I’ll Buy The Thong. You Put It On.

Big Dicks

“This is a cute store, but the prices are outrageous!” said Christina.

“Well, it only sells the really expensive brands; they’re expensive everywhere.” said Susan.

“It’s insane. Look at this! $150, for three little triangles of cloth and a little string. It’s about, oh, $30 per square inch of cloth!” Christina’s accounting background was showing, as she held up a tiny yellow thong bikini, barely visible thin strings with decorative hoops in the middle, and minuscule tops that probably wouldn’t cover everything on women who happened to have larger nipples. “And this one with sequins, $180!”

“No, no, look! It has hoops on the side. And it comes with this see-through cover-up for the bottom. That makes it TOTALLY worth the price!” Susan joked. Both women were belittling the concept of the string bikinis and the prices at the same time. Still, the thought of them holding thongs in their hand and talking about them got my imagination going. And although neither of them seemed like the thong wearing types in their normal home element, perhaps the summer vacation mode we were all in was having an effect? I could only daydream. “The fabric is amazing, though.” Susan slid her fingertip across the sequined fabric.

“Better be, for that price!”

Christina is my brother in law’s sister, no relation to me, and Susan is her best friend. The three of us had separated from the pack of a large group of people at a weeklong beach house getaway, a trip that I had coordinated. The group was mostly my family, all adult siblings, aunts, uncles, and spouses, plus a few friends of family members, which is how Christina and Susan entered the picture. It was a huge six-bedroom house plus sleeper sofas, sleeping bags, a guesthouse with two more bedrooms, and an over-the-garage pair of rooms, large enough for a very big group of people. The crowd had peaked at 26 people at one point, but was quickly dwindling down as the week approached its end. It was also almost the end of summer, and definitely the end of this small town’s tourist season. People were vanishing everywhere, at the beach house, and all over this adorable seaside town too.

For whatever reason, I had formed a tight bond with Christina, and by proxy, Susan also. I got the impression they viewed me as some harmless old man (compared to them, since I was about 8 or 9 years older than they were, but they seemed to find me entertaining, and we ended up inseparable for most of the week, in a harmless sort of way.

“Excuse me, do you have banana hammocks in this fabric?” I pretend shouted to the clerk at the far end of the store, holding up the sequined thong. I knew she couldn’t hear, so the joke was safe enough. The girls laughed, and I was thrilled. When you try to be funny (and usually fail), there’s nothing quite like eliciting a little laughter. Make that laughter from two beautiful women, it’s a spectacular feeling.

“At $30 per square inch, that man bikini should cost you what, $60?” Susan kidded. Christina burst out laughing at the insult, which was also interesting because for all the kidding around we had done all week, this was the most sexually charged comment so far. If you consider a girl making a joke about the prospect of your penis being small, that is. The girls were a blast to be around.

“Ouch!” I joked. They laughed again. “Actually, the bigger concern is how strong the fabric is. I can see where the sequins might just pop off. You know, under extreme pressure?” I was alluding to a bulging erection.

They got the joke, but both rolled their eyes in mock disregard. Then they chuckled, but the thread of joking came to an end as the employee shouted, “Let me know if you need any help! And everything is half off, starting tomorrow!”

The girls looked at one another. I could tell they were doing the math in their head. At least, Susan was, I knew Christina had the math all figured out already. “Naah, STILL too expensive.” She said.

We meandered out of the store, and spent about an hour walking down the street, into and out of each of the touristy stores on town’s main street. We continued our kidding around, and looked at and mocked every set of thongs we came across in every store we went into. Most were less expensive than the first stores, and to be fair, not one was made of the same unique fabric. A couple stores had man-thongs as well, which the girls delighted in joking about. I was getting a little worked up, imagining the two of them in thongs since they were both so lovely, Christina the voluptuous and busty type, and Susan tall and slender with perky breasts. They would both look amazing in thongs.

Eventually, we reached the end of the main strip, meaning we started meandering back the way we came. As we got within eyeshot of the store we had been in, we saw the employee putting a sign in the window, everything 50 percent off.

“Ok, I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll buy you the swimsuits, but you have to wear them all day tomorrow.” I kocaeli escort said, thinking it was a brilliant idea.

