My Asian Christmas Present


Part I

Well here it is, Christmas morning. All the festivities are over. All the family was here last night, opening gifts, a little wine, the kids going wild over all the presents. The house is a mess. I lay in bed knowing I didn’t get the present I really wanted.

My family has no idea. They don’t know what I really desires.. my fantasies. They know the professional woman who is always there for everybody. The strong one in the family. The one everyone turns to when they need something. They are clueless when it comes to my needs. They don’t really know me at all.

I get out of bed and walk to the living room. The tree is beautiful, but empty underneath.

I resolve to make the best of the day. I fix my coffee and start to clean up when I run across a small present that has not been opened. It is not addressed to anyone? I sit down and open the small box. It contains a piece of paper with what appears to be a phone number and the words “Let me make your Christmas a little merrier”. Where did this come from?

I continue to clean the mess and then and jump in the shower. All the while wondering about the gift. I decide to call the number. When I do a female answers the phone and says; “Hello Renee’, I have been waiting for you to call. I immediately hang up the phone. How did she know me and who was she? I sit there stunned. The phone rings.. I stare at it not knowing whether I should answer or not. My curiosity wins out and I pick up the phone. It is her. She explains that she lives close and has been wanting to meet. She knows my secrets. I sit there listening, wondering what she knows. She tells me how she has watched through my windows. She has seen me with you. The unbridled sex, the toys, and how hot she gets watching the things we do together.

I tell her that you are not here so her fantasies will have to go unfulfilled. She informs me that it is not you she wants, it’s me. She tells me that although she has never been with another woman, she just couldn’t help herself. I get excited at the thought of another woman in my bed. She describes herself, 22 years old, 100 lbs 5’2″, long dark hair and dark eyes. Oh my God, I do know her. She lives only a couple of houses away. We have talked at the mailboxes while getting our mail. She has always seemed very shy and innocent..a petite little thing, fragile but alluring.

I explain that I have commitments during the day but she could come by this evening so we can talk.

I try to go about my day, the thought of what was going to happen never far from my mind. I try to be social while eating dinner with everyone, but its not turkey I want to eat. I watch the clock. A few more hours until I get my real present.

The time finally arrives. I hear her knock at my door. I look out from the side window taking her in with izmir escort my eyes. She is wearing a short little skirt with a pink sweater that accentuates her small breasts. I notice her nipples alert through the sweater.

I open the door and invite her in. Her name is Takara.

I offer her a drink. I can tell she is pretty nervous. I hand her a glass of wine and her hand trembles as I brush her fingers with mine while letting go of the glass. I tell her to drink the wine, it will relax her. I ask if she is sure she wants to do this. She seems scared to death. She nods her head, yes.

She downs the wine, so I give her another. She is beginning to loosen up.

She explains that she has been attracted to me since her and her boyfriend moved in a few months ago. She said she had been walking her dog one night and heard noises coming from my back yard. Curious she peeked around the back of my house and found you and I a little involved on the back porch. I was shocked. Since the house backs up to the woods, I never thought anyone could see us. She said although she knew she shouldn’t stay she did. After that, every time she would see your car in the driveway she would go for a walk and peek through my window.

I ask if her boyfriend knew what she was doing. She said no, he is very traditional and he would never understand. Their sexual relationship was pretty limited. She had never experienced oral sex from him although she had sucked him off a time or too.

Wow, she was very inexperienced. I reassured her that her limited experience was OK and I would be patient and teach her all she wanted to know. She smiled shyly.

With the wine taking the desired affect, I reached over and touched her face. She was so beautiful. Her olive skin was perfect and so soft. I couldn’t wait to see the rest of her. Wasting no time, I brought my lips to hers. She responded by slightly opening her mouth so our tongues met. She closed her eyes and let herself get lost in the moment. I couldn’t close my eyes. I wanted to see her.

My hands explored her tiny body. She pressed her body into my hands wherever they went. Our lips parted and she timidly smiled. I ask her if she was ready to show herself to me; again she nodded.

I stood her up and began to undress her. I cupped her small breasts into my hands then proceeded to pull the tiny sweater over her head. She stood before me, bra-less, her arms folded over her chest. I told her not to be embarrassed or shy. Her body is stunning and she should be proud of it. She started to slide her skirt down and I told her no. I wanted to do it. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to me, kissing once more. I let my lips find my way down her small frame stopping at her pert little nipples. I could feel her tense alsancak escort her body at my touch. I looked up at her and her eyes were again closed. She arched her back approvingly. While still enjoying her breasts, I reached my hands up the back of her skirt fondling her petite ass. It was so young. My hands explored her in the most private places. Her panties were already wet. Yea, I’d say she was ready.

