Carl and Gail, a Short Story

Kira Noir

Gail was sat in her car wondering what had gone wrong at work, after 12 years with the company she had been laid off. Thankfully her husband Shaun had a well paid job that was secure, so there wouldn’t be any money worries.

Gail got out of her car and went into the house, as usual at this time of day, it was empty, Shaun at work and their son Carl at uni. She decided to get changed before preparing the evening meal. She decided on a pair of leggings and a T-shirt, without a bra or knickers. It was only as she changed she realised that she would have nothing to do other than looking after the house, her husband and her son. She couldn’t work out what had gone wrong at work, her performance was good, and her sales were amongst the best in the company. They just said that they had to lay her off.

As she finished preparing the meal she heard Carl’s car pull up outside, and the clatter as he came through the front door. He looked a little upset, she asked what was up? At first he just mumbled to himself, but as she asked again, he told her that he had just broken up with Jane, his long term girlfriend. Gail asked why? He said that he found out she had been playing around behind his back. But before Gail could say anything her mobile rang, it was Shaun letting her know that he wouldn’t be home til after midnight as there was a major blow up at work.

Gail told Carl to sit down and went and got them both a large glass of wine, she started to ask him kocaeli escort how he knew she was playing around. Carl told her that one of his friends had shown him a video on his mobile that showed Jane on a bed with two guys, he hesitated to say it showed them fucking, but Gail insisted that he tell her everything, which he did. Gail asked Carl if their sex life had been ok, to which Carl replied he’d only had sex with Jane once in the last six weeks, he now understood why she hadn’t been interested, she was getting it elsewhere.

Gail got them another large glass of wine, and told Carl that he was worth more than someone like Jane. Now Gail wasn’t a drinker and the wine was having an effect on her. She sat on the sofa and told Carl to sit next to her, when he did she cuddled up to him to comfort him. Carl went and got another glass of wine each. Now Gail was getting a little drunk from all the wind she’d had. And when Gail got drunk she got horny as well. As a young lad who went clubbing on a regular basis the wine was having a lesser effect on him.

Because Gail was horny her nipples were enlarged and showed through her T-shirt, Carl noticed this and decided to see if maybe he could have some fun with his mother, nothing serious, just a little bit of boob touching and maybe more. As they were cuddling he slipped his arm around Gail, so that his hand was on the side of her breast, when Gail didn’t complain, he slid his hand so that his fingers were rested kocaeli escort bayan on her nipple, again Gail didn’t complain so he started to rub her nipple, softly at first the a little harder, this brought a moan from Gail. Carl removed his hand, only to slide it up under her T-shirt and on to her naked breast, again this brought no complaint from Gail so he started to play with her nipple again. At this point Gail was moaning and squirming in her seat. Carl decided to see if he could take it further and placed his other hand on Gail’s crotch, and started to rub her pussy mound. As Gail didn’t complain at this he started to work his fingers between her legs, Gail slightly parted her legs so that he could get his fingers in better.

At this point Gail was moaning and almost panting from the treatment she was receiving from Carl. Carl then took his hand from between her legs and placed it on her stomach and started to slide it into her pants. He moved his hand until he could feel her pubes, waiting for her to stop him, when she didn’t he move it further down til he reached her pussy, which he stared to rub slowly concentrating on her clit. He went to pull his hand out when she told him not to stop, he ignored this only to reach for the sides of her T-shirt and star to lift it up and off. He bent and started to suck on her nipple, this is one of Gail’s best turn on’s. After sucking for a while Carl got of the sofa and onto his knees in front of Gail, reaching up izmit escort he took hold of the waist band of Gail’s pants and started to pull them down, Gail helped by lifting her bum up. Carl removed her pants and parted her legs a bit further so that he could get to her pussy easier.

Carl bent forward so that he could get his mouth to his mother’s pussy, whereupon he started to lick her, gently at first, then a little harder, concentrating on her clit. This really got Gail moaning and squirming, then she said “fuck I’m Cumming”. Carl stood up and undressed, he then got to his knees and gripped her legs, slid her forward so that she was perched on the edge of the sofa, he lifted them up so that her pussy was wide open and accessible, now Carl isn’t hung like a mule, he has a 7in dick which is fairly thick.

Carl moved forward so that his dick was pouching her pussy, he started to rub it up and down her pussy. At this Gail panted please put it in me, Carl lent forward and the first inch or so entered his mother. She went urgh and lifted her bum up to get more in, but Carl was going to decide how far he went in. After five minutes of slowly pushing and withdrawing the head of his dick into her pussy, he suddenly slammed all of it into her in one go. Gail let out a shallow scream as Carl started to fuck her hard. Within minutes Gail was Cumming hard, as she came down she told Carl to cum in her, to breed her as she wasn’t on the pill as Shaun has had a vasectomy, this made Carl fuck her even harder, again Gail started to cum, as she did, Carl let out a groan as he came, filling his mothers pussy with his cum.

Just then the door opened and there stood Shaun.

The end?

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