Kelly Makes a New Friend


‘I wish you wouldn’t waggle that at me, you know it drives me crazy!’ said Kelly as she ogled Sue’s arse as she bent to tie her trainers.

‘And you know that tying my shoes is a big enough task as it is without you putting me off!’ replied Sue testily. ‘You really need to find yourself a girlfriend rather than lusting after the unobtainable.’

‘Sorry Sue, but you know you’re the only girl for me and I won’t give in until I’ve converted you.’

‘For god’s sake don’t say things like that when my mothers here later, if she had her way you’d be out of the door and I’d have a nun as my live-in carer. Now get your arse into gear and go and get the car, I’m late for my physio as it is.’

Kelly was fully aware that Sue was straight and had no serious ambitions to change her, but it was a hell of a shame because she was so cute without being aware of it.

She’d been working for Sue since she was discharged from hospital 6 months ago, although it didn’t feel like work anymore — it felt more like helping out a friend and getting paid for it.

Kelly had been a nurse for 8 years and her career had been going well until an ex-girlfriend who was still well and truly in the closet had accused her of harassment when Kelly dumped her. Of course as she was supposedly straight and Kelly was openly gay you can guess which way the dominoes fell. Kelly hadn’t been sacked but it didn’t make her life any easier, so she left and joined a nursing agency and ended up as a live in carer for Sue who was recovering from spinal surgery for a broken back after being knocked off her bicycle by a bus.

They got along fabulously from the start and teased each other endlessly, but on the days when Sue’s back was really bad and she needed help to get showered or dressed Kelly had to work hard to remain professional; keeping her imagination in check until she was alone in bed later.

Sue was right though, she really should find herself someone else. Meeting gay women in London was as easy as falling off a log but out in the countryside she was finding it much harder and the few she had met were all in confirmed relationships.

‘What are you thinking about?’ Sue’s voice brought her out of her reverie and back to the real world as they drove to the hospital for another round of physio that left Sue drained and sore.

‘I was thinking that I agree with you, I should put the last debacle behind me and find myself a nice woman who’s confident enough not to hide in the closet. You need to find yourself someone too you know. Just ‘cos your last boyfriend dumped you after you had your accident, doesn’t mean they’re all jerks.’

‘Yeah I know; I’d like to but it’s hard enough to find a nice guy when you’re fit and healthy let alone when you have days when you can’t walk let alone fuck.’

‘Susan Shaw! It’s not like you to swear, you must really have the blues, are you worried about the treatment?’

‘Yeah, a bit. I don’t like that evil bitch of a physio either, I’m sure she enjoys inflicting pain.’

As they pulled into the disabled parking bay near the door Sue undid her seatbelt and swivelled her legs around, waiting for Kelly to bring her crutches to her. She almost wished she was gay; she was very fond of Kelly and it would be nice to have someone pay her some attention other than being prodded and poked by doctors, but it didn’t matter how much she thought about it — women just weren’t her thing.

Kelly’s phone beeped as she sat in the car reading a book and ‘V sore, bring chair’ popped up on the screen, so she got the wheelchair out of the boot and walked through to the physio department.

Sue was sat in the waiting area outside in an animated conversation with a man in a blue tracksuit; Kelly hadn’t seen her so lively in ages.

‘Your carriage awaits Madame’ she stated grandly, and helped Sue into the chair and wheeled her back to the car with Sue sitting whistling as she was pushed through the institutional green corridors.

‘So — out with it.’

‘What d’ya mean?’

‘You know what I mean. You walked in there like a bear with a sore head and came out whistling like you’d swallowed a canary! Spill the beans or I’m driving away without you.’

‘You wouldn’t do that, but ok. That guy was my new physio and he’s called Ryan and he’s REALLY nice! He didn’t speak to me like I was defective, he actually asked my opinion on how I felt my recovery was going AND he apologised for the exercises that he knew would hurt me!’

‘Better than the evil witch then?’

‘And some! Even better — I’m starting sessions in the hydrotherapy pool next week instead of the treadmill to see if it helps.’

Sue was like a fidgety school kid as she got ready for her next physio session and took ages to decide on a swimming costume to wear.

‘I guess a bikini is out of the question?’

‘You might as well tattoo “fuck me now” on your head instead. The man’s going to have his hands all over you, at least show a little decorum!’

‘Since when did you care about decorum? You’re just jealous Ankara bayan escort that it’s not you that’s going to be mauling me’ she winked mischievously.

