Meimi should have known it was a trick. Maybe Chris really would cheat on Becky with her, but even if his friends were telling the truth about his fantasy of finding a naked girl masturbating outside and having sex with her, it would be dumb for him to go through with it at a party he was at with his girlfriend. Even at night in a sheltered spot on a badly lit side of the house, such as the one where Meimi now huddled. She was such an idiot.

“We’re not telling him what it is, just that he needs to go out there alone to find a present waiting for him.” Yeah, right. Thanks, guys.

She shouldn’t have agreed anyway. She and Becky had been friends since the beginning of college. That hadn’t changed, even though they had hardly spoke since Chris established that he preferred the apricot and milk complexion of a tall, curvy, leggy, blond Caucasian over a delicate, petite Japanese girl. What had possessed her to agree to tempt her friend’s lover?

Was there any question? Of course, the thought of getting close to those beautiful eyelashes and being ravished by those strong, long-fingered hands had totally screwed with her mind.

Dee had told them she wanted him. But apparently their real plan involved getting nude pics of her. Now here she was, bare-assed naked and slightly moist from playing with herself, outside the house between the air conditioner and the hedges with those assholes and their cameras between her and her clothing as they thought they were sneaking up on her.

She had no idea what else to do. She scrambled away toward the front yard on all fours, as quietly as she could.

Where could she go, with perimeter lighting and street lights everywhere? She got up and dashed across the lawn, down to the lineup of cars for the party. She wound up crouching in the dark gap between a pickup and a sports car.

A moment later, she heard a car coming down the street.. With a panic like she’d never felt before, desperate for a better hiding place, she dove over the tailgate of the pickup.

Chris’s buddies hadn’t followed her. Were they still looking for her, or did they already know where she was? Maybe they were laying in ambush for her to come back for her clothes? Maybe they already had pictures of her, streaking across the front yard?

She peeked over the side after the car passed, but the front door opened and three figures came out onto the porch so she ducked back down.

“You sure you have to go?” That was Dee’s voice. It was her party and she wouldn’t like having people checking out early.

“Sorry, Dee,” Becky’s voice answered. “I’m just not feeling well. Maybe Chris can come back after he drops me off.”

Of all the people! she complained to herself. She huddled against the side of the bed near the sidewalk. If those two found her out here, she would totally die! She bit her lower lip, searching for the reasonable explanation that almost certainly didn’t exist.

The night changed from bad comedy to horror when she heard the pickup ‘beep’ with the sound of Chris remotely opening the locks. As she lay frozen in terror, the doors of the cab opened and shut and the engine started up.

She had just raised her head, hoping to catch a good moment to dive over the side and out when Chris punched the gas and took off. She slid backward, her poor naked rump tortured by the bumpy metal surface, and whacked into the tailgate. Becky looked over her shoulder and spotted her, her heavy lashes flying wide and her mouth opening. She grew into a delighted grin and said something to Chris, who turned to her and answered but didn’t look back.

Meimi allowed herself just a slight hope that this meant Becky hadn’t told him what she just saw and was going to help her out. Surely he would have looked if he heard about the nude girl in back. She scrambled back to the front of the bed and huddled against the wall where he wouldn’t spot her.

Even though it was a warm summer night, the passing air began getting a little chilly on her bare skin. They drove several blocks before they pulled into a place with trees, apparently a park. They stopped right under a streetlight. What was Becky up to?

“Just come out,” Becky said as she opened her door. “Trust me, you’ll love it.”

Oh, gawd, she moaned to herself as Becky and Chris appeared on either side of the bed.

“What the hell?” he asked. Becky, blond hair and white dress practically glowing Beylikdüzü escort in the streetlight, held her hand over her mouth and tried unsuccessfully to suppress laughter.

“Hi, guys,” she said in a meek voice, keeping her knees turned away and her arms over her tits.

Rather than looking away politely, Chris gave her a very frank, undisguised inspection, taking in all he could. Her skin warmed with a whole new level of embarrassment. It didn’t help matters that she’d always wanted to show it to him, under very different conditions. Or that her heart still melted at the sight of his sandy hair and his handsome square jaw.

“Can I ask how in the hell you ended up in my truck like that?”

“I’d rather not say. It’s a pretty embarrassing story,” she answered. How the hell could she tell him the truth with Becky right here?

“Honey, that’s a given,” Becky said, walking around the back of the truck to the side where Chris was standing. “Any story that ends with you riding naked in the bed of a pickup without the driver’s knowledge would have to be an embarrassing story.”

When she reached Chris, she wrapped her arms around his waist and kissed him. Meimi fumed. It was a pretty cold thing to do right in front of her while she was in this situation. Once they parted, she regarded the embarrassed girl in the bed and asked, “Darling, did you know this girl is totally hot for you?”

“Becky…” Chris frowned, but she chuckled quietly and touched her finger to his lips.

“It’s true. We were very close friends until you started asking me out. She was so pissed at me, because she’d been trying hard to get your attention. I assume she still wants you, considering her attire and location at the moment.”

