Dad and a Fishing Trip Ch. 05


The next day I rolled out of bed and strolled to the bathroom to take a leak. A long stream of yellow pee hit the bowl and I flushed the handle.

“Here let me shake that for you, shall I?” said Dad and laughed.

“Sure go ahead, but watch out for Mom,” I replied.

“She’s out with her friends for a long coffee morning if you fancy a session again,” he responded.

“Ok, why not,” and I leaned back so he could hang on to the full length of my now growing cock. My hand instinctively went to his ass cheeks and I squeezed them with my left hand. This had an almost instant reaction. His cock started to lift from between his legs and I could see the hard blue veins on his cock growing in size as well as his cock thickening and raising up.

“Oh yeh, do that some more,” he said as he pulled and tugged at my ever growing cock.

I squeezed his ass and then turned my attentions to his cock. I tugged and stretched his foreskin first over his bell end and then stretched it way back until all his purple end could be seen pulsing and bobbing in my hand.

He loved it, he yelped like a puppy as I slid it in my hand and then gripped it to pull the foreskin first one way then back the next.

I came up close to him on his right side and with my right hand on his cock and my left probing deep between his ass cheeks, I rubbed my stiff cock, still with his hand on it, against his right thigh.

His cock pulsed even stronger and he begged to turn round so he could rub me harder.

“You stay there and wait for my next move or I’ll quit and go downstairs,” I said in a rough voice.

I had no intentions of leaving, but it sure sounded like I was.

I gently slid behind him as my pole was now out of his left hand, I flicked it up into his ass crack and started rubbing it up and down his crack.

He loved it and pushed back as hard as he could. This was having the most terrific effect on my cock and before I knew it, only a few short slides and I blew my load all over his back and ass.

He could feel the warm creamy cum over him and without any warning he spun round and rammed his cock up my ass crack and did the same to me. He was even nearer coming than I was and he too blew a creamy load over my ass.

I turned and gently lowered myself until I was level with this huge cock. I put the end gently into my mouth and started sucking the white spunk from the end. He immediately unloaded some more into my mouth and I drank it down. It was hot and salty and tasted just the best.

“Jeez, this is good,” he said.

“You like it?” I said.

“Do you need to ask? he said.

“I want to do something really wild and dangerous with you,” I said.

“Like Beylikdüzü escort what? He responded.

“I don’t know,” I said.

We both stood there naked and both with wilting cocks, looking at both cocks leaking spunk out of the ends onto the bathroom floor.

We went into the shower and hosed off the creamy cum and soaped up our body’s, touching and feeling each other all over.

I didn’t want to come again there and I guessed Dad didn’t either.

His cock was a good nine inches, he was uncut and the helmet was clearly defined and had a quarter inch edge all the way round except right at the underside tip.

The skin attachment there was tight and made his helmet slope down some when I pulled his foreskin back. There was a huge blue vein running on the top surface for about two thirds of the way up his cock which stood out, especially when he was really hard.

I was exactly the same as him except I was no more than seven inches rock hard. I had a slight uphill curve on my cock whereas his was straight all the way up.

I was thicker than him, and I couldn’t touch my thumb and first finger round my cock by more than an inch, whereas he could.

Mine was thicker at the base by quite a way yet his was the same size all the way up. Another area we differed was our balls, he had a massive pair of balls in a sack that never really dropped much.

Mine were about two thirds the size of his yet mine dropped a way down and only came up tight when I was about to unload.

He enjoyed lots of foreplay, lots of stroking and tugging all the way up and down his cock. But best of all he loved the ridge of his helmet licking, all the way round and of course especially at the underside tip.

He also loved his ball sack massaging gently as well as the strip between his balls and his ass.

There were lots of things we still had to discover, but I craved excitement.

We dried off and went downstairs in our bathrobes and took a late breakfast at the kitchen table, drinking lots of coffee and chatting about this and that.

“Hi you guys, how goes it?” said a friend and neighbour Alec, who lived a couple of doors down the street.

“It goes damn well Alec, how goes it with you?” Dad replied.

“Not bad, except like most guys I’m not getting enough bedroom action and I almost thought I was single over the last month,” and he laughed that nervous laugh.

“Yeh right,” said Dad and he laughed too.

“You getting enough young fella?” Alec asked me.

“Whats enough, I don’t know, I suppose I could always fit more action in if it came my way,” I said and I also laughed ” but just in case I got a strong right hand.”

Alec Beylikdüzü escort gave me a look as if to say, Yeh I could use that.