‘Of course I’m jealous, but since I get to manhandle you into this oh-so-tight one piece costume that makes your tits look huge, I’ll just have to be content with that!’

When they got to the hospital Kelly helped Sue undress and helped her walk through into the pool area where she handed her over to a nursing assistant.

‘Hi, you must be Miss Shaw? Ryan won’t be a minute he’s just getting changed’ and right on cue out walked the object of Sue’s desire, wearing a pair of long beach shorts and flip flops.

Suddenly Sue felt very exposed in her figure hugging costume and was glad Kelly had talked her out of wearing a bikini. ‘Will you stay here and keep an eye on me?’ she whispered urgently to Kelly, who agreed and sat on a bench by the wall out of the way.

Kelly couldn’t help watching the way Sue’s boobs looked in that costume, they were killer, and a stab of jealousy pierced her as she watched Ryan gently lower her into the water and support her with his strong arms and capable hands. Then she saw the look on Sue’s face and felt mean — she’d been through some tough times recently and she wasn’t about to deny her friend this little bit of pleasure.

Sue didn’t need Kelly to watch over her the next week, or the week after that and when Kelly was 30 minutes late coming out of the fourth session she was starting to get a little concerned about her friend until she came bounding out through the doors as fast as her crutches would carry her.

‘I have to say this for Ryan, whatever he’s doing seems to be helping — if you keep gaining mobility at this rate I’ll have to look for a new job!’

‘No you won’t, I’ve decided I like having servants so I’m keeping you forever’ Sue beamed ‘and besides, who would drive me to my date on Friday night?’

‘You little minx! Oh I’m so happy for you, so the lovely Ryan asked you out?’

‘No — I asked him out!’ Sue was laughing hysterically as she recounted how Ryan had slipped and all but dropped her head first into the pool. He’d apologised so profusely and kept asking how Sue could ever forgive him, so she’d said that she thought dinner would suffice.

‘It just came out before I could stop it and he agreed immediately, so we’re going to that nice little Greek place on the High Street on Friday. I know Friday night isn’t technically time when you’re supposed to be working but would you mind driving me pleeeease? I’ll feel so much more confident if I don’t have to deal with a taxi driver assuming I’m stupid because I’m on crutches.’

‘Honey, I might not work on a Friday night but I’m still your friend on a Friday night; and besides it’s not like I’ve got plans for a wildly debauched night with a harem of hot chicks is it.’

When Friday came around Sue took a long time getting ready and refused to let Kelly help her. She finally emerged from her bedroom wearing a pair of skin tight black jeans that hugged her arse like a second skin and a white tailored shirt with a daring neckline.

‘What do you think?’ she asked breathlessly

‘Sexy and sassy without being too revealing or slutty’ replied her friend in earnest and she meant it. She would have been more than happy to take Sue into her arms and snog her face off she looked so edible but she sufficed with giving her a big reassuring hug and a kiss on the cheek before helping her into the car.

Sue had wanted to get to the restaurant early so that she could get comfortably sat down and find somewhere to stow her crutches before Ryan got there but he must have been eager too, as he was already seated at a table conveniently close to the door.

‘Hi Sue, you look fabulous.’

‘Hey Ryan, I almost didn’t recognise you with your clothes on’ quipped Sue as he helped her gently into a chair and signalled the waiter.

Kelly looked questioningly at Sue and having got a gentle nod in response slipped out of the door and left them to it.

She was in her bedroom reading a book when she heard a car pull up outside and couldn’t resist a quick peek out of the window, just in time to see Ryan help Sue from the car. She couldn’t see properly but they took a long time to say goodnight which she took as a very good sign and bounded down the stairs to get the gossip as soon as she heard Sue enter the house alone.

‘So hot stuff, how’d it go?’

‘He’s a really nice guy, and it’s like he doesn’t see my crutches at all. He was the perfect gentleman all evening, which was a bit of a disappointment!’ she grinned madly ‘but I got a wonderful goodnight kiss so I have high hopes for next week!’

The following Tuesday Sue had arranged to be Ryan’s last appointment for the day so that they could go to the pictures as soon as he finished work.

Kelly felt a little lost as she rattled around the house looking for chores to do — she even looked at the personal ads in the local paper but there were only 2 for gay women Escort bayan Ankara and they sounded as desperate as Kelly felt.

She was asleep on the sofa when Sue came through the door just before midnight, waking to the familiar click of her crutches as Sue tried to drape a blanket over her friend and carer.

