House Sitting


My parents were going away for two weeks with my younger sister (fifteen) and I had been asked if I would like to come home to house-sit and look after the pets. I was in my third year at the University a student and in-between summer jobs so I thought it would be nice to spend some time on my own away from my three mad girlie friends who I share a house with. So I said yes. I asked my boyfriend if he could come as well but he couldn’t make it until the following weekend, which meant I’d have a whole week on my own to do as I liked. Mmm, I thought.I arrived home late on a Friday afternoon, catching up on all the family stuff, talked with my sister who was growing up and changing so much and was shown what to do by my dad while they were away. Things like what to water, how much food to give, etc, etc (as if I’d never done it before!!!).They all left early on Saturday morning. I heard them go but didn’t get up as I’d said my goodbyes the night before and then went back to sleep. I woke up at about eleven that morning, rolled out of bed and walked naked to the bathroom to have a shower. I washed my hair and body and then gave my pussy a once-over with the razor as I hadn’t done this for a few days. I like it shaved baby-bottom-smooth, but I’ve had all sorts of shapes and styles over the years as it seems to be the thing to do at the moment. istanbul travesti Two of my housemates also shave clean and the other has a landing strip. Even my bf shaves or trims most of his pubes and just leaves a little-trimmed bit on top; where he looks so very sexy.Once that was done, I squatted down with the showerhead running the jets of water over my pussy lips, (we have a good powerful shower) as I loved masturbating with it when I lived at home. I soon had my free hand rubbing over my clit as well before inserting a few fingers in my pussy. I placed the shower head on the floor so it was still spraying water up over my pussy and inserted a finger up my ass (I like anal stuff too). With both my holes filled, I finger-fucked myself to a much-needed orgasm with all those tiny little jets of water helping me along.When I’d finished, I toweled myself off and walked into my parents’ bedroom as they had a full-length mirror so I could look at myself for a while and confirm that I had a pretty, good-looking body after all. I liked it. I then cupped my breasts, squeezing them together before pulling at my little erect brown nipples, making them stick out. I slid a hand down to my smooth-shaven wet pussy, letting my dark puckered labia pass between my fingers, before pulling them open and downwards with both hands. I turned around, travesti istanbul bending over and spreading my legs wide apart. I pulled my ass cheeks open and looked at my little brown hole and labia below it. I pushed a finger into my still-wet pussy’s pink hole and watched myself as it slid in and out.I stood up, turned around, and stuck the same finger into my mouth, licking off all my pussy juice, which always turns the boys on. I like the taste of myself. I then headed off to the kitchen naked to get something to eat, where I found a note along with some money. It seemed that I needed to do some food shopping as mom hadn’t had time to do any for me before leaving, so after eating I put on a G-string and mini skirt, dance tee shirt with no bra, and drove to the big supermarket about twenty miles away.In line at the checkout, I caught this guy behind me looking down my tee shirt as I picked things out of the basket; my own fault really, as the shirt was a bit baggy. I didn’t have on a bra so you couldn’t expect him not to look at what I was showing him in that free peep show. Perhaps he saw my G-string sticking out as well, which it tended to with this mini-skirt. Maybe it gave him a thrill, something to think about when the next time jerked himself off. Anyway, I’m sure he made the most of my body with all he could see.Next day was istanbul travestileri a really hot one, so I decided to do some sunbathing out in the garden. I hadn’t brought my bikini so I looked through my sister’s drawers but found nothing. I did find that my sister’s choice of panties had changed to much the same as I wore, a sure sign that she was growing up. In the end, I thought I’d go in my bra and panties instead, so I grabbed a book, towel, sun cream and off I went.Here I should say that my parents have a bungalow in the countryside with no neighbors nearby. A solid thick hedge goes all the way round, with very few cars passing by each day and no one ever walks past so it’s very remote. I hated it when I was younger as I wanted to be close to my friends, but now I love it.After a few minutes, I decided to get out of those panties and bra and just go naked as I’d never sunbathed in the nude before. In fact, I’d never been outside without clothes, so I covered myself in cream and laid out to tan. After about two hours I felt really horny and couldn’t concentrate on my book. I kept thinking about my boyfriend and sex. So I walked back to the house, got a drink, grabbed my iPhone and laptop and returned to the garden. It felt so sexy walking around the place naked I can tell you. I looked up some sex stories on the computer and read for a while. I did some sexting with my bf telling him what I was doing and even sent him a photo, as I didn’t think he believes me at first. He sent me one back of his full erection, which I wanted to feel in-between my legs.I was now drenched.

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