I slipped her skirt down and off. She stood before me nude except for her snow white lace panties. I asked her to back up so I could get a good look at her. She did as I said, turning her body completely around so I could see all of her. She was like a ballerina…and all mine.

When she was done displaying herself I asked if she wanted to see me. With no hesitation she started to unbutton my blouse. Slowly and awkwardly she removed my shirt exposing my breasts. She commented on how much larger I was than she and immediately began to caress my nipples. Her hands were so small they seemed dwarfed by my ample breasts. I guided her mouth to them instructing her how to run her tongue around the nipple, biting occasionally, biting harder then releasing. God she was driving me wild. It was great to watch this innocent young lady as she eagerly sucked and teased my breasts. Knowing this was first for her. I could guide her and teach her to give and receive pleasure, that until now, she had only dreamed of.

I guided her hands to my skirt and helped her slip it down my legs and off. She was now on her knees in front of me rubbing her soft hands up and down my legs. She stood to face me. Both of us standing there with very little on. She pressed her lips to mine kissing me once more. I lifted her small frame up and drew her body into mine, breasts pressed together. Our hips beginning to sway in time together. I told her that I was going to show her what to do to please a woman. I would do to her what she would eventually do to me.

I started kissing her neck, down her back to the spot just above her ass. She stood there very still.. letting out little sighs every time my mouth touched her body. I had her bend over at her waist and hold on to the back of the chair. This revealed her lovely young pussy to me. She was almost bare except for a small triangle just above her lovely lips. I repeatedly stroked and kissed her bottom. Licking slowly around her asshole, then moving to her clit. Teasing, lightly flicking with my tongue. Just as she would tense, I would move my tongue away, building the anticipation. Her scent was sweet and I couldn’t wait to bury my face in her.

By now she was pushing her ass higher to allow me full access to her. I stuck one finger into her wet cunt twisting and making her writhe with pleasure. Another finger, being careful to buca escort make sure

I didn’t stretch that tight young pussy too much. She was moaning..yes..yes. While still sucking on her swollen clit I withdrew my well lubricated finger from her and let it finds it way to what I as sure was her virgin asshole. Circling it first with my finger, then slowly penetrating her tight muscle. She gasp. I stopped for a moment to allow her to react. She turned and looked at me approvingly. Even before I could get my finger all the way into her ass, her body started to shake, I sucked her clit harder. She lost control and I pushed my tongue back into her dripping hot pussy. Knowing the heaven she was in I wanted to feel her pussy contract as she came. Her orgasm lasted several minutes then I could feel her legs weaken and I lowered her to the floor.

She later explained to me that she had never had an orgasm with her boyfriend. Since missionary sex was about all he would do. She had never experienced true sexual release.

She asked if she could now repeat the act on me “of course”, I said. Watching this tiny young woman explore my body with her mouth, hands wandering over me, caressing me, was more than I could take. At her first touch of my clit, I came. She was so sexy, almost childlike, but every bit a woman.

She really enjoyed thrusting her tongue in and out of my cunt while fingering my clit. We were so lost in each other, kissing sucking, leaving nothing unpleasured..untouched..unexplored.

I heard the dogs bark and it startled her.. I told her to ignored it. Just as she was bringing me to orgasm once more, the barking started again. When the pulsating of my pussy stopped, I whispered in her ear and she retreated to the bedroom.

I looked at the sliding door and caught you peeking in. I knew it had to be you. I also knew you had been watching for quite a while based on the smile on your face. You were like schoolboy caught with his hands in the cooking jar. You were blushing. I opened the door and told you to come in I smiled and led you into the living room.

I hadn’t expected you today, but since you are here, I decide to share my present with you. I ask if you are willing as you gladly agree. I know how your attraction to small petite women and although I am not that woman, I can give you that. You ask if I think she will be willing and I tell you that is what I whispered to her before she left the room. I knew you were there when she started to go down on me. The thought of you watching us was what made me cum so hard and so fast. I wanted you to enjoy the sight of us together. By the bugle in your jeans I could tell you had.

I tell you how inexperienced she is and that you should take it slow with her. I know how gentle you can be so I know she will enjoy it.

I take you to the bedroom and introduce you. I back away to the corner of the room. You ask why I am not joining. I want to see you with her. The contrast of your large strong body with the fragileness of hers is a huge turn on. I will only join when you ask me to.

You begin to touch her.. I touch myself……

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