Emma’s Secret Pt. 02


*All characters in this fictional story are 18 or older*

Emma’s Secret. Pt. 02

As soon as they arrived home and were inside the house, Mal locked the front door. Emma’s mother was away at her parents and wouldn’t be home until the morning. He turned to Emma and lifted her dress up over her head letting her stand there naked in front of him. Emma giggled and began undressing her father, with his pants and underwear down around his ankles Emma wrapped her hand around her father’s cock, knelt down and took it into her mouth.

Mal held his daughter’s head in both hands and began pumping his cock in and out of her mouth and moaned, “Oh fuck baby girl, I love having my cock in your mouth.”

Emma lifted her mouth off her father’s throbbing cock and squealed, “I want you to fuck me, Daddy.”

“Let’s go to the bedroom where we will be more comfortable,” cried Mal.

After helping her stand up, Mal and Emma rushed to the bedroom and Emma jumped onto the bed and rolled over onto her back and spread her legs apart.

She ran her fingers over her bald pussy and giggled,” Come and fuck me Daddy, I want to feel your big cock in my tiny pussy again.”

Mal crawled between his daughter’s legs and lifted them up onto his shoulders. After rubbing the tip of his cock up and down her bald pussy slit, he thrust it into her pussy. Emma gasped as she felt her father’s cock penetrating and being pushed all the way inside her. She then began moaning as her father thrust his fat cock in and out of her tight pussy. Mal had never thought of his daughter sexually before this weekend; now here he was fucking her once again.

Her pussy felt so good that he wondered why he hadn’t thought about fucking her before. Why did I wait so long to fuck her? I should have fucked her years ago he said to himself. Now here she was almost nineteen and with fucking gorgeous body.

Emma screamed, “Fuck me harder Daddy, I love feeling your cock stretching me and pounding my pussy.”

Mal did as his daughter requested and began thrusting his cock in and out his daughter’s bald cunt with such force that his large balls made a slapping noise each time he thrust his cock into her pussy and slapped against her ass cheeks. He could feel her pussy becoming wet with her juices and thrust his cock even faster in and out of her wet pussy.

“Daddy, you’re making me wet… oh fuck I’m having an orgasm,” cried Emma.

Mal grabbed hold of his daughter’s waist and pulled her onto his cock as he thrust his cock into her pussy, keeping his cock buried inside his daughter’s tight hole. His body shuddered several times as his cock exploded and blasted his hot fresh daddy seed into his daughter’s wet pussy. After he had finished coming, Mal laid there on top of his daughter for several minutes before rolling off her and slipping his spent cock out of her cum filled hole to lay down on the bed beside her.

Emma wasn’t finished she wanted more and reached down and began stroking her father’s soft cock and squealed, “Daddy, make your cock hard for me. I want you to fuck me again.”

“You are going to have to wait, baby girl, until my cock recovers and I catch my breath… I’m not as young as you,” laughed Mal.

Emma removed her hand from around her father’s soft cock and pushed her fingers into her cum filled pussy and began fingering her pussy and squealed, “Daddy I want to be fucked again.”

Mal wishes he had now accepted the Viagra tablets from his friend Daryl. Then as he thought about his friend Daryl, he remembered how Daryl had the hots for Emma. When he was drunk he had admitted to Mal that Emma was fucking sexy and he would be willing to pay to fuck her.

“Baby girl, do you remember my friend Daryl?” Mal asked.

“Yes, I remember him, he is always flicking my dress up to see my panties and wants me to sit on his knee, ” giggled Emma.

“Daryl told me that he wanted to fuck you and that he would be willing to pay you, do you want me to invite him over?” Mal asked.

Emma excitedly replied, “Yes tell him to come over and fuck me.”

Mal had a better idea he picked up Emma’s phone and sent a naked photo of Emma to Daryl. Thirty seconds later Daryl rang Emma’s phone and asked, “Emma why did you send me that photo?”

“Daddy said that you want to fuck me and that you would pay,” giggled Emma.

“Where is your father?” asked Daryl.

“He is sitting beside me playing with his cock,” giggled Emma.

“Put your father on the phone,” demanded Daryl.

“Hello, Daryl.”

“Mal, are you making fun of me, I was drunk when I told you that I would pay to fuck Emma.”

“Have you changed your mind?” laughed Mal.

“No, I haven’t changed my mind,” blurted Daryl.

