Love is Strange


As I lay in my bed trying to drift off my phone lights up so I lean over to pick it up. I look at the screen and it says I have a message from an unknown number. I open the message and it says, “Hey, we need to talk.”

I reply, “Hi? Do I know you though?”

A few minutes later my phone goes off so I open the message and it says, “My name is Deavon. You only me because of my ex Alex, but I know everything between the three of us wasn’t really good and I’d like to fix things between us if that’s okay with you.”

I reply, “Well that’s fine Deavon but I don’t want Alex to start a load of stuff because of us talking.”

I open Deavon’s message and it says, “She won’t. I’ll make sure of that one and if she does I’ll really take care of it. Hey, are you doing anything right now?”

I answer, “No why?”

Deavon answers, “Wanna meet at the park in your town?”

I answer, “Um, sure, I don’t think mom will mind.”

Deavon replies, “Good, I’ll wait to leave until you answer for sure.” Ten minutes later I text Deavon, and say, “Meet me at the park, I’ll be wearing jeans and orange tank top.”

Deavon answers, “Awesome, I’ll be in baggy jeans and a Batman t-shirt. I’ll be there in about 10-15 minutes depending on traffic. I’m gonna stop at the gas station first to get gas and a drink, want anything to drink?”

I answer, “No that’s fine. Thanks for offering though.” Then I go over slide on some jeans that my butt look good (well at least I think they do) and a nice orange tank top and slip on my sandals then top it off with a spray or two of perfume then I go and head out. As I walk to the park, I think to myself, “Why would Deavon want to see me?” “Isn’t Deavon afraid that Alex will be pissed about us seeing each other?”. Finally I reach the park and sit down on a bench near the parking lot and I only sit there five minutes when an older but still decent baby blue Honda pulls up with the music blaring, I listen carefully and realize that it’s Metallica blaring from the speakers and smile and think to myself, “Damn this girl has a great taste in music”. She looks over and sees me then waves and shuts the car off, then opens her door and gets out. When she steps out of her car, I realizes she’s way sexier and finer than in the pictures I’d seen on Alex’s phone. She walks over and asks, “Why don’t we go find a picnic table or some where better to sit so we can talk easier?” I nodded my head and get up and start to walk to a picnic table under a big shade tree and I sit down on one side and Deavon sits on top of the table and then sets her phone, keys, two Gatorades, and bag of sunflower seeds down. I look at questioningly and ask, “Why do you have two big bottles of Gatorade?”

She says, “Well I thought I’d bring two just in case you got thirsty, I got the same flavor because in my opinion Glacier Freeze is the shit, and the best kind of Gatorade.”

I smile then reply, “Glacier Freeze is the shit. Now that it’s sitting in front of me I might have to drink it and steal your sunflower seeds because those too are amazing.” She pushes the bag between us and smiles as to offer them and say it’s okay if I eat some of them. I grab a handful and as I do I ask, “So Deavon, why did you want to see me? Especially in a place that Alex could easily show up at.”

Deavon thinks and answers, “Well, I thought us hanging out would be a great start and honestly, I don’t give a shit if she shows up because I’m tired of being controlled my her, which is why I left to begin with plus she cheated on me, 6 times and I didn’t know until the last time. I was going to try to fix our relationship but when I found she was cheating and had cheated, I was completely done.”

At first I’m completely shocked then I say, “Well honestly Deavon, that’s Alex for you, I would know. She did the same to me. But enough about her. Let’s talk about you. Give me your age, hair color, eye color, weight, height, favorite color, favorite subject, favorite sport, and favorite type of music.”

Deavon chuckles and answers, “Well damn. I’m 18 but I’m only a junior, you know that. I have natural brunette hair but love auburn on me better with blue(ish) green eyes. I weigh 165 pounds mostly muscle that is very toned, if you want proof, I’ll show it. I’m 5’11. My favorite color is ice blue or purple. My favorite subjects are math and science. My favorite sport is football or baseball. Favorite type of music is rock but I’ll listen to anything at least once.”

