Annie Teaches – Part IV


Rob and I didn’t return from Rich’s place till about 2 AM early on Saturday morning. After we got home, I went upstairs to check on Mike and Beth. When I opened my daughter’s bedroom door to look inside she was sleeping with her sheet pulled over to one side. She was naked and next to her pillow was the dildo that I had given her. When I saw that I just smiled and shook my head. Then I went across the hall and looked in on Mike. He was snoring softly and again, I just smiled and thought to myself, ‘He is just like his Dad,’ then I turned and went back downstairs to our bedroom.My pussy was getting wet again just thinking about dancing at the strip club earlier tonight. It was everything and more than I had imagined and I loved it! Dancing nude in front of a crowd of over a hundred – mostly men and some women – was incredible, it fueled my love of exhibitionism and when I was on stage my pussy actually got wet from my excitement. I loved being totally nude and dancing on the stage and loved showing off every bit of my body for the audience. They especially liked it when I would dance near the edge of the stage and bend over and open my legs wide so the audience could see my wet cunt and ass.I loved giving lap dances to men in the audience after I had finished dancing on the stage too. Because of club rules, I was required to wear panties so I had on a tiny transparent white g-string panty that didn’t really cover anything and no top. The men in the audience couldn’t touch me when I did my lap dances but that didn’t stop me from humping their cocks like I was fucking them and I would pull up so my tits were rubbing their faces and a couple of guys snuck licks of my tits and nipples and I liked that!Three of the guys took me back to the private rooms so they could fuck me and that was the best part!  All three of the guys fucked me without a condom and filled my cunt with cum and it felt so good!  After the first guy fucked me, I cleaned up in the bathroom and put on a fresh pair of panties. I had decided to give the guys who took my back to the private rooms my panties to keep to remember me by.After I finished in the private room, I went back out into the audience and found Rob and smiled at him and put six one hundred dollar bills in his hand and kissed him and said to my husband, “Your wife is a real fucking whore now and I loved it!” Rob just smiled at me and hugged me and said he loved it that his wife is a fucking whore slut wife too!Honestly, it had been a fantasy of mine for several years to be a whore and get paid to fuck and finally, now I am one. Way back when I was still in college in Tokyo and worked at the Silk Panty hostess bar, occasionally women would come into the bar with a man and it was easy to tell they were working girls. They always wore short skirts or mini-skirts and most of the time, they didn’t have panties on. When they’d sit at the low tables with their dates, we could see up their short skirts and see their pussies while we were serving them. şişli escort In a way, I envied them for their boldness and thought to myself that someday, I’d like to do that too. Well now, I am a whore too!I later found out from my friend Setsuko, who owned Silk Panty and was my substitute mother, that most of those women that came into our bar were hostesses at clubs called ‘nopanskiso’ clubs located mainly in the Ginza district. Many were actually housewives who worked there because their husbands were working all the time and they were lonely so they worked at the clubs and met men and fucked them for fun and for money.  For some reason, even back then, that idea really made me hot and I secretly wanted to try that too. And now I have and I loved it! I felt so good about myself and was so happy to be a whore now too and best of all, my husband loved it too! In fact, before we went to sleep, he fucked me and told me while he was fucking me that he loved that other men would pay me money to fuck his hotwife!  After he filled my wet cunt with his cum, we both fell asleep and had a deep sleep.The next morning, Rob got up before me and got into the shower and cleaned up so he could take our son to his hockey game. They had to be at the rink by eight-thirty so it was a short night for Rob and for me too. After Rob finished in the shower, I got up, put on a thin sheer robe and nothing else and went upstairs to make sure the kids were already up. Mike’s door was open so I walked into his room and saw he was out of the shower and was already dressed. I walked up to him and gave him a wet kiss on his lips and told him to win and do well and maybe later I’d let him try to score a goal on me. I smiled at my son then squeezed his cock through his pants before going across to Beth’s room.As I opened her door to see if she was awake, she smiled at me and stretched and then got out of bed naked. I smiled at my daughter and said, “You really like going around the house naked now, don’t you?” and then gave her a big hug. She hugged me back then asked me if Mikey was awake yet. I told her he was and he was going downstairs to eat breakfast before he left for his hockey game. Beth then quickly went across the hall still naked and saw her brother as he was leaving his room and gave him a big hug and told him good luck.I was just behind Beth watching them and my thin robe had opened up in the front so my son could see me too and he just stood there and smiled at his sister and me. Then I told Mike he’d better get downstairs and eat some breakfast before he was late and he turned and walked down the stairs. I turned to Beth and told her I was going down to get my shower and that she should do the same then we’d have breakfast before it was time to leave for her gymnastics meet.Beth smiled at me and said ‘Ok’ then she asked me if I’d tell her about last night. I walked over to my daughter and told her I will then again told her she better get into the shower and clean şişli escort bayan up then we would have breakfast before we had to leave for the gym. I gave Beth a hug and kissed her cheek and