The Doorbell Rings


The doorbell rings. I walk through the house, making sure everything is perfect for your long-anticipated arrival. Opening the door, I smile and welcome you inside. At the first sight of me, your mouth waters and your heart rate speeds up. A little minx, I’m dressed to seduce you in a very short summer dress and nothing else. You drop your bag once you’re inside the door and pull me to you, kissing me passionately. Your hands skim down the sides of my body, firming as they reach my hips to pull me even closer.

Wrapped firmly in your embrace, I can feel the hard evidence of your arousal, and it turns me on. I kiss you back a little more passionately than before, going up on tip-toes to fit myself to you. You slowly pull back a little bit, so that your lips are just brushing mine, and ask if I’m going to show you the rest of my new place.

I take your hand and give you the grand tour, beginning with the living room and traveling back to the bedroom. Once there, I smile and ask you if you’d like to lie down and relax for a while. You tell me yes, you’d kozyatağı escort like to lie down, grinning all the time. Taking off your shoes and your shirt, you fall back on the bed, and ask if I want to join you. My desire for you has kicked into overdrive at the sight of your bare chest, and I eagerly climb onto the bed next to you. As I do, my dress stretches, and then lifts even higher on my thighs, giving you a glimpse of my smooth softness.

I cuddle up next to you, fitting my curves to your hardness. Turning, you rise up over me, completely blocking my view of anything but you. You lean down to softly brush your lips with mine before moving on to tease my neck with kisses and nibbles. I run my hands up your arms, and softly over your shoulders, just the barest whisper of a touch, before smoothing them down your chest. You lift me up so I am almost in a sitting position, and slowly draw the zipper of my dress down. I am tingling with anticipation of your hands on my bare skin. Drawing küçükyalı escort my dress down and off, you throw it on the floor as I lie back down on the bed.

You run your hands through my hair, letting the strands slip through your fingers. You then run your hand down to my breasts, cupping them and rubbing your thumb across my nipples. I arch my back, trying to get closer to you, to feel more of your touch. You lean down, and begin to kiss my breasts, softly, then more firmly sucking on my nipples. When you finally raise your head to look at me, we are both breathing heavily and are highly aroused.

I reach to your waist, and slowly unbutton your pants. Placing your hands over mine, you take over, shedding both your pants and your boxers so that I can’t tease you and waste any more time. I can’t help moaning at the sight of your engorged manhood, proudly standing away from your body. As you lie back on the bed, I grasp you, and take your cock in my mouth. I lick and suck you as if mutlukent escort you were a lollipop, until your hands in my hair grab me and make me stop.

You pull me up and over you, and then slowly slip inside me. I lower myself down onto you with a sigh of perfect contentment. I rock back and forth, grinding my clit against you as I slide up and down. I am enthralled by the feeling of your dick entering my pussy, and cannot stop moving. Soon, I am frantically grinding against you, moaning and panting as I am about to come. Your hands firm around my hips, and begin to do most of the work for me, to bring you to your orgasm. I come, my hot pussy clenching around, spasming with release. Feeling me triggers your own orgasm, and you flood me with your hot liquid.

Completely relaxed, I fall onto your chest, and bury my face in the side of your neck as I try to catch my breath. Your arms wrap around me, holding me close to you as you kiss my hair. Rolling to your side, you gather me close as we both close our eyes for a cat nap.

You wake before I do and spend a few moments looking at me, and then softly run your hands through my hair. I wake to the feel of your hands in my hair and your lips on mine. You whisper, “Hello, darlin’.” I am so glad you are finally here to spend these few days with me. I tell you so, and ask if you’re hungry. You say you are, and we slowly roll out of bed to find some real dinner

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