The Cure

Anastasia Knight

She only married me for the money, everyone said it. Melissa was the university stunner, five foot ten, natural blonde, big, naturally firm breasts and a bubble butt that J-Lo would envy. I had just turned twenty when she married me and everyone thought it wouldn’t last. My father had made millions from astute investments in various stocks and shares after he sold his small building firm. The family home was a one million pound mansion on the Dorset coast. I inherited it all after he drove his beloved Aston Martin Vanquish into a tree on a slippery September evening, instantly killing himself and my mother. I was in Bristol at the time of the accident, studying for a business degree, determined and driven to make my own way in the world. Melissa was also there, studying modern art. She had what some people would say a bad reputation, highly sexed, some would even say she was a slag. I was never one to judge, being brought up as the only child in a staunch Christian background, I was taught respect, honesty and definitely no sex before marriage. I was captain of the squash team, six foot tall, lean athletic physique, average looks, some would say just a plain university student. Not Melissa’s type at all considering she was always dating one or other of the big muscle bound rugby team players. It was to my shock when she approached me and started flirting with me at the local bar one evening. She had a tall glass of some alcoholic drink when she approached me. I had orange juice in my hand as booze is the devil’s liquor. She did all the chatting and I let her, being shy and in awe of the beauty in front of me. When she left to go back to her friends, it had been decided that we were going to the cinema the following evening, and I didn’t remember even agreeing to it. Dumbfounded at the time, I couldn’t work out what it was that she found attractive in me, not until the next night sat in the back row of the local Odeon. We kissed a couple of times watching and not really watching the movie when she began rubbing my crotch through my jeans. “Oh wow, you’re a big boy then?” she whispered smiling at me with perfect gleaming teeth. “What do you mean?” I replied looking into her eyes. “Word has it that you have a very big cock, and it feels like the word is true,” she quietly said with her hand firmly in my lap. I stopped the kissing and her advances there and then and after leaving the cinema and walking back to the campus, she explained that Ben, one of the squash team, had told his girlfriend I was well endowed. She had in turn told Melissa and hence I was her next target in her pursuit of big cocks. She didn’t beat around the bush, she told me straight. “You’ve got a big cock. I want to fuck you!” she stated kocaeli escort matter-of-factly. I went on to tell her of my beliefs in chastity until marriage and that sex was only for the creation of children and that was that, no more Melissa, at least it was until the accident occurred. When I returned to university after a month away, sorting the funerals and signing numerous documents, I was now a millionaire but orphaned. Everyone was sympathetic to my loss but also secretly jealous of my new wealthy status. Melissa was very quick to try and rekindle her advances to me and being still grieving and in a vulnerable situation I was happy for her friendship at least. It took her a few weeks to once again try to get at my cock and angrily I snapped. “Look if you only want me to fuck you, then I suggest you get lost. My views have not changed; you want sex with me you’ll have to marry me,” “Are you being serious? Or are you just angry at me for wanting to have sex with you?” she replied calmly. “Yeah, you know I’m crazy about you but I won’t have sex outside of marriage, so the question is there; if you want it, marry me,” I said in return. “Okay, I’ll marry you then,” she replied. Admittedly it wasn’t romantic but I did mean it and after I saw my late fathers solicitor (who tried to talk me out of it) he made sure my new wealth was protected as much as he could through certain pre-nuptial agreements, much against Melissa’s wishes. A month later we both quit university and flew to St Lucia and we became husband and wife at a luxurious beach resort. Three years later we had a perfect marriage… well all except one little problem. We had no money problems, my own portfolio of investments were doing very well and Melissa had gone back to University and got her Modern art degree and was soon going to open her own gallery. As I said earlier, Melissa was a highly sexed person with a constant craving for my cock, which I was now happy to give her whenever she wanted. The only problem we had that was when I came, it took me hours and hours to get any semblance of life to my cock, it was as if once it had shot its cum it went into a coma. We had tried the top medical assistance from top Harley street doctors, no amount of pills or even injections had helped, it would just die a death after ejaculating. Melissa loved me and I knew she was faithful (I’d had her followed numerous times by a private investigator to allay my jealousy) but the frustration of her desires for more were our only problem. It was after I’d managed to withhold myself from cumming for ten minutes whilst fucking her hard with my nine inch cock, bringing her to her orgasm before I came myself and then my dick dwindling away to its kocaeli escort bayan sleeping state that we were in each others arms. “I love you so much Andrew, I’m so glad