Naked Woman in the Forest


Chapter One – The Orgy

High on cocaine, her dopamine levels pushed to the limit, Judy the whore screamed from the high orgasmic pleasures sweeping her body as she submitted to the sexual stimulation of a full fledged “gang-bang.”

Twenty burly men, all members of a secret fraternity, forced themselves on her willing young body, thrusting their swollen, throbbing cocks into her eager vagina, her rectum and her open mouth all at the same time. Other men stood by, masturbating, keeping their thick cocks hard and ready for when it was their turn to ravage her twitching body.

As they ejaculated their hot semen into every orifice, sometimes splattering it over her naked body, Judy experienced the powerful rush of one solid orgasm that grew in intensity as each new cock filled her wet, swollen, dripping and abused pussy. It was while in this state that she reached a state of unbearable ecstasy, her system unable to handle the intense orgasmic stimulation, she fell into a deep coma.


Judy awoke in a state of severe withdrawal. Her head ached, her body hurt in every place, and she was in agony. Her first awareness was that she was vomiting while lying face down in mud. She had been hung over after wild sex aydınlı escort orgies before, but never like this.

When the spasms of her vomiting ceased, she fell on her side, resting, her chest heaving as her lungs gasped for air. Slowly she began to be aware of her surroundings. She was in a warm place. A hard warm rain was falling on her body. She heard little noises from insects swirling around her head. Flies, attracted by the smell of her stench and especially the vomit, landed on her. The touch of them against her skin made her aware that she was naked.

Judy opened her eyes with alarm. It took a moment to focus. Then she saw that she was alone, in a muddy bog deep in a forest. She remembered the orgy. All those men fucking her. The powerful orgasmic pleasure they gave her. But she overdosed and passed out. They must have thought she was dead and left her body here. But where was she?

She pulled herself painfully to her knees, feeling them sink slowly into the warm soft mud. She was covered in mud, and she hurt everywhere. She found bite marks on her left nipple. Her vulva hurt and she was still dripping semen from all of the men who ejaculated in her.

Her first reaction bağdat caddesi escort was to panic, but she forced herself to remain calm. She could hear the pounding of her heart as she suddenly became acutely aware of her situation and her surroundings. Judy knew she was in big trouble and that if she didn’t use her head, she might not get out of this alive.

She took stock. Because of the rain she could not determine the position of the sun, but by the semi-darkness descending over the forest, she knew it was late in the day and that she would soon be in darkness. This would not be a good time to try to grope her way out of the forest. Even though she was hurting, sick to her stomach, thirsty and defenseless, she decided to remain in the mud and wait there through the night. By then, she reasoned, she would be feeling better, and would have had time to think out a plan for survival.

She got to her feet and slogged around in the muck, exploring the bog so that she knew what it offered. She found the muck much deeper in some areas and realized that she had been extremely lucky not to have suffocated. She had been thrown over an embankment and landed here, on what turned bahçelievler escort out to be mostly hard ground. The bog, which was not large but quite deep, was a pit filled with enough soft mud that she might have disappeared in it, never to be found. That was the obvious plan of the men who placed her here. She reasoned that it was a place known to at least one of the officers and carefully chosen as a place to hide her body once they thought she was dead.

As the night fell, the air cooled, and Judy found the warmth of the mud under her feet inviting. She slogged out into deeper muck, and then fell into the stuff, letting her body sink. The soft warm goo welcomed her, softly sucking her deeper and deeper. She felt its warm moist fingers gently moving over her naked body and the sensation aroused her. This whole situation; finding herself alone, naked and left lost in a strange forest, suddenly added to the sensation she was experiencing. As the muck rose over her belly and reached her firm breasts, she realized that her nipples were hard. Her fingers groped through the muck, finding her waiting pussy. One finger at first, then two and three, gently stimulating her swelling clitoris.

She submitted to the muck, lying back, letting it claim her hair and ears. Only her face was left as she partly floated in the stuff. Her orgasm was an orchestra of sensual pleasure as strange sounds of wetness filled her eardrums. Her body stiffened as her fingers found just the right places and she moaned aloud as the spasms of pleasure rippled through her. When it was over she slept.

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