my fate knowing I was in no position to negotiate and I just looked back up at him and opened my mouth. He pushed himself forward and instinct took over and I allowed him to feed me. I mean, how could I have not?!

Contrary to his aggressive manner he was surprisingly gentle and as he softly face-fucked me with that fat cock I began to think that if I played my cards right then perhaps this would not be such an ordeal after all. Certainly I had never been ‘kidnapped’ before and for sure I had never been in the presence of more than just one cock and, here I was, now surrounded by at least four and, best of all, they were all black … which was another first. I decided the best way to react was to submit to whatever was coming my way and maybe I would eventually be released relatively unharmed.

I sucked and swirled my tongue around the fat head that filled my mouth and although I wouldn’t have admitted it, the salty taste was quite pleasant. Certainly the soft groans that I was hearing from him indicated that I was doing something right and this was confirmed when I heard him saying things like, “Yeah, good bitch … jus’ like dat … yeah, suck it …”

His reaction became even more rewarding when I raised my hands to steady myself and I was able to stroke his balls as I sucked. Yeah, he liked that very much and he let me take my time to get my balance but I guess he could see that I was not too comfortable being on my knees on the hard concrete floor and he stopped the pleasure I was giving him (and, dare I say, receiving) and pulled out before leaning down to pull me to my feet. No sooner had I stood up that one of the other guys came close to grab my shorts and yank them down. He managed to take my panties down at the same time so that in an instant I was naked other than the running shoes on my feet and my top which was still pulled up over my tits. I heard someone give a whimper, then realised it was me.

By now everyone else was naked and I was surrounded by black bodies and all of them sporting fine looking erections. With the few things I was wearing I was the best dressed person around! I had no time to make a comment or protest before once again I was pushed and made to go over to a workbench where during the day the products would have been packed. One of the guys pushed packages aside to make space and another helped me fill that space by lifting me onto the table top. I felt a lot more comfortable although the metal table top felt cool under my butt but I had no time to give the cold much mind when I was held down so that I was laying back on the table with my legs dangling over the end. This time I did give a cry of surprise and I tried to resist but it was no good.

“Tie her down,” was the next thing I heard and my arms were grabbed and pulled aside, my legs held down and within a few moments all four limbs were bound to the framework and legs of the table. I was totally helpless and only able to move my head … and that’s when the fun really started.

I looked from side to side and what filled my view were these guys all stroking their erect cocks. It was not a displeasing sight and given my state of mind and my acceptance of my fate I had no hesitation when one of them drew near enough so that I could suck him just as I had, ‘the leader’. The sticky pre-cum that he had encouraged from his jerking tasted nice and I had no objection when he pushed himself deeper into my mouth and I could suck him harder as he began face-fucking me. His companions on the other sides of the table patiently waited stroking their cocks and I could hear them muttering and sniggering stuff like, “Yeah, give the bitch what she deserves .. look at her, she’s lovin’ it … get her ready for me … Wow, look at her suck .. yeah, the bitch is dying for it …”

I was in no position to disagree but they were not to know that they were quite right in their assumptions, what was happening seemed to be fulfilling a few fantasies that I allowed myself to have; dreams of being attended to by cocks larger than my uncaring husband’s. Already I had decided that as undignified as my situation might seem that I would as they say, go with the flow, and hope that the level of aggression would not go beyond what had so far occurred.

I didn’t have too long to wait to have those thoughts confirmed when suddenly the cock I had in my mouth began to pulse and then in a panic for it to be withdrawn. With the sound of a grunt from my face-fucker, my face was splattered with hot cum. I had no time to think what had happened when my head was pulled around and another stiff penis was pushed into my cum-filled mouth.

Mmm, this felt good and I began to relax believing that perhaps if I played along I might not come to any harm. This positive thought was encouraged when I then felt hot breath between my outstretched legs and I had the exquisite sensation of an unseen tongue beginning to lick its way up my thighs. Oh Escort Ankara my God, I was about to be eaten out and I couldn’t do a damn thing to stop it .. not that I wanted it to stop!