I smile and say, “Alright, show me the proof then.”. Deavon grins and gets off the table, lifts her shirt and reveals her 6 pack, then flexes and shows her very large biceps that compliment her nicely tanned body and her very well defined face with sharp cheek bones and a square yet round jawline. Then I noticed on her right underarm she had a tattoo which looked like a quote of some sort. I’m pretty sure I’m drooling because this girl is fucking sexy and Alex is a sucker for letting bursa escort her go, plus the snake bites and sexy ass short hair and oh do I see an industrial ear piercing. Finally she snaps me out of la-la land and says, “So you like the proof?”. I just nodded my head. Deavons chuckles and says, “Well let’s see it’s almost 9 and I’ve got to be back by 9:30-10. So would you like to come stay the night even though it’s a school night? I’ll get you to school and back, promise.”

I sigh and reply, “I’d love to but my mom only let’s me go over to people’s houses for the night on a school night if we have a project or studying to do.”

Deavon runs her fingers through her hair and says, “Well we do have a test in Algebra 2 tomorrow, and I could use some “help” in it.”

I say, “Alright, alright. Let me call my mom.”. I pick up my phone and call my mother, finally after the 5th or 6th ring she answers so I ask politely, “Could I go over to Deavon’s for the night? She just reminded me we have a test in Algebra 2 tomorrow that I told her I’d help her study for and we don’t have time other tonight before class to study.”

My mom answers, “Yes that’s fine but will Deavon bring you by so you can get your stuff and I can meet her really quick?”

I say, “Well of course mom, we’ll be there in like five minutes.” I hang up the phone and think to myself, “This is going to be a wonderful night of “studying”..I wonder what Deavon has up her sleeve, not that I’ll mind it.” Then Deavon again, snaps me out of the fantasy world and says, “Alright, are you ready to haul out of here and go get your things?”

I say, “Yes, let’s go hun.” Deavon smiles and we head to the car then once we get in and start to drive to my house I speak up and say, “Hey, try to keep it on the down low about you being homosexual, because if my mom picks up on that, she’ll never let me spend the night with you. How can we cover for your appearance though?”

Deavon replies, “Simple, I have one sister and two girl cousins plus four boy cousins so I grew up with mainly boys and did boy things and I find male clothing comfortable and I wanted to try a new hairstyle and loved it because it fits my face shape better than my old hairstyle.” I smile and nod then we’re quiet the rest of the way there. We get to my house and get out and go to the house to find my mom in the kitchen. I get to introducing them easily, “Mom this Deavon, Deavon this is my mom, Jackie.”

My mom pulls Deavon into a hug then pulls away and says, “Oh it’s so wonderful to meet you, but I have to ask why you’re dressed this way and why your hair is so short for a girl, you’re not homo are you?”

Deavon looks at her, and says, “Ma’am, I’m not a homo. I just grew up with one sister and four boy cousins so I always did boy things and I’ve dressed like this for years because I find male clothing way more comfortable. The hair is because I wanted to try something new and when I told my hairdresser that she said that shorter hair is all the rage with girls and it would set of my facial features so I tried it and loved it. I just love expressing myself and taking care of my body.”

My mom replies, “Well I’m glad you express yourself and if the hair, clothes, and piercings are you then so be it.”

I pipe up and say, “Let me grab my stuff and I’ll be right back. I’ll only be 10-15 minutes.” So while I grab my things in my room, I hear a gentle tap on my door then hear Deavon say, “Can I come in?”

I answer, “Well of course Deavon, come on in and just sit on my bed.”. Deavon walks in and does just as I say after she takes a quick tour of my bedroom. After she sits down and I wonder why she’s in there, so I ask, “Did my mom go to bed?”

Deavon answers, “Yes, she said to tell you goodnight and to have a good time and be careful. Oh and to give you this.”

I turn around and ask, “What?”

Deavon pulls me into her strong arms and kisses me passionately then pulls back and says, “Just that except it was suppose to be on the cheek instead.” I stand there stunned with my mouth wide open and have no idea what to say or even do, I can’t even move or continue packing. Then Deavon chuckles and says, “Close your mouth cutie, bugs will get in there!” Ten minutes later we’re quietly walking through my house and heading to Deavon’s car. We get in the car and it’s a silent drive back over to Deavon’s, then we quietly go in her house and into her room after grabbing two drinks, while I silently hope we won’t need those for a few hours. We get into her, actually quite spacious room and I stand there and look all around. It’s pretty typical butch lesbian in here, with it’s white walls that have been sponge and splatter painted with red, black, purple, orange, and a hint of blue, heavy metal band posters including Metallica, Pantera, Fuel, and more, three posters for the most recent Batman Trilogy, Hot Wheels hanging on a three different bulletin boards that total to at least 50 different bursa escort bayan cars including the Batmobile, a few old heavy metal rock shirts from Shinedown, Staid, and others that have been framed and hung up, and so much more, this girl has this place packed with stuff but I love it and jesus, it’s complete with I think a king or queen size bed. I pipe up and question Deavon, “Damn, is that a king or queen bed!? Because it’s huge compared to my bed!”

