Katie’s Craving Pt. 04


It was the weekend and Katie had taken her daughter to her friend’s house and they were going on an overnight trip to an amusement park. She was hoping to avoid all the boys this weekend and try to rekindle things with Frank. However she did not know that Friday night would be the start of one of the wildest weekends she was going to have.

She got to the house and Chris was up in his room taking a nap, Frank was out on the patio cooking on the grill when she came up behind him and wrapped her arms around him squishing her large breasts into his back.

“Steaks are almost done, Chris said he was going to take a nap, the baby is napping and I guess he’s going to go out with Doug a little later.” Frank explained as he flipped a steak.

So Katie went into the kitchen and made a fresh tossed salad for her and her husband, she set the table and handed him plates to put the steaks on. It was nice for just the two of them to just sit out on the patio and eat together. As they were half way through the dinner Doug showed up to get Chris so they could go out and have some fun.

As he made small talk he took every opportunity to ogle Katie in her tight black tank top that showed a lot of her ample cleavage and her shapely tanned legs. Frank did not notice as he talked to him, but Katie did and blushed hoping that her husband did not. He then left them and went upstairs to get Chris and the two of them were off.

After dinner was over the two of them decided to go into the family room and watch a movie, her husband made himself a Manhattan and she had a diet soda. Half way through the movie the baby was crying and she had to go tend to her.

While she was gone Frank made himself another drink and she ended up bringing the baby down with her and put her in her playpen after she finished feeding her. After the baby was done eating Katie put her in her playpen and she walked seductively over to her husband. She pushed his legs apart with her knee and got down on hers. Frank smiled at her and finished his second drink with a quick gulp.

Katie smiled up at him as she undid his pants and pulled his semi flaccid cock out of it and began to gently play with it. She leaned down and planted soft wet kisses upon it, Frank was starting to get hard and as Katie engulfed him into her warm wet inviting mouth the phone rang.

“Hey mom, dad, I don’t feel too good, can you guys come pick me and Doug up, we’ve been drinking a bit and we need a safe ride.” Their drunken said in slurred speech.

“Shit!” Frank exclaimed. “Chris we will be there to get you, where are you at.”

Katie reluctantly stood up; her husband finished on the phone with their son, put his cock back in his pants and got up out of the chair. He too stumbled a bit as he got up and Katie knew she was going to have to go get Chris and Doug.

“I’m sorry honey I guess two’s my limit, I’ll ride along, I might sober up on the way and I can help if the boys give you any trouble.” He said.

“Yeah I guess your right.” She said getting the baby.

It took about fifteen minutes to get ready to leave, get the baby into her car seat and another fifteen minutes to travel to the house party he was at. It then took another twenty minutes for Frank to get his son and Doug out of the house. By the time they got into the car, Frank said he was now fine to drive, so to her surprise he got in the drivers seat, before she could say anything Chris got into the passenger seat that left her in the backseat with Doug.

They were not even out of the drive way when she felt Doug’s warm hand run itself on the inside of her thigh gently stroking her smooth skin. She did not want to make a fuss or distract her husbands driving with their drunken son in the front seat so she let him continue. That and the fact that her pussy was soaking wet still and in need of attention did not help her resist any.

Katie spread her legs slightly and gave him better access to slide his hand up the leg of her shorts and she was now rubbing her pussy. She let out a soft cry when his finger slid over the between the fabric of her panties and her wet pussy and he began to finger fuck her. Luckily the radio was on and it covered up any noise they were making.

Doug now pulled his hard young cock out of his jeans and reached over for Katie’s hand; instinctively she wrapped her soft small hand around and began to vigorously jerk him off. The whole time her son and her husband were in the front oblivious to what was going on in the back.

Right as they turned into to the driveway Katie started to cum on Doug’s fingers and Doug shot a huge amount of cum on his shirt and all over Katie’s hand. He quickly got his cock back in his jeans and quickly wiped off the cum on his shirt. Katie waited until no one was looking and quickly licked the cum off her hand.

