Designated Pool Boy


I liked my sister, Connie, even if I didn’t really know her. I was the “surprise” of the family, born twelve years after her. When I was starting elementary, she was off to college; as I was entering my teen years, she was married. I dare say I wouldn’t have known her at all if she and her husband had not decided to stay at the Beach. Of course, she married up, so they lived at the North End. But we still got together for the holidays and she came by to visit with Mom and Dad several times a month. If I happened to be around, she referred to me as “Baby Boy.” It irked me, but not now, not this summer. In April, for my birthday, I had gotten my first car. It was a $200 beater, but nothing, not even a teasing sister, would destroy the joy of freedom granted by that DMV plastic card and a set of wheels.It was late June, school had been out a couple of weeks, and I was enjoying being able to pretty much come and go as I pleased. Oh, I had to be home by a certain time, and I had a few chores at home and jobs around the neighborhood to earn gas money; but beyond that, I was off all the time.Connie was visiting with Mom when I came into the house. “Hey, Baby Boy,” she said. “How would you like to do your sis a favor?”“Maybe,” I said. “What do you need?”“Pete and I have decided to take the kids to visit his parents over the 4th and we need someone to take care of the house.”I stopped in my tracks. A smile crossed my face as the wheels in my head turned. Party!“I know what you’re thinking,” Mom chimed in, “and no, you won’t be staying there. You’ll still have the same curfew.”“We just need someone to look in on things and clean the pool once or twice while we’re gone,” Connie added.I never really understood why anyone needed a pool when they lived a couple of blocks off the ocean. How much fun could it be, floating in chlorine when you have salt, sand and surf just across Atlantic Avenue?“Maybe,” I said.“You can do it out of the goodness of your heart, Baby Boy, or we can give you $50.”“He’ll do it for free,” Mom said. Her promise on my behalf brought a groan from me.Connie looked at me and winked. “We’ll make sure everyone is happy.”She handed me a couple of keys. “The big one,” she explained, “is to the house. We’re taking off tomorrow, so if you could just go by every morning, give the house a quick walkthrough, make sure everything’s okay. You never know about some of these tourists. The small key is to the shed; the pool supplies are in there. Maybe skim it on Wednesday and vacuum and everything on Saturday. It shouldn’t take long; just one of those chores to keep it from turning green and gunky. We’ll be back by Tuesday next week. Think you istanbul travesti can handle being a designated pool boy, Baby Boy?”“No sweat, Old Girl,” I shot back. Her mock frown quickly became a smile.Connie was right; it didn’t take long. Each morning of the week, I drove to their house, walked through it, making sure there were no break-ins or broken pipes. Wednesday, I skimmed the surface of the pool. If this was what a pool boy does, I thought I might change vocations. And then off to the beach or a buddy’s house. It was a great summer.Saturday morning was a bit breezy. The sun was bright and warm, but some front had settled in off the coast. I stopped to check the surf on my way to Connie’s place. The waves were coming in, in rapid succession, the crests white froth. The tourists could enjoy a day in the sun, but the lifeguards would probably keep them out of the water.When I had completed my pool tasks, I was hot and sweaty, the humidity and sun combining to do their worst. I recalled the ocean conditions and the fact that I could not be cooling off in the sea-water. So, I thought, this is why you have a pool at the beach.It was then that my hormone-laden thinking kicked in. Skinny dip. I looked around. The pool area was shielded from any neighbors’ view by a fence and trees. I wondered if Connie and Peter ever skinny dipped. Who knew; and who would know? I slipped out of my t-shirt and shorts and jumped into the water.My skin reacted instantly to the cool water, erupting in goosebumps. Likewise, my penis and testicles responded, both seeming to pull back into my body to escape the cold. But it felt great to be naked outdoors, the sun and breeze and water the only things touching my body. I rolled over, floating on my back, my private parts fully exposed. Yep, I thought, I could be a nudist, no problem.It was because I was on my back, water filling my ears, that I didn’t hear the gate to the backyard open and close. It was only at the last minute that I heard the laughing of strangers coming along the side of the house to the pool. When I did hear, it was too late for me to exit the water and grab my clothes. Instead, I rushed to the side, clutching the concrete edging, hiding my nudity below the water level.Three girls turned the corner and stopped, staring at me. From my watery hideout, I stared back. They were my age or thereabouts, wearing shorts and tees, carrying towels. All three had long, straight brown hair of varying shades. Although none were “cheerleader quality,” they were all three attractive.“Who are you?” the girl in the lead asked.“Who are you?” I shot back. And for emphasis, added, “And what the hell are istanbul travestileri you doing here?”Lead Girl answered, “I’m a friend of the Stillman’s. I babysit their kids and they said we could use their pool. So who are you and what the hell are you doing here?” She stressed “hell” and “you.”