Late Night Sauna

Late Night Sauna
We had been travelling all day and didn’t get into hotel until late. We had had a quick snack before we got to hotel but were feeling stiff from riding our Harley for so long in one day. When we got to the reception I asked if the pool and sauna were open late but they said it closed at 11.00. It was 11.25! The girl said “I see you are pretty beat, so if you wait until midnight I will open it up for you and you can have a sauna. The staff are allowed to used the pool area after midnight so if you don’t mind if some of the staff come in then I will let them know you are going to be there. We thanked her and went up to our room. Had a quick shower to get the dust off , had a glass of wine from a bottle we had picked up during the day from a winery stop. We put on our bathing clothes, me a pair of shorts and my wife a two piece which looked like a one piece so not too risqué. About 12.05 we took the bottle down to the pool area and went in to find it empty. We left the bottle on a table but filled up two plastic glasses and went into the sauna.

We were there for about 15 minutes when a coloured couple came in. They were younger than we were and were called rick and Marsha. He looked like an athlete and she looked like a model. They had just got in about half an hour previous and had been given the same privilege as we had. They too had glasses of wine. We chatted for a while and while they did he caressed her breast through her bikini top. She relaxed and leaned back onto his chest. we bot tried not to look but it was difficult as she started to murmur as he caressed her. He eventually slipped her top up and released both breast and taking the nipples between his thumbs and forefingers really started to work on them. My wife and I were a bit embarrassed and tried not to stare but that was difficult to and is was not something you saw on a daily basis! After about ten minutes she rolled down and stretched along the bench, pulled his shorts down, which he helped by raising his ass off the bench, as his cock sprung free his wife took it into her mouth and started to slide up and down his shaft. As she did so his cock got longer and thicker and seemed to be about 9 inches long and very thick. My wife gave a little gasp and just stared at it. He asked if we minded what they were doing and before I could say anything my wife said no it is fine. Sh didn’t stop staring so I thought I would take advantage and slid my hands up under her top and started to play with her nipples too. To my surprise she didn’t say anything and let me carry on. Now my wife is what some woulcall a prude, at least when it came to public sex, but she lay back and allowed me to slip up her top and take it off completely. She seemed to be enjoying my breast caressing and was getting quite excited. I realized it was what she was seeing and not so much what I was doing. As we watched Marsha got up and turning her back towards Rick, straddled his cock and slowly lowered herself onto it. She slowly rode up and down on his sock until he grabbed her hips and started driving in and out with every thrust deep. He turned around on the bench towards us so we could see his cock driving in and out of Marshes vagina. my wife was murmuring as she watched so I slid my hand down her suit bottoms and stated to play with her clit and again I was surprised that she didn’t stop me. Marsha threw her head back and gave a long slow moan as she climaxed, sitting down on Ricks lap with his cock still buried inside her. She eventually moved to sit beside him on the bench where she looked at my wife, noticing her looking at them both and asked “Do you like what you see?”

That was a question that changed what was happening. My wife to my surprise said that she did and that she had never seen a cock as long or as which as Ricks. She gave a little laugh and said “I get that response from a lot of women.” She turned to Rick and whispered in his ear and he smiled and without saying anything got up and came over to where we were sitting letting his shorts dropped to the ground. He stood directly front of us and presenting his cock to my wife and said “You can touch it if you would like, and it won’t bite. My wife looked over at Marsha and she just nodded. Now to put this in perspective, my wife had never touched another man’s cock in her life, but she timidly reached out her hand and just laid it on the top of his shaft which was still as hard as it had been while fucking his wife. She put her hand around the circumference and barely managed to touch her finger and thumb together. For few moments she just grasped it and then Marsha told her to stroke it a little. This was night for surprises or even shocks as my wife slowly slid her and up and down his shaft and without even a seconds hesitation mover her head forward and wrapped her lips around his cock. She came off for a second to ask Marsha and Rick if they minded which both said no it was OK and she quickly slid her mouth down his cock. I moved out of her way and she sat on the bench slowly taking Ricks cock deeper into her mouth with each forward movement of her head. Marsha slipover to our side and told me to come closer which I did. She slid my shorts off and took my now hard rock into her mouth too. I just lay back and watch this gorgeous black woman suck my cock while my wife sucked her husbands cock on the other bench.

As I sat watching my wife while enjoying my own pleasure, Rick was rubbing my wife nipples as he had done to Marsha. After about ten minutes of a lost of cock sucking Rick puled his cock out and getting down on his knees removed my wife’s bathing suit bottoms, spread her legs and started eating her vagina. Immediately a high pitched sound came from my wife’s mouth and she quickly grabbed the top and stuck it inner mouth to quieten down he squealing. I heard a change in the sound knowing that she had just had an orgasm. Rick quickly lifted my wife up agaist the wall of the sauna and entered his cock deep inside her in one long, hard thrust. She screamed, which was partly muffled by the suit top in her mouth. but not much. The door opened and one of the hotel staff who were cleaning the pool looked in and when he seen what was happening and also the OK sign given by us he nodded and quietly closed the door. Rick was driving his cock deep inside her which was emphasized by the fact she was up off the ground and all her weight was pushing her deep onto his cock. I pulled Marsha up from her fine work on my cock and turned her around, bent he over the bench and entered her from behind. Know I was not in the same league as Rick burt I was so excited I think i gave her the best fuck I had given anyone. Maybe not up to Rick’s level but she did cum and seemed satisfied. When I came Marsha and I sat and watched Rick as he took my wife through range of positions, on her back , straddling him and finally from behind. As he finally came inside her I could see her legs were starting to wobbled and his final thrust came at the same time as she also cried out “I am coming again, oh fuck, oh fuck.” ending with another scream at which point she sank to the bench on her chest and as she did Rick’s cock slid out and he sprayed her back with a long stream of cum.

After giving my wife an opportunity to recover, we all sat naked drinking our wine and Marsha said we should meet again the next night for a return adventure. Rick and Marsha indicated that they had another couple who were travelling with them and they might be interested next time around. When I asked my wife what she thought about that idea she said she was sure everything would be fine. We did meet the next night and the second night was wilder tae the first with guys and girls swapping partners many times during the night and my wife was completed exhausted to the point we had to ride shorter distance when we restarted our trip. We have made plans to meet again next year at the same hotel.

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