‘Hey, did you have a good evening?’ she yawned widely

‘It was lovely thanks. We saw a god awful film but went for tapas and drinks afterwards — I could really get to like this guy!’

‘I think you already do, so when are you seeing him next?’

‘We’re going out on Friday again and I have a favour to ask. Ryan’s sister is going to be staying with him while she looks for her own place and he doesn’t want to leave her on her own, would you come with us and make up a foursome so she doesn’t feel like a gooseberry?

‘You’ve got to be kidding me? Are you setting me up with Ryan’s sister?’

‘No, it’s not like that honestly, she not gay. Anyway, I’d like you to get to know Ryan and this way you don’t have to feel like a gooseberry either. Pleeeeease — I’ll let you peek when I shower in the morning!’

‘Hmm cheap shot as that was, I guess it would be nice to see who’s stealing you away from me. Alright, but this isn’t a double date OK?

Friday came around way too slowly for Sue but much too quickly for Kelly, who wasn’t looking forward to spending the evening having to make small talk with someone she didn’t know, while Sue and Ryan were being lovey dovey and dribbling all over each other.

She thought about coming up with some excuse and backing out but she just couldn’t do it knowing it would hurt Sue, so instead she decided they were getting a taxi — at least that way she could drown her sorrows if the evening got too dull or the love birds got too mushy.

‘Don’t make too much of an effort will you?’ was Sue’s greeting when she saw Kelly’s simple black jeans and tight red T shirt. Sue was wearing a figure hugging dress that Kelly knew would cause her problems later when her crutches got hard to handle after a couple of drinks, but hey Sue had a reason to dress up — Kelly was just there to make the numbers up right?

‘we’re just going to the pub and unlike you I’m not trying to impress anyone so back off you hussy’

‘oh with you in that mood we’re going to have a great evening!’ and she swiped playfully at Kelly with one of her crutches before dragging her out of the door into the waiting taxi.

It was a pub they visited often and Kelly had phoned in advance and asked the landlord to reserve their usual table — close enough to the door, bar and toilets not to cause Sue too many problems when it got crowded.

As Sue got herself comfortable Kelly went to the bar and got them both a drink, muttering to herself about feeling like a baby sitter and having to look after the little sister while the adults were playing.

Just as she got served she felt a gentle hand on her arm and turned to see Ryan grinning at her.

‘You know what they say about people who talk to themselves’ he chuckled

‘Damn you busted me, you really shouldn’t sneak up on people you know!’ Kelly couldn’t help it, much as she tried to stay grumpy Ryan was a nice guy and she could see why Sue liked him so much so she resolved to make an effort.

‘I’m just getting a round in, what are you guys having?’

‘A large glass of white wine and a pint of decent real ale please, want me to wait and help carry them?’

‘The Tanglefoot’s good in here, it’s what I’m drinking. No you go ahead before Sue bursts a blood vessel.’

Kelly placed the drinks on a tray and carefully manoeuvred her way back through the rapidly filling bar to the table — and stopped dead. Sat next to Ryan was a drop-dead-gorgeous woman with silky raven black hair, deep brown eyes and olive skin. Surely this couldn’t be the sister? She looks nothing like Ryan at all!

‘Close your mouth Kelly before you dribble’ laughed Sue, it wasn’t often she saw Kelly short for words and she wasn’t about the let an opportunity to take the piss go without comment. Kelly snapped out of her reverie and placed the tray on the table, dishing out the drinks until she placed the pint of ale in front of Ryan.

A slender hand reached out and took the pint, swapping the wine with the beer and lifting it to lips that had Kelly’s heart beating faster just at the mere sight.

‘Mmmm that’s good. Unfortunately my brother is a beer heathen and only drinks crappy lager — I however love a decent pint of real ale. This is delicious, good choice.’

‘Oh just great!’ thought Kelly ‘Not only is she gorgeous but she drinks proper beer — and she’s not gay! Oh well, at least she’ll provide good eye candy for the evening.’

‘OK, so you haven’t been introduced properly. Ryan, this is my best friend and carer Kelly. Kelly, this is Ryan and his sister Stephanie. You two have a lot in common — Stephanie’s a doctor and she’s just come back from a 2 year stint with Médecins Sans Frontières.’

‘Really, where were Bayan escort Ankara you working?’

‘I’ve just come back from Somalia where malnutrition is a real problem, and before that I was in Iraq training staff to treat the war wounded.’

