Chub Goes To The Gym


His pecs were bouncing, flinging sweat like a spitting rain.“Ride that dick, dawg,” the Gym Rat moaned, hands on the other man’s abundant thighs.“Say kocaeli escort you love chub-booty,”“I love chub-booty! I love chub-booty!”  kocaeli escort bayan he chanted, in time with the slap of skin and izmit escort the creak of the bedspring. His toes curled so tight the knuckles cracked as everything in him clenched.Sweat glistened on chubby pecs. “Mmm, yeah, that’s the way to love chub-booty. I feel that heavy load floodin’ me. Damn you got me all wet!”The Gym Rat chuckled weakly. “Yeah, you wrung me out”

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