Peach Fuzz: Debbie Returns


“Well hello there sweetie,” Henry Wilcox said after opening the door to find his nubile young neighbor out on the steps looking nervously around as if she didn’t want to be seen coming up to the senior citizen’s door.

Debbie Blair was nervous because the last time she had knocked on this neighbor’s door she had ended up in the garage with her plaid shirt up and her panties, and what had happened was unlike anything the sheltered teen had experienced before. It was certainly nothing that the principal would have approved even if it did result in a sizable order for the school’s fund raiser.

“Hello Mr. Wilcox,” Debbie said in a nervous voice, her eyes darting back and forth between the kindly looking senior citizen and at nosy Mrs. Tuttle across the street who was gardening. “I have your order here.”

“My, now that was quick,” Henry said. “I thought you said that it would take a week?”

“Some of the stuff they have already at the school,” Debbie explained.

“Would you like to come in honey?” Henry offered. “I know last time you were afraid to come in, but we’re much better friends now aren’t we?”

“Okay, but I can’t stay long,” Debbie replied, and as the old man stepped to the side Debbie entered the lair.

“I thought you might want these things now,” Debbie said of the bag of things which included a calendar for next year, and why the young lady thought her elderly neighbor would be in desperate need of a 1970 calendar in the fall of 1969 seemed odd, but the old timer knew why Debbie had returned for this unnecessary visit, or at least he thought he did.

“Fine. You know you look just as pretty as you did last time – maybe even prettier,” Henry said as he followed the girl over to the counter where the girl was placing the bag.

“Last time,” Debbie repeated, swallowing hard when she seemed to be trying to find the right words, and the old man’s wrinkled hand on her arm didn’t help.

“Yes, Last time,” Henry mused as he recalled the too brief but so sweet session in the garage when he had coerced the private school student to let him see her intimate parts. “That was a wonderful way to get acquainted.”

“Will something happen because of what you did?” Debbie asked, and when the old man looked confused she added, “I never did anything like that before.”

“No? Well I’m honored,” Henry Wilcox responded. “You seemed to like it.”

“Yes, but I shouldn’t have let you do that to me because you probably think I’m a piggy,” Debbie said. “I’ve been praying about that a lot because I feel really weird about it.”

“And now you’re back here?” Henry observed.

“I came to bring the stuff you ordered. The rest will be in next week,” Debbie said.

“That means I will get another visit from you,” Henry said as he faced the girl and ran his hands up the girl’s pale arms to her rounded shoulders and then back down.

“What did you do me Mr. Wilcox last time in the garage?” Debbie asked. “What did you do that made me feel that way?”

“You aren’t going to tell me that you’ve never touched yourself down there before are you?” Henry asked, because while the 18 year old girl might be as virginal as she acted there was no way she hadn’t gotten herself off yet.

“I have,” Debbie said with a blush. “Lots. But it didn’t feel like that. I even tried later that night in my room. It felt good but not like that.”

“And you want to feel it again? Is that why you came back?” Henry asked.

“Please don’t tell anybody about this Mr. Wilcox,” Debbie pleaded as her body language seemed to tell the senior citizen that she wanted him to touch her.

“Oh, don’t worry about that honey,” Henry said as his hands slid from the girl’s arms, which had become covered with goose-bumps, and over to the swells on her chest. “Would you like to go to my bedroom? We could get comfortable…”

“No. I don’t want to get pregnant,” Debbie whined, and when she looked down and the wrinkled hands gently kneading her breasts though the clothing she stepped back, her back hitting the counter. “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to make you feel like you did last time,” Henry assured the teen. “Doesn’t this feel nice?”

“My boobies – they’re not very big,” Debbie said apologetically.

“They feel nice to me honey,” Henry replied as he squeezed what seemed to be mostly fabric.

“Carly Ross – she has big boobies,” Debbie mumbled as the hands kept massaging. “Hers stick way out.”

“This Carly, is she a friend of yours?” Henry asked as he felt the girl’s nipples stiffen.

“Kinda – no not really. She’s really popular,” Debbie said as her breathing got heavier and sweat started to form on her forehead and upper lip. “Her locker is next to mine in gym and I see her when we change.”

“I see,” Henry said. “So you have a crush on her?”

“No – um – she’s a girl.”

“I know but that would be okay if you did. I have an idea Debbie. Why don’t we take your blouse off. I don’t want to get it all wrinkled.”

“Here?” Debbie asked as she watched the buttons cevizli escort get undone.

“Unless you want to go to the bedroom,” Henry responded, and when he got to the last button he gently tugged the blouse out from under her plaid skirt and opened it up. “Oh, that’s so sweet.”

The old man smiled at the little pink flower stitched between the padded cups, and as his finger touched the decoration Debbie said, “Maybe I should go home. This seemed like a better idea before.”

“You don’t want to go home honey,” Henry said with a smile as he looked down on the girl was, although she was only a couple inches shorter than he seemed much more so. “You want to show me how beautiful you are.”

Henry kissed Debbie’s forehead as he reached around, and with a deftness he had perfected over decades of practice, his bony fingers undid the single clasp in back.

“I’m scared,” Debbie shivered as the bra came loose and the old man’s weathered hands replaced the padded cups.

“No reason to be scared honey. I would never hurt you. In fact, I’ve helped a lot of girls like you feel good over the years, although not many were as pretty as you are,” Henry said as his hands were sliding the straps off her smooth rounded shoulders.

“There – and look at you,” Henry said as the bra came away and he saw Debbie’s breasts, modest little handfuls with rather large nipples. “Debbie – you were kidding me – your breasts aren’t that small. They’re very nice.”

Henry smiled as he did a little kidding himself because the girl’s breasts were rather small, looking more so on Debbie’s slightly pudgy frame, but when his fingers began lightly circling around the perimeters of her crimson aureolas the already plump nipples grew even larger.

“I bet that feels good, doesn’t it?” Henry suggested. “Hasn’t anybody done this before to you? Carly, or some boy?”

“Timmy Ryan – we were hanging around at the school dance and he kissed me and started to squeeze my boobies, but I had my clothes on. He was rough though. Not like this.”

“You have such amazing nipples – so large and sensitive. There’s a time for gentle and a time for not so gentle,” Henry said as he brushed a strand of the girl’s hair back over her shoulder before suggesting, “Honey, why don’t you pull her hair back over your shoulders for me?”

“Like this?” Debbie asked, and as she raised her arms and gathered up her slightly shaggy golden brown locks the old man’s eyes went to the teen’s now-exposed armpits where the little patches of peach fuzz were still unsshorn.

“Perfect,” Henry replied, and as he brought his thumbs up and stroked the moist little hairs he asked, “I see you still have your peach fuzz under your arms. Don’t you shave them?”

“Sometimes,” Debbie said as she squirmed. “Mom says that the hair grows faster the more you shave so I only do it every few weeks so she doesn’t get on me about it. Everything I do – it’s like I’m under a microscope. She even looks under my arms. Carly – I bet she has to shave almost everyday because her underarms are really stubbly.”

“Carly probably has a lot of hair between her legs too, doesn’t she?” Henry suggested as the sweet scent of whatever girly deodorant the teen used filled the air.

“How did you know that? Do you know Carly?” Debbie said and she looked at her senior neighbor.

“No honey,” Henry smiled. “I just took a guess. Something tells me you might be sweet on Carly. Am I right?”

“No,” Debbie said as she squirmed under the old man’s touch and questioning before admitting, “Well, maybe a little.”

“That’s sweet,” Henry said. “As for you shaving, I think you look so sexy like this that that I wouldn’t bother if I was you. I see a lot of hippie girls wandering around town who don’t, and you’re much cuter than they are.”

Henry’s hands came down from the teen’s underarms and to her breasts, cupping the pert handfuls and kneading the flesh gently.

“You’re so sexy – so perfect honey,” Henry said as he kept kneading, sweat forming on his own brow as the girl’s nipples seemed to be throbbing in his palms. “I’ll bet that you’re starting to tingle down in your private parts aren’t you? I’ll bet you’re getting all wet down there.”

Debbie nodded, her eyes welling up as the fondling of her breasts grew more more passionate.

“You aren’t going to cry are you honey?” Henry asked.

“No. It’s just that this feels so… can’t explain it. I don’t – don’t know what is happening to me. I feel all…”

“You feel like a woman,” Henry finished for her as he let one hand go down, unbuttoning and unzip the skirt like a magician. “Finally somebody isn’t treating you like a child. Somebody finally noticed that Debbie isn’t a little girl anymore but a woman.”

“I didn’t pee – I swear,” Debbie mumbled as the old man’s hand rubbed the front of her panties.

“I know honey, but it’s okay if you do that do,” Henry declared as he felt the cotton which wasn’t merely damp but drenched, so much so that he wanted to yank them erenköy escort down and squeeze out the wetness into his mouth. “You’re wet because you’re excited. I am too.”

Henry wanted to take his cock out – had she ever seen one before? He wanted to show her his long slender manhood and put it in that dripping pussy, but she was so fragile and ready to bolt that he forced himself to wait.

“What are you…” Debbie asked as the old man brought her over to the large oak kitchen table, leaving the girl’s bra, blouse and skirt on the floor behind them, and then he eased the teen up onto the table on her back, most of her legs hanging off the end.

“What a magnificent feast,” Henry whispered as he sat in the chair between Debbie’s legs, running his hands down the slightly plump pale thighs, where a light down felt soothing to the old man.

Henry learned that there was also a very faint down on the inside of her chunky calves as he eased her knee socks down, and after he slid them down he stood up and grabbed the elastic of her panties which was up around her little belly.

Debbie’s eyes were fixed to the kitchen fan spinning above her head as the senior citizen eased the undies down, and after pulling them off her feet brought the cotton to his face out of the girl’s sight, the stench of a woman in heat making him dizzy before casting it aside and leaning forward.

Henry bent over and kissed the prominent labia that were clearly visible because the girl’s light brown pubic hair was so sparse and fine, and as he let the flat of his tongue slide along the opening he remembered that this wasn’t the first young thing who had ended up on this very table.

The other girl, a homeless hippie girl that he had picked up hitchhiking, didn’t have to be seduced because after she gave her a bowl of soup and a sandwich she was very eager to show her appreciation.

Ginny was her name, Henry recalled as he dipped his tongue into Debbie’s tart tasting sex, and she was so much different than his latest conquest. That Ginny wasn’t a shy wallflower and her pussy had been so hairy with the hair growing all the way around to her anus, but she was easy. Not like Debbie.

Debbie has been tense when he started licking but now she was opening up, her legs parting and her pussy opening up and welcoming his tongue as her feet went over the old man’s shoulders.

Henry looked up through the fine wisp of pubic hair and saw her plump little titties heaving as her hands gripped the edges of the table. Debbie seemed ready to cum any second, but Henry slowed his tongue, with the resulting sound that came from the girl’s mouth registering dismay at that.

Henry wanted to see more of her, so his hands came down and raised the girl’s plump bottom, her legs spreading further apart so he could see it all. So pink and pure it didn’t seem possible, the perineum a smooth highway between her sweet pussy and her anus.

Debbie’s anus was a thing of beauty, the tiny pink balloon knot looking so pristine that it seemed it had never been used. Henry let his tongue slide along the perineum, enjoying the shock that came along with the shudder of the teen’s body as he went close to the puckered ring before retreating.

“Oooh!” Debbie moaned, unsure of what was going on but clearly not complaining, and Henry restrained himself from sampling that orifice and went back to the teen’s pussy.

If anything Debbie was even wetter than he had been before, and now Henry attacked her dripping sex with a vengeance. The senior citizen’s tongue danced around the tender clitoris like a ballet dancer, bringing Debbie to the brink of orgasm a couple more times before he lost all semblance of self-control.

Henry was snorting like a pig as he buried his face in Debbie’s sex, and not only was he aware of how he sounded he didn’t care because felt just like a pig as he ate the teen out like a feral animal.

Then came the squeal as Debbie thrashed wildly on the table, but the old man hardly heard it when her plump thighs crushed his skull. Besides, he was being blinded by the gusher that plastered his face and he had to hold on tight so the girl didn’t fall off the table as she came and came and came some more.

“Please!” Debbie cried out, but Henry had already stopped, in part because his tongue was aching.

The girl was shivering and shaking, her eyes wide open like a deer in headlights, and she was babbling as if she was speaking in tongues. Henry came around to the other end of the table with his face still dripping and kissed her forehead while telling her everything was alright.

“I’m sorry,” Debbie shivered. “Didn’t mean to do that. Omigod I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay honey. More than okay. Really,” Henry assured the girl, not really sure that it was something she could have controlled if she wanted to, but after he asked if she liked it and she nodded he added, “That’s all that matters. I want you to enjoy it. That makes me happy. Was it as good as last time?”

“No. Better. esenyurt escort Scary better,” Debbie said. “I thought I was going to faint because it wouldn’t stop.”

“That’s probably because you have a lot pent up inside of you,” Henry opined as he massaged around her fat nipple. “I know how that is. You see, since my wife passed a while back, I’ve been all alone.”

“Sorry. I’ll say a prayer for her tonight,” Debbie said.

“Thank you,” Henry said, although in fact all Gertrude did was pass him divorce papers after catching him in their bed fucking the girl that delivered the paper, saying that three strikes and he was out, and when he thought about the dozens and dozens she didn’t know about he had to shake his head.

“Anyway, I have a lot pent up inside of me too. It’s been so long since I was with a girl, and while I really like making you happy I get excited too,” Henry said as he gave her the saddest look he could manage.

“Can I help?” Debbie said. “I mean I don’t know anything about stuff, and I don’t want to get pregnant…”

“I have an idea honey,” Henry said as he straightened up. “It won’t make you pregnant, I promise. Have you ever played with a boy – that Timmy fellow you mentioned before?”

“No,” Debbie said, remaining on her back but head watching as the old man pulled down the zipper of his baggy pants. “He wanted me to though.”

“Have you ever seen a fellow naked?”

“My brother,” Debbie said as she watched Henry fishing in the pants. “I used to help change him when he was a baby.”

“They don’t explain things in school?”

“They do but you have to get parental approval to go to those sexual education classes and my Mom, she doesn’t approve of that,” Debbie explained.

“Oh, well this will be something new for you,” Henry suggested as he managed to get his erection out, more than happy to educate the teen, and the look on her face when she saw his manhood was priceless.

“It doesn’t look anything like my brother’s,” Debbie finally said.

“No, I suspect not,” Henry agreed as he moved a little closer.

“Yours is way bigger,” Debbie said, flinching a little as she watched the old man slide the long foreskin back to expose the conical glans, and then figuring out the main difference. “Oh. I get it.”

“See how hard I am?” Henry asked, wondering what the girl’s reaction would have been if his cock was really big instead of the 6″ or so he was waving in front of her. “The veins are throbbing and I really need relief.”

“What can I do?”

“Just slide a little over this way,” Henry explained. “And open your mouth for me.”

“Will the baby batter come out?” Debbie asked.

“No honey. I’ll make sure it doesn’t. Just open your mouth – get your teeth out of the way – and when it goes between your lips you just start sucking on it like it was a lollypop,” Henry said, and then he slid the tip between her lips and pushed forward. “That’s my girl. Oh yes Debbie. That’s it. Suck on it good.”

Henry began moving his hips forward and backward, sliding about half of his penis in and out of the girl’s mouth, the sight of a little more of his vein-riddled member becoming wet from the girl’s saliva with each gentle thrust forward exciting to him.

“Do you want to stop honey?” Henry said when he saw Debbie’s eyes open, but after he pulled his cock out of her mouth she shook her head, and when the old man looked down he saw the reason why.

Debbie’s hand, her left hand which was on the other side as she lay awkwardly on the table, still flat on her back with her head turned toward him, was down between her legs and she was rubbing her pussy as she had been sucking on him.

“No Mr. Wilcox,” Debbie said, moving her face even closer to the swaying organ and opening her mouth wider. “Let me suck it some more.”

Henry leaned forward and slipped his uncut tool back into the teen’s warm and wet mouth, resuming his gentle thrusting while letting his hand gently knead the plump swells of her breasts as the girl’s hand worked farther down.

It would have been so much better in a more comfortable place, Henry mused as he felt the inevitable build up inside of himself, but there was also something about this that was perfect in its own way. He was sliding his cock deeper and slower, with the teen’s eyes being buffeted by the silver curls at the base, and when he felt he could hold back no longer he tried to back up but Debbie wasn’t being a receptacle any longer but was sucking hard on him.

“Honey…” Henry groaned as he started to cum, and although Debbie made a little choking sound she refused to let go of him, sucking and swallowing until the old man’s organ was drained and it deflated in her mouth.

“Did I do good?” Debbie asked as Henry pulled up a chair and sat up by the girl’s head.

“You sure did,” Henry said, reaching over and brushing her hair away from her face. “You sure you never did that before?”

“Omigod no,” Debbie replied, although she made a confession.

As it turned out Debbie had a conversation with a cousin of hers, one that lived on the far side of the state. The cousin was about Debbie’s age and the two had confided in each other since they were kids, but the conversations had evolved in recent years from The Monkees and Davey and Goliath cartoons to more adult topics.

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