“Then come on straight over and use the back door we will be in the bedroom,” chuckled Mal.

“I will be straight over.”

“Daryl is coming straight over, baby girl,” chuckled Mal.

Emma excitedly giggled, “I’m going to have two cocks to play with.”

Emma yenibosna escort then leaned down and took her father’s cock into her mouth and started sucking on his cock. Mal ran his fingers over Emma’s head and though her hair as she moved her mouth up and down on his cock. When Mal heard the back door being opened and someone coming into the house, he knew it would be Daryl as he only lived a few houses away.

Mal kept looking at the bedroom door waiting for Daryl to arrive. When Daryl arrived and looked into the bedroom, he stood at the door in stunned silence not uttering a word staring at Emma’s mouth going up and down on her father’s cock.

A moment later Daryl watched Mal press down on the back of his daughter’s head keeping her mouth all the way on to his cock as Mal’s cock erupted and blasted his cum into his daughter’s mouth.

When Mal had finished coming he lifted Emma’s mouth up off his cock and chuckled, “Baby girl look who’s here.”

Emma turned around and look at the bedroom door, when she saw Daryl standing there she squealed, “Daryl you came.”

Daryl stood staring at Emma’s small firm tits and hard pointy nipples and lowered his eyes as Emma climbed off the bed and up onto her feet letting him see her bald cunt that was dripping with her father’s cum.

“My Daddy says you want to fuck me, is that true?” asked Emma.

Daryl is lost for words and just nods his head, Emma grabs hold of his hand and pulls him closer to the bed. She sits on the edge of the bed and begins to open his pants. When Daryl’s pants and underwear fall around his ankles, Mal watches as his daughter takes his friend’s cock into her mouth and begin to move her mouth up and down on his cock.

Daryl can’t believe this is happening, he goes from a surprised look to the biggest smile on his face, and then a look of disappointment as Emma lets his cock slip out of her mouth and asks, “How much money are you going to give me, Daryl?”

“Fifty, no a hundred, no one hundred and fifty, fuck whatever you want,” cried Daryl.

Emma giggled and took his cock back into her mouth and sucked it for a few minutes. She let his cock slip out of her mouth and lay down on the bed, spreading her legs.

“Fuck me, I want you to fuck me like you would fuck a whore,” giggled Emma.

Daryl smiled and moved between Emma’s legs and rubbed the knob of his cock over her wet slit. Emma squeals in delight as Daryl pushed his cock into her pussy and begins to fuck her with hard quick thrusts.

“Yes, fuck me like that,” squealed Emma.

Watching his friend fucking his daughter had made Mal’s cock hard once more and he moved to the side of his daughter’s head and turned her head to face him. Emma knew what her father wanted and opens her mouth wide to let her father drive his cock into her mouth.

Both men look at each other and smile as they continue to fuck Emma’s cunt and mouth. Daryl reached out and squeezed both of Emma’s small breasts and gave each of her nipples a pinch and twist. Emma lets out a muffled moan that just encourages them to fuck her harder.

Every time Daryl had visited Mal, he would often stare at Emma and think about how good it would be to fuck her. He thought about the last time that he visited and how he had sneaked into her bedroom while she was asleep and pulled back the bedsheets too look at her naked body.

Now here he was pumping his cock in and out of her pussy with a nice slow steady rhythm. He had wanted to fuck Emma for a long time, and he tried to slow down his thrusts, but he couldn’t. The closer he got to coming, the faster he fucked her, and it wasn’t long before he was blasting his cum into Emma’s wet pussy. When he had finished coming and had removed his soft limp cock from her cum filled pussy, he sat back down on the bed next to her to watch her father fucking her face.

A minute later it was Mal’s turn to come and he pulled Emma’s mouth all the way onto his cock as his cock erupted and squirted his cum into his daughter’s mouth. Daryl watched as Emma swallows each load of cum that her father shot into her mouth and then laid down on the bed beside her to recover.

As Daryl laid there with his eyes closed trying to recover from the best fuck he has ever had, he felt Emma moving on the bed. His eyes shot wide open when he felt Emma kissing and licking all around the knob of his limp cock. He watched in disbelief as Emma took his soft cock into her mouth and attempted to suck his cock back to full hardness.

Emma kept moving her mouth up and down his soft cock, encouraging it to become hard. Daryl couldn’t believe the appetite for sex that Emma had. He felt his cock becoming hard and felt the knob hitting the back of her throat each time she took it deep into her mouth. With his cock fully hard Daryl placed his hand on the back of Emma’s head and moved her mouth up and down on his cock.

