It’s been a while since I wrote anything so I devised this little story to help me get back into the swing of things. It’s just a short story, a little sillier and a little less realistic than my previous works but hopefully a fun story regardless. I may return to these characters in the future, I may not, either way I hope you enjoy it.


Arthur Ross wasn’t exactly what you would call a ‘ladies man’. As a self-proclaimed nerd he had long since abandoned his quest for female companionship and it had made life easier if not happier. He was by no means a virgin thanks to the few parties he was either invited to because he was in the same room or accidentally walked into through carelessness and lack of thought but those were few and far between to the point where every new lay was basically like the first time in terms of experience.

It was his confidence that was the problem, many of the women in his class admitted that he was a cute thing and his thin glasses added an innocence to him that made him harmless but in a nice way (as nice as you could be anyway). His fashion sense wasn’t amazing but it wasn’t god-awful either, he wore clothes that fit him but never stood out, he thankfully missed out on the braces and acne that befit the stereotype of his race and fed up with bullies grabbing his hair he’d kept it short for several years now and just kept it that way. In short he looked fine as far as anyone was concerned but his lack of self-esteem and confidence dragged him down, he lacked the ability to approach women and even if he could start up a conversation, continuing it was a different matter.

That all changed one day when the most unlikely person asked Arthur for help with perhaps the most unusual circumstance Arthur had ever come across.

It was May, and for the first time that week the sun was shining, not so much as to roast anyone but enough that the day was pleasant, Arthur sat alone on one of the picnic tables just outside the university grounds, not a typical venture thankfully, he had a couple close friends that had skipped class that day due to their work for the day being home-based so while they stayed in bed he had to come in by himself. Not that it mattered, he as enjoying the peace, his lunch was decent and despite having to return to a classroom that was a few degrees above sweltering in about an hour he was having a good time.

It was at that point that he felt the figure sit across him. And what a figure it was.

Nicola McAllister was the cheerleader type if their school had a cheerleader squad. Long light brown hair, almost chestnut in colour, soft Hazel eyes that you could get lost in as Arthur had done several times before and a face that seemed to have a permanent half-smile adorned, as though she was content with the world around her. And that was just above the neck, below that Nicola sported one of the best bodies Arthur had ever seen, she was an athletic woman and it showed, her stomach was tight, her thighs toned, privately she did feel like her breasts were too small but to Arthur they suited her lithe form perfectly, she was as graceful in movement as she was in shape.

In short she was not the type of woman that just sat down at Arthur’s table without reason.

“Hey Art.” She spoke using the classes trademark nickname for him, he didn’t mind it and when Nicola said it he always preferred it to Arthur. “Can I ask your help with something.”

“Uh… sure?” Immediately he hated the uncertainty in his voice. “I mean, yeah, what can I do for you, is it something in the class or…?”

“No, no, it’s actually something a little more personal. Personal like I can’t really talk to anyone else.”

Being that he was sat mere inches from his dream girl and hearing her say ‘personal’ like a dirty secret his mind went to filth straight away but he kept that locked away. Besides whatever her issues was Art was intrigued.

“Ok, so what’s the problem?”

Nicola looked around, as though making sure they weren’t being spied on.

“I’d rather not say anything here, it’s not anything I want anyone to overhear. Can you come over to my house?”

“Um, sure, I mean I gotta finish up some paperwork but that’ll take 20 minutes and I can leave class early so I’ll be there by about three, maybe earlier.”

He didn’t know what she wanted but the smile that beamed from her face made whatever it was worth it.

“Thanks Art, you’re the best.”

Nicola gave him a quick peak on the cheek then practically skipped off, showing Art her damn near perfect ass in the snug running shorts she was wearing. He stared at her as she left, stopping only once she turned round to catch him and giggled to herself. It wasn’t malicious, that was one of the best things about Nicola, her inability to be cruel, she was sincere when she wanted to be and courteous when she could’ve been a bitch. That’s why Art felt safe with her, he knew that she wasn’t just using him for a joke or a prank or anything.

Although if she was planning aydınlı escort on giving the nerdy guy a boner that would last until the end of lunch she had succeeded.


