Sabrina – My Apartment Manager

Big Tits

Sabrina was assigned to be the new manager at our apartment complex. When I first met Sabrina, she seemed cool and chic, with her short hair and hippy-style attire. The next time I saw Sabrina in the office, she sported an unusually short skirt that looked absolutely fantastic on her, as it allowed her to show off her long shapely and sexy legs.I am pretty sure Sabrina knew that she was beautiful, especially with her mixed-race ethnic and sultry look, by the way she carried herself and interacted with potential tenants and current residents. I started to hang around the pool and the clubhouse, just hoping to catch a glimpse of Sabrina at work.I didn’t think Sabrina was taking note of my increased presence around the office until one da,y she asked me which apartment I lived in as I hung out in the clubhouse portion of the offices watching television.“Nine-eleven,” I jokingly replied.Sabrina quickly replied, “We don’t have a nine-eleven.”“I know,” I replied, “but that’s the number I have to remember to call for help since you’re killing me with those gorgeous legs.”Sabrina rolled her eyes and shook her head back and forth.I quickly introduced myself and told her that I lived in apartment four zero four.“Four oh four?” she repeated.“Yes,” I replied, as I quickly glanced down at her feet and then beylikdüzü escort slowly worked my eyes up her beautiful and bodacious bod.Sabrina asked me if I had a job and the smart-ass side of me snarkily replied, “Checking you out.”I don’t think I hit it off with Sabrina in our first meet up, but that was OK with me. I was simply trying to score.Later that afternoon, as the office was closing up, Sabrina re-appeared in the living room area of the clubhouse and told me that she was locking up the clubhouse.I asked her if she would allow me to hang around a bit longer in the clubhouse portion of the offices, which was easily separable from the offices by two glass partitioned, wood-framed doors.Sabrina said she wasn’t really supposed to grant special favors to residents, but that since she already knew me, she would make an exception. I thanked her and then I snidely added, “You should hang with me and get to know me some more.”I could see her thinking for a brief few seconds and then she declined my offer, saying it would not be proper to socialize with a resident. She closed the doors between the clubhouse and the offices, but for some odd reason, she didn’t lock them like she was supposed to.I continued to watch the television, but even in doing so, I couldn’t beylikdüzü escort bayan get past the fact that she hadn’t locked the door that led into the offices. So after waiting a little bit, I snuck into the office portion of the clubhouse.I was surprised to quickly see that Sabrina was still in her office at the end of the hall. I gathered that she was there, because I could see the office light on, and I knew her car was still in the parking lot.It was close to 8 pm and I found it strange that she would still be in the offices so late. As I approached her office, I could hear her talking on a phone.“He’s a freaking hunk,” she said out loud to no one in particular. Suddenly, it dawned on me that she was talking on her cell phone. I paused and leaned against the wall to listen.“No, hell no,” she said out loud.“No,” she then said, “But he’s always watching me.”“No,” she added, “But he is cute.”“No,” she said, “I haven’t.”I was only hearing one side of the conversation.Then she said, “four oh four,” and I suddenly realized that her chat with someone on the phone was about me.I stealthily shifted my position in the hallway to see if I could see into her office without being caught. She had a large mirror on her wall opposite her desk and as luck would have escort beylikdüzü it, I had a perfect side view of her reflection in the office mirror.As she chatted, she had her very short, above-the-knee cut skirt hiked up high on her long stockingless legs. I could see her hand positioned between her legs, and she was slowly working it back and forth as she chatted on the phone.“I get wet just thinking about him,” she said out loud, but in a lowered voice.Holy smokes!“I don’t know,” she said, “I don’t think he’s married, but what the fuck? Even if he was, I’d still want him.”Damn.I stealthily snuck back down the hallway and into the clubhouse portion of the offices, my heart pounding with excitement.Throwing caution to the wind, I decided to take a chance and see where it would lead me. I slipped back into the offices and casually made my way down the hallway to Sabrina’s office. As I stepped into her office, her eyes widened and she quickly removed her hand out from between her legs.I smiled and then asked if she was done with her phone call.“You scared the crap out of me!” she exclaimed as she attempted to recover from her embarrassment of being caught in a moment of self-pleasure. She shifted in her desk chair, but there was no way she could hide having her skirt pulled up around her waist.“Don’t you believe in announcing yourself or knocking?” she asked.“Not really,” I replied, as I quickly surveyed the scene in front of me.“Are we having a quiet moment of reflection?” I asked, leaning against the doorframe of her office.“I was,” she shot back, “until you scared the crap out of me.”

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