Deavon smiles, and answers, “It’s only a king size, it isn’t that big but mmm damn is it comfy as hell, like sleeping on cloud…makes wonders for having sex on it because it doesn’t squeak or anything..just perfect. Would you like to try it out? Here..come sit.” Deavon pats on the side of the bed and like a dog I listen and come sit down and I feel like I’m sitting on a pillowy cloud in the sky, it’s amazing. Deavon comes and sits next to me, then places her big hand on my cheek and says, “Look, Morgan, I don’t care what your mom thinks of me or lesbians or homosexuals. I don’t care what Alex thinks of me liking you or you liking me..yes I know you like me, it’s obvious, and has been for awhile hun. And I’ve liked you for a long time, ever since we first talked last year and more every time after that. I don’t care that you’re 5’3 and that you weigh 140 lbs, yes I know all of this, because I have my ways. I like you just the way you are and I hope you feel the same way. You’re beautiful from your curly brown(ish) black hair to your gorgeous hazel eyes, to the lovely curves of your body down to your cute little toes. You’re still beautiful even when you’re in sweat pants, no make up and your hair down and messy or thrown into a messy bun or pony tail all the way until you’re dolled up and ready for a date. I know I’m not perfect, I’m no where near perfect but I’ll be perfect for you.” I sit there staring at her, not having one clue what to say to her because she’s just laid everything on the line to me. Finally I shake off the shock and reply, “Deavon, honey, that is so sweet and I’d love to give us the chance, but not right now because you and Alex just split and Aly and I just split. If you give me at least until the end of school which is just 3-4 weeks, then I think I might be ready for us to happen.”

Deavon quickly says, “Morgan, that is perfectly fine with me, since I’ve been waiting over a year to say anything, I think I can give us some time before we give it a college try.” I smile and lay back on her bed then I tug on her for her to come lay with me but instead she gets up and starts to strip and I sit there bewildered and clear my throat. She looks over and says, “Yes? Is there prehaps a problem?”

I reply, “Well I’ve only been here for what? 20 minutes and you’re already undressing in front of me!”

She answers, “Well you know, I have to get comfortable, so I sleep in my boxers. Is that alright with you?”

I say, “Umm..well isn’t your mom going to flip if she comes in here and finds me in a shirt and shorts, and you in your boxers?”

She says, “Um, not really because she won’t come in here and if she does we’ll be under the covers and our clothes while be in my dirty laundry hamper so yeah.” She continues to strip all the way down to of course her Batman boxers which honestly is so damn sexy that I just can’t contain myself. I look at her and ask, “Is there any way that I could possible get a few pics of you this?” Deavons smiles and starts to pose like a model. I take at least 10 pictures, a few of her entire body including face, some of just her torso, some of her torso to mid thigh and others but damn is she fine and I can’t wait to show this off to my best friend and make her jealous, but first I need to ask. I say, “Deavon, would it be alright for me to show those pictures to my best friend?”

Deavon says, “Well of course, as long as they stay on your phone. And if you don’t mind, I know you have class with Alex, show her some of torso ones that go to mid-thigh and see if recognizes the body.” I smile and nod my head before she decides to gently push down against the bed and straddle me. I look at her and say, “Um what are you doing?”

She answers, “The one thing I’ve wanted to do for so long with you and I can’t wait any longer. I want to have hot, passion, amazing sex with you. And I promise, it will never change my feelings for you.”

I look at her for a second, and answer, “Good, because I’ve wanted the same, but I want this be perfect so let’s take it slow and steady babe. I really wanted it when you showed off your body because I didn’t not know this was all hidden under all the clothes otherwise I might’ve jumped your bones before.”