Arthur knew where Nicola lived because he’d been to her house before, while not immediate neighbours they did live on the same street and his parents had made fast friends with hers when they moved here 10 years ago. The two of them had been mates in passing but it wasn’t until university through them together that they started actively being close friends, different circles yeah but both were happy to spend some time together when the chance arouse, it was the only reason Art could talk to her without tripping over his own tongue.

He arrived earlier than expected, thinking it would score him brownie points with this delectable creature, a choice well-made judging by the way she nearly jumped as she opened the door.

“Art. Thank god.” She instinctively hugged him, noting that he stealthily moved his crotch away from her. “Thanks for coming over.”

“No problem, just happy to help. Where’s your parents?”

“Oh they’re in Hawaii visiting Kevin, they’ll be gone all week.”

Kevin was Nicola’s half-brother from her father’s previous marriage although mysteriously Nicola was the older sibling by only four months, he didn’t know all the details but Arthur could gather it was a strange story not worth bringing up right now.

“Would you like a drink?” Her silk voice took him out of his thoughts.

“What, huh, sorry?” Internally he punched himself for being a fool.

“A drink, afraid all we’ve got is cola at the moment.”

“Yeah, uh, please, thanks.”

His eyes followed her as she went to the fridge and for the first time he noticed she was wearing a skirt, a little too long to be called a mini-skirt but shorter than usual, she probably shortened the hem, he’s seen his cousin Rachel do something similar. His eyes nearly bugged out his head when Nicola bent over to reach the bottom of the fridge, showing the bottom of her cheeks, just a peek but it was more than enough to make Art uncomfortable, simultaneously he looked away while not tearing his eyes from the sights, the little perverted voice in the back of his head asked him if she was wearing anything under that skirt.

“I’m glad you find my ass so interesting.”

Nicola’s trademark half-smile told Art he was busted as she stood up, the expression on his face looked like he was about to start hyperventilating.

“No… I mean, I wasn’t… I mean not that I wouldn’t I mean…”

“Art, will you relax, I said I liked it.”

“You did?”

“Well yeah, sometimes a girl likes to know that someone’s checking her out.”

Nicola slipped the can of cola into Arthur’s hand, he swore he heard the cold can hiss with steam as he touched it. Nicola sat down on the armchair right beside them, Art took the sofa across from her.

She spoke first, as though her mind had been bursting to get it all out. “Ok, so about that favour I need from you. First I need you to promise you won’t tell anyone, not your friends, not your parents, not anyone. Ok?”

“I promise I won’t tell anyone. Who would I tell anyway?”

Nicola chuckled at the joke, Art wasn’t known for his humour but occasionally he could drop some light humour to ease the tension.

“I trust you Art, don’t worry. It’s just, this is quite personal and embarrassing to talk about.”

She leaned in, as though they were trying to keep quiet from everyone around them in the empty room. Art stole a fleeting glance down the cleavage of her top and followed her lead.

“Do you know about sex toys?”

The blood rushed to Art’s dick so fast he felt faint, here he was, in the home of his dream girl, alone, with her showing off a good portion of her thighs, and she just asked him about sex toys. He made a note to check the room for hidden cameras when he got the chance.

“Yes?” His voice character uncharacteristically high-pitched as he wondered where she was going with this and if he could take any more of it.

“Have you heard of Ben-Wa Balls?”

Art took a long gulp of his can, he was feeling the heat rise with every word out of her mouth.

“I, uh, I think so, you put them in your… in your… your, y’know. And they, stimulate.”

“Ha, yeah that’s pretty much it. You know your sex toys Mr Ross.”

Art opened his mouth to defend himself but immediately the words were lost on him. Lack of blood flow to the brain perhaps.

“You’re cute when you’re nervous. Well anyway the reason I asked you over here is to do with that. See, I was out shopping with some friends and for a laugh we went to the sex shop, I bought a pair of Ben Wa Balls cause I was interested in how they work. Well, see, I didn’t read the instructions right and didn’t realise that the wee piece of strong connected to the balls was to pull them out so uh…”

Nicola looked down at her crotch, as though bağdat caddesi escort trying to believe the story herself, Arthur didn’t know where to look.

“They’re stuck

Now Art wasn’t stupid, he could guess where Nicola was going with this but the whole thing was too outlandish to be true, she couldn’t be saying what he thought she was saying.

“So, what do you need me for?” He asked her, fully aware of sounding like a fool for a totally obvious answer.

