Daddy’s Naughty Girl Ch. 1


Ch. 1: She’s So Curious

Alena was coming home from college this weekend. Alena is my sister, 19, and turning out beautiful. I knew what dad had planned, but that’s for later. I’m 23, and very well built, I don’t mind saying. Dad and I have played our little game for a few years now, but I knew he wanted his baby girl to fulfill his highest desires. It started out innocent enough, our family has never been shy. So when Dad and I saw each other naked, no biggie. Until I started noticing dad’s dick get bigger every time he looked at my round, full tits and my sweet little ass. I keep my pussy shaved, and he made note of that, too. Well, one day I decided to test ol’ dad, see if he was strong enough to resist the temptation of what was forbidden.

I walked into the bathroom as he was getting undressed for the shower, under the pretense of needing my ruby red lip gloss. I casually brushed his cock, and felt it begin to stiffen. With my best little girl pout, I said so sorry daddy, how terrible of me. “Young lady, that was very inappropriate,” he said, so I shrugged and walked back out.

It was a week later before I made my next move. I put on my sweetest silk panties, pink with little bows at the sides, and a white “baby doll” shirt. I walked into the living room where bağcılar escort dad was sitting, laid down across the floor, and put the T.V. on cartoons. I figured this was little girl innocence. I wiggled my ass in the air acting as if I were getting comfortable. I noticed dad’s eyes glued to me as I writhed about. Hmmm, he still didn’t make a comment though, time for Plan B. I walked over to the couch and sat right next to him, my legs spread slightly. I watched as his eyes moved from my perky tits, nipples hard and all, down to the pink cloth that my lips were pouting through.

I slid my hand down my thigh, and asked my father, “Daddy, don’t you think I’m pretty?” His dick almost popped right out of his sweatpants, so I reached over to rub the huge member through his pants. I had him. He pulled the pants down just enough for that beautiful dick to pop out and I saw pre-cum already glistening at the hole. I asked him if he would like his girl to make him happy. “Yes, baby, daddy would like to feel your sweet little mouth on my dick.” I started licking the huge head as though it were a lollipop, then took his whole throbbing member deep into my throat. I sucked and licked every inch of his tool, and his warm hairy balls. When I began to feel him strain about to come, I pulled cihangir escort my tits free of the thin material and jacked him onto my soft breasts. He was moaning and squirting thick cum on my nipples, and I was massaging it in like lotion. When he squirted the last drop, I sucked him clean. There were plenty of times after that I sucked him off, but he never would fuck me. I would usually just go in my room and fuck myself with my vibrator to cum.

So I can’t wait to see what happens when my sis gets home.

Alena’s here! She came in late last night. When she thought I was sleeping I heard her saying how much she would like to lose her cherry to our handsome father while she masturbated. Oh, things are going to be interesting.

Right now I’m standing outside my fathers room, where I have a perfect view of his bath. Alena shaved her pussy this morning, put her hair in pigtails, and walked into the bath as he was getting out of the shower. At first, dad told her to leave, but she persuaded him that she wanted to stay. She dropped down on her knees like a girl, and acted as though she had never seen a cock. She touched my father, and he grew hard enough to break stone. She asked could she taste it, and slid it into her tiny mouth. Who’d have thought such a small mouth gaziosmanpaşa escort could take a 8 inch dick all the way in? Well, dad got bright red, and told her she was a bad girl, and to quit acting like a slut. He bent her over so she was holding onto the toilet with her ass in the air. He smacked her tight lily-white ass so hard I saw his handprint in bright red.

She did nothing but moan. After a few more good hard whacks, he shocked me by sliding 3 fingers deep into my little sisters cunt. She almost came right then, her body was quivering. My dad then daid, “Well, you little whore, you came in here, now I’m gonna give you what you want right in that virgin pussy.” He didn’t take his time being gentle, he slid that monster right in balls deep. Alena started screaming, ” Oh daddy, I’m such a little bad girl, give me my punishment” My dad reamed her pussy for at least 15 minutes, hard and fast. Then he pulled out, leaving her begging for more. I wonder what he’s doing? Oh my God, my pussy juice is dripping down my leg from this. Just as I put 2 fingers into my snatch and start frigging myself, my dad sticks his tool in Alena’s ass, no warning, just rams it in. She’s screaming like a bobcat. He started jerking as shot his load in his youngest daughters asshole, smacked her cheek again, and walked out. She rubbed her clit furiously and came in 2 seconds, her cum dripping from one hole, our dad’s cum dripping from another.

Perhaps I could interest her in some “sisterly love” while she’s home. We’ll see.

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