Jono and I Ch. 03


And so for a week, following our meeting, Jono and I had established an open, friendly relationship. We were both comfortable with each others bisexuality and enjoyed each others company.

We had agreed that during the week we would refrain from sexual activity with each other. By Friday night I was so horny, having masturbated several times while fantasising about Jono.

After we had returned from the dining room Jono put on a porn DVD. The DVD had a gay theme – a group of marines on leave were exploring the sexual delights of the local gay community. There were numerous group scenes with unbelievable feats of sexual activity achieved by guys with huge cocks (obviously a prerequisite for being a porn star)! Jono and I were becoming quite excited – we were soon naked, fully erect and stroking our cocks. Jono commented that all of the guys were hairless and he wondered what it would be like. We had both seen lots of guys in the showers who were also hairless but had never given it a thought. I suggested that we should perhaps shave and I produced my hair clippers which I purchased for my all over number three cut!

Jono willingly opened his legs and I began to shave off his pubic hair. His hair was strong and black. He was clearly enjoying the experience as his rod seemed to harden with the vibration of the razor making it easy to remove the hair from his cock and testicles. He was soon hairless. He then took the razor and attacked my dark brown curls. The sensation of the razor and Jono’s hands caressing my cock and balls was driving me crazy. He soon had me smooth.

We swept up the shaven pubic hair and disposed on the mess and hoped in the shower together to wash the hair from our bodies. We were soon caressing each other in the confined space. We stood face to face, the water from the shower cascading over our bodies. The space was small and our cocks were pushed against our stomachs. The sensations were strong — Jono kissed me and we came even closer — his tongue entering my mouth as we embraced passionately. We began to push, almost rhythmically against each other, our cocks being stimulated as each pelvis pushed against the other. I was totally aroused. Beylikdüzü escort The rubbing of our bodies, the sensation of Jono’s touch and his tongue against mine was too much. I soon erupted with the most amazing orgasm spreading cum over our stomachs and cocks. Jono’s body, sensing my pleasure, began to tighten and he soon erupted — his warm cum joining mine.

We almost fell out of the shower, dried and returned to our room agreeing that our cocks were so much more sensitive without the pubic hair. We opened a can of drink each and sat on our beds naked and chatting.

About ten minutes later there was a knock at the door. I put a towel around my body and went to the door. Through the security window I could see that it was Mandy and Jill, the two roommates in the room next to us. I opened the door a little, aware that I was naked with only a towel around me. I apologised for not opening the door further but explained I had just finished my shower.

The girls said they knew that Jono and I had just had a shower as they had heard all the action through the walls. I turned a very deep shade of red. Mandy asked if she could have some cream. Slightly flustered I replied that we didn’t have any. She began to step forward saying that we all knew that wasn’t true and she would help us find some — she almost pushed through the door with Jill in tow. As Jill came through the door she snatched at my towel taking it with her and leaving me standing there naked. Equally, Jono hadn’t covered up as he wasn’t expecting this sudden visit.

Mandy looked at Jono and then at me. She commented that we seemed dressed for the occasion and had even freshly shaved! Jono and I were still in a state of shock trying to make sense of the situation. Mandy suggested that I come and sit next to Jono while she started to look for the cream. I complied. She then said that it was awfully hot in the room and she would need to cool down before starting her search. With that she and Jill began to remove their clothes. They were soon naked — there bodies curved and with ample womanly features. Their nipples were erect and they began to kiss and fondle each other. Jono and Beylikdüzü escort I couldn’t believe our eyes, but we were both enjoying the entertainment. Out limp cocks began to respond and we were both almost fully erect.

Mandy looked at us and licked her lips. She then said that it appeared we were also ready to help with the search for the cream. The girls broke their embrace and knelt on the floor Jill in front of me and Mandy before Jono. They pushed us back onto the bed, our legs hanging over the side with our feet on the ground. They both moved forward forcing our legs apart as they both began to attack our cocks. Jill took both my balls into her mouth and massaged them with her tongue while at the same time using her hand to gently stroke my now rock hard cock. Pre-cum soon appeared and lubricated Jill’s hand movements. Jill then moved to the base of my cock and slowly began to move up my cock working her way to the head. I was moaning with pleasure and judging by Jono’s moaning he to was enjoying the attention.

After about five minutes the girls stopped and stood up motioning us to do so as well. Once standing they stepped forward and began to kiss and rub our bodies — we reciprocated massaging their ample breasts. Mandy then said that judging by the noises they could hear through the walls we were both very good with our tongues and that she and Jill would like to experience the sensation. Jono and I obliged kissing and moving to their breasts, sucking and nibbling while caressing their womanly bodies. The girls began to breathe deeply. I moved Jill back towards the bed and suggested she might like to lie down — she obliged and lay back across the bed in a similar position that Jono and I had been in. Mandy followed the lead and soon Jono and I had our heads buried in their shaved pussies.

I ran my tongue up down Jill’s lips, flicking her clitoris. She was clearly enjoying the attention as she moaned with pleasure. Jono must have been doing a good job as well judging by the moaning emanating from Mandy’s mouth. After a few minutes Jill’s cunt was well lubricated so I inserted a finger deep within her slowly increasing the speed of my in Escort Beylikdüzü out and finger motion. Eventually I inserted a second finger which was well appreciated. I increased the intensity of my tongue action and I soon had Jill rising off the bed in ecstasy. She soon erupted in an orgasm that seemed to come in waves. Her orgasm subsided and she was totally relaxed as I moved up her body with my tongue and onto her nipples. Meanwhile Jono was bringing Mandy to a climax which must have been heard throughout the entire dormitory.

Soon Mandy and Jill stood up and turning their backs to us, they bent over resting their hands on the bed. Their legs slightly apart exposing their inviting pussy lips. Mandy turned and looked at us and our cocks which were so erect that they stood almost pointing to the ceiling. She asked what we were waiting for and to give it to them long, slow and deep. We didn’t hesitate. I moved forward inserting the tip of my cock on her cunt lips. Using my hand I moved my cock head and rubbed it against her clitoris — Jill moaned saying that I was certainly well experienced in the art of satisfying a woman. I then slowly inserted the entire length of my cock into her love channel and could feel the moist, warm lining as she tightened and released her pelvic muscles. I began pumping my cock in and out slowly at first building up speed and thrust, Jill meeting my thrusts and shouting to go harder.

After a few minutes I could feel the first signs of orgasm approaching. I heard Jono moan that he was going to cum and with that he buried himself deep inside Mandy — the sounds of his orgasm together with Jill moaning for more was too much and with that I released my waiting cum. Jill could feel the orgasm as my cock twitched and squirted my sperm deep within her. She started to orgasm simultaneously giving even more sensuality to the situation.

Jono and I were well satisfied as we withdrew our cum covered penises from the girls. The girls, also satisfied, stood with a satisfied look on their face. Mandy then said that we should never tell lies again as they had finally found the cream — they then knelt down and licked our cocks clean. Once clean they stood, dressed, said thanks and left.

Jono and I were blown away — what a wild experience. Fully satisfied we went to bed and were both soon in very deep sleep. This was to be just the beginning of a number of liaisons between ourselves and our neighbours.

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