“I’m Connie’s brother, and she asked me to come by and clean her pool.”“Oh,” she replied, a sense of calm returning to her voice. She went on, “The beach is terrible for swimming today, so we thought we’d come by the pool. Is everything ready?”“Yeah,” I said, “I just finished.”“Great. Do you mind if we swam a bit?”“Not at all. Just give me a minute. Could you please hand me my trunks?” With a jerk of my head, I motioned towards the clothes lying on the nearby lawn chair.All three girls turned to the wad of fabric and started to laugh.Lead Girl stepped to the chair and lifted up my shorts, holding them at arm’s length between thumb and forefinger. “And do you often clean a pool without any clothes on?”“I just finished and was cooling off. I didn’t want to drive home with wet shorts,” I explained.“Oh, okay, then. I guess you’re not a pervert. What’s your name?”“Joe,” I said.“What school do you go to?”“First Colonial.”“I’m Lisa. This is Linda and Debbie. We go to Bayside.”“That’s great. Now would you please give me my trunks?”“Let me think about this,” Lisa said, a smile coming to her lips. “If I don’t give you your shorts, you have to stay in the water or come and get them yourself. Either way, we could see your cock.” Linda and Debbie laughed.My jaw dropped and for a moment I was left speechless. I had never heard a girl use the word “cock.” All I could say was “Umm!”Lisa turned to her friends. “Would you like to see a boy’s cock?”“I’ve seen a … cock … before,” one of the other girls said.“Really, Debbie?” Lisa said with a roll of her eyes. “You can’t even say the word; I doubt you’ve actually seen one!”Turning to her other friend, she asked, “How about you, Linda; have you seen a cock before?”Linda blushed and with lowered head said, “No, not really.”“Well, this is your chance, ladies — to see a real cock up close and personal. It’s not like we’ll be running into him every day in school.”She turned to me and, in sing-song fashion, taunted me, “Here you go, Joe. If you want them, you’re going to have to come and get them. You’re going to have to show us your little pecker.”The girls’ conversation had given me a chance to regain my composure. Knowing that two of them were virgins, and the other wasn’t, gave me a bit of courage.“Look,” I said to Lisa. “I’ll come and get them, but you have to do something first. You’re going to see me travesti istanbul naked, so you have to get naked too.”“All of us?” asked Linda, panic in her voice.“No,” I said. “Just you, Lisa.”It was her turn to be flabbergasted.“Come on,” I said. “You see me naked; I see you naked. It’s only fair.” Then I added, “And it’s not like we’ll be running into each other in the hallway.”She turned back to her friends. Linda remained nonplussed while Debbie nodded and said, “Go ahead. We’ve seen you naked. It’s no big deal.”“What do you say, Linda? Should I?” Lisa asked.It was mumbled, but I heard her reply, “Sure. Go ahead.”Lisa turned back to me. “Okay, come and get them, and I’ll strip.”I shook my head. “No. You’ve got my shorts already. You have to get naked before I come out of the water. And I can stay here all day.”She took a deep breath. “Okay. Here goes.”Lisa dropped my shorts to the ground. She pulled off her tee-shirt, unbuttoned and dropped her shorts. Beneath her clothes, she was wearing a bright yellow two-piece.“All the way,” I said, a bit of sing-song in my voice.She hesitated and for a moment I thought she wouldn’t go any further. So I hit her with the clincher. In my most serious tone, I said, “Go ahead. I dare you!”Lisa clenched her teeth and with her eyes fixed fiercely on me, reached behind her back and undid the clasp that held on her top. As it fell from her shoulders in one smooth motion, she grabbed the sides of her bikini bottom and pulled them down to her feet. She left all on the ground as she stood erect, completely nude before me.I scanned her body, down from her defiant eyes and set jaw, across her breasts – firm and taut, capped by pink nipples – over her flat stomach, to the trimmed pubic hair between her legs. From my lower perspective, I could see the dark slit that evenly divided her bush.Any effect that the cool water was having on my genitals was immediately dispelled. My cock hardened and stood out stiffly from my body.“Okay,” she said, “now show us what you’ve got!”The girls followed as I moved to the steps at the shallow end of the pool. The water line was just below my navel. As I rose on the first step, the top of my pubic hair showed, and on the second step, my stiff cock was visible. As I stepped out of the pool, freed from the dampening effect of the water, it bobbed up and down, pointing straight ahead.Linda and Debbie gasped, their eyes widening. Ever defiant, Lisa commented, “Not bad.”Somehow, I thought it would be different. I thought I’d be embarrassed by girls looking at my naked body, especially if two were still clothed. But there was a sense of exhilaration, a feeling of pride, knowing that these girls wanted to see me. And there was a sense of power, knowing that one had been willing to strip off her clothes to see my erection.The two girls came closer, to within a yard of me, never taking their eyes off my member. “Can I touch it?” asked Debbie.

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