More of the Sun, More for the Son – A Son’s Perspective, Part 4


The beginning of my week was surprisingly uneventful. Work, in general, was very slow, and I hadn’t heard anything from John or Anthony. I guess they did have lives also and needed to take care of work too. I’m not really sure if I was disappointed or relieved, maybe a little of both. The end of last week was quite the whirlwind.Wednesday morning I came into work, dressed as I had been instructed for my presentation at Code Genetics.I was wearing a dark grey suit: a single black button jacket with black lapel accents, a short form-fitting skirt that came to mid-thigh, a light pink, sheer, button-up blouse, no bra, pink lace front g-string, nude stay-up thigh highs with a thin lace band at the top, and grey, sling-back high heels.I was told I would have to give a short presentation to the board of directors and some of the senior management. But with the specific outfit request, I was sure there’s going to be something else, I just had no idea what that was.When I arrived at Anthony’s office, he seemed busy and distracted and only spoke to me briefly before having a young male associate take me to set up for the presentation.I was led to a decent sized meeting room with chairs lined up facing a small, well lit platform at the front, with a small table and a high chair, kind of like a stool with a back.About twenty men that looked to be in their forties to sixties, all well dressed in suits, filed in and filled the chairs. Several older men filled in the front row with Anthony in the center. As I looked over the room, I was surprised there was not a single woman there, other than me.Anthony had instructed me to leave my phone laying on the table so I could see text messages as they came in. He said he would be texting cues and instructions during the presentation if he felt I needed to take it in a different direction or cover some other topic. And he was adamant that I should follow his texts precisely and immediately.Everyone was in their seats and talking amongst themselves as I looked down at Anthony and gave him a nod to let him know I was ready.He stepped up onto the little platform with me and got everyone’s attention, thanked everyone for coming in, and introduced me.As I took over and started into my presentation, Anthony took his seat in the front row and I got into my groove. During the first ten minutes or so, Anthony texted a couple points he wanted me to touch on. I read his texts and then segued into what he wanted me to cover.I heard my phone give a little buzz as I spoke on autopilot. I looked down and read, ‘Uncross your legs, slowly relax letting them part’.I felt myself stutter for a second as I wasn’t expecting that. I regained my thoughts and I slowly uncrossed my legs, hooked my heels in the rung of the high chair, and let them relax as I felt my knees slowly drift a couple inches apart.There were bright lights pointed at the small stage area so it was a little hard to see everyone’s face in the room, but I could still tell that many of the men were focused on my lower half.Again my phone buzzed, this time, ‘open beylikdüzü escort more, slowly turn in your seat, everyone in the room gets to see’.I felt more and more embarrassed and I could hear my voice beginning to tremble. I shifted to my left, my knees drifted slightly further apart, and I began my systematic exposure to the room, letting every man see the tops of my thigh highs and skimpy pink panties hidden under my skirt.When I turned towards the center of the room, I noticed Anthony was smiling at me and he gave a nod of approval. At this point, I honestly didn’t even know what I was talking about as I was just watched every man’s eyes move over my legs and take in my exposure.I finished my sweep of the room as my phone buzzed again. ‘Relax a little, take off your jacket’.Immediately my thoughts went to the sheerness of the pink blouse I was wearing and that I had no bra on to lessen the impression of my nipples. It was all fine as long as I had my jacket covering, but I knew they were going to blatantly obvious in the bright lights. I knew that I had already stalled too long by the look on Anthony’s face, so I made a casual comment about the temperature, or just being hot because I was nervous, and I unbuttoned the single button of my jacket, slipped it off of my shoulders, and hung it on the back of the chair.I couldn’t see what I looked like as I sat there, but I know in my bathroom when I got dressed, I clearly saw my nipples pressed against the sheer fabric and my areola showed slightly. I tried to stay as professional as possible and pressed on with my talking points, but I could clearly see in the faces of the men in the room that they were not hearing much of what I was saying at that point.I heard another buzz from my phone. ‘Time to wrap up, slide forward to the edge of the seat, keep one foot up, put one foot down, open wide and ask if there are any questions.’I placed my hands down by my thighs on the seat and slid my butt to the edge of the chair. I extended my left leg down to the floor as if I was stretching it out.  My high heel was flexed out, and the arch of my foot was accented with my knee locked straight. I kept my right heel hooked in the high rung of the chair with my right knee pointed up. I casually glanced down and saw that with the shift forward, and the way my legs had stretched the hem of my skirt, the lace tops of my thigh highs were exposed on the inside of both legs. And without a doubt, the men that were in the middle and slightly to the left saw the thin front of my panties barely covering me.They say if you are embarrassed and have to speak to a group, you should picture them naked to help you overcome it. Somehow this got reversed and I had helped them picture me naked and made myself more nervous and embarrassed by the minute.My voice, and body, both trembled with embarrassment as I sat there on display. I asked if there were any questions before we concluded. One of the older gentlemen, a few seats down from Anthony, asked if I would be available sometime next escort beylikdüzü week for a meeting in his department, specifically regarding more unique items he needed for