Jetski Fun


It had been six months since I’d seduced my sister Ruth’s husband Andy, but the memory of his hard cock filling my pussy as he thrust into me from behind was still as clear as if it had happened only yesterday.

On my next visit to see them Andy seemed slightly embarrassed to be around me and I took great pleasure in give him little winks and lingering touches when Ruth wasn’t looking, making him squirm uncomfortably. I did detect movement in the front of his jeans, however, so I knew he was still interested.

A couple of days into my visit Andy’s friend Pete turned up at the house towing a jetski.

It turned out that he and Andy had planned to take their skis up to a quiet bay they knew for the afternoon.

“Joanne, since I have to go into work this afternoon, why don’t you go with Pete & Andy for the day, it’ll save you from being left alone in the house.” said Ruth.

“Oh, I don’t know – I haven’t got a wetsuit for a start.” I replied.

“Well take mine – mind you might have difficulty zipping it up over your breasts – your a bit better endowed than I am in that department.” she laughed.

The upshot was that I agreed to go and, grabbing her wetsuit, I jumped into the passenger seat of Andy’s car and we headed off. I looked across at Andy’s face hoping to gauge whether or not he was pleased at me coming with them , but it was difficult to tell.

We arrived at the small bay to find it practically deserted save for a couple of windsurfers and the odd family picnicking on the beach. Slipping into a small hut we changed into our wetsuits and I quite enjoyed the feeling of being tightly encased in neoprene – it certainly showed of my curves to some advantage – and I caught Andy & Pete sneaking me sly glances, so I put an extra wiggle in my walk for their benefit!

The afternoon was spent sweeping up and down the bay on the jetskis and just enjoying the feeling of speed and the salty spray in our faces. Towards late afternoon Andy invited me onto the back of his jetski for a run out to sea and without hesitation I hopped on, grasping him firmly round the waist as he started the engine. We headed out of the bay and turned north up the coast keeping close to the shore. Just as I was beginning to enjoy the vibrations from the seat of Beylikdüzü escort the machine setting off a tingle in my pussy , the engine spluttered to a halt.

“Shit, we’ve run out of fuel,” muttered Andy.

“You must be joking ” I said ” that’s the oldest line in the book – mind you the jetski’s a new twist!”

“No, I’m serious,” he said. “Look we can wade to shore from here. I’ve got a mobile phone in a waterproof bag under the seat – we’ll phone Pete and get him to bring a jerrycan out to us.”

Still grumbling I jumped into the water and headed to shore with Andy towing the jetski behind us. Good as his word Andy retrieved the mobile phone and called Pete who agreed to get some fuel and come look for us.

“He’ll be about half an hour,” he said , snapping shut the phone.

He’s got to go down to the garage in the village, we might as well sunbathe for a bit.”

We sat on the warm sand in the shelter of a couple of dunes and just enjoyed the feeling of sun on our faces. I was starting to feel hot so I lowered the zip on my wetsuit to my navel causing my breasts to bulge forth rather provocatively. Andy saw this and followed suit by rolling his suit down to the waist exposing his well defined chest with it’s dark curls of hair spreading between his nipples and then going lower over his stomach.

“Do you ever think about that morning when I sneaked into your room and seduced you while Ruth was at work?” I asked.

“I’ve thought about little else – and seeing you in that tight wetsuit doesn’t help me forget either” he replied.

“What do you mean – I hope your not having naughty thoughts – whatever would your wife say?” I giggled.

“I dread to think – but then she’s not here is she – there’s just us and a bit of empty beach”. As he said this he moved towards me and kissed me gently on the lips, pulling me to him and running his hands round my tightly encased behind. The atmosphere between us was electric and as our tongues entwined I felt the wetsuit being pulled off my shoulders and rolled down over my hips. I sank to my knees tugging at his suit and releasing his cock. It reared skywards, the purple head shining in the sun like it had been oiled and setting off tremors in my pussy that told me I was getting out Beylikdüzü escort of control.