then turned and walked back downstairs to get cleaned up and ready to go.Mike and Rob were still in the kitchen when I got back downstairs and after I went to my bedroom and took off my robe. I walked into the kitchen naked and stood in the doorway and told Mike good luck again. Then I walked over to him and kissed him on the lips and squeezed his cock through his pants and smiled at him, then at my husband and then left for my bedroom. Mike stood watching his mom walk away and Rob was smiling when I turned and looked again before walking into my bedroom.Forty-five minutes later, Beth and I were in my car driving to the gym where her gymnastics meet was being held. It was about a thirty-minute drive. Just after we started, Beth asked me about dancing at the club last night. I looked over at her, smiled and said it was wonderful and that I had had so much fun! She giggled at that and then asked me how many people saw me dancing naked and when I told her over a hundred she couldn’t believe it. I told her that after the meet was over and Mike and Daddy were back home, I’d show her how I danced and used the pole last night and my daughter said she couldn’t wait! Then I told her about doing the lap dances with the men in the audience and that maybe we both could give Mike and Daddy lap dances too after we danced for them.Beth looked at me and smiled and said she’d love to do that too and asked me if she could give her Dad one. I told her that I know he’d love that and that I’d do Mike at the same time. Beth just smiled and she started to rub her pussy over her clothes as we drove to the meet. Beth didn’t ask me if any men fucked me at the club and I didn’t tell her, maybe later I’ll tell her and Mikey that I thought to myself.At the meet, I talked to several of the other mothers that I knew there and a couple of the fathers too. It was a big meet with eight other teams participating. Beth did really well and finished first in beam and also the floor exercise and won second place in the all-around so it was a very good meet for her. I was so happy for her. About two hours before the meet was over, I got a text from Rob telling me that Mike’s team had won their hockey game by the score of 4-2 and that Mike had scored a goal and had an assist too. It was a good day for my children!Before we left the gym, I called Rob and told him how Beth did and that tonight after we had dinner that I wanted to do something special for them. Rob and I decided what to do and I was wet just thinking about it and hoped that both Beth and Mike would enjoy our surprise too.Rob and Mike were already home when Beth and I got there. They’d already gotten their showers and were wearing shorts and tee shirts when we came into our family room. I told Beth that we’d better get our showers mecidiyeköy escort too and pulled her aside and told her in a low voice to put on a thin robe and no panties when she came back downstairs to the family room and that I would be wearing the same thing. My daughter looked at me with a big smile on her face and just nodded her head and gave me a quick hug then turned to go upstairs to get her shower.After I finished my shower, I put on a thin silk robe and went into our family room to see Beth sitting on the sofa with her brother and her Dad sitting in his recliner. Rob was looking at Beth and Mike, my daughter was sitting with her legs carelessly open and her pussy was on display to both her Daddy and brother. I smiled and shook my head and walked over to Rob in his recliner and sat down in his lap. I leaned up and kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear that I bet he liked seeing his daughter’s pretty little pussy and he just smiled and said he did. I kissed my husband again then got up off his lap and moved over to stand in front of Mike with my rob open so my son could see my pussy then leaned over and kissed him before I sat down on his lap. I could feel Mike’s cock begin to get hard and I asked him what he’d like for dinner.Rob heard me and said lets order pizza so we don’t have to cook and enjoy our family time together tonight and celebrate Mike’s hockey win and Beth’s gymnastics meet wins too. Mike and Beth both yelled out, “yes!” and I said, “Ok.”Then I  got up off Mike and asked what kinds of pizza and called the pizza place and placed our order. After returning to our family room, Beth was still sitting with her legs open and I walked over to her and sat down next to my daughter on the sofa. She smiled at me as I sat down and I opened my legs so the boys could see my pussy too. I smiled at Beth and told her that after we finished our pizza, I’d like to show Mike and Beth how I danced at the club last night and also do a lap dance with Mike. Rob smiled and said that would be fun! Then Beth said she wanted to do a lap dance with her Daddy too and Rob smiled again and said, “Ok.”We sat and talked for another twenty minutes before the pizzas came. I told Mike about dancing at the club the night before and he asked me about doing lap dances with the men in the audience then the doorbell rang. Rob got up and went to pay for the pizzas. After he left the room, I smiled over to Beth and said, “Let’s go help Daddy carry the pizza to the kitchen.” I got up and motioned for Beth to come with me and turned to her and opened my robe and smiled at Beth when she did the same.Beth followed me into the foyer where Rob was paying the pizza delivery guy who looked like a college-age guy. The pizzas were in boxes next to our door, I walked over to pick them up and when I reached for them my robe came open giving the delivery guy a perfect view of my tits and my wet pussy. I turned to give a box to Beth and saw that she was standing with her robe open and her feet spread wide apart. I could see her tits with her hard dark nipples extended and her little pussy too and it looked wet to me. She was smiling at the pizza delivery guy who was just staring at her bare pussy and tits. Rob was grinning at us then told the guy thanks and closed the door.

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