Her husband and the boys went back into the house and she got the baby and took her up to bed, then she took a shower and put on some lingerie and waited for Frank. Beylikdüzü escort It was three in the morning and she woke up still wearing her black and pink lace cut out teddy. She got out of bed and slipped on a red satin robe and went downstairs, her husband was snoring in his chair, with another drink on the end stand next to it, and her son was passed out on the couch. She did not see Doug and wondered if he went home or if he was elsewhere; as she started to go into the family room Doug came up quietly behind her wrapping his arms around her.

“What you got on under that robe” He whispered in her ear.

“Something sexy.” She whispered back.”

“Turn around and let me see.” He whispered undoing the robe.

Katie turned around and opened the robe for him to see, the tight top of the teddy barely contained her large swollen breasts and her nipples protrude against the nylon. Her flat stomach and lightly tanned skin looked sexy in contrast to the colors of the teddy. He reached for the pink ribbons on the side of the panty and untied them, Katie stood frozen just a couple feet into the family room.

“You look so beautiful.” Doug said pulling to him and kissing her.

“Doug we can’t not here.” She mumbled pushing him back.

He pulled her to him again and kissed down her neck and then reached up pulling the straps of her teddy down off of her shoulders. He kissed his way down her chest, kissing her tender pink nipples gently and then sucking on them. Katie let out a soft moan and she pulled him out of the family room and they were in the hallway just outside the door.

They went back to kissing and then to her surprise Doug lifted her up and carried her upstairs to the bedroom. He laid her down on the bed and stripped off his clothes, Katie could not believe she was going to let him have sex with her, with both her husband and son downstairs. He gently spread her legs apart as he got on the bed and he kissed his way up her soft thighs. He stopped at her pussy and gently pulled the lips apart, he started out by planting soft kisses on to it.

Doug then stuck his tongue out fully and started at the bottom of her pussy and ran it straight up to the middle and plunged it into her deeply. Then after letting move around inside him moved up and worked on her clit, then back down again. He kept doing this over and over eagerly lapping at her juices which now seemed to be plentiful.

Katie was in heaven as she laid back and massaged her large breasts while enjoying the young man who was performing oral sex on her. Her husband was just downstairs and her son as well, were they either passed out drunk or will one of them wake. Part of her wished her husband would come up and see what these young men were doing to her and how sexy they found her. She loved her husband but he was not keeping up with her new libido and her four young lovers.

Now Doug was just working hard on her clit, licking and sucking on the small hard nub, while he had two fingers in her pussy vigorously finger fucking her. Katie was moving her hips to keep in rhythm with his fingers, soon she was rewarding and rewarded with great orgasm and Doug with a flood of her delicious pussy juice.

Doug climbed up between her legs and pushed his hard cock into her with one swift and easy plunge. He leaned down and kissed Katie on the mouth, their tongues intertwining. Katie had never kissed Frank after oral sex with her, but she was so horny and the musky smell of her pussy still on his face intoxicated her. Doug loved the vibration her mouth made when she let out her passionate moans that reverberated through his mouth throughout her body.

Doug broke the kiss off and got up on his hands to give himself more leverage as he pounded his cock in and out of her. He enjoyed looking down at the beautiful mother of his friend and seeing the look of pleasure on it. Katie brought her legs up and wrapped them tight around his waist, she moved herself in rhythm with Doug, it was not long and she was cumming again.

To her surprise Doug pulled out of her and got out from between her legs, at first she thought maybe someone was coming up the stairs but instead he rolled her over and lined them up so he could fuck her doggie style. Doug pushed himself into her and then grabbed onto her waist, he started out slowly then began to work up into a faster pace, Katie’s breasts were swinging wildly from how fast and hard he was fucking her.

After a good solid ten minutes of this her breasts began to ache and she leaned more forward so they could rest on the bed. Doug continued to fuck her fast and hard from behind, Katie reached up between her legs and rubbed her clit, this time she had a very powerful orgasm and she moaned very loudly almost afraid she would wake the whole house.

“I think I need to lie down.” Doug said.

“You okay?” She asked.

“Just starting to get a bit dizzy.” He said as he pulled out and lay down on her husband’s side of the bed.

“You Beylikdüzü escort just lay back and let me take care of you.” She said.

