Krystal and the Hauliers

Double Penetration

Hello all. Before I tell you my tale, I’ve had a lot of e/mails asking for photographs of me. I’m reluctant to do this. I don’t mind sharing my experiences with you all, but I once had a friend who e/mailed a picture of herself to a potential “friend” and before she knew it, it was seen all over the web. Although I do like to be admired and thought of in any way you care to think of me, I’m afraid it will have to be through your imagination. For those who really want to know what I look like, there’s a mature sex model called Dana Hayes. If her hair was longer and black we could be twins. I think, I’m not sure, I may be a little older and I have bigger tits. I hope this goes some way to placate my growing number of fans, I hope you understand my need for privacy…. Now my story …

I’ve just had some of the most incredible sex. It wasn’t the best I’ve had, but incredible just the same. I’ve certainly had bigger and fatter cocks, but I’d be hard pressed to find anybody that was quite as dirty and up for it (as Sally Says) like these two were. That’s right, I’ve just been double banged, by a trucker and his son.

Let me start at the beginning. I’ve just spent four days at a retirement home exhibition. Well it wasn’t just retirement homes, it also catered for most of the care world needs and some nursing. This of course included hundreds of stalls and different agencies from all over the country. Anyway, after three days of what seemed to me as constantly writing cheques, I’d ended up with quite a load of stuff. This consisted of, among other things, new mattresses, sheets and blankets. I’d also found a bargain on bedside cabinets and so I’d bought twenty of them. So I’d accumulated quite a lot of it all. I obviously hadn’t a truck with me and so I went in search of transport. It wasn’t long before I ran into George and Barry.

I’d been walking round the convention hall for about fifteen minutes when I saw them handing out business cards. Making my way towards them, I gave them a good looking over. Not sexually, you understand, I was more concerned to see if they good be trusted. That was a lot of moneys worth that I wanted transporting and I had no intention of letting somebody steal it all from me.

As I got nearer to them, I could see the resemblance in their looks and it soon be came clear that they were a father and son team. I introduced myself to them after accepting a card from Barry, who was obviously the son. I told them of my predicament and suggest we meet up later and maybe discuss it over a drink if they were available tomorrow that is. They readily accepted my offer after finding out where they were to travel to if we could reach an agreement. I told them the name of the hotel where I was staying and we agreed on 8.30pm for them to meet me in the bar.

At 8.30 I found myself walking into the lounge bar, not quite as conservatively dressed as I was earlier, but not tarty either. I was wearing a black skirt that came to just above mid-thigh, a pink halter neck top which showed a good portion of cleavage, without being over the top. On top of this I wore a black leather waistline jacket. I’d elected to not wear stockings and was bare legged. With black 4″ heels this finished the ensemble.

I was stood at the bar waiting to be served when I felt a tap on my shoulder,

“Good evening Ms James. Please, let us do the honours. What would you like?”

Turning round I was faced with a different George and Barry. They didn’t look anything like they had earlier. They certainly scrubbed up well. I found myself wondering for the first time since meeting them, if father and son were into mature women and if they would share her company, so to speak.

“Oh, hello George. Hello Barry. Please you must call me Krystal. And I’d just love a Gin & Tonic thank you.”

“Ok, G&T it is and Krystal it is too. Why don’t you let Barry take to a seat and I’ll bring the drinks over.”

Barry held my elbow and we found a spare table over the far side. I sat on the bench seat and was pleasantly surprised when Barry came round and sat next to me. He must of seen me look at him and he explained that he didn’t like his back to the room. He had always been the same and so was his father. So I wasn’t too surprised when George brought a round of drinks over and plonked himself the other side of me. Now this was a nice position for any woman to find herself in. Two handsome men either side of her, the possibilities are endless. I was really becoming interested to see where this was going. altyazılı porno Sipping my drink we started talking business.

The business was all sorted out in approximately forty five minutes and so we could now relax. I was pleased with the outcome as they were too. Barry went to fetch more drinks and I could feel George inch a little closer.

“So George, tell me about yourself.” I asked as I looked at him and caught him ogling my 40dd’s.

His face reddened and he quickly averted his eyes. I was really tempted to excuse him and let him know I didn’t mind him ogling, but I must confess to liking the dance between men staring at my bust and trying to be subtle about it. George started to tell me about himself and his son, he was apparently happily divorced 6 years and his son lived with him. Barry was 24 and had never once mentioned his mother since the day she left. They been in business together for 2 years and it seemed to be paying off. They took turns driving, especially long distances. They been all over the country and had even made a few trips abroad to Europe. I was very pleased that I’d chosen these over the other haulage firms.

As george was talking , I looked up and could see Barry walking towards me. My eyes naturally went down to his lunchbox and I was glad to see that he was sporting at least a semi. My eyes travelled up to his and he too was staring at my huge tits. He put the drinks down in front of us and sat himself back down. He was even closer and I was pinned between the two. The smell of their aftershave and their musky manly smell was doing it’s thing to my hormones and no matter what my mind said, my body had taken over. My juices were already flowing, they had been for over and hour. My nipple were so hard and stiff I could feel them rubbing on my bra. We chatted some more and I could feel their legs up against mine, occasionally, one or the other would rub they’re leg against mine, sending shivers all through me.