She pecked him again and smiled. “How about it? She’s a real hottie, isn’t she? You want to try a little piece of Asian ass for a change?”

“Becky!” They both protested in unison.

She laughed out loud now. “I’ve got a proposition for you, Meimi. We’ll drive you to my place so I can lend you some clothes. And, if you want, I’ll let you play hide the sausage with my boyfriend. Which I know you want. I only have one condition.”

“What?” Meimi asked, caught too much by surprise by Becky’s shameless offer to say anything else.

Becky let go of Chris, gave him a seductive smile and, to Meimi’s surprise, reached down to grab the hem of her dress with crossed arms, pulling it up and off over her head. She wore nothing but a white thong and jewelry underneath. Her navel piercing and necklace sparkled in the streetlight. From firm, uptilted breasts and curving waist to shapely thighs and perfect legs, Becky was extraordinary.

Chris gave out a sigh, as if this was just normal behavior for the girl. She smiled and held out the dress for him to take, then slipped her thong down, revealing her hairless sex. She handed him that as well. “Toss those into the cab for me, Darling?”

After he complied, she put her hands on his shoulders. “Lift me in. And please take lots of wrong turns getting to my place, all right?”

Without a word, he easily lifted her over and set her into the cargo bed, then got into the truck and started it up. They pulled out of the park as Becky stretched out on the bed and beckoned to her.

Meimi stayed glued to the side. “You can’t be serious.”

“You used to let me kiss you once in a while. You must have noticed I wanted more. You want me to tell Chris to stop and drop you off?”

Becky snorted at her expression and shook her head with a playful grin. “Come on, you know I wouldn’t do that. I swear I’m totally going to lend you clothing and we will drive you where you need to go, no matter what. We’re still friends as far as I’m concerned. But the only way I let Chris play with you when we get there is if I get to play with you, first. It’s a little rule we have.”

Meimi shivered a little with the passing air. Her friend sighed and held out her arms. “Come on, hon. At least huddle with me for warmth.”

She relented and moved over next to her. Becky pulled her into her arms. “You know, if you hadn’t been pissed off at me and avoiding me, I would have invited you over a long time ago. I totally wanted to.”

The warmth of other skin against hers made her squeeze a little tighter. Becky’s shapely body conformed to Meimi’s easily, a pleasant, comfortable sensation.

“I wasn’t pissed at Beylikdüzü escort you, Beck. I was just… I don’t know. I was uneasy. I didn’t know how to talk to you anymore.”

Becky kissed her forehead. “Are we still friends? I miss you.”

“Okay,” she conceded, since she liked the idea anyway. She missed her too. She looked up. “But I don’t know if…”

Becky’s mouth claimed her lips before she could finish, covering them with velvet warmth. Her kiss needed, requested, demanded an answer. Meimi’s heart began hammering in response to both the crush of lips and the caress of hands gliding along her naked back. This wasn’t the first time– they even appeared on the Internet as a ‘Girls making out’ photo after one party– but it was certainly the first time without clothing. Her awareness of the flesh pressed against her body increased with each second the kiss continued.

Her friend’s lips continued their persuasion until Meimi gave in to their desire. She opened to the tongue tracing the crease of her mouth, admitting her friend and shuddering involuntarily as she caressed her teeth. Becky thrust inward, forcing her mouth further open until two tongues touched and embraced. They explored and massaged each other within Meimi’s mouth as Becky’s fiery opening segued to a slow, tantalizing dance.

Meimi’s head spun as if on drugs, and she could do nothing else but simply exist within the new world of Becky’s passion. Streetlights passed, creating alternating nights and days in that universe that were her only sense of time. Her small lips were lost in Becky’s full mouth, her tiny frame dominated by her tall friend’s swimsuit-model figure. Every attempt to think about what was happening ended in confusion, so she simply stopped trying. The spell continued until Becky’s hand eased between them to cover one small globe and her finger caressed its little tip.

She broke away, breathless and trembling. “Becky, please. Wait.”

Becky’s hand didn’t move away, but she nuzzled behind Meimi’s ear and whispered, “I’ll go as slow as you need, hon, but I’m not stopping and I’m not letting go. I’ve been in love with you for too long to let you get away now.”

Meimi frowned and pulled back. “Becky, don’t say things like that.”

“Okay.” Her friend smiled, a bit sadly. “It’s the truth, but I won’t say it anymore.”

Her lips descended on Meimi once again, now sweet and caressing. The hand cupping her breast resumed its hypnotic motion while its partner sought downward until it glided over her hip. It slid onto her rear, massaging her in a small, slow circle. Meimi’s attempt to stop her had already vanished from her memory. She only remembered living within this warm embrace. Breast against breast, woman against woman, the textures and flavors overwhelmed her.

Meimi’s arms slipped around Becky, pulling her closer as her friend gradually turned her onto her back, partially covering her body like a blanket. At some point the hand which was once on her breast had slipped behind her neck, and the one that so boldly held her posterior now massaged her hip and then her leg. She drifted along with it, enjoy the touch of fingers on her inner thighs, up to her tummy, naughtily straying down as far as her mound before circling back to her thigh. The pattern repeated again twice and she shuddered with pleasured anticipation of each spot.