He sat down at the table next to me and I poured him a mug of coffee. Dad got up to fill the coffee machine and perc some more.

I felt Alecs hand on my leg, strong but not pushy, just above my knee and within a minute or so he was up to the top of my thigh. Rubbing and stroking my upper thigh for all he was worth. I had to give it to him he was very very discreet at it, and there was almost no upper body movement from his arm. I placed my hand on his and moved it to the front of the robe, there underneath the robe was my stiff cock, throbbing and waiting to get some more attention.

He was slightly flushed and had obviously not done this since his schooldays. I left his hand there waiting for his next move.

I think he was slightly baffled as to what he should do next, my helping hand seemed to have confused him and he sipped at the coffee. Dad finished with the coffee machine and said he was going to the basement to get a fishing catalogue Alec had been wanting for a while.

With that I tugged the robe open at the front, below the table line and slightly turning towards Alec said,

“Go ahead take a good hard handful if you want.”

He needed no second invitation and his hand slipped straight to my now rock hard cock.

“Use both hands if you want,” I instructed “take your time, Dad wont be back for a while yet.”

He did no more than gently feel my cock with both hands touching, pulling, stretching and rubbing the whole length of my stiff cock.

I could see he was hard too and my right hand went to the outside of his casuals and rubbed the bulge pushing its way out of them.

He obviously loved what I did because he groaned as I rubbed him through the soft material.

His cock was pulsing in his trousers and getting harder and harder. It felt thicker and if I could release it, longer than mine. But that wasn’t going to be easy and I didn’t want to put him off.

“I must have got the mag out earlier ……,” Dad said as he came round the head of the basement stairs. He could see what was happening under the table and was momentarily taken off balance by what he saw.

He was quick enough to realise that if he didn’t say anything it may just go unnoticed.

Alec couldn’t speak, his cock was pumping, his face was flushed, his eyes were looking at my cock bulge and he didn’t know what to do next.

“I was just going to show Alec my new swimming and snorkelling gear upstairs Dad, do you mind?” I said.

“No you go ahead son take your time, why don’t you,” he responded.

Alec stood up from Escort Beylikdüzü the table pressing down the front of his casuals to try to hide his cock bulge.

He followed me up the stairs and into my bedroom and I closed the door behind him.

If he was bewildered downstairs he looked like a lost sheep now and I took the opportunity to take the lead.

I undid my robe and dropped it to the floor revealing that I was totally naked underneath. I undid his waistband and zipper and his casuals slid to the floor. There his black boxers tented out proud in front of him and he was motionless in this new found situation.

I knelt before him and slid my fingertips into his waistband and circling my fingers round the waistband slid his pants to the floor.

His cock was exquisite, it was pointed up at an angle, not bad for a 40 year old and it pulsed in time with his heartbeat. I took it in both hands and started to pull and tug at it sliding first the skin and then my hands up and down the shaft.

“I cant hold back … I cant …,” he stuttered.

“Then don’t,” I said “let it go for this first time.”

Within literally seconds he was pumping out huge quantities of spunk over my arms and chest and dribbling it down over the floor.

“Jeez …..Jeeez, “was all he could say as he thrust his hips and cock forward into my clenched hands to draw his cock real tight in my fist.

He seemed to go on for ever, and he was right he mustn’t have unloaded in weeks.

“Shit that was terrific, you’re a master at this, can I return the favour I really want to get my hands on your cock, it looks so beautiful,” Alec responded.

I slid backwards onto the edge of the bed and opened my legs, he knelt between them and started pounding my cock. He was good, in fact, he was very good and as my cock came to full hardness he changed his position slightly as well as his hand position and soon had a steady rhythm going. This was going to take us rapidly to only one place and that place came sooner than I expected. I came in a single small stream of spunk, a single rope of spunk which draped itself all over his hands and forearms.

“That’s a great cock son, but I guess you came in the last couple of days, unlike me who didn’t blow in the last 30 days, eh?” he asked quizzically.

I didn’t answer his question but gently squeezed the last remaining spunk from my now wilting cock.

I got off the bed and picked up my clothes and went out to the bathroom to wash off the efforts. He followed me down the landing and gently stroked my ass as I washed.

“Maybe we could do this some more son eh?” he asked.

“You bet,” I responded.

We drifted downstairs to where Dad was sat at the kitchen table still in his robe but with the front open and his cock lolling out of the front.

“I like looking at his swimwear too Alec, did you?” Dad asked.

Alec didn’t answer but I think he knew what was behind the question.

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