I excused myself, telling them I needed to go to the little girls room, also I would pick up fresh drinks on the way back. Of course they did the manly thing and refused a drink from a woman. I told them not to be so silly and went off. Once in the loo, I leant back onto the sink. My body was on fire. It tingled all over. I knew I was going to get double banged tonight and I couldn’t wait. I reached under my skirt and removed my thong, stuffing it into my bag. Re-applied my lip gloss I headed back out into the bar. Giving a little wave as I passed in view of our table, I ordered the drinks. It was then that I happened to look up and could see the two men’s reflection in the mirror. Barry was gesticulating to his father with his hands about the size of my tits. His father, whilst listening to his son ramble on was staring through the crowd at my legs. I smiled to myself. It was time for Krystal to get what she wanted and needed most.

I sat back between them and crossed my legs. Both men actually complimented me telling me I had great legs, especially for woman my age. I decided to push a little further and asked about my breasts. Barry was less shy than his dad.

“Krystal, you have a terrific body for a woman your age. You ooze sex appeal. I’ve never known a woman like you” his father was vigorously nodding his head the other side of me. I let my hand rest on my upper thigh, with the attention of “accidentally” pulling my hem up higher to reveal even more of my legs. Barry couldn’t take his eyes off my long nails and I could see him mincing in his seat. His hard cock was obviously uncomfortable for him.

George then spoke, “Why don’t we go someplace quieter?”

Here it comes I thought to myself. “Sure, why not.” I responded. “Any ideas?”

They both looked at each other and I sensed a silent communication between them.

“Listen, we don’t live to far from here, why don’t you come back to our place for a while? Listen to some music, maybe get a bite to eat, if we’ve got anything you fancy that is.”

“That sounds like a great idea.” said Barry, whose eyes were still riveted to my tits.

“Ok. Sounds like we have a plan. Just let me go to the little girls room and I’ll be right with you.”

They both stood with me and helped me out of the booth. I felt their eyes following me as I walked away. I really did need to use the toilet. Not to pee, my pussy was streaming with juices and I needed to clean up. I entered the cubicle and swiftly pulled my skirt up to my waist exposing my bald wet cunt. I couldn’t türkçe altyazılı porno resist dipping a finger into it. Sitting down I spread my legs and with my other hand I pinched my protruding clit. In seconds both my hands were soaking wet and I had to force myself to hold back a tremendous orgasm. Grabbing a handful of tissue I wiped away the juice and made myself half decent. I left the cubicle and re-glossed my lips. I was pretty sure I would have at least one of their cocks in my mouth this night. Hopefully both.

By the time I came out of the loo, both George and Barry were waiting for me by the door. They’d asked the porter to call us a cab which arrived shortly. We all three made ourselves comfortable in the black cab. George sat next to me and Barry was sat opposite. I crossed my legs carelessly, my skirt was now so high up I might as well be not wearing it. George started talking to me and as I looked at him I could see Barry adjusting his cock through his trousers. It looked very impressive. If we’d of been in any other cab I would have been on my knees getting Barry’s dick out and sucking the jism from his balls. But I’ve had experience with these types of cabs before. The driver always gets a birds-eye view and although I’m no prude by any stretch of the imagination, some cabbies are and I found it’s not worth the hassle.

I could smell my sex as we drove, so I was pretty sure that they could too. Fifteen minutes later we pulled up outside their house. George paid the cabbie and they both led me up to the front door. Once inside they helped me out of my jacket and they got their first glimpse of my huge breasts. Barry’s hand shook as he hung my jacket on a peg. George gently led me into the front room asking if I wanted something to drink. I asked for a G&T if they had it and made myself comfortable on the sofa. Barry then entered the room and I noticed his cock was plainly visible through his jeans. My drink was given to me and it didn’t go unnoticed that they didn’t have one themselves.

“So Krystal, what type of music do you like? We have all sorts. Tell me someone you like and we’ll see what we can do.” barry asked.

“I’d like something mellow. I love to dance, if you’ll dance with me.” I said. Soon, the crooning sounds of George Benson was heard coming into the room. I put my drink down and reached for George who was the nearest one to me. Soon we were up close and moving to the music and I could feel his hard-on pressing into my mound. As we rotated I saw barry watching with a strange look on his face. I watched as his eyes travelled up and down my mature body. He looked hungry. Me, I was starving. I beckoned him over and he stepped behind me and I was soon feeling a hard cock pressing into my arse. I was a human sandwich and I loved it.

Things got really heated really fast. Two pairs of hands were mauling me all over with special attention being paid to my tits and arse. Barry reached round from behind and grabbed two handfuls of horny tit, while his father reached under my skirt and after the shock of discovering I wasn’t wear any knickers proceeded to give me a wonderful fingering. There’s no other way of saying this, but I was on the verge of losing my fucking mind. This, of course wasn’t my first time with two men. I’ve had many adventures on that score. With two, three, and more. It’s just that the older I get the better it gets with multiple partners. Strange but true.