She gasped and broke away again when it strayed to more private places. “Becky! No…” but a finger had already slipped into her. When had her legs come open for this? When did she get so wet? Playful green eyes stared back at her as Becky invaded, doing things her mind rejected but her body pleaded for. Her traitor hips rocked and pumped, cooperating with the invader on their own. The warm lips covered hers again and her last defenses crumbled.

As their tongues danced once again, an impossibly skillful thumb showed her that it knew exactly how to tease and stroke her clit, and the finger inside her began doing something she’d never felt before, stroking a place in her vagina that seemed ten times more sensitive than she’d ever encountered. She nearly didn’t notice at first as Becky ended the kiss and her tongue began a slow, lazy exploration of Meimi’s cheek and jaw and neck. The fascinating sensations between her thighs had her full attention. She did take note of the lovely attention Becky’s mouth and tongue paid her breasts, but when they Escort Beylikdüzü departed to roam further, she only noticed the warmth in her thighs, the touch of thumb and finger, the night sky and the passing lights.

That tongue and mouth took over for the thumb, the finger still staying within. She reached down to grasp Becky’s hair as this final change overtook her and the expanding bubble within her burst. She surrendered to quaking seizures ripping through her body. Becky kept working as the orgasm stretched on and Meimi’s breath finally released in a long, tortured moan.

Once Meimi finally relaxed, she gasped for oxygen, panted to recover. She noticed how hard she was holding her friend’s hair and let go. Moisture coated her body and she felt completely drained of strength, yet filled with an incredible peace.

Becky crawled back up, her smile appearing above Meimi’s face, descending onto her mouth for another deep-tongue kiss. It had a strange flavor… Meimi realized she was tasting her own juices and giggled. The kiss ended and green eyes looked down on her, inquiring. “Something funny?”

“Is that what pussy tastes like?”

Meimi yelped in surprise as two fingers plunged into her, pumping her several times before coming out. Becky held them to her mouth and she opened to suck them clean. They kissed again.

After a while, Meimi became aware of motion. Was her friend fingering herself? Eventually, the fingers appeared again.


She stared at them, hesitating, biting her lower lip as she made her decision. She slipped out of Becky’s grasp and turned around to bring her mouth close to her friend’s hips. She had to raise her voice a little to be heard. “I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“Just do the same as me,” Becky told her, rolling onto her back and twisting at her waist to reach Meimi thighs, coaxing legs to open up. As Chris kept driving, her friend tutored her on the pleasuring of women.

A long time later, Becky’s hand rose lazily to knock on the cab window. After that, they simply cuddled until Chris pulled into the parking lot at Becky’s apartments. He closed the door and locked it. He headed toward the stairs, carrying Becky’s clothes and purse.

“Chris honey, my stuff?”

“You’re gonna make her walk up naked,” he pointed out as he began ascending.

“Gawd,” Becky rolled her eyes. “Well I guess it’s fair.”

“Which floor are you on?” Meimi inquired nervously.

Her friend smirked. “Third.”

After nerving themselves, they made it to the top, laughing and shaking, just as Chris was unlocking the door. Finally inside, they collapsed together on her couch and wrapped arms around each other for a fresh fit of laughter followed by a few more kisses. When Meimi finally began recovering, she noticed Chris stripping out of his clothes.

He smiled at her. “After putting me through that, someone owes me huge,” he declared, his eyes flicking toward the girl who had suddenly taken a keen interest in Meimi’s tits.

With the view of his body, the heterosexual side of Meimi regained strength, adding itself to the flush of recent sex and ongoing arousal. His lean body, corded and firm, made a strange contrast to the smiling softness of his eyes. He slipped out of his jeans and shorts and she saw his hardness for the first time, already well along. She tried not to stare at it as he leaned over Becky and pulled her face toward him for a kiss.

She broke free and smiled at him, “You sure you don’t want to play with Meimi instead? Look at those nips, dude. She’s horny as hell for you.”

He kissed her again. After a long tonguing she broke free once more. Somewhere during the kiss Becky had reached out to begin stroking his cock. She purred softly to him, “She’s also the one I told you about.”

Meimi looked back and forth at them in confusion as Chris looked over at her and nodded. “That’s what I suspected, after what you said before. The one you’re in love with, but you think she’s in love with me.”

“Yup,” Becky confirmed, pulling away from Meimi to make room for him. “Can we keep her?”

“Since you already have my promise, that’s her decision.” He flashed Meimi a questioning smile as he sat down between them. A little brightening of his eyes, a raise of his eyebrow, and she finally began to believe what was happening.

Afraid she’d break into high-school-girl giggles if she used her voice, she gave her answer simply by leaning on him once he settled. He gathered both girls into his arms and she thrilled at the feel of her breast pressing against his bare skin.

Becky looked at her lovers with a wry twinkle. “We’re gonna need a bigger bed.”

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