Adventure On The Open Water


The pickup truck pulled up beside the dock. I hopped out the passenger side door. The afternoon sea breeze was blowing in, bringing in the fresh smell of saltwater to accompany the beginnings of a dazzling Florida Gulf Coast sunset.

I marveled at it a moment. Chris walked up beside me.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” he said as he put his arm on my shoulder.

“It is,” I replied. “Now imagine what it’s going to be like when we’re on that boat.”

The water – and specifically scuba diving – is what brought the two of us together. Chris and I met on a dive boat – he was an aspiring marine scientist, me a dive instructor in training. We hit it off almost immediately. Pretty soon we weren’t just diving together, but sharing most of our lives together.

This trip, though, was a totally different animal. This was not our first dive trip together – we had already done a dozen day trips and two long weekends in the Florida Keys. This, however, was a live-aboard trip – meaning the next four days and three nights, the boat would be our home. Although I figured we’d probably spend most of our time underwater, there wouldn’t be anywhere to get away from each other when we weren’t diving.

We stood there at the dock, mesmerized by the beauty of the sunset for a moment. Then Chris patted me on the shoulder. “We’ve got four days of this to look forward to, but now we have paperwork to fill out,” he said. I nodded knowingly and followed him into the office to sign our waivers.

We returned to the truck to gather our bags. We dropped our gear bags on deck and headed down a narrow set of stairs in the cabin to the sleeping quarters. They lacked a little privacy – they were community bunk beds, two sets of four bunks on either side of the boat with a marine head and shower at the back.

“This’ll be fun,” I muttered as I followed Chris towards the back. Seeing the cramped bunks in person was suddenly causing reality to set in. I knew going into this that it wasn’t going to be a posh resort – but on a dive boat almost big enough to be considered a cruise ship, I wasn’t expecting such tiny quarters. Chris and I were not only not going to be able to get away from each other, we were pretty much going to have to spend the weekend less than four feet away from each other.

“Here’s a top and bottom that haven’t been claimed,” he said.

“Fine by me.”

As my head continued to spin, Chris grabbed my suitcase. “Here, I’ll get that for you. Are you okay with the bottom?”

My spinning thoughts had officially spun out of control. I grinned sheepishly, trying hard not to giggle.

“Faith!” he scolded playfully, giving me a gentle shove. “You know what I meant.”

“Of course I know what you meant,” I replied, the laughter bubbling over. “That doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun.”

He pushed my suitcase towards the back. When he turned around, he paused to give me a kiss on the cheek.

“We’ll have fun,” he whispered in my ear. “I promise that much.”

We went back one more time and grabbed the last of our stuff – our sleeping bags and pillows, then went back down to drop them off. We returned to the deck to begin assembling our gear and to listen to the captain’s safety briefing.

Not long after, we popped a bottle of champagne for all aboard, and as the boat pulled from the dock and headed for the reef, we sipped under the hypnosis of that gorgeous sunset and began our weekend of adventure.

As I was almanbahis adres going to find out, that meant a lot more than scuba diving.


We awoke the next morning by nearly being thrown from our bunks. The Dry Tortugas are the extreme end of the Florida Keys – another seventy miles past Key West. This far out into the open water, away from any sizable land mass, the currents run strong and the seas a lot higher than either of us were used to.

After going into the head to throw my tankini-style bathing suit on, I carefully made my way up into the main cabin, where there was a danish spread and a fresh pot of coffee waiting for us. A couple of the other divers were already eating, so I went ahead and dug in. Within about fifteen minutes, most of the divers were feasting themselves and getting ready for the day. Not being a morning person, I ate in near silence.

I finished eating and rinsed my coffee mug. Trying to clear my head of the last of the morning fog, I headed out to the sun deck. I stared into the cobalt blue water, imagining the sights I could see below.

All of a sudden, I felt Chris’ hands grasp my waist. He bent down and kissed me on the back of my neck, his intentions starting to become clear.

“Enjoying yourself yet?”