Luckily Nicola looked just as embarrassed as Art, embarrassment shared is embarrassment halved as it were.

“I need you to help me get them out.”

Ok so she was going there. For a brief moment Art forgot to speak, the erection in his trousers felt like it would never go down and the constant blood-flow had robbed him of all brain activity. It wasn’t until he noticed the nervousness on Nicola’s face that he realised he’d been quiet for far too long. In a attempt to break the tension he looked around the room.

“So where are the hidden cameras?”

To his astonishment it worked, Nicola laughed which did wonders to take the two of them back down to earth for a moment.

“Sorry, no cameras. This unfortunately is a real request.”

“Why me though? Why not one of your friends or another guy who can talk to you without reverting to a nervous wreck.”

“Art, I know those guys and there’s no way in hell I’m letting them anywhere near my pussy…” Art let out a whimper at her use of pussy but it went unnoticed by Nicola who kept talking. “…and as much as I love my girls I don’t trust any of them not to gossip about this.”

“Right. So… I’m the best of a bad situation.”

“Hey, don’t think like that. This is a big amount of trust I’m putting in you and I’m sure you can deliver. Besides, you give yourself too little credit, you’re talking to me just fine.”

“You think but I’m having trouble keeping my cool here. And you talking about your… y’know, isn’t helping.”

Nicola had an amused expression on her face that Art didn’t know how to take. “What, do you have a problem saying pussy?”

“Well no but you’re a lady and I shouldn’t say such vulgar things in your presence.”

Nicola let out a belly laugh, nearly doubling over and giving Art another look down her top.

“Oh I’m sorry Art, I wasn’t being mean. You really are one of the good ones aren’t you? Look I have no problem with you cursing in front of me, hell if you spend any time with my mother when she’s not trying to impress company she uses cunt so many times it’s like she’s getting paid by the word. So I’m not going to be offended by it, in fact I encourage you to curse as much as possible.”

“I’ll try Nicola. Ok, so you want me to get something out of your… your pussy.”

“That’s the gist of it, yeah. Sorry if it makes you uncomfortable but you were the best man for the job that I could think of.”

“Thank you?”

“You’re welcome. So how do you want to do this?”

“Me? Well I, I, I don’t exactly know, this isn’t something I’m an expert on.”

“Hmm, well I don’t think we can do much good here so let’s head to my bedroom and we’ll go from there.”

Her bedroom? This was getting worse by the minute. Or was it better? He couldn’t tell anymore. With her supple hand pulling him along, Nicola took Arthur into her bedroom, it was less extreme than he was expecting, the walls were a mellow yellow, a few photos adorned the walls, mostly family and friends and fun times, a study desk to the side housed a good-seized TV and a… was that an Xbox? The biggest surprise was three film posters that were scattered on the walls, as they couldn’t have been more different, one was for Beauty & The Beast, one was for The Exorcist and one was for Fellowship Of The Ring. That last one took most of Art’s attention, his pre-conceived notions – which admittedly were getting smashed the more time he spent with this strange, bewitching creature – told him that a woman this gorgeous would not have this poster in her room.

“You like it?” She asked rhetorically, already knowing the answer. “It’s one of my favourites.”

“Same, but I preferred Return Of The King if I’m honest.” Dammit, why’d he have to admit that, he might have well sung it in Elfish for all the good it did him.

“Eh, Return’s a good film but it doesn’t have the same power of Fellowship, that at least had a flow to it which Return lacked. Plus you can see how focused Jackson gets on CGI more than the FX work which is why I didn’t enjoy the Hobbit films as much and… why are you looking at me like that?”

Art suddenly realised he was staring like a slack-jawed yokel, in his mind he was asking this girl to marry him right here and now. “Sorry, you’re just a little… too good to be true.”

She smiled at that. “Believe it not friend, I’m the real thing. Now, about this problem.”

“Is there nothing else we can call it, it feels so awkward calling it a bostancı escort problems.”

“What were you thinking?”

“Maybe just our situation, it works and feels better to say. Does that make sense?”

“No Art, but I get the gist of it. Ok, so I was thinking that I lie back on the bed, spread my legs and let you… get to work.”

“How do you want me to… do that?”

“Well, my best guess would be to use your fingers.”

Art felt his guts tighten, if he hadn’t came in his pants he would be surprised.

