The guy on the train


Homeward bound  Melissa enjoyed commuting by train to her job in the city, because it allowed her to prepare for her day or unwind at its end. Her job in tech support meant she was talking to people on the phone all day, so she appreciated this time to herself. In the mornings she caught up on social media or email, and on the return trip she liked to read erotic fiction. Melissa was between relationships, so these stories were a source of titillation as well as relaxation.One day in early fall, Melissa was reading some erotica on her commute home. At the first stop in the suburbs, a guy got on and sat in the aisle seat next to her. She didn’t take much notice of him, and they followed the usual protocol of silently agreeing to remain strangers, even though they were almost hip to hip.By the next stop Melissa had noticed her seat mate glancing at her tablet a few times. It seemed he’d become aware of what she was reading. The train began to move again, and he looked directly at her. Embarrassed and annoyed, she tried to keep her focus on the tablet through several stops.She looked at him with her peripheral vision. He was cute: tall, chiseled features, a neatly trimmed beard, and a small earring.Did he really see the hot content? she asked herself. The possibility intrigued her. For the next few minutes they played a cat-and-mouse game with their glances.“Now approaching…” the voice over the train’s intercom system said, as the train approached the next stop. Her seat mate got ready to şehitkamil escort get off the train.“Now arriving at…” the voice said. The guy pointed at Melissa’s tablet, then at her. Then he pointed at himself. Then he made a motion for her to follow him. Melissa’s heart almost stopped.Oh, my god, he wants me to follow him! she realized. And, it looks like, more than that. And this isn’t even my stop! She panicked. What should she do? People behind him subtly pressured the crush to disembark. She had to decide NOW if she was going to follow him. She started to feel slightly queasy.Hell with it, she thought as she grabbed her things and hurried after him. She recognized him several feet away, with his height and brilliant smile. He motioned for her to follow him. The butterflies in her stomach got more active.Riding that trainMelissa knew the town they had gotten off in, a small suburban college town. She followed the guy down the platform. He continued walking along the track, while she followed. She didn’t get a sense of danger about him, but still…A short distance from the rail platform he turned into an opening between two buildings along the tracks. There was a tall wooden fence at the other end of the easement, blocking it from the street. It was clean and shaded.She was unsure why he had brought her here, but he turned to her and put his finger on lips, prompting her to be quiet. The butterflies increased their fluttering. On the other side of the wall she could hear traffic and people walking just feet away on the sidewalk.He leaned against the wall of one of the buildings, and beckoned her closer. When she was within arms’ length he reached for her hands, and held them gently for a moment. Melissa’s heart pounded in her chest. He pulled her closer and kissed her cheek. She didn’t move. She was nervous, but his tenderness and sweet demeanor put her at ease.Picking up on her increased comfort level, he kissed her on the lips. He was a good kisser. Melissa felt his hand on the small of her back. She always loved it when a man put his hand there. It felt sexy and comforting at the same time. She pressed her body against his, her breasts pressing nicely against his chest.Their kisses began to get more daring, their lips and tongues more exploring. He moved his hand down to her ass, and held it there. She didn’t resist. It was an incredible turn-on, making out with this guy she hadn’t exchanged a word with. He rubbed her ass through her dress and kissed her neck, and she closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation.Melissa’s anticipation grew. She wanted to know more about this man’s body, wanted to feel his broad shoulders, wanted to see what was inside his jeans. She wrapped her arms around him, felt the solid strength of his shoulders and back, and kissed him again. She felt their pelvises pressed together and the tight bulge in his pants. He stroked down her ass crack, and felt her pussy from behind.Melissa let out a moan, at which he smiled and put his finger to his lips again, and then pointed to the fence, or rather what was on the other side of it. Melissa understood—they had to be quiet. She looked around to see if they had an audience, but saw no one.He reached around to pull her against him so her back was to him. Now she could feel his hard-on pressed against her ass. He moved one hand down to her pussy and the other to breast. Melissa leaned against him while he rubbed her through her clothes.She turned her head around to him to kiss him, and moaned into his mouth, their warm breath mingling. His hands moved up under her dress, and she felt his fingers reach inside under the waistband of her panties and down to her waiting pussy. They quickly found their way to her slit. Melissa knew she was wet, but didn’t realize how wet until his finger moved inside her lips and slid easily inside her.The heat of their bodies was palpable, and their soft sighs mixed with the footsteps and voices on the other side of the fence. Their tongues found each other, and Melissa moaned quietly. A second finger joined the first, and her lover also let out a groan as she ground her hips back on his hard cock.He moved his hand from her breast to her waist holding her tight. The fingers of his other hand started massaging her clit. Melissa closed her eyes and bit her lip to keep from crying out in pleasure. Her legs felt like jello. As she thought of him taking her right there in the easement only feet away from people walking by, she came. She stifled her cries, and felt his fingers get wetter as her warm nectar flowed over them.

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