I don’t get another word in because she started kissing me intensely while we let our hands run all over each other. It started off slow but it just got faster and faster and oh so much hotter. My clothes went flying and so did her boxers. Finally we were both bare naked and staring into each escort bursa other eyes then she started to slowly kiss down my body all the way down to my hot vag. She spread my legs then let her fingers slowly graze from my ass to my clit many times while sucking my nipples and pulling them with her teeth, occasionally biting them. After a few minutes that felt like hours of her teasing my wet pussy she slid two fingers in me, stretching out my hole and started pumping them in and out at a very intense pace making me moan and groan with each motion then when I was right on the edge of cumming all over her fingers she pulled out and looked at me. I look at her and asked, “What is it baby?”

She looked at me questioningly and replied, “I wanna use something on you but only if it’s alright with you.”

I said, “Well of course..what is it?” She got up off the bed and went to her closet and reappeared holding a box then sat it down and pull out a decent size strap-on. She looked at me, saying, “This would be what I want to use on you. It’s a 7 inch long, 3 inch wide strap-on. Is that okay?”

I answered, “Yes, as long as you lube that thing up.” She leaned down and picked up a bottle and squeezed a good amount on it and rubbed it down good getting it nice and lubed up. She climbed between my legs, and got it in position and slowly slid every last of the 7 inches in me. She began at a slow and steady pace but the more I moaned and groaned with pleasure she sped up until she was going so fast and hard I couldn’t do anything but scream with pleasure especially since she was also some how sucking my very rock hard nipples until I let out one last big scream, kind of yelp as I had one massive, the most massive, shuddering orgasm ever as my hips bucked against her dildo and tighten so hard on it. She began to slow down, helping me come down off of my orgasm. Then asked, “Hey, are you okay babe?”

I smiled and weakly answered, “Yes I’m fine, that was amazing. But I want you to taste me right now! Clean up your mess!!” She smiled and kissed down my body and began to suck and lick my clit as I moaned and clawed into her back which cause her to moan against my clit which vibrated it and caused me even more pleasure. After a few minutes of making me cum, she slid her tongue into me deep and began to tongue fuck my hole intensely while rubbing my clit. After what seemed forever of intense pleasure I cummed all over her face with another powerful orgasm. Deavon stopped, stood up and removed the strap-on then came over with my cum all over her lips, chin, and neck. I blushed and said, “I’m sorry about that baby.”

She said, “Oh there’s nothing to be sorry about babe, I’m just glad I was the cause of it and I loved every second of it.” Then I began to go at her and she stopped me and said, “You know you don’t have to do this right? If you’re not ready to, then you don’t have to.” I just continued my journey down to her breasts which were the perfect size, I’d say probably a 32C. I began to suck her nipples and occasionally bite them which got all sorts of moans and groans from her. Then I slid down and began to bite hard into her abs as I slid my hands between her legs and began to rub her clit hard. She arched into me and said, “Mmm just fuck me” So I did as she said and shoved two fingers right in and began to fuck her hard and fast. Then she slid her legs up on my shoulders and it gave me a better angle to fuck her. After me finger fucking her hole for so long my arm was starting to wear out so I slowed down a little and she asked, “Are you getting tired baby?”

I answer, “Just my arm.”

Deavon grinned like a little devil, and said, “Um there’s a strap-on to use too babe.”

I said, “Only if you’re absolutely sure.” She nodded her head, so I pulled my fingers out and got up then picked the strap-on up and slid it on but couldn’t figure out how to tighten it. Deavon saw this, chuckled, and began to help me get it tighten to the right spot. I lubed it up and began to slowly slide it in and once I got it all the way in, she put her legs up to give me a better angle. I began to fuck her extremely hard and fast as she screamed in pleasure and claw into my back so I pushed her legs against her and began to bite and suck her neck to leave my mark on her. After I fucked her for what seemed like forever she began to buck her hips against me and arch really high as she orgasmed so hard against me. Then we she began to come down, she said, “Get your fingers in me now!” So I pulled out and began to finger fuck her so hard until she started to squirt all over me. At first I was shocked but then I was so turned on so I kept going making her squirt all over the place finally she tightened against me hard and then said, “Mm, stop, I’m really sensitive right now. Let’s go take a shower babe and get ready for bed..and change my sheets.” I nodded and helped her stripped the bed and change the sheets then we grabbed our pjs and went to go shower. We helped wash each other’s backs and torsos, I let my hand slowly massage soap into her 6-pack. Then when I was washing her back I noticed she had a tattoo back there and on her calf. I said, “Um, I didn’t know you had two other tattoos.”

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