I felt soft hands stroking and caressing my tits, pinching my stiff nipples – God, how I love to feel that – then the shock of other gentle touches prizing apart the lips of my pussy followed by the what was no doubt a tongue licking and lapping up and down my wet slit. I knew I was wet because voices told me so, “Jeez man, look at dat, the bitch is soakin’ .. she’s gaggin’ for it ..!”

And they were right, I was. These guys were good and they knew just how to get me to that place that my husband had no idea existed. My excitement went up another notch when the tongue began to concentrate on my clit that I knew must be poking out from its hood just like it always did when I masturbated. If only my hubby knew just how much I loved to feel that kind of attention, it felt divine. As the soft lapping and nibbling continued I gave up all pretence of resistance and just let myself go with whatever these ‘brutes’ wanted to do with me.

The combination of having my mouth filled with cock, my tits being caressed and my pussy being so expertly attended to and my now relaxed state-of-mind soon bought on the inevitable and I felt the incredible sensation of my climax building deep within me. No sooner was I aware of what was happening that an orgasm crashed over me and I was in a heaven the like of which I hadn’t felt since before I was married. Maybe I would have screamed out with ecstasy had I not been so effectively gagged by the cock that was thrusting in and out of my mouth but, no matter, my moans of joy conveyed how much I approved of what was being done to me.

The cock in my mouth was removed and the owner disappeared from my line of sight and I had no doubt where he was taking it as I heard something like, “Get the fuck outta the way Man, I gotta fuck that pussy ..”

… and fuck it he did. The hot breath that had been so deliciously comforting between my pussy lips suddenly went cold only to be replaced by something hard that and so incredibly hot as I felt it pushing into me. I didn’t need to speculate on what it might be as I envisaged the stiff cock that I had just been sucking was now finding its rightful place … and it felt amazing. As the stiff penis began its slow invasion, I had but just one thought, ‘ Oh my god, how long had it been since I had been so effectively filled?’ I had quite forgotten the delicious sensation that comes from being fucked by a real man-size cock and my squeal of delight as it pushed into me left my violator in no doubt that I approved. He began to rhythmically plunge back and forth and I involuntarily pushed up against him to meet each thrust. I would have told him of my approval but before I could do so I felt the slap of another cock against my cheek and I obligingly made myself dumb by opening my mouth and let myself be filled with another delicious ‘meal’.

I don’t know for sure how long I was tied down and being subjected to this treatment; long enough for all four of them to have cum in my pussy or for me to have sucked them off, some of them did both! Throughout I made it quite clear that I approved what was being done to me which was a bit of a disappointment to ‘the leader’ as I think he was expecting that I would at the very least be outraged by what was happening. The only thing that I was uncomfortable about was that occasionally when I was being ‘mistreated’ that one of the guys would be taking pictures with his cell phone. It was one thing for us to be mutually enjoying ourselves in private but I was uneasy to think that there might be some kind of record being made of the event.

After my third (or maybe it was the fourth) fucking pity was taken on me being tied down and being so helpless. The truth of the matter was that I think the guys were looking toward me being a bit more pro-active and I obliged for I really wanted to be a bit more hands-on (in more than ways than one!) The knots were loosened and I wasted no time in sitting up and to encourage one of the bad boys to come and let me see just how wonderful the sight of a black cock being pushed into a white pussy could be. By this time my thighs, tits and face were well covered in cum but this didn’t deter the guys from working towards giving me more and I was intrigued and delighted that they were able to do so. I must have been turned every which way as one after the other they took turns to fuck my willing cunt. I had just the best time and lost count of the number of orgasms that the clever boys bought me.

Eventually even they began to flag and it was late in the evening when the leader told the others something along the line of it was time to back off and for us all to get the hell out of there before security or someone came by to spoil our fun. However, for reasons that I didn’t understand (or rather, in my befuddled state didn’t give any mind) he insisted that the guy with the cell phone took a picture of me and him together and, just for a joke, he wanted to have me wear one of the pieces of harness around my neck like a leash with him holding the other end. What the heck, by that time I was in such an exhausted state he could have got me to do anything.

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