Hitchhike to Frisco


Transporting a long haul could get boring for Jim and Ricky, they both agreed they needed some entertainment.

“This looks good, Jim?” ventured Ricky slowing down along the hard shoulder.

“Lets go for it” Jim responded; “well he’s waving his hand, look, he is hitchhiking and no mistake!”

“And that’s not the only thing he’s waving, Ricky, nice tight ass is that, just what I could go for this afternoon, he has something to barter for a ride is my guess, and I could go for some of that.”

Ricky pulled up, leaned over to talk to the hitchhiker, “Wanna lift, son?”

“Yes, sir – you going to Frisco?” replied the guy looked pleasantly surprised, muttering something about his luck changing.

“It’s the alluring way you move that ass that changes your luck.” said Ricky, “but if you want a lift you will have to pay, San Francisco is 300 miles away!”

“Aint got no money, sir.”

“Not talkin’ cash babe, There are other ways to pay – are you game? The hitch-hiker looked unsure but responded; “Well I need the lift.”

“And we need your ass so jump in son – you are over eighteen Huh? we don’t want to be arrested for fucking underage boys.”

“I was eighteen a month ago and my name’s Pete okay”

The seed was sown and they planted the young guy between them, this made their day brighter and no mistake, Jim was soon stroking the guy’s inner thigh whom readily parted his legs indicating he didn’t mind what Jim was doing.

Soon Jim was having a ball, touching and feeling. “You ever been with a guy before, Pete?”



“Never, I have never been in this position before, and I so need to get to Frisco for a Gig date in two days time.”

“You a musician or something, Pete? “

“I play drums.”

“Mmm, muttered Jim, You will have good rhythm then, I could go for that. Ricky here will stop shortly and we can go into the cab’s bunker for a bit of privacy okay?”

Pete looking somewhat nervous agreed, well Jim had got him worked izmir escort up which helped in as much that he was actually looking forward to the experience rather than fearing it.

“You got a real nice ass that is just asking for it” breathed Jim. “And I will have the pleasure of breaking you in.”

“Will it hurt?”

“Yep first time always does, Pete but I will be gentle – and then once you’re initiated you will love it.”

“Have you had it then, Jim?” Pete asked.

“Up the ass you mean?”


“No, I’m a giver, I give cock and have some to give to you, take a feel.”

Pete gingerly moved his hand over Jim’s bulging crotch and Jim told him to squeeze it, to “get the feel of real hard cock.”

“Okay, how does that take you. Pete?”

“Wow it is big!”

“You look worried, why do you look worried, Jim asked.

“Wondering how that will feel inside me!”

“It will feel fine,” Jim retuned with a big wry grin, moving a hand to grab Pete’s ass cheek. ” I bet you have a real gem tucked away between those tight cheeks.”

Then he turned to his co-driver: “You’d better pull up soon, Ricky – I’m getting real aching for this guys ass!”

“You’d better get a taste for it” Ricky said pulling up the truck, then unzipping himself with a real frenzy to expose a real hard corker, and then Jim pushing Pete’s head down to Ricky’s tackle saying to suck it!” Pete had no option, his mouth up against Ricky’s throbbing hot cock, Jim’s fingers probing the corners of his mouth – stretching and opening until Ricky’s cock was deep inside.

“OMG! Yelped Ricky, that’s good, if he fucks the same we are in for a great night of fun an d games.”

“Are we stopping over or something?” Gasped Pete when he managed to get a breather. “I have to get top Frisco!”

“We sure are, don’t worry we shall get you to Frisco no problem, after we have frisco’d you that is” Both the truckers laughed raucously and then Ricky told Pete that; ” when alsancak escort we go into the cabin in the back it will be just a rehearsal for the fun and games we shall all have tonight, the three of us, have you ever had two guys before.”

“I told you, I have never even had one!”

“Well that is gonna change, Babe because by the time the night’s over you will be truly well fucked.”

Grinned Ricky.

“And ten to one, in the morning – you will be walking bandy” put in Jim as he then pulled Pete’s head down to his freshly exposed cock for some sucking action..

Then afterwards, after he had given Pete a good dowsing of spunk it was like he couldn’t wait and led Pete around to the side trailer where he opened a door and directed the lad into a very comfy cabin with bed and all.

“Now get ’em off and pronto!” ordered Jim – his own jeans already at half mast and his hand gripping a well replenished swollen cock ready for the fucking.

Pete undressed nervously, still tasting the guys in his mouth, and then when naked he obeyed Jim’s orders to kneel on all fours on the cabin bunk, he felt like a prize pig waiting for the slaughter as Jim was soon there measuring up to him, stretching his cheeks wide apart and pushing his head between, licking him there for all he was worth.

“You are good, you have it all Pete, I am gonna suck the ass off you and fuck that brown hole until it squelches with cock juice.”

In the meantime, Ricky made for the road again, heading for the night-over stop, slowly wanking himself in anticipation of what was to follow when Jim had finished and he would take his turn.

About half hour later Jim yelled through the intercom to say he was done and that was the signal for Ricky to pull up just for short stop to changeover, his cock already bulging beneath his jeans.

“How’d it go, Jim? Is he a good poke?

“What do you think, he is a great fuck.”

“I heard him yelp a few times”

“Well he’d buca escort never had it before, he has now and will be well stretched for you, so go for it Ricky, he is ready and waiting.”

“Is it a good fuck Jim?”

“Wow! He is a great grind, the feel of him inside is a real thrill, the way he twists his ass and moves, you will enjoy ver6y much.”

“Hope so, sit is yonks since I have had a real gratifying fuck, even with my partner who seems to have gone off a bit of late, I reckon she is being shafted by another.”

“Well you just go and shaft Pete now, give it to him real hard fuck and tonight we can both share it together, what a thought Huh Ricky?”£

Ricky couldn’t wait and clambered out of the driving cab and into the cab behind, he’d been working it up while Jim was taking his fuck and now it was his turn, Pete’s ass all a ready and waiting, Pete still groaning, his ass looking very tempting ready for more fucking and his brown hole looking really tantalising open when Ricky’s stretched those ass cheeks wide apart and plunged his heavy black cock into Pete’s cavity like there was no tomorrow!.

Ricky was a much bigger guy the Jim and Pete thought he would rip him apart as he really went for the hard stiff prolonged thrusting fuck, his rough hand wanking Pete’s cock as he fucked him bareback and then, ordering him to sit on him as he moved to lay underneath, he guided his cock – still throbbing -into Pete’s ass again – but this time prompting Pete to move, to feel the length of deep black cock fucking his hole out until they both came so strong, Ricky’s cock wedged deep up inside and Pete’s well wanked cock spurting cream over Ricky’s chest, Ricky ordering him to suck it up afterwards as he sucked Pete’s well fucked brown hole until they both had there fill of each other – job well done!

They did the real dirty on Pete though did Jim and Ricky, after they had both fucked him crazy that night in the motel they told him they could not get him to Frisco, that he would have to ask another trucker.

Si in the morning, aching like hell with a well fucked ass he hitched for a new lift. A truck stopped, there were three guys in the front.

“Can you lift me to Frisco please? Pete asked.

“It’ll cost you son!”

“Aint got no money”

“Who’s taking money!”

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