I threw my head back and George immediately latched on to my neck. I opened my eyes to find Barry’s eyes looking into mine. “Do you like my big tits Barry? Would you like me to get them out for you?………….. I will if you promise to stick that big cock your pressing into my bum between them ……………… oh fuck, that’s it George, finger my wet pussy really good. …….. I love it….. that’s it, stand back barry and I’ll remove this top and bra and make things easier for you.”

Barry moved away sharply while his father carried on poking his fingers into me. Soon my huge breasts were uncovered and they both drank them in. Barry stepped back in and grabbed my bare flesh. I reached behind me and manipulated his button and zip until I held his dribbling cock in my fist. I tried without success to open George’s with one hand. In the end I had to ask him to do it himself. George went one better and stripped right off. My eyes flew open at the sight of his magnificent erection. It had to of been at least ten inches long and three inches round. That was even bigger then the impressive hd altyazılı porno one I was holding and that was only slightly smaller. George moved back towards me and I now had two cocks in my hands. Both were dripping with pre-cum and I twirled my thumb over their swollen helmets until it was running over my hand. Pushing them both away, I pulled my skirt down and was soon on my knees with George rubbing his tremendous stiff one all over my face. I could hear rustling behind me and assumed rightly that Barry was removing his clothes too. In just seconds Barry’s cock came over my shoulder and I had a quick lick. With a cock in each hand I made for them to go to the sofa. Little did they know how much I loved to suck cocks. The only thing I like better then sucking cock, is sucking two cocks.

I walked with them on my knees and waited as they sat. George was studying my face and in the end lust took him as he grabbed my hair and forced a good deal of man flesh into my willing mouth. Avoiding just the urge to gag I let him push even more into me. Barry was laid back on the sofa, eyes closed, lifting his hips in time with my hand movements. I alternated between them both and gave them (as they told me much later) the best blow-job of their lives. George was the first to cum and I enjoyed for the first time a huge amount of spunk hitting the back of my throat. Not too far behind was Barry. He shot twice into my mouth and pulled out to ejaculate the rest over his fixation, my tits. He must have been thinking of doing that all night for he had loads of it, both tits were covered and they both watched as I rubbed it all in until it was a sticky mass. All the time I’m watching the two cocks. Neither one of them lost their erection and I was soon on all fours, on the rug with Georges thick rod beating a path to my womb.

Barry laid beneath me and I pressed my huge melons onto his cock. He wasted no time in using them for his own satisfaction. The harder George pumped me, the harder my tit flesh pressed into and around Barry’s cock. George was soon well on his way to another orgasm and I reached behind me and grabbed his egg sized balls. With a grunt and an almighty thrust, I felt a glob of cum splatter against my cunt wall. I looked down at Barry, ran my tongue over my lips and he soon followed his father. I had more cum on my tits then I’d had for a long while and I loved every minute.

After they’d finished this round, we parted and I sipped some more of my drink. We chatted about this and that, all the while running my hand up and down their thighs until both cocks were throbbing once again wanting to fuck me. I had just the thing. They were going to fill both my holes and pound me until I came all over them. I finished my drink and told them what I wanted. It was the only thing I would ask of them and explained how much I loved to have a cock in my arse as my pussy’s being fucked. I have to say, both guy’s were well up for it and they soon had me positioned on Barry’s cock with his cock at least four inches into my bum, my back to him, while George positioned himself between our opened legs, slowly wanking his wet cock and aiming for my opened pussy.

“Go on George………… push it in me. …… I need that huge cock in me.” he wasted no time and inch by inch he thrust into me and I didn’t stop ordering around until I felt with my hand their balls rubbing together. I knew that they were both as deep as they could get. I was at fever point, the smell of sex and cum, the grunts and groans all brought me to the peak of sexual heights. I bounced up and down on their throbbing tools until I felt my blood boil and my imminent orgasm approaching.

“Oh fuck, it’s cumming boys……. don’t stop……. Harder….. that’s it George fill my fat cunt with your fat cock……. Barry, I can feel you big balls on my bum…… I’m cummmmming, ohhhhhh SHITTTTTTTT”

George came just before me. As I shouted that I was cumming, George pulled out and sent a surprising amount of cum over my belly. I was next, covering poor Barry with copious amounts of pussy juice. He in turn painted the inside of my anus with his own load.

We separated and all lit a cigarette, I don’t smoke often now, but I will admit to liking one after I’ve had a good seeing to. We actually fucked twice more that night before the boys begged off quoting that they had to be up early in the morning. Remembering that they would be working for me, I relented on condition that they spent the night in Chichester with me and a friend. They readily agreed and I caught a taxi back to my hotel.

One thing more. On the way to the hotel, I fetched my mobile from my bag and txt Sally. I hope she manages to change shifts tomorrow night. It could be a long one. I’ll let you know.

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