Daryl felt his balls tighten, he knew he was about to cum and he pressed zeytinburnu escort down on Emma’s head keeping her mouth all the way down on his cock. A minute later he felt his cock shooting a massive load of his cum into her mouth. Emma swallowed as fast as she could but not fast enough, Daryl’s cum started squeezing out the sides of her mouth.

Emma lifted her mouth off Daryl’s cock and took a deep breath just as he shot another large load of cum this time all over her face. She held her mouth open to catch the next two smaller loads of Daryl’s cum. Mal stroked his cock as he watched his daughter sucking his friend’s cock. Now fully recovered he moved between his daughter’s legs and drove his cock into her pussy and started fucking her as a man possessed, it only took a few thrusts before Mal was shooting his cum into his daughter’s cum filled pussy.

After pulling his soft spent cock out of his daughter’s pussy, he said, “Go have a shower and clean yourself up… I need to have a talk to Daryl.”

As Mal put on a bathrobe he handed Daryl a bathrobe and said. “You can wear this if you want.”

“Thanks,” said Daryl putting on the bathrobe.

“Would you like a beer?” Mal asked.

“Yeah, a beer would be great… Now tell me about Emma how long have you been fucking your daughter for?”

“I only started fucking her last night after catching her fucking for money,” replied Mal.

“Wow, she was fucking others for money. I wished I knew,” he said and laughed.

Mal explained to Daryl about finding Emma naked in the motel room and how she told him about the two men drugging and fucking her. They stayed the night at the motel and after he had fucked her several times, she told him about wanting to fuck for money.

“I thought that you might want to fuck her after all the times that you were checking her out?” chuckled Mal.

Daryl laughed and said. “Anytime she wants to make some cash bring her over to my place.”

Just then Emma walked into the kitchen naked and dripping wet and said. “Daddy there are no towels in the bathroom.”

Mal went to the linen cupboard and grabs a towel and comes back and hands the towel to her, and said, “why don’t you let Daryl dry you?”

Emma hands Daryl the towel and he begins rubbing the towel all over her body when he has finished drying her hair, he holds her head in his hands and gives her a kiss, Emma pushes her tongue into his mouth and kisses him passionately for several minutes. Daryl’s cock begins to stir and pokes out from under the bathrobe that he is wearing.

When Emma notices Daryl’s hard pulsating cock she bends down and kisses the tip and runs her tongue all over and around the knob of his cock. He fully opens his robe and watches as Emma kneels down on the floor and takes his cock deep into her mouth. She begins moving her mouth up and down on his cock as she looks up at him.

Daryl looks at Mal and chuckles, “I wish all girls had the appetite for sex that Emma does.”

Mal sits there stroking his cock as he watches his daughter sucking his friend’s cock, he then starts thinking of who else does he knows that would enjoy fucking Emma for money. He has to admit to himself, that watching his daughter having sex with other men is definitely exciting

After Daryl’s cock erupts and fills Emma’s mouth with cum, he removes it from her mouth and says, “I wish I didn’t have to go, but I need to pick up April from her girlfriend’s house.”

Mal smiles as he remembers that Daryl’s daughter April is a few months younger than Emma, he had never thought much about her until now. He remembers catching Daryl coming out of April’s bedroom naked one afternoon and he wonders if Daryl is sexually active with his daughter; that was something that he would talk to Daryl about when they were alone.

After Daryl had gotten dressed, he gave Emma a kiss and handed her two fifty dollar notes, Emma’s eyes lit up and she smiled and threw her arms around his neck and gave him another kiss and said, “Thank you for the money.”

Daryl said. “Thank you for a wonderful afternoon, Emma phone me anytime that you want to make some money.”

Mal laughed and said. “Goodbye Daryl, I guess that we will be seeing you again very soon.”

That night Mal ordered a pizza for their dinner and after they had finished eating, Emma led her father back into the bedroom, she still wanted to have sex with him. As far Mal was concerned he was happy to oblige her as long as his cock was hard, he was going to keep fucking her.

He knew his wife was due home in the morning and that would make it difficult for him to be alone with his daughter. The rest of the night was like one big sex orgy, he lost count of the number of times that he fucked his daughter’s mouth and cunt

The next morning they slept in and had to quickly take a shower and get dressed before his wife Cathy, Emma’s mother, arrived home. They were sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast mecidiyeköy escort when Cathy arrived and walked inside. As soon as Emma saw her mother she jumped up from the table and rushed over to her and squealed. “Mommy, we missed you.”