his staff. Before I could answer, Anthony leaned forward, looked over at him, and said, “I’m sure I can arrange for her to come back and address your specific needs in a more personal setting.”Anthony stepped up beside me again and addressed everyone, “And if anyone else would like to meet with Elizabeth when she returns, just get with my assistant Megan and she can schedule it. Let’s give her a hand, and be sure to come up and introduce yourself before you leave today.”I smiled at everyone when they stood up and clapped, but I still sat there on display. I stood up when Anthony turned to me and said I did very well. He stepped back when the line of men made their way across the front and each introduced themselves as they shook my hand and took the opportunity to get a closer look at my breasts through my blouse. Very few of them even tried to hide it. I felt like several of them wanted me to know they were looking, wanted me to feel exposed, and I did.After it was over, all of the men left, I was regaining my composure and gathering my papers when Anthony came up to me and said, “There’s one last thing to finalize the contract. Four men are going to come in; do not try to talk to them or say anything, just do whatever you are physically motioned to do. I will not be in here with you so I will have no control over how they use you or what they make you do for them. Do you understand?”I swallowed hard and felt that nervous trembling return and I answered, “Yes, understand.”He continued, “Some of them may not be, shall we say, as considerate of your comfort. Are you sure you can handle that?”I felt an unusual rush of excitement and anticipation as he made that clear. There was something thrilling in the unknown of what they may do with me.I replied, “Yes, I want to do it.”He pulled out a silk blindfold and told me to sit back down.After he blindfolded me and I heard him leave the room, I sat there trembling, feeling my heart beating. I heard the door open and several people moved toward me. I could feel them standing close around me for a moment in silence, then almost all at once I felt several hands on my body, all over me. They stroked my legs, my hair, my breasts, my back. I was stood up, my arms placed around two men’s shoulders on each side of me. My skirt was pushed up, a hand slid into the side of my panties and roughly fingered me as I felt the other hands unbutton my blouse. My breasts were freed and groped, my nipples pinched and pulled and made me wince, all the while the finger between my legs was joined by a second and continued to thrust into me. I felt another hand move to my face and its fingers pushed between my lips to suck. My feet, in my high heels, barely touched the floor as I was suspended by my arms on the shoulders of the two men at my sides.My breathing was a shallow and strained as my body was molested by these beylikdüzü escort bayan unknown men.They suddenly stopped, lowered me, and pushed down to signal for me to get on my knees. I lowered myself down, one knee at a time, catching my breath and nervously trembling, not knowing what was next.I felt a hand squeeze my ass from behind and then it pushed between my legs, forcing me to slide my knees further apart. Fingers slid under the material of my g-string again to resume the penetration, but now from behind.I heard zippers going down and my hands were placed to grip and stroke two erections at each of my sides. Subconsciously, I felt myself stroking them to the same rhythm as the fingers that were pumping into me. Then I felt something touch my lips; it was the fourth man, pushing into my mouth as he took ahold of my hair. He was clearly there for one purpose, to make himself cum. He moved my head, stroking in and out of my mouth for only a few seconds before he pushed forward and released in my mouth. He held me there until I finished swallowing him, then just as abruptly, he slipped from my mouth, zipped up his pants, and left as the man to my left turned my head toward him and took his place in my mouth.I still had him in my hand, pumping his shaft as the head was just inside my lips, resting on my tongue. Another hand was groping my right breast, squeezing and pushing it up. I could hear the man in my mouth, his labored breathing and grunting sounds, as I felt his cum trickle onto my tongue. By the sound of him and the weak ejaculation, I was guessing he was an older man. Same as before, he slipped from my mouth, I heard his zipper, and he left the room.The man behind me was still working his hand and fingers between my legs, not as a steady thrust, but just feeling me, exploring me. A couple times he slid his finger back to touch my anus, rubbing over it, but then he pushed back into my pussy.The man to my other side stepped in front of me. He touched my face and hair and guided himself into my mouth. There was something more gentle or caring about him. He was going very slowly, and he stroked my cheek and hair with his fingers. I think he was older also as he was not as hard or big as the others. He slowly pushed all the way into my mouth and still just barely touched the back of my throat. Just then, I felt the hand between my legs slide back again. His fingers rubbed over my anus, but this time, in one smooth motion, he slid his finger inside of me. It startled me and I moaned out on the man in my mouth as he just held there, waiting for me to start sucking on him again. I tried to focus back on him, sucking and moving my tongue over the head of his penis, but there were still muffled grunts and moans from my throat as a second finger was added to my ass by the man behind me.  I felt the man in front drop his hand down to squeeze my breast as he released, very little, into my mouth. I also couldn’t help but notice he had a different taste, almost bitter in a way. As he slipped from my mouth, the man behind also removed his fingers from me and I could hear him walking around. The man in front stood there for a few seconds stroking my cheek, and then I felt his breath near my face and he whispered in my ear in a gravelly voice, “Thank you. I’m sorry, I have to leave now. Don’t fight him, he won’t last very long.”

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