“Of course,” I replied, turning sideways to kiss him back. “But we’ve got three more days of this. Think you can hold on?”

“What fun would that be?”

I didn’t argue. However, it was becoming pretty obvious the tension was already brewing.

Shortly thereafter, we finished setting up our scuba gear, checking to make sure everything was ready to go. We donned our wetsuits. Carefully, Chris and I made our way to the back of the boat, getting in line to start the dive.

We did a giant stride off the stern. The waves were high and a little choppy, but we knew a beautiful reef lie below the surface.

Chris, however, was ill prepared for the current. It was strong enough to nearly rip us off the anchor line. It took him a few minutes to get settled and comfortable. Finally, we made our way along the reef – but Chris, still fighting the current, used up most of his air supply quickly. To top it off, we surfaced up current from the boat – meaning a tough swim back.

“God,” he said once we were both on board. “That was exhausting.”

“Yeah. . .” I felt like chewing him out, but the instructor in me was overriding the girlfriend mentality.

He unzipped his wetsuit. “What do you say we skip the next dive? Back in after lunch?”

I pursed my lips, again fighting the instinct to berate him. I could probably buddy up with one of the other divers, but then again, then our dive profiles would be out of sync, and I’d have to force him to shorten his next dive.

“Alright, I suppose,” I said, pulling my wetsuit over a hanger. While I couldn’t force him to dive, this was not exactly the vacation I had in mind.

He went inside, while I stopped at the head. I wrapped myself in a towel and headed for the main cabin. However, when I got there, he was nowhere to be found.

I was pretty sure at that time that he had just gone and laid down. I wasn’t that tired – as an instructor, I’m not a total stranger to doing multiple dives in a day – but I really didn’t want to hang in the cabin alone. I went down the narrow set of steps to the sleeping quarters.

When I reached the bunks, to what should not have been my surprise, Chris almanbahis adresi was laying in my bunk, still wearing nothing but his swim trunks.

By now, I could have strangled him. On the other hand, I knew I was in for some excitement that I didn’t want to miss. Throwing the towel onto his bunk and checking for anyone coming, I climbed in on top of him and drew the curtain shut.

“Jackass,” I whispered. I was still a little mad, but I had to hide the chuckle in my voice.

“Me?” he said slyly. He reached around me, cupping my ass cheek. “You know better.”

I kissed him firmly on the lips, then kissing him across his cheek to his ear.

“I love it when you nibble on me like that,” he said, stroking me down my back. I moaned softly, mouthing his earlobe before kissing my way back to his lips.

He reached his hand up my tankini top, caressing every curve. We were lost in the moment.

Suddenly, we heard the boat motor rev up. The boat was moving to the next site. The waves, now that the boat was in motion, felt like they were magnified. He continued to run his fingers in a delicate line across small of my back, staying away from the sensitive spots just yet.

“I hope this isn’t the reason you’re sitting out the dive,” I commented, briefly overcome by a short wave of anger and frustration from missing the upcoming dive.

“I don’t want to have to fight that current,” he said. He paused momentarily. “It’s a different kind of tired. We don’t get currents like that where I’m used to diving.”

“Are you going to be okay going back in?”

“Of course, Faith. You know we can do this any time.”

I propped myself up on my hands until my head nearly hit the top bunk. Looking Chris in the eye, through what little light was coming through the curtain, I could see the devilish look on his face. He was going to win this one.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” I whispered. Before he could answer, I maneuvered so I could reach my hand down his swim trunks and grab a hold of his cock.

“I’ve never had sex on a boat before,” he murmured.

I flashed him a shy smile. “Neither have I.”

I played with him a moment as I let him pull my swimsuit bottoms off. He ran his hand up and down the inside of my thighs, coming ever so close to my slit before pulling his hand away again. I jerked slightly in anticipation.

“We really shouldn’t be doing this,” I said, realizing that we were about to cross the line on a crowded boat in a tiny bunk. It would be very easy to get caught.