And so, despite her fears and anxiety conversation flowed freely as Stephanie regaled them with stories of her adventures; including the high points of knowing she was making a difference in times of trouble to describing the horrors she’d seen.

‘Jesus, sometimes I feel sorry for myself but at least I have easy access to trained medical services. I should consider myself lucky, especially since I have Kelly to look after me on a daily basis. Talking of which, here’s some cash — be a love and go to the bar for me.’

Kelly took the money and elbowed her way through the thickening crowd until she made it to the bar, not realising until she felt someone very close behind her that Stephanie had followed her. She could feel the warmth coming from that lithe body and the softness of her breasts as they pressed against her back instantly ignited a spark of desire, making her blush.

‘I thought I’d come and give you a hand’ smiled Stephanie ‘You’d have to make 2 trips with 4 glasses and we’d miss you if you were gone that long.’

Kelly was momentarily speechless again, was she coming onto her or was she imagining it, wishful thinking probably, she sighed. Oh well, a little harmless flirting never hurt.

‘Well that was very thoughtful of you, but if you keep standing that close to me I’ll have problems remembering why I’m standing here!’

She expected Stephanie to blush and move away slightly but she stayed put.

‘It’s ok, I’ll remind you.’ And with that the barman appeared to take their order putting a stop to whatever might have happened next.

When they returned to the table Ryan had moved seats so that he could sit next to Sue and the two of them were holding hands and looking sickeningly happy.

Sue gave Kelly one of her sidelong looks which instantly set her radar going — she was up to something, but who knew what?

She was to find out soon enough when Ryan stood up to go to the toilet.

‘Kelly!’ Sue whispered urgently while beckoning her to lean closer. ‘I know I dragged you out tonight, and I know you didn’t really want to come, and I know I’m being a real a pain in the arse but would you mind if Ryan and I disappeared in a few minutes?’

‘Hey, you organised this shindig, you can put it to bed whenever you like.’

‘Yeah, um…. I’m not sure you’re quite getting my drift. I was kind of hoping we could leave & go back to Ryan’s place and you would stay here and keep Stephanie company for a while so we could have a little alone time if you get my meaning?’

‘OH! You mean you want Stephanie and I to stay out of your way while you guys go back to Ryan’s for a shagfest? Why didn’t you say so? Hey Stephanie, what do you think, should we give the lovebirds some personal time or shall we insist on chaperoning them?’

‘That’s a silly question!’ laughed Stephanie ‘It’s only 9pm and I’ve only had 2 pints — as long as the lovely Kelly is happy to keep me company then I’m staying right here!’

Ryan came back from the loo and saw the beetroot-red face on Sue and the other 2 girls laughing so hard they could barely stay on their chairs.

‘I guess Kelly was as subtle as you expected then? So are we excused or not? I’m not sure I could cope any longer being surrounded by 3 women, and you two are getting on way too well for my liking; I hope you’re not about to corrupt my STRAIGHT baby sister?’

Still laughing too hard to answer audibly they nodded and dismissed Sue and Ryan by waving them away toward the door, breaking into a fresh set of giggles once they were outside.

When the laughter finally subsided Kelly looked up at Stephanie as she wiped tears of mirth from her eyes. She was startled when she felt her hand clasped firmly but gently in those oh-so-long and delicate fingers.

‘Kelly, allow me to introduce myself properly. I’m Steph or Stevie. No-one has called me Stephanie since my last job interview but my brother still thinks of me as a twelve year old. I’m also not entirely straight as you may have gathered, however it’s not a subject you broach with people on a long distance phone call so Ryan doesn’t know that yet. Now that we have that out of the way, shall I get us some more drinks?’

And with that she let go of Kelly’s hand, leaving it feeling cold and bereft, as she headed to the bar, leaving Kelly staring dumbly after her.

‘Well bugger me! She exclaimed to herself ‘This evening has just gotten a whole lot more interesting!’

Returning to the table with their drinks Stevie found Kelly smiling to herself.

‘Ryan’s really good with Sue you know, he’s done wonders for her self confidence. I hope this isn’t a fleeting thing, I think it would break her heart.’

‘You really care for her don’t you? I don’t think you have cause to worry though, Ryan doesn’t do flings so he must really like her, and as for her disability — not only does it not concern him but he’s been scathing about her last physio therapist. He’s convinced that if he’d been working with her from the start she’d be walking without crutches by now.’

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