“I am NOT wearing these in front of your mother and all your brothers and sisters.” Christina snapped, with a twinge of humor in her voice. Susan nodded.

“But that’s the thing. Everybody is leaving today. Tomorrow, it’s just us stragglers staying until the end.”

“Hmm.” Christina furled her eyebrow.

“Nuh uhh!” piped up Susan. “Well, not unless we pick something for you to wear too!” she said with a grin.

“That’s brilliant, Susan!” exclaimed Christina. “And he has to pay for his, too.” she said with an evil grin.

So we went back in the store. “So the half-price sale prices are good now?” I asked the clerk. She shrugged her shoulders, as if to say, ‘No, not really but I guess I’ll give you the price anyway.’ The girls went straight to the rack for men’s swimsuits.

“This is PERFECT!” squealed Christina. It was a man’s thong, with nothing but a pouch to hold the penis and testicles. Susan was laughing and nodding. Personally, my main concern was not specifically the act of wearing the thong, it was about what to do if, no, when I got excited by something. There would be no pretending or concealing an erection in that thing. But I had gotten myself into this situation, and there was no getting out of it. However, it certainly would come with its rewards tomorrow, assuming I’d be seeing the girls in their thongs.

The remainder of the day was lots of hustle and bustle. Lots of helping load suitcases into cars, searching for missing items, two separate trips to the airport, long goodbyes, and relatives thanking me for making the vacation possible. It had been a wonderful week, and today was that bittersweet day of realizing the vacation was almost over. At the same time, I couldn’t wait to get rid of everybody, because I was hoping that by about 7 p.m., the house would be empty except for the three of us.

One other twist was potentially working out well too. Although I had planned this with no premonition of any possibilities other than some alone time, I had also arranged ahead of time to keep the two room studio over the garage just for myself, for one extra day. At the time, I had no idea that things would have gone so well with two lovely ladies, but now, my imagination was running away with me at the possibilities. What if somehow, things went well tonight, and we got to spend another day and a half, just the three of us, in a long sex romp?

We did have one unplanned interruption. My Aunt and Uncle weren’t leaving until the next morning, but I suppose that wasn’t the end of the world. I even decided to treat that as a good thing, because normally, Christina slept until noon, but the noise from getting my Aunt and Uncle packed up, hopefully at about nine, would force them to get up. And put on their thongs.

I was doing a good job of being patient. We had also been cleaning up the house in preparation for leaving, so we decided to get take-out sandwiches for everyone and bring them back. Christina and Susan volunteered to come with me, and told me to wait a second. They went upstairs, and a few minutes came down in their beach wraps and flip-flops. They looked amazing, and we proceeded to walk to town.

For a brief stretch of the walk, pedestrians take a trail behind a little hill, which is very secluded. As we made that stretch, Christina and Susan looked at one another, nodded, and both pulled their wraps off, revealing that they were wearing their new thongs. “Tadaa!” They joked, outstretching their arms and showing themselves off. I looked on, trying to contain my excitement.

“Not ba-aad.” I said, emphasizing the ‘bad’ by extending it into a multi-syllabic pronunciation. In my head, I wanted to ask them to turn around, but I didn’t want to be too obvious. “Turn around.” I said. Apparently, my mouth and my brain are not in communication. Thankfully, the both did a lovely pirouette. Unfortunately, the pirouette did not last very long, so I only got a glimpse of two delightful female rear ends. Then I realized there was still the little hill to walk up. “After you!” I motioned back to the sidewalk. They instantly knew what I was trying to do; I saw it in their eyes. They looked at one another and laughed.

“I suppose we have to get up the hill, right?” Susan said.

“Yup.” Christina said. “Let’s go.” And off they went, ahead of me. I tried not to stare too much, but Christina’s ass cheeks jiggled delightfully, and with each step, the setting sunlight lit up the tiny little hairs on her cheeks in a glowing golden blond color. And Susan had a double mole on her left cheek, just to the left of where the string of the thong disappeared between her lean cheeks. I was in seventh heaven, staring at their asses from behind as we walked up the little hill.

“This annoys the hell out of me!” Susan said, complaining about the thong string. She reached behind her and slid darıca escort her fingertip inside the string, pulled it out and to one side, then let it lightly pop back into place. That made me hard instantly. Technically, I hadn’t seen any more than I had before, since the string of the thong rested completely between her cheeks, but still, it meant I had fully seen her ass without the thong. I laughed at myself for the reasoning, but I didn’t care. Another aspect of Susan’s actions was arousing; she knew I was behind her, and pulled her string off to one side nonetheless.