you asked me to marry you when you did and then made me your wife, I know people didn’t trust me and I admit the money you inherited did make it an easier decision at the time, but I do love you. I only wish your magnificent cock would come back to life quicker,” Melissa said as she laid with her hand slowly stroking my comatose dick. “I love you too and I do know you love me but there’s nothing I can do about it, you know we’ve tried all we can, I’m sorry,” I replied. She looked into my eyes with tears beginning to well in her own, then slowly rolled over and began to very quietly sob into her pillow before falling asleep. I eventually fell asleep in utter disappointment with myself for not being able to fulfil my wife’s desires for sex. The following day while sat in my den trawling the net to see if there was anything new that may help me solve my dilemma, a pop up for a porn site came on my computer screen. I casually perused the various clips of all the fetishes out in the world of porn, until I came across a clip of a guy laid on his back with a very buxom woman sat on his face getting her pussy eaten. I’d never given Melissa oral sex as I was brought up to believe it was dirty, yes, I’m a hypocrite as I would gladly let Melissa suck my cock whenever she wanted, but she liked doing it. It was at that point that the big breasted woman pushed out a load of cum from her pussy, straight into the guys mouth, and he devoured it all. My cock, which was fast asleep, suddenly sprang to life and as I watched the guy completely clean the woman’s cunt of all the spunk, got a raging hard on. I watched some more and my cock was straining for relief. Quickly I got from my chair and locked my door, dropped my pants and whacked myself off, shooting a huge load over my computer desk. Just as usual my cock quickly dwindled and went back to sleep as I sat back down catching my breath. I continued looking through the various other kinks, interracial, anal, milf, she-male, bukkake but then came across another cream-pie clip. A fat unattractive woman was laid back, legs spread wide and another guy was eating her freshly filled, huge pussy. The cum was leaking out of her cunt and the guy was lapping it up like a cat drinking milk from a saucer. To my utter amazement my cock began to harden and was quickly rock solid while I watched the clip. I quickly dropped my pants again and started wanking myself again till I came once more, this time catching my cum in my other hand. My cock once again died a death quickly so I tentatively stuck izmit escort my tongue out and tasted my own spunk for the first time ever, no reaction at all. I was suddenly interrupted from my sleazy actions as I heard the door to my den rattle. “Andrew, are you in there honey, I’ve made you a coffee, why is your door locked? What are you doing?” Melissa said from outside. I’d never locked the door before, ever, didn’t need to. I quickly licked the rest of my cum from my hand and pulled my pants and jogging bottoms back up. I switched the monitor off and rushed to the door, forgetting the drying spunk on my desk. “I didn’t want the cleaner to disturb me while I checked my investments,” I lied as I took the coffee from Melissa at the door. “She’s not here today, and you know that,” she said as she barged past and went straight to my desk. “What the hell? You fucking pervert, what the fuck have you been doing? Web-camming with some slut while jacking off have you?” she shouted at me angrily, pointing to the pool of my spunk on the desk. “I can explain,” I said sheepishly. “Don’t fucking bother, you fucking pervert,” she screamed and then stormed out of the room. The following week you could cut the atmosphere between us with a blunt knife. Melissa moved into one of our guest rooms and hardly spoke a word when we passed each other, which wasn’t often. I spent most of the time indulged in my new perversion, each new clip I found would get my cock springing to life, it was truly amazing to me, I wondered if this could be the cure to my problem, but couldn’t see if I’d ever get the chance to find out with Melissa being so angry at me. Another week passed with Melissa in the guest room and me, in our king size bed all alone. At the weekend I was startled to see Melissa enter our room stark naked. Without a single word spoken she pulled the sheets from my body and laid next to me, feeling for my now quickly hardening cock. “I’m sorry Melissa, I love you so much,” I said. “Shut up pervert and fuck me, I’m sick of my dildo and I’m horny so I want your cock, that’s all!” she stated. She leant her head forward and began to lick my shaft up and down. Quickly I got rock solid and she began to lower her mouth over my bell-end. I’d missed her cock sucking skills and she was taking more into her willing mouth with each rise and fall of her head. I watched in bliss as she nearly swallowed it all and had me squirming on the bed. Eventually she lifted her skilful mouth from my fully erect pole and rolled onto her back, spreading her legs as she went. “Come on then pervert, fuck me, I need to cum before going back to my room!” she said, anger still very evident in her voice. I began to mount her and at the very last second quickly lowered my head to her smooth pussy. “What the fuck are you doing? You don’t like that, you’ve never done that to me before!” she said raising her head and trying to clamp her legs shut. “Shush honey, I want to give it a go, let me try please,” I said.

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