Reaching out I grasped the shaft of his penis finding the skin cool to the touch from the cold water. I started to stroke it up and down watching the droplets of precum ooze from the tip and feeling it throb menacingly.

However I wasn’t to have it all my own way and Andy pushed me back onto the sand, his lips capturing my nipples, nibbling and biting on them setting off little tingles running through my body. He moved lower kissing my stomach and then parting my thighs to trail his tongue along my upper leg and then into my damp pubic bush. His fingers parted my outer lips and his tongue swept up my inner labia to rest on the swirling tip of my clitoris.

By now I was writhing and moaning causing Andy to hold my hips down as he really went to work. Alternating between running his tongue around my clit and then plunging lower to thrust it into my dripping hole I started orgasming helplessly. Wave after wave of pleasure swept through my body as Andy kept me hovering on the brink until my pussy clamped down one of his exploring fingers and I went rigid.

“Oh God, fuck me. Fuck me with your big cock – don’t make me wait any more” I wailed.

That did it, he slithered up my body and pushed into me in one quick movement. Once more I felt myself being filled as his thick cock ploughed into my pussy setting off fresh waves of pleasure deeper inside me.Andy started to pick up the pace, alternating between long deep thrusts and semi circular movements of his hips to grind against my clit.

Opening my legs I drew them up and locked my ankles into the small of his back enabling him to go even deeper whilst my hands reached down to squeeze his shaft as it went in and out and fondle his balls that were slapping against my asshole.

We couldn’t keep this pace up for long and just as I felt another wave of pleasure sweep through me I felt Andy push deeply into me and then his cock started to spurt. I could actually feel each jet of sperm hit the entrance to my womb leaving me to grip his cock tightly with my internal muscles and bite down onto his shoulder leaving a ring of teeth marks as a souvenir.

Andy collapsed forwards resting his head on Escort Beylikdüzü the warm pillow of my soft breasts as we recovered, feeling our heart rates returning to normal and taking in deep lungfuls of air.

“Is this a private beach, or can anyone enjoy it?”

The voice behind us jolted us out of our post orgasmic stupor and made us turn, squinting into the sun to see where it had come from. It was Pete, he had seen us fucking on the beach as he rounded the headland and had killed the engine of his jetski allowing him to drift in to shore unheard by us. Andy called him a bastard and I giggled, somewhat embarrassed by the situation. However I noticed that Andy’s cock which had never left the warmth of my pussy was starting to come back to life and Pete was either hiding a mast in his wetsuit, or he was turned on by the whole scene as well. Andy rolled over onto his back, keeping hold of my hips so that we remained joined and then motioned Pete to approach us.

“Why don’t you get your suit off and join us, I’m sure Joanne won’t mind doing the both of us.” he laughed.

I’ve never seen a wetsuit come off so swiftly, as quick as a flash Pete was standing beside us offering his erect cock to my lips. It was a good size and tasted slightly salty like the sea.

Pretty soon it was butting up against the back of my throat as I began to bob up and down on Andy’s by now fully hard prick. Up and down, in and out, I was in heaven.

Naked, in the sunshine, on a quiet beach being fucked by two hard cocks – how could life get any better? However it couldn’t last , Pete’s balls started to rise in their sac and he pulled out to spray creamy cum over my lips in copious amounts. I bore down on Andy’s prick as I was overcome by my orgasm and he pushed upwards to pump a another load of cum into me.

There followed a few minutes pause as Pete’s cock subsided and Andy’s softened before flopping out of me with a dribble of juices. None of us said anything until I leapt up and shouted ” Last one in the sea walks home” and we all raced naked down to the sea to plunge into the cold water. Laughing we washed the sand, sweat and cum off ourselves before pulling our discarded wetsuits on, filling up the jetski and heading off in convoy back to the cars and trailers.

Much later after we had arrived back at the house and Ruth and I were preparing dinner, she asked me whether I had had any trouble getting in and out of her wetsuit.

“No, I had no trouble getting out of it at all!” I laughed. “No trouble at all…”

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