“Which is exactly why we are,” he replied. I grinned. There was nothing to argue with there – he was right on. I kept a firm grasp of his rock-hard cock, tracing the head with the tip of my index finger. Responding to my teasing, he let his fingers wander towards my now-dripping womanness; parting my labia and gliding his fingertips a fraction of an inch from my clit.

“Hey, hey,” I said, grabbing at his hand. “Take it easy. We got a little time to enjoy this, don’t we?”

“Sorry, sorry.” He moved his hand away, reaching up, pushing my tankini top up and over my breasts. He pinched my nipples teasingly. My clit was still throbbing, and I knew it wouldn’t take too much more to get ready. I let go of him long enough to tug at his swim trunks, exposing his shaft. I cupped his balls in my hand and massaged them gently. I could feel his whole body tense up, reeling in pleasure.

He skimmed the bare almanbahis adresi skin of my stomach and around my waist to my ass cheek. He went back to the insides of my thighs, once again coming tantalizingly close to my bare wommanness.

I peeked outside the curtain, making sure one last time that we were alone in the sleeping quarters. All the anger had melted away, replaced by fervent appetite for pleasure. I took one long, deep breath.

“I’m ready,” I said. With a little contorting in the confines of the bunk, we swapped positions, allowing him to kick his trunks off.

“You sure?” he asked. He reached his hand down, parting my lips again and tickled my inner lips ever so softly.

I nodded in reassurance, taking a hold of his cock and guiding it inside of me. I raised my legs, pressing the soles of my feet to the top bunk and giving me the leverage to grind against him.

Chris moved into a rhythm quickly, timing his thrusts to the boat’s rocking. I pushed against him with all my strength. The rocking forced him even deeper inside me. Even though the roar of the engine would probably drown out all but the loudest shrieks, I clenched my teeth and grasped his shoulders, trying to hold it all in.

There was definitely the thrill that came from the possibility of getting caught – but with the passion building up, I couldn’t think about it. He kept driving into me, harder and harder. It was a perfect storm of feeling – the fear only made us crave it even more. I could feel every muscle in my body contracting, and finally I couldn’t keep it in anymore. I threw my head back and let the rapture of orgasm overtake me.

I lost myself in the euphoria. Chris kept powering into me, staying with me as I writhed in delight. Fighting the urge to yell out in joy, I let out a soft wail.

In a moment that ended way too soon, he let himself fall on top of me. Both of us struggled to regain our breath.

“I can’t believe we just did that,” I said, breaking the silence with a hushed snicker.

“Well. . .”he began between pants “,sometimes you have to bend the rules to have fun.” He bent down and pressed his lips softly to mine. “You did have fun, didn’t you?”

I smiled in agreement, running my fingers through his blond hair. “It was absolutely amazing.”

He kissed me again, parting my lips with his tongue as we savored the last of this moment. The aura of pure joy surrounded us. While I was certainly looking forward to getting back in the water, I never wanted that feeling to end.

As we continued kissing and caressing each other, we could hear the engines starting to slow. We both knew that meant that the boat was going to anchor and lunch would be served shortly.

He looked up and tugged at the curtain slightly. “Anyone coming?” he whispered.

I peered out. “Nope.” Quickly, we redressed and made our way to the upper cabin. Most of the other divers were still on the deck, rinsing their gear. The cook, putting out the lunch spread, and the captain and one other buddy team were the only ones in the cabin. The captain looked up as we emerged from the stairway.

“You guys enjoy your nap?” the boat captain asked.

“It was a nap,” Chris replied nonchalantly. When the captain turned his back, I gave him a sly wink. We ate lunch with the other divers, no one the wiser to our activities. We swapped a few stories, and a few of the other divers gave us some pointers on how to deal with the currents better.

Shortly thereafter, we donned our wetsuits again and, more prepared this time, did a giant stride off the stern. We descended into an adventure on another reef.

After the adventure in the sleeping quarters, though, no diving adventure could compare.

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