A Boring Day Gets Better


It was going to be a long day at work, tons of meetings and listening to people giving long winded speeches. I am dressed in a brown tweed skirt. The skirt accents my round ass and shows off my long legs. My jacket is cut to show off my curves; my large breast and narrow waist. I finish off the outfit with a pale pink blouse, low cut and the perfect color for my red hair. I have beige fishnet stocking and 3 inch brown high heel shoes. I have a pale pink bra on that barely covers my breasts and a matching lace garter belt. I take note when men and women stare when I cross my legs or eyes fixed on my ass when I turn to write on the whiteboard.

To be honest my thoughts are on you, and the need for your cock. My phone buzzes in my pocket and I pull it out to see who called but it is a text message. I AM THINKING ABOUT YOUR SWEET ASS I smile and text you back. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO TO MY ASS? For a long ten minutes there is no response until I receive: I WANT TO LICK IT, TO SLIDE MY FINGER DEEP INSIDE OF Eryaman Escort YOU, THEN SLIDE MY COCK INTO AND THEN SHOOT MY CUM ALL OVER YOU.

There is no way I was staying at work. I could already feel my pussy getting wet and I needed you. I send you one quick email to tell you to meet me at the motel and that I was not taking no for an answer. I figure that if you did not show up I could finger fuck myself and attempt to satisfy myself.

You are already there when I arrive. You are in a pair of jeans and t-shirt that shows off your buff body. I am almost purring when I see you. I move behind you and wrap my arms around your waist. You turn and kiss me hard with our tongues entwining. I cup your cock through your pants as we kiss. My thumb tracing your shape as you grow under my hand. You stop kissing and whisper in my ear. “Are you wet? Are you ready for me?” You quickly spin me around so my ass is against your rock hard dick. You pull my hips Sincan Escort back so I nestled against you. You undo my skirt and push down over my hips. You tell me to step out of it and go lean over the bed.

I feel your hands smoothing over my ass. Tracing the shape of it and cupping it in your hands. You nudge my legs apart and I can feel your breathe on my ass. I shiver when I feel your tongue on my ass licking at my sweet hole. I push myself back against you but you keep slowly teasing me, licking me over and over. My pussy is so wet and I am moaning with pleasure. You stand up and pull me back against you.

I realize that you are naked and your beautiful hard cock is sliding between my ass cheeks. You reach around and cup my breasts in your hands and you play with my nipples making them hard and long. You have grabbed some lube and you let go of me to slick your hard shaft. I feel your finger rubbing lube over my asshole and feel your fingers Etlik Escort pushing into me and stretching me for your huge cock. I love that moment when you first starting to push your cock into me and I am not sure if you fit but you do perfectly. You slowly slide deep inside of me and let me get ready for you to fuck me. Soon you are sliding back and forth in my tight ass. My fingers move to my rock hard clit and you can smell my wetness as I finger fuck myself to your rhythm.

As I cum my pussy and ass pulsate with my orgasm. It makes my ass only tighter and draws you deep inside of me. I know you are close and I wonder where you will cum. Will you shoot your cum in and fill my ass with your cream? Or would you shoot it all over my creamy white ass? As you get closer and closer you plunge in me harder and harder I can feel your cock pulsating and it not until the last minute that you pull out of me and holding your cock in your hand you pump out your cum all over my ass.

We are both breathing hard and the room is filled with the scent of sex and pleasure. You look at me, my ass covered in your cum and a few drops of it trickling our of my ass. You lean forward to lick up some with your tongue and pull me up and turn me around. You kiss me hard and let me taste your sweet juices. My boring day turned into a hot and sexy day.

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