After Emma gave her mother a kiss Cathy said, “I missed you too sweetheart.”

Cathy gave her husband a kiss and asked. “Did you miss me too honey?”

Mal squeezed his wife’s ass cheeks and said, “Yes I did, but Emma kept me company.”

“I’m glad to see that you both looked after each other… I do hope that you won’t get upset when I tell you that I have to go away again.”

Mal and Emma looked at each other and tried not to smile and look too happy at the news that Cathy would be going away again. They would be left alone to look after each other and that meant that they would be having a lot more sex.

“How long will you be gone for this time?” asked Mal.

“A week, my boss wants me to accompany him to a conference,” replied Cathy.

Mal wasn’t going to complain as Cathy was the only one of them working; he suspected that his wife was having sex with her boss to keep her job. Cathy was surprised that Mal never complained about her trips away with her boss.

Now that he was fucking Emma, he didn’t care how long Cathy went away for. Cathy had no idea that Emma had turned into a cock hungry slut.

The rest of the day was very quiet, except for when Cathy wanted Mal to fuck her in the middle of the afternoon. This was totally out of character for her. Mal usually had to plead and beg Cathy to have sex with him. He suspected Cathy might have been feeling guilty about going away with her boss all the time.

“Your father and I are going to the bedroom and we don’t want to be disturbed,” said Cathy.

In the bedroom, Cathy was like a wild animal the way she attacked Mal. She eagerly sucked on his cock and fucked him as she used to when they were first married. As Cathy rode his cock, Mal thought about Emma and wondered if that was where their daughter had got her appetite for sex. Mal still couldn’t believe what had happened in the last twenty-four hours.

Little did Mal know that Emma was also thinking about what had happened in the last twenty-four hours. But she was thinking about making money and who she knew that would be willing to pay to fuck her. A lot of her parent’s friends had told her she was beautiful and had flirted with her. They often groped her body when they were giving her a kiss hello or goodbye. She also thought about one of her teachers who would often look under her skirt at her panties.

Then there was her girlfriend’s father who had walked in on her having a shower on a sleepover. He had stood there watching her showering and washing her body. Then there was her mother’s boss, she had seen him taking her panties from their washing basket and put them into his pocket when he was at their house. Emma knew that a lot of men thought she was attractive and would fuck her if they were given half a chance.

The next morning after Emma got dressed for school and had breakfast. She was walking to school when she decided to skip school to go shopping for clothes and lingerie with the money she had been given. When she arrived at the plaza it was early and most of the shops were still closed, she walked around the shopping centre looking in the shop windows at the clothes and lingerie on display.

Emma noticed that there was an older man following her around the shopping centre and when she sat down at a table to wait for the shops to open. She saw that the man had also sat down only a few tables away and he was constantly staring at her. Emma decided to have some fun with the man and parted her knees letting the man have a good look under her school skirt at her white panties.

When the man saw Emma smiling and grinning at him he looked around at the plaza to make sure no one was watching and stood up and approached Emma and asked, “Do you mind if I sit here?”

“You can sit here if you want,” Emma replied.

The man sat down at the next table to Emma and asked, “Why are you not at school today?”

Emma had wanted to say it’s none of your fucking business but she politely said, “I decided to skip school and go shopping for clothes.”

The more they talked the more friendly the man became and then he asked, “What clothes are you looking at buying?”

“I wanted to buy a new dress and some lingerie… but everything is so expensive, I don’t have enough money,” lied Emma, knowing that she had the money that Daryl and the other men had given her in her pocket.

She then began flirting with the man and ran her hand over her blouse and cupped her small breasts and said, “I’m in need of a new bra.”

The man smiled and said, “You have lovely looking breasts.”

Emma pulled her school skirt up her thighs, exposing her panties to the man and said, “I’m also in need of new panties.”

“Do you always display your panties to strangers?” chuckled the man.

“Yes, I do,” giggled Emma.

“I guess that you have plenty of boyfriends.”

Emma giggled, “I have a few, most of them just want to fuck me.”

“Ohh… do you let them fuck you?”

“Only if they buy me something or give me money,” giggled Emma.

“You let them fuck you for money?” he asked in shock.

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