“Mine doesn’t bother me too much.” Christina said, as she reached behind her and tugged up by the waistband. That was exciting too, thinking about the string of the thong sliding between her cheeks. “But most of my panties are thongs, so I’m used to it. If you’d actually WEAR underwear now and then, you’d be used to it.” teased Christina.

Wait, was Christina saying that Susan didn’t normally wear underwear? And what am I going to do if the girls turn around. I’m getting hard here. “Yeah, yeah, heard it all before. I don’t care, this butt-floss is making me crazy!” Susan pulled the string from between her cheeks again, still while right in front of me. “That’s it! I can’t take it any more.” We were almost at the top of the hill anyway, where the sidewalk would be in plain view of any cars that might drive by. She put her wrap back on, which came about halfway down her thigh, then leaned forward a bit, reached up inside the wrap, and took her thong bottom off. “Oh my god, that’s better!” she exclaimed.

“Oh, quit your complaining. And you better get used to it, remember you have to wear it all day tomorrow, per our contract with Jack here!” Christina said.

“Yeah! Verbal contract!” I piped up.

Susan put the thong bottom in the big terry cloth pocket on the front of her beach wrap. “Harumph!” she sniffed, and proceeded up the hill. My mind was going crazy, knowing a completely naked ass and pussy were right there, under that little terrycloth beach wrap she was wearing.

By now, we were back on the sidewalk, and although I wanted to keep talking about thongs, bottoms, lack of underwear on Susan’s part, thongs as everyday underwear on Christina’s part, we were on our way to get sandwiches, and the subject of the conversation changed. I was also slightly relieved that the change of subject was letting my erection subside. I was trying to remain calm and composed.

The rest of the evening was mostly uneventful. By the time we got back to the hill on the return walk, it was dark, and the hill was steep enough where we needed to worry about not falling down the hill, rather than anything else. We got back, ate dinner with my aunt and uncle, and had a nice evening. The girls changed into more appropriate swimwear, and we all spent a little innocent time in the pool for that last night, my aunt and uncle included. In spite of all my daydreams, the evening ended with everyone headed to his or her respective rooms.

Right before bedtime, I went to the hallway bathroom. I was in one of the rooms without its own dedicated bathroom, as were Christina and Susan. As had been the case most of the week, there were several things hanging to dry in the bathroom, this time including the wraps belonging to the girls.

“Hmm.” I thought to myself. I shouldn’t do this. I should stop myself right now. This is wrong, so wrong, I said to myself, as I went up to the wrap that Susan had been wearing, and checked the pocket. Bingo, the thong bottom was still in there, that she had been wearing during our walk to the sandwich shop. I carefully took it out, made not of how it had been bundled up, and took it out. This is the kind of thing that makes girls think men are weird and creepy, I chided myself, as I took the padded part to my nose and sniffed. It smelled heavenly. I could only imagine what Susan and Christina really tasted like. I admit it, I’m a bit of a perv. I sniffed the string of the thong too, that had been so perfectly nestled between her cheeks. I wanted to kiss and lick those two women absolutely everywhere. I had high hopes for tomorrow. I even debated setting my alarm for an early hour, and taking Susan’s thong with me to bed, but I had to draw the line somewhere, on how much of a pervert I was willing to be. I ran the string of the thong past my nostrils one last time, daydreamed of sliding my tongue between her cheeks, and went back to my room. Well, actually, the one-piece swimsuits they had worn in the swim earlier in the evening were hanging up also, I did also put those up to my nose as well. Then, I went to bed.

I tried sleeping, but knowing two beautiful women, probably naked in bed were just down the hall was distracting. I started stroking my very hard penis, and although normally I like extended masturbation sessions, I wanted to get a good night’s sleep. I forced myself to masturbate quickly and efficiently, in the hopes that I would gölcük escort be able to sleep after that. It worked. I fell asleep. At about 4 a.m., I woke up again, because I heard some footsteps in the hall, and a little later, footsteps back to the girl’s room. I imagined that it was one, or both of them, and that they would knock in my door, come in, and we would have amazing sex, but alas, that didn’t happen. But I was thinking about it. And I was hard again. So yet again, I took my hardness into my hand, thought about the two beautiful women just a hallway away from me, and I masturbated again, this time splattering my chest and abdomen with my hot cum, wishing the two girls were there to rub it into my chest, collect it, rub it on their breasts, pop their fingers in their mouths, lick the cum off my abdomen. All in my head. Satisfied, I drifted back off to sleep.

