Bad Girl – Chapter 5


After cleaning up their dishes, they gathered their gear and headed over to the designated area. There were already a number of people there, and a bonfire was already raging. A long table had been set up for any goodies people had brought along to share. Gerry set the chair up next to an empty one, then hung the bag of popcorn on a Sheppard’s pole holding a lantern set up next to the goody table. All the mods had nametags that said MOD and their fetish or real name. They were walking around greeting people and chatting with each one briefly.People who had been to previous camps were also walking around and introducing themselves to new people or those they did not recognize. They offered their assistance if anyone needed help with anything or had any questions. Mod Central was just across the road from the dungeon and the occasional scream could be heard. The mods pointed out that many ‘scenes’ would be enacted over the course of the week that could be watched. Mods were on duty throughout the grounds 24 hours a day, and many of the scenes had been preapproved. If anyone saw or heard something they felt was inappropriate, they should report it to a mod and not interrupt the scene.Everyone had been given this information at registration as well as the camp safe words. Mods were clearly identified and there were also ‘trolls’ with walkie talkies that could also help or call for a mod. Besides that, there was a first aid station also staffed 24 hours by actual nurses or EMT personnel. Everyone was very friendly, not at all what Gerry had been expecting, though he really had not been sure what to expect.”This might not be so bad after all, babe.”It had been a long day, and they were both quite tired. The class being led by her former Mistress that Pam had agreed to assist at was first thing istanbul travesti in the morning, so they gathered their belongings and went back to their campsite. They grabbed their shower gear and headed for a quick shower then went back to their tent and promptly fell asleep.They had decided to buy their breakfast each day, so when they woke up, they headed over to the food court and got two breakfast plates, two coffees and a large orange juice they shared. They went back to dress for the first part of the day. Gerry had decided to attend the class, at least to see if it caught his attention, but just put on a pair of shorts and a tank top. Pam put on a half push-up black lace bra that left her nipples exposed and a matching black lace thong. Her collar was still on and she planned on wearing it the entire time except in the pool or hot tub and the shower. She also added a pair of wrist cuffs.When they arrived, Mistress Candace was setting up a table in the front of the room with a variety of items. When she spotted Pam, she waved her over while Gerry took a seat in the back near the door. Pam walked up to her Mistress and bowed her head. Her hands were held behind her back.”Good morning, Mistress Candace. I am here to serve you and have you do with me as you please.”Pam then turned around with her back to her Mistress, then faced her again, then turned her back once again.”I see you have not forgotten how you greet your Mistress, kitten. Very good,”Candace then clipped the cuffs together and turned Pam around to face her. She attached a leash to the ring on her collar and placed it in Pam’s mouth. Pam walked to the side of the table and knelt down, sitting back on her heels, her head still bowed. Gerry watched this little ritual with fascination. He istanbul travesti wondered what type of ritual she had done for her Master when she was with him. The chairs were beginning to fill and then another girl, naked except for a collar and cuffs walked up to Candace and did the same thing Pam had done, then went to the other side of the table and got in the same position as Pam. Gerry noticed that both her nipples were pierced, where Pam’s were not.The class covered the true strength of a submissive in that it was not that the Master or Mistress overpowered the submissive, but that the sub relinquished her power to the Master or Mistress. This put the responsibility for the well being of the submissive in the hands of his or her owner. She went through some training regimens using Pam and the other girl to demonstrate her points. Both girls seemed to anticipate her orders, moving or doing things at the same time she was explaining them. The two girls returned to their positions at each side of the table during a question and answer period. When that ended, the tent began to clear. Gerry stayed in his seat waiting for Pam to leave.Once everyone had gone, both girls stood up and Candace unclipped the cuffs and leash. She kissed the other girl on the top of her head, whispered something to her and then dismissed her. She then kissed Pam’s head as well, but then took her chin and lifted her head.”I have missed you kitten and I am glad you still remember your training so well. I would like to use you in another demonstration, but I don’t know if your Gerry would approve. I know you told me you have not been with anyone else since you wed.””I have missed you as well, Mistress. We have agreed that whatever happens here will stay here, but what is it you istanbul travesti wish me to do?”I am leading a demo on the proper way to fuck an ass. I have a male sub that usually does the deed for me, and I can always use another kitten instead, but I remember how much you enjoyed it when anyone, including me, fucked you in the ass.””I would love to assist you in that, Mistress, but I am not sure how he would take me being with another man. He knows I still had sex with a woman, even after we were engaged, and of course, he knew about you. But I can see if I can feel him out and let you know.””I would not want to cause you any problems, but I do have an idea. Perhaps he would be willing to fuck you while I instruct. Do you think he could perform in front of an audience?””Again, I am not certain; he is not exactly vanilla, though he has never been into the lifestyle all that much either, Mistress, but I will ask.”Candace pulled on both her nipples and pinched them hard.”Good kitten. You know, with those gorgeous nipples of yours, it’s a real shame I could never get you to pierce them. They would look beautiful with some jewelry adorning them. Now be on your way.””Yes, Mistress, Thank you.”Pam walked over to Gerry and they left the tent. There was a camper-led fundraiser kissing booth that Gerry wanted to check out. $1 for a kiss on the lips, $2 to kiss her boobs, $3 for her mound and $5 for a lick of her clit. Gerry was glad they had brought a lot of cash, as the site suggested. Pam was just happy he was getting into the mood and participating.”So, was that the kind of thing you did every time when you saw your Mistress? That little ritual, I mean.””Yes, for the most part. Every Mistress or Master has their own idea of how they expect your devotion to them to be shown. Some can be much more intense. Mistress Candace was stern but gentle. She meted out punishment when it was warranted, but was never cruel about it. She knew each of her pets well and gave each of us what we needed. In turn, we gave her the control.””And you enjoyed that?””It was what I desired at the time.”

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