Sweet Dreams


It was an average spring night in Iowa; which meant it was still cold with snow on the ground. It was an unusually quiet evening on the college campus as Jacob was making his way back to his dorm room. The sounds of the drunks provided a steady hum that was echoed all around town by the snowy trees. Jacob’s tall and lanky frame moved in-between the shadows on the ground. He was walking even quicker than usual because he lost his dorm keys. The dorm was going to be locked and he was not looking forward to trying to get into a locked dorm. He could do it, but after the week he was having all he wanted was to walk in and go to bed.

Jacob’s life had recently been filled with meetings and classes and other boring stuff that made him hate responsibility even more. He made it to the dorm right as the RAs were locking the entrance. He was so cold and tired, he was completely oblivious to the other person who walked in right behind him. The warmth of his bed was calling him.

He stripped down completely naked because the dorm’s heating had already kicked on. He jumped onto his mattress and began to settle in for a long sleep. While Jacob laid in bed, he did not realize the bahçeşehir escort would have an unexpected visitor. Her hand gripped the doorknob and turn it gently, happy to find the door unlocked. The intruder moved swiftly into the room to prevent light from the hallway entering the dark room.

Once inside, she locked the door and slid off her winter jacket. The mystery woman kept looking over at the bed, seeing if the shape on top of the covers was really asleep or just pretending. Once she could see the steady rise and fall of his chest, she began to strip. She made quick work of her clothing and before long, she was standing in the room wearing only a smile.

As she made her way over to the bed, she had the perfect view of the handsome man laying on the bed. His pale skin seemed to glow under the moonlight coming in through the window. His hair was over his face, obscuring his finely detailed features. His cock rested on his thigh, looking good enough to taste. She licked her lips and crawled into the bed, moving towards her prey like a hungry cheetah.

She raised herself up above Jacob and her hair bakırköy escort fell around her like a curtain of water. She lowered herself and began to nibble on his neck. Jacob began to rouse from his sleep and made small whimpers as she continued her ministrations. her mouth moved from his neck to his lips. She gently bit his bottom lip and then licked the reddening lip. With her hands, she began to rub his chest; working out the stiff muscles underneath his frame. Her combination of biting and massage made Jacob let out another moan. With a gentle laugh at the pleasure she was giving him she sought out her next target.

She lowered herself to his awaiting cock. Sliding her tongue along his shaft, she grasped his mighty cock with one hand and gently raked her finger nails along his stomach with the other hand. She began to methodically suck and lick his cock.

Jacob was trying his best to restrain himself from giving over to all the pleasurable sensations running through his body. His hips thrusted up into the waiting mouth of the mystery woman beneath him. Finally having enough, and still wanting more, başakşehir escort he grabbed her arms and pulled her up to him. He then managed to flip her over, pinning her with his upper body. Forcefully he grabbed her ankles and threw them over his shoulders. It was her turn to let out a surprised moan as he was now in control. He began to tease her slit as he moved his cock slowly. She gyrated under him, nails clawing his back, trying to get him to enter her. Her sensual movements were rewarded as he thrusted his cock into her tight cunt. She arched her back off of the mattress getting him in even deeper. His trusts increased as he leaned over her to grab one breast, supporting his weight with the other hand by her head. He pinched and teased one nippled to a peak and then switched to the other one. The pressure was building his his balls and he knew he couldn’t last much longer, but he wanted to make sure she came too. He knew she was close and he reached between them to stroke her clit. As her orgasm crashed over her, Jacob bit the side of her neck. She continued her thrusts as her cunt milked his cock. His orgasm hit him as he continued to move inside the tight grip of her pussy. Once his orgasm finished, he unhooked her legs and moved next to her on the bed.

They laid next to each other, spent and glistening. The mysterious woman turned over to her partner.

“Happy Birthday,” she whispered to him.

“Thanks. I wasn’t asleep, you know.” Jacob said to her.

“I know. I know.” She laughed and rolled over to sleep.

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