I had set my alarm for 8 a.m., to be one of the first to be up. I wasn’t of course, and my Aunt and Uncle were packing the car to leave. I helped, and they of course were hungry and wanted breakfast. In my fantasy world, I wanted them gone as fast as I could, but I knew the old saying, ‘Patience is a Virtue’ and I forced myself to be patient. My Aunt always was the cool and hip kind of Aunt, always with a mischievous smirk on her face. “Oh Harold, he’s all alone in a house with two women. Let’s leave the poor man in peace!”

My jaw dropped, as my Aunt and Uncle laughed. “Ok, how about this? Let’s go and have a very quick breakfast, just the three of us, and we’ll bring you back. We’ll get coffee and breakfast to-go for you to give to the girls.” We all nodded, that was a great idea.

We had a nice breakfast, and knowing that both Christina and Susan tended to eat healthy, we went to the health store afterwards to add a few healthier items to the mixture of food we were taking back for them. I noticed my Aunt going to a separate line to pick up a few things, and on the walk to the car, she pulled me aside and discreetly handed me a bag. “You be safe now, OK?”

“You know I will. You drive safe too, ok?” I responded. I was touched at how sweet she was, being concerned about me. She had always been so nice to me, and unusually in touch with the mentality of younger generations.

“Who’s talking about driving?” she grinned. I looked in the bag. My dear old Aunt had bought me a box of condoms. “Good luck! I see how they look at you!”

I was dumbfounded. My elderly Aunt was helping me try to get lucky. She gestured for me to be quiet, so my Uncle didn’t know what she had bought. We all got back in the car, and they dropped me off back at the beach house. “Tell the girls we’re sorry we missed saying goodbye. You take good good care of them, both of them, you hear me?” My aunt winked.

Like most goodbyes, it took longer than you would expect, but soon enough, they were on their way, and I went back into the house. I heard water running from upstairs, so I knew Christina and Susan were probably up. I set up the breakfast for the two of them on the table. There was far too much food, some of it healthy, some not so healthy. They would have a choice, and we could take the leftovers with us when we would leave later.

From up the stairs, I heard muffled voices, a little laughter, and some stomping around. I tried to eavesdrop, but couldn’t really make out what they were saying. I set up their coffees, lined up creamer, sugar, sugar substitutes, etc., so that when they came down, whenever that would be, there would be a great breakfast waiting for them.

After what seemed like an eternity, they finally came down the stairs. The layout of the downstairs was that I would see their legs and eventually all of them on the final flight of stairs from the breakfast area. First, bare legs wearing flip flops. Then knees, then thighs. I couldn’t wait, why were they walking so slowly. Then magically, they appeared, in unison with emerging from the shadow of the upper flight, and to my delight, Christina was in nothing but her new thong bikini. Susan was wearing the cover-up, and something looked odd, but she did have the thong underneath. They emerged and happily acknowledged the breakfast ensemble before them. I did my best not to stare. Something about Susan’s bottom didn’t look quite right, but there was no way to tell without being caught staring.

They were hungry, and sat down to eat, expressing their gratitude, rifling through the bags. To my horror, I realized that the bag with the condoms was also on the table. I hoped and prayed they wouldn’t notice. They didn’t go into the bag at all, which was a relief, and we chatted briefly, me explaining that the breakfast was courtesy of my Aunt and Uncle. After a few minutes, after getting over their hunger, they looked at one another. Christina said, “Ok, we are in compliance with our agreement. We notice you are not?” she said, in a joking stern voice.

“Yeah! Scoot!” Susan said, pointing at the stairwell. They were telling me to go and put on the banana hammock swimsuit.

“Chop chop!” Christina piped up. I sighed, and looked at them, as if to acknowledge that they drove a hard bargain. I went upstairs, while they continued grazing on the breakfast buffet.

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