“My… my… my fingers?”

Nicola placed a reassuring hand on Art’s shoulder. “Hey, I know this seems like a pretty fucked up dream but trust me, I’m not going to bite, I’m asking you as a friend to help me. If you feel bad think how I feel, I’ll have your fingers in me and god help me if I won’t feel them.”

“You’re not helping.”

“I wasn’t trying to.”

Art had to smile at that, one thing he loved about Nicola was her sense of fun, she was a girl that enjoyed a good practical joke or a quick witted response. There was hardly a day that went by since they met that he hadn’t seen her laughing.

He swallowed his insecurities and continued on. “So, what will I be looking for?”

“Just something hard and round and metal, it’s a small metal ball, about the size of a large walnuts. Basically feel for something that shouldn’t be there, I tried to do it myself but the angle’s difficult.”

Resorting to the acceptance that his erection wouldn’t be going down for at least a week, Art took a deep breath.

“Ok, let’s go for it.”

Nicola beamed and kissed Art on the cheek. “Thanks Art, I’ll pay you back, I promise.”

If Arthur was a braver man he would’ve made a quip about not wanting to put any small metal balls inside him but he was not a brave man so he said nothing. Moving with a hint of nervousness, Nicola sat back on the bed so her back was resting on the headboard, and opened her thighs, her skirt riding up until Art could see that he was right earlier and she wasn’t wearing underwear.

“Oh Christ.” Her smooth as silk pussy came into view, Art felt his heart make a leap for his throat but miraculously he kept it down. To his surprise it was far redder than what he was expecting, and already quite wet, in the back of his mind he knew this meant she was aroused but the back of his mind wasn’t working.

“Go slow Art, this is my pussy we’re talking about so I’d rather have it unharmed when we’re finished.”

“I don’t think I could hurt such a precious flower.” Art’s voice was barely a whisper but Nicola heard him, not quite believing it herself.


“What was that?”

“Uh… nothing. So, should I… wet my fingers first? Or are you… Christ this is hard.”

“Hey, it’s ok. I told you, I won’t bite. Unless you ask. No, I think I’ve, uh, I’ve covered the wetness myself. Don’t blame me though, it’s not every day I have a good looking guy like you staring at my pussy.”

Art blushed at her compliment and went to work. Holding his breath for fear of making a mistake, he slowly pushed his index and middle fingers into Nicola’s sex, the sheer bizarreness of the situation was messing with his head but he made a promise and was going to keep it. The first thing he noticed was how hot she felt, even a good few inches from her he felt the searing heat of her flesh, now buried inside her, she was molten. The second thing was how wet she was, her cunt was a tight fit but his finger slid between her lips with a surprising ease thanks to her juices coating his fingers, Art wasn’t that naive not to know this would excite her but the degree to which she was shocked him.

Nicola’s breath became deep and ragged, her eyes fluttering as Art slid into her mound, her whole body glowing red from heat, excitement and a little from embarrassment as she felt herself involuntarily squeeze Art’s fingers. She gently bit her lower lip to keep an aroused moan from escaping her lips, funnily enough the act of doing so forced a similar noise to come from Art, but more of a squeak than anything.

She had to admit, he sounded cute when he did that.

Eventually Art stopped because he couldn’t move any further. He looked down and still couldn’t believe the sight in front of him, his dream girl with her pussy basically suckling on his fingers. He could feel a lot, her soft, hot, wet folds, a sense of fear that he would wake up and this would be over, an ever-tightening erection in his trousers. But no Ben Wa’s.

“Nikki, I can’t feel them.”

Obviously distracted, Nicola snapped out of a trance at the sound of Art’s voice. “Huh, what?”

“I said I can’t feel them.”

“Are you as deep as you can get?”

Art thought for a second before pushing harder into her sex, Nicola winced at the intrusion.

“Oh, sorry.”

“Don’t be, just caught me off-guard there Art. Nothing?”


“Damn, back to square one then.”

Nicola sat up but didn’t cross her legs, Art turned his head away sharply, despite what had just transpired he was still too much of a good guy to stare. Man he hated being a good guy at times.

Nicola looked deep in thought and Arthur could almost see the idea churning in her head.

“How about we… No, no that won’t work.”


“It’s nothing Art, just a silly idea.”

“Something’s better than what I got.”

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