Doug closed his eyes and Katie kissed her way down his young muscular torso to her his still hard cock. She ran her tongue up and down it, licking her juices off of it and then she sucked on his balls which tasted like her pussy. She then worked her way back up to the head of his cock and engulfed it into her mouth, she wrapped a hand around him and stroked up as she sucked on him.

Sometime during the process Doug passed out or fell asleep, oblivious to the beautiful woman still working on his cock and during that time he finally ejaculated into her mouth. Katie held onto his spasming member until it finished spewing every last drop of his hot salty cum into her mouth. Once she was satisfied that he was done she let it slide out of her mouth, she looked up at the sleeping young man. She had to get him out of her bed and into her son’s room at least.

She slipped on her robe and managed to get the groggy young man up to the side of the bed then she got him to wrap his arms around her neck and she pulled him out of bed. She helped down to her son’s room and let him plop down on the bed, and then she went back for his clothes. It was now three in the morning and Katie was exhausted, she put her lingerie in the dirty laundry and then sprayed some air freshener in her room.

She slipped on a tee shirt and a pair of shorts and went to sleep; it was a lucky morning that Julie let her mother sleep in for a change and did not wake her to be fed until around eight. While she was feeding her daughter she could smell coffee being brewed from downstairs.

“Dude what the fuck!” She heard her son exclaim.

After a few minutes of moving around in her son’s room the two quieted down and slept for several hours with Doug finally leaving. With Friday night shot to hell she was hoping Saturday would bring an opportunity with her husband that she missed on Friday. Her husband was cooking burgers and dogs on the grill, her son and his friend Brett were playing basketball in the driveway. Katie was going to have to pick her daughter up later tonight from her friends house and then it would just a be a quiet family evening.

Katie was swimming and tanning earlier today after Doug left and before Brett had come over and tonight she was wearing a short floral pink cover up over top of the swimsuit she had on. Her husband loved the suit but did not want her wearing around other people. It showed off most of her body, emphasizing her cleavage and guys would ogle her in it.

Katie set the backyard patio table and she had to get the baby and feed her before dinner, she went into the family room and took off her cover up. She then untied the back of her suit and let her breasts out; she did not know Brett came in to go to the bathroom. He stopped by the family room and watched her feed the baby and admires her beautiful breasts and how he was jealous that the baby could suck them all the time.

When she was done feeding the baby, she got up off the couch and carried her to the day crib they kept in the family room. Brett adjusted his hard cock as he watched Katie’s breasts sway back and forth as she carried her daughter. He waited for her to set the baby down and quietly went up behind her and ran his hands up the front of her stomach cupping her breasts.

“God you look so sexy.” He said nuzzling his face into her ear.

“Brett, stop it.” She said softly grabbing his arms but not pulling them back off for a moment letting him get a feel.

“Can’t help it.” He said to her as he let a hand rundown her stomach and into her swimsuit.

“Brett.” She moaned. “Frank and Chris are right outside.”

“Mmmm, you’re pretty wet down there.” He said as his finger rubbed her pussy.

He was right she was wet down there, she could not help but to admire her son and his friends well chiseled muscular bodies as they played a physical game of one on one. But she had to be the strong one and she pulled his hand out of her swimsuit bottom and pulled his other hand off of her breast. She tied up her top quickly; she could see his large bulge in the front of his gym shorts.

“You better try to hide that or Frank will be pissed.” She said pushing by him to go back outside.

Brett knew he did not have time to jerk off, so he paced back and forth for a few minutes and eventually he went soft enough before going outside. He watched Katie who had her cover up back on during dinner who blushed a bit at his admiring glances.

After dinner Katie cleared the table and her husband and the two boys went into the family room to watch a dvd Frank had gotten in the mail. The phone rang and it was her daughter who was calling to see if she could spend the night at her friend’s house. Katie said it would be alright and went back to her dishes, a few minutes later Brett came out to the kitchen.

“Hey.” He said.

“Hey Escort Beylikdüzü I thought you were watching the bike racing documentary with Frank and Chris?” She asked.

“Boring, told them I was going to take off.” He said.

“Yeah I know they can be.” She said not surprised that Brett was bored.

