New Monk Arrives


As abbot of a monastery I sometimes need to add new monks to the fold. Our previous prior was replaced by my male lover Matthew. Matthew was our computer guru and I needed another monk to fill a position. Coming to a monastery isn’t like in the old days. I need people who can serve a purpose and have modern days skills in a field. I spoke to Matthew and he asked who I was going to bring in.

“I have a candidate who has a financial degree. I am going to talk to him first,” I said.

“Are you looking for someone who enjoys man sex?” Matthew asked me.

“Don’t get jealous,” I told him. “I would prefer an assistant who likes men.”

Matthew just smiled. Nothing was going to disrupt our love for each other. Another gay man might just spice things up, I thought. The candidate arrived a few days later. At first sight I was excited. He was thin with dark brown curly hair. I had visions of what might happen with him.

“I see you have a degree in finance,” I said.

“Yes I just graduated from college, but I want to pursue a spiritual life as well,” he told me.

I said we needed a man with his skill set. The monastery doesn’t run smoothly unless we have monks who can do multiple tasks here. I asked him if he could get along with a group of other men twenty four hours a day. I was actually probing to see if he might have a preference for men.

“Yes, I can get along and obey whatever rules and orders you might have.”

This was looking good to me. I said we wanted him here with us and for him to make arrangements to move in with the monks. I told Matthew I found my man and it looked like he might be gay as well. Matthew just smiled and told me to break him in easy. I had every intention of doing just that. Our new monk, Thomas arrived back some days later and I put him to work. We needed to get our finances in better order. I had other ideas as well.

I told Thomas to show up at my room the following morning. We rise early and Thomas was at my door around four am. He knocked and I told him to enter. I had just showered küçükçekmece escort and was shaving at the moment. I had a towel wrapped around my midsection. I think Thomas’ eye went wide when he saw me. I guess he wasn’t prepared for a naked abbot.

“I am just finishing, help me get my robes on,” I told him.

My robe was on a hanger and I had Thomas reach for it. He brought it over to me. He must have thought he was just going to hand it off to me. That wasn’t what I had in mind. I turned around and pulled my towel away. I was exposed and totally naked in front of my new monk. I caught the expression on Thomas’ face. Actually, he was looking directly at my cock. I am well hung, maybe nine inches in length. I wanted him to know what he was getting involved with.

I lifted my arms up and I had Thomas slide my robe over me. I normally wear briefs, but for today I wanted to be exposed to Thomas. We were standing so close as Thomas helped me dress. I think he might have been more than a little excited. I thought I would break the ice.

“You have seen a naked man before, haven’t you Thomas?”

“Yes but…” he said.

“But what?” I asked him.

“Well, I never saw a cock quite that big before.”

“Do you like what you see?” I asked him.

Thomas’ face went crimson. I don’t think he knew what to say. I thought I would help him along. I hiked up my robe to let him see my cock. I was excited showing off my member. I think Thomas was getting excited as well. I walked over to Thomas. We were face to face when I put my hands on his shoulders. Thomas looked surprised when I pushed down. He knew what I had in mind. Thomas knelt down before me. I once again lifted my robe exposing my cock.

Thomas stared for a long moment. I took my dick in my hand and moved it in front of Thomas’ face. Thomas did reach out and take hold of my rod. I was starting to get hard when Thomas brought my cock to his lips. I put a hand on the back of his head and I slipped my cock between küçükyalı escort his lips. I moaned as I pushed my long dick down his throat. I knew I had made the right choice.

I began to feed Thomas every inch of me. Thomas wrapped his hands around the back of my legs. I pushed deeper and deeper making my new monk take all of my cock. He managed to take all nine inches of me down his throat. I was face fucking him hard now. My balls were slapping against his chin. Thomas didn’t choke once. He was able to take all of me down.

I couldn’t tell you how long Thomas gave me oral sex. I had to restrain myself from cumming quickly. Thomas did take my sacs in his hand and he massaged me. God, did that feel so good. I pushed as deep as I could down his throat and I felt I had to release. A gusher of cum exploded from the tip of my cock. Thomas’ head jerked back, but he continued to drink my hot flow. I must have given him five large blasts of my male seed that morning. Thomas drank it all down.

I finally did calm down and I pulled my spent cock out of his mouth. There was white cream around the corners of his mouth. I watched as Thomas’ tongue licked it all up. I then pulled Thomas to his feet.

“I think you are going to work out just fine here Thomas,” I told him.

Thomas smiled back at me and then he left my room. I felt half spent from that early morning blowjob. I went to my office and Matthew met me there a few minutes later. I told him what had happened.

“Are you going to bring him into our lovemaking?” Matthew asked.

“I will if you want me to,” I told him.

“Yes, let’s spice things up some,” Matthew told me.

I smiled knowing that events were soon going to be getting interesting in the near future.

A couple days had passed and Matthew and I were in my room. I had told Thomas to join us after evening prayers. There was a knock on the door and in walked Thomas. Matthew and I were standing there naked. I motioned for Thomas to enter.

“You maltepe escort might as well get comfortable,” I told him.

Thomas pulled his robe off. He was thin as I said, his cock was a normal six inches in length. Matthew and I moved Thomas over to the bed. I had Thomas get on all fours. Matthew knelt in front of Thomas and I got behind him. I spread Thomas’ legs apart. I took my cock and began to rub up and down his ass crack. Thomas let out this loud moan. I watched as Matthew slid his love muscle in between Thomas’ lips.

I couldn’t contain myself. I started to push my dick past his rim. Thomas was very tight. I had to work slowly to fit my thick cock into his bottom. Matthew and I were double teaming Thomas. I have to say Thomas was getting into it. I wanted to fuck my new monk so badly. I had been thinking out this since the day of the interview. I did get all of my cock in past his sphincter. When I was totally buried I started to fuck in earnest.

Matthew and I fed our cocks to Thomas. I have to say he was totally into taking it. You could hear flesh slapping against flesh as Thomas took our love offerings. I know some of you think monks should be totally celibate. Once I had Matthew as my lover I could never turn back. I hated to ignore my urges as a man. Thomas was taking our cocks in his orifices. He was just what we were looking for. We found a young man who shares the love of other men.

I had my cock buried as deep as it would go. My hands were on his hips guiding his motions. I was looking at Matthew’s face. I wanted to time it so we both came together. After maybe forty minutes of feeding Thomas the moment came. Matthew arched his back and shot his hot load down the throat of Thomas. I let go as well and blasted Thomas’ tummy with my sticky cum. Thomas took everything we had to offer.

I knew from that point that lovemaking at the monastery was going to have an element of spice to it. Thomas milked me dry with his ass muscles. Matthew had so much cum stored up. He must have cum for a good fifteen minutes until he withdrew his cock. Thomas fell to the bed and didn’t move for some minutes. He looked spent from all that monk loving. Then he looked up at me.

“I never thought becoming a monk could be this good.”

Matthew and I both laughed. This was going to be the start of some hot loving between the three of us. That much I was sure of.

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