How I Became thedarkcloud


This is a true story.

I was young (not long turned 18) and dumb. That’s my only excuse and it’s not much of one, I know. I had asked out a girl in my sixth year class, Julie Duncan that I really fancied. She was out of my league I know but I tried and didn’t deserve the cruel rejection and amusement the bitch dished out to me when she turned me down. So anyway, that Saturday morning with my parents and sister out of the family house I was sitting in my bedroom having a wank to a music video (Beyonce and Shakira, and I was imagining them doing all sorts of kinky things!) when I suddenly got it into my mind that I wanted my revenge on her.

I had seen all sorts of crude grafitti in my time and decided I could do it myself. I grabbed a black marker pen from my school bag and marched down the street and through the nearby park to the public toilets. Before I even had time to talk myself out of what I was doing I had entered one of the cold cubicles and bolted myself inside.

I knew what I was doing was wrong and stupid but hell I was hurt and angry and proceeded to write on the wall, “JULIE DUNCAN SUCKS COCKS FOR £10”. It joined the rest of the obscenities on the wall and as I stood back to admire my handiwork I nearly jumped out of my skin when the cubicle flashed in a bright light and a click sounded loud in the cubicle.

I turned around nervously and looked up at the grill at the top of the cubicle wall connecting to the next cubicle and there, holding a camera, was a mans face grinning down at me.

“Gotcha!” he said only izmir escort half jokingly.

I tried to bluster my way out of the situation but all my stammering and protestations counted for naught and seconds later he was inside the cubicle beside me and locking the door behind him. I had unbolted it for him when he told me and was already doing what he told me to do.

He pointed at my words on the wall.

“That’s not a very nice thing to write, is it?”

I just lowered my eyes from his harsh gaze, I knew I was in big trouble here. He lifted my chin with his hand so I had to look at him even though I did want to. He was an older man than I first thought, in his 50’s probably older than my own father. He had a thick mane of grey hair and looked kindly enough but there was a menace and threat I felt behind every word and action he took. And as he stared at me I felt his hand move to my crotch and openly grope my balls trough my trousers!

I froze and did nothing as he just smirked at me and continued to fondle me.

“How much trouble do you think you’ll be in? How much? You know when I go to the police with this picture and tell them that you were writing that on the wall? Imagine what your parents will think? What your friends will think? Imagine what this Julie will think? And believe me they will all find out. If I tell that is.”

I didn’t say anything – he was in complete control of the situation and we both knew it. Still looking at me he undid my zipper and reached in to pluck alsancak escort out my cock and ball and resumed his groping of them as he smiled in my face.

“So I guess you don’t want me to tell anyone, is that it?”

I was aware that I was stiffening in his hand, against my will and somehow I managed to nod at him. He smiled like a crocodile again and tightened his hard fingers around my balls squeezing real hard now.

“Good boy. You know it makes sense. You want me to keep quiet? Then drop to you knees and get ready to suck. I do hope you are a virgin at this?”

I gulped and nodded and as instructed dropped to my knees on the cold wet toilet floor, at least it meant he had to ease the pressure he was putting on my balls. A million thoughts seemed to race through my mind as I knelt there and with shaking hands began to unzip him and his intimidating bulge. Uppermost amongst them was a mantra that I repeated to myself “I am not gay”.

I finally stopped myself as I watched and felt his thick, stiff penis loom out of his trousers. I pushed myself away from him and tried to get to my feet. My haste and the cramped conditions worked against me and in an instant the man kicked me square in the balls. I cried out and started to fall forward but he caught my hair and jerked my head up and forced his cock into my mouth.

“Stupid boy! Try that again or use your teeth and I’ll make you sorry here and after! Now get sucking or everyone you know will find out what a pathetic little wanker buca escort you are!”

I was too busy choking on his thick, slimy, cloying cock to pay his words too much attention but I knew what he wanted and decided I had no option but to do it. My rebellion, such as it was, was over. He was dictating pace, ploughing his cock in and out of my gasping lips at a ferocious pace that I struggled to keep up with. The smell and taste of his dick were so alien and horrible to me that I had to try and forget about them as I tried to adjust my mouth and jaws to make it easier on me. I felt my own saliva dribble from the corners of my mouth and drop onto my t-shirt as I felt his hairy balls smack against my chin.

The cubicle flashed bright light again and I managed to look up to see him holding the camera in his hand again and I can only imagine he got a cracking picture of me with his dick buried in my mouth.

“That’s a keeper for sure! Though I may get a copy done and glue it to the wall there!” he was taking the piss out of me as I sucked him off.

And then he started to straighten up and all of a sudden his cock spasmed in my mouth and I tasted my first load of cum. It was not pleasant, thick and sticky and tasted sour and all the worse because I knew exactly what it was. Done he pushed my mouth off him and wiped his messy dick on my hair. Then he pointed at my own mini erection and demanded that I bring myself off. So in the gloom of that depressing toilet cubicle I knelt there, still tasting his cum and jerked myself before him until I spurted on the stone floor.

He laughed and unbolted the door with me still kneeling there.

“You can lick that up if you want bitch and be sure to check regularly to see it that picture gets put up there!”

And with that he was gone.

I went home and became thedarkcloud.

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