Brett went up behind her and put his hands around her waist and buried his face into the back of her hair, making the back of her neck tickle that she giggled. He then shocked her and reached up the front of her and cupped her large swollen breasts.

“Brett, careful they are just out in the family room.” She said to him reaching up to pull his hands off of her breasts.

“Then I guess you better be quiet.” He said.

To her surprise Brett dropped down to his knees and pulled her cover up to reveal the bottom half of her swimsuit. He quickly untied it and she let it drop to the floor, then he pushed her legs apart and began to assault her pussy with his tongue.

“Oh Brett you have to stop.” She moaned aloud reaching around with her hand, but to her surprise she did not push he off she actually pulled his face tighter to her crotch. Brett pushed her legs further apart and Katie now leaned forward as his tongue worked on her sensitive clit.

Having sex with Doug while her son and husband were passed out downstairs was one thing but this was more exciting knowing they were just a few rooms away and could come in at any minute. She bit down on her arm to stifle her moans of pleasure and was soon rewarding Brett’s hard work with a flow of juices as she had and orgasm.

After he licked all the juice up, he got up and pulled his hard cock out, Katie let out a loud grunt as he shoved it into her pussy. He grabbed her waist and pulled her further back and started to drive his cock in and out of her pussy.

“Yes Brett fuck me, fuck me hard with you nice big cock.” She said aloud.

“Shhhh.” He said.

“Fuck me.” She whispered and she stuffed her mouth with the fabric of her cover up.

Brett reached up inside her cover up, pulled the cups of her swimsuit down off her swinging breasts, squeezing them and pulling on her sensitive nipples. He was turned on by her mmm, mmm, mmm, sounds that she tried to hide with her teeth clenched down hard on the cover up she was wearing.

“Oh god, I’m going to cum soon.” He groaned.

“Oh yes, fucking cum, yeah give it to me.” She urged him on.

“Oh fuck yeah, here it comes Katie.” He moaned as she shot load after thick load into her cunt.

“Wow that was great.” He said pulling his deflated cock out of her.

“Yes it was we are lucky we did not get caught.” She said. “You better run off home before they wonder why you are still hanging around.

“Yeah I guess your right; I’ll see you’re around.” He said and went out the back door.

Katie put her bottoms back on, adjusted her top and went into the family room; Chris had dozed off watching the documentary. Her husband was sitting in the chair glued right to the screen, he asked if she wanted to watch and she opted to go and take a shower instead. Brett gave her a couple nice orgasms but while in the shower she had to masturbate to have the real big one she did not get with the kitchen quickie.

After her shower, the baby cried and she took care of her, then she just put on a pair of gym shorts and a tee shirt and went to bed. Frank as usual came to bed and did not even try to wake her for sex like he used to when they were younger and with her higher libido she would have welcomed it.

Sunday morning came and Katie made her family a big breakfast her daughter was dropped off just in time for everyone to sit around the kitchen table and enjoy. They decided after breakfast it would be a good day to do some gardening. Katie came down in a loose fitting sundress which she did not wear anything underneath. Her daughter who was growing more like her mother everyday was wearing her bikini top and a tight pair of jean shorts. Her handsome muscular son was wearing a tank top and gym shorts, her husband his usual tee shirt and cotton shorts.

Everything was going well for a couple hours; her husband and son were doing heavy stuff and cleaning out the garage, while Katie and her daughter were working on the flower beds. Chris thought it would be funny that he took the garden hose and spray his sister with the ice cold contents of it. As he came around the corner with the hose, he went to spray his sister who quickly moved out of the way and he soaked his mother.

“Chris!” She screamed.

“Oh shit sorry mom.” He said letting go of the handle.

“Great, I’m going to go up and take a shower to get warmed up and change into dry clothes.” Katie said as she stormed off.

As she went into the house and went upstairs the dress clung to her tighter and tighter, damn Chris for doing this she thought. She got into her bedroom and undid the few buttons in the front and fought to pull the dress over her head. While she was doing this John entered the house, he saw everyone but Katie out back and the trail of water. So he followed it up to her bedroom, the door was open and he saw Katie naked from the waist down, her arms over head trying to get her wet dress off.

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