Sight Unseen


Have you ever spoke to someone on the telephone and wondered what they were really like? My name is Justin and practically every day I talk to a woman named Diana, in our company’s office one hundred miles away. Diana has this sweet, sultry voice that makes you want to melt when you hear it.

I finally got my chance when I had to attend a meeting at her office. I called her and asked if she was going to be in that day. She said she was. I told her I had a few minutes between meetings and I might try to stop by and introduce myself.

When I arrived I went directly to find her. I have to admit I was excited. Would this be a big letdown or would Diana be what I had fantasized about all these months?

I went into the office area and asked someone where Diana sat. When I found her desk, my eyes nearly bugged out. Diana was very cute, she had long blonde hair, and was shapely. That voice was so much better in person.

I thought Diana was attracted to me also, but who could say? I had fifteen minutes to talk, and then I had to go to a dull and boring meeting. On my drive back home, all I could think of was this woman. I felt like a high school kid on his first date. Did she really like me?

The next day at the office, I received a call from Diana. She wanted to know if I had any plans for this weekend coming up. I had none whatsoever, and even if I did, I would have dropped them. she invited istanbul escort me back down so that we might meet at a coffee shop and have more time to chat.

She gave directions to the coffee shop and she said she would meet me in the parking lot. I drove down that Saturday morning and as I pulled in Diana flagged me from her car. She motioned me to follow her.

She pulled out of the parking lot and I folllowed her directly across the street. Where we pulled in was at a motel. She got out of her car and told me to follow her once more.

We went inside and walk down the hallway, when Diana produced a key and opened a room door. I had no idea what she was up to. I went into the room after her.

“What do you think, Justin?” Diana asked.

Directly in front of us was a king-sized bed. Diana proceeded to undress in front of me. To say I was shocked was an understatement! She undid all her clothes and then began to remove my things. In a few minutes we were both naked.

Everything I had dreamed about was true. Diana had large breasts with large egg shaped nipples. She was shaved bald between her legs. I can tell you now, my cock was already beginning to get hard.

She pulled me down to the bed and I landed right on top of her. Our bodies were glued together as I kissed her mouth, then I began kissing those nips until kadıköy escort they were rock hard. My cock was pressed against her stomach as we were rocking about on the bed.

Somehow, Diana managed to flip me onto my back. She then got on top of me. My cock was riding up the crack of her ass. She began to grind back on me, causing all that friction to make me even harder than I thought possible.

I was looking up at those magnificent tits. I had to reach up and massage them both. Diana took this as time to begin. She lifted herself up, directly over the tip of my cock. She got herself positioned, then she sank down on me.

I think we both let out a moan as I felt my cock go sliding in all the way. I was in to the hilt. Diana did most of the work. She rode up and down my erection, as I held her asscheeks. She was coming down so hard on my cock, her tits were making a slapping sound against her chest.

Diana was wet, but she was also clamping down hard on my rod.

“Fuck me hard Justin, I won’t break!” Diana was beckoning to me.

I was lifting my ass up off the bed, pumping as deep as I knew how. The bed was squeaking as we gave it quite a workout.

“Please Justin, don’t hold back on me, I want your cum!” Diana was practically screaming at me now.

She was bound and determined to take my seed. She reached back kağıthane escort and squeezed my sacs. That did it for me, I blew wads of my cream all the way into her belly.

My cock and balls were slapping against her now, when she came. Diana was loud in bed, she made noises I never heard from any women before. She squealed for me to keep fucking her, to keep cumming in her pussy.

I let her milk out all my seed with her tight muscles. Soon I was spent and my cock slipped out. Diana was leaking all our love juices onto my crotch. That had to be the hottest lovemaking I ever experienced!

We lie there for a long time, trying to catch our breaths. Diana then made a confession. When she saw me that day at the office, she knew she hit paydirt. She decided she had to have me, so she went for it, and invited me back down.

Little did I know she had a plan all worked out to capture me!

We both went into bathroom and showered together. I took her a second time, there in the shower stall. My cock was getting raw, but Diana still wanted more of me. As the water was splashing us both in the shower, Diana went down on me.

She sure sucked a mean cock. She deep throated my entire length, never gagging once. I held the back of her head and fed every inch into her mouth. She just seemed greedy for cock. I blew my last load for awhile, and she drank it all down.

After toweling off, we spent the rest of that day talking in bed. There was no way I was letting this woman get out of my sights. After napping awhile, we made love throughout the night, into the following morning.

It was hard to believe, but Diana had me totally fucked out, pooped. We made plans to get together